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Monday, October 24, 2016

Cycling to KL City ~ Mahaguru58's Bike Journey

On Saturday, 22nd of October, 2016, I went cycling at Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras, KL.

It was a nightmare! There were a lot of joggers and walkers hogging the limited cycling path and no complete round the park track for me to enjoy my ride.

No point in ringing my bell to warn the folks ahead of me either as quite a number of them seemed to be either deaf or just plain lazy to move aside to make way for me. 

One or two had their earphones plugged in so that's understandable. But some clearly do not bother to move aside as they plod on like lumbering gargantuan's trying to burn some excess fat off themselves! :P

After an hour or so, I decided to call it quits and I cycled home feeling pissed off at the inconveniences I had just gone through.

Yesterday, I decided to go cycling all the way to KL City. From my home in Cheras, I cycled along Jalan Loke Yew heading towards Dataran Merdeka. Along the way, I had to watch out for speeding cars and other vehicles as there are no dedicated paths for cyclists on our roads.

It was tough too as certain stretches of the road was going uphill and I strained to pedal my way up and remain safe as well. My aging thigh muscles screamed as I pedaled on aiming to reach my destination. I had no choice but to keep on cycling. There's no turning back once you are on the road.

When my legs started to ache, I stopped by the roadside and rested for a while, making sure that I was safely out of the way of speeding motorcyclists and motorists. In Malaysia especially on our city streets or roads, there is no such thing as motorists having common courtesy or concern for other road users. 

They will turn into cruel, vile monsters once they are holding their automobile steering wheel or revving up their motorcycle throttle. The tendency to speed is always there. So, it is entirely up to us to stay away from imminent danger and watch out for our own safety.

I wear appropriate cycling jersey which is quite visible, switch on my bike's rear red blinking safety lights and have my cycling helmet securely strapped on, wear gloves and proper boots. 

I reached the area near the KL Railway Station and stopped on the raised curb to catch a breather. 

Every now and then, a motorist driving by would give me a supporting honk! Bikers would also give me a smile and thumbs up! Must be rare to see an elderly bicyclist like me on the road! What more with my white bushy beard! Hahahaha!

The road leading to Dataran Merdeka was blocked but as I was a cyclist the cop manning the area allowed me to ride through. Cars and motorbikes were diverted away to the overpass heading to Jalan Kuching.

I came upon a very large crowd of people who were in athletic get up. It so happened that there was a Great Eastern Insurance Company's sports event being held at Dataran Merdeka. Hence, the road closures and large crowd!

When I took out my Nikon D5000 DSLR camera to shoot some photos, I discovered that the lens cap had got stuck to the thread of the filter lens! Oh no! :(

I stopped near a police officer who was there and asked for his help in getting the lens cap free and he did! Thank you Corporal A.Rahim! I then took a photo of him and then had a German expatriate take a shot of us together. Here they are:

I stopped to take several photos of the landmarks around and then rode off towards Masjid Jamek. 

Masjid Jamek is currently undergoing several improvements. They are adding a new feature at the masjid's compound. Shades in the form ala the unfolding umbrellas at Masjidil Nabawi in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

I spent some time talking to a Masjid Jamek staff sharing with him about how to share info n Islam to the visitors who come to the masjid.

I also shared Islamic Knowledge with the Indian construction supervisor who was a Hindu (wearing the safety vest and construction safety helmet) before riding off to Jalan Masjid India.

Both of them were very receptive and interested in learning more about Islam. Even born Muslims need to be taught about the inner aspects of being a knowledgeable and practicing Muslim. 

Those of us who have come to acquire and learn about the deeper knowledge and 'Ilm of Al Islam must in turn share it with others. We can't afford to just go on minding our own business and die without sharing such knowledge with others. 

We will be questioned about that in the Realm of the Grave by the Malaikat's Munkar and Naqir! May Allah guide us, Ameen!

Will be sharing more photos in the next article. Insya Allah.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Malaysian Opposition MP's Walkout ~ Betraying Voters Trust & MP Allowance Freeloaders

How are we to trust these fellows to be our next government if they keep pulling this stupid walkout stunt every time there is a Parliament session?

I am no fan of Najib Tun Razak and his legion of apple polishing Brasso Brigade ministers but the Malaysian Opposition's childish act of walking out of the Dewan Rakyat s tantamount to committing a breach of trust that the Malaysian voters placed on them by electing these sellouts to office.

This is not the way to convincing the Malaysian voters to trust them to form an alternative government in the coming 14th General Elections in 2018!

We need you to stand up and champion our causes and uphold what's right and fight against the wrongs being done in Malaysia! Not simply buckle under the slightest pressure and high tail it out of the Dewan Rakyat like this!

You are being paid quite a sizable allowance as elected Members of Parliament and enjoy many other perks as our MP's. Please earn your keep and do not repeat this stunt again.

Who else can we depend on to make things right in our nation that is suffering from widespread abuse of power and corruption?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Political Remora's ~ Mahathir's latest salvo on 'Propaganda'.

When Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad himself raises the question of propaganda and the way certain social media practitioners go about switching camps in favor of those who can feather their nests with material gains, it reminds me of what I termed as 'political remora's who attach themselves to the behemoths in order to feed on whatever scraps that might fall their way from the host's mouth.

Frankly speaking, Tun ought not bother with whatever anyone else blogs about and sticks to his guns and fire away as he damn well pleases.

All throughout his political life, Tun Dr. Mahathir has been committed to his principles and persevered with his ideals and viewpoints no matter what comes his way.

As a blogger who has been monitoring what goes on in our Malaysian political theater, I have seen social media practitioners switch camps as they please and support whoever benefits them. You know I know lah! No need to dwell on such things.

In every country, politics is intimately connected with those who have a platform to change and alter the public's perspectives. It's been the same since our time immemorial

Before the advent of the internet and subsequently, the world of the blogosphere, opinions and viewpoints were often penned and mailed to the editors of the mainstream newspapers and magazine publishers.

Even then, not every letter to the editor was accepted or approved for publishing. The newspaper editors were often and I believe even to this very day beholden to the powers that be so as not to publish anything that damages the credibility or reputation of the ruling government.

Same goes to the radio and television broadcasting stations. The minute they air anything that whacks the Prime Minister or ruling authorities, their licences would be suspended and stations muzzled!

I remember suggesting to Tun Dr. Mahathir to join us as a blogger when he complained of being blocked from sharing his views during the era of Tun Abdullah Badawi when we converged at the Kelab Century Paradise at the first social media event hosted by Raja Petra Kamaruddin back then.
Flashback to 2006.

In our country's political scene, many strange and weird things has happened. Who would have thought that Mahathir would one day be sitting together with the likes of Lim Kit Siang and Mat Sabu on a common platform? Hahahahaha..

Today, all those whom we thought to be mortal enemies could be seen hugging and slapping each other on their backs on a common camaraderie

It's so bewildering! The bloggers whom Tun Dr. Mahathir was referring to were at one time quite close to him and often seen prominently at his functions and events.

But then circumstances have changed and like the proverbial Malay saying, 'Sekali air bah ; sekali pasir berubah!' Meaning that when flood happens, the sands (of the riverbanks) would have shifted. Things won't be the same anymore.

Tun Dr. Mahathir needs to just move on. Not depend on any of the bloggers or social media practitioners. Just plod on with his mission to 'save Malaysia.

I for one however do not place too much hope on his newfound party. Presided over by our former Deputy Prime Minister who chose to keep silent when he was in office and also upon Mahathir's own offspring who was the Kedah Menteri Besar back then.

These chaps chose to play safe and kowtowed to Najib Tun Razak despite now claiming to know of Najib's wrongdoing back then when the whole 1MDB fiasco exploded!

How can we trust 'play-safe politicians'? They'd jump ship the minute it springs a leak and not throw us any lifesaver's! 

No sirree! I'd rather watch out for myself and try to survive whatever comes my way! 

Mahathir ~ 'Senile Old Man?' Do they dare to debate him?

Tun Dr.Hj.Mahathir Mohamad,
Malaysia's Father of Development & Top Statesman

Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia's 4th Prime Minister and #1 critic of current Premier Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak has been called and dismissed off as 'a senile old man' by those who view his opinions as irrelevant and troublesome.

Apart from Najib Tun Razak who loses sleep over Tun Dr. Mahathir's constantly criticizing him over the RM2.6B 'personal donation by a yet to be confirmed foreign donor and the 1MDB fiasco, there is now the current Sultan of Johor calling Tun as a 'senile old man' because Mahathir doesn't agree to the former's campaigning for a 'Bangsa Johor' identity!

Isn't it preposterous to label a multi-ethnic, multi-faithed people as a race of a certain state when they are no different from every other state's citizens in our country?

How can you define people by such a blanket labeling? That's what Mahathir was asking? I am sure that you and I feel likewise.

We can easily see the difference between this ethnic and that ethnic from the obvious traits of their facial features or appearance but so far this harping on a unnecessary irrelevant issue brought up by a privileged head of state is just playing to his ego.

The nation has much more important matters to deal with.

The current bunch of politicians are nothing much to be depended upon. We won''t see anymore politicians in the calibre of Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad or even like Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew.

Najib Tun Razak or any of the current BN or Opposition politicians can never take on someone like Tun Dr.Mahathir!

Even the BBC's HardTalk Stephen Sackur had a hard time trying to cut down our Tun! Hehehehe. What more f those who claim t be blue bloods? Wishful thinking senor.

One of a kind Malaysian National Statesman and World renowned Leader.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Questions about Islam and current issues ~ Answering Akram Sultan

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!
May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you!

Sometimes I forget to check back on my articles comment sections after posting an article. Yesterday I came across these list of questions from Akram Sultan, one of my blog readers.

They are : 
1. Hukum for keeping memorable photo...
2.use social media for Islam.... illustration of other religion... @ restaurant... the food which touched by a person who don't know  Ghusl' @``fardhu bath''
6 if Allah give all IIm until Qiyamat to Adam (as) why Allah didn't give social media to Nabi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassalam

7.why we use this worst way to preach Islam.
Nabi preach Islam from Ruuh to Ruuh............. 

Living in these End Times, requires us to be fully aware of the 'Do's and Don't's of our religion, Al-Islam.

The Muslim diaspora spread around the world sees different nations and people interpret and practice what they deem to be Islamic practices and worship as they see fit.

Sometimes, certain practices which they carry out differs so much from what are the actual dictates of the faith that it borders on Khurafat @ Forbidden Practices and can nullify one's Iman @ Faith towards Allah and turn them into Musyriks and Kaffirs.

I really have no idea as to the background of Brother Akram Sultan but from a check of his Google+ profile can deduce that he is either a Pakistani or Indian Muslim.

To answer his 1st question:Hukum for keeping memorable photo.

We are currently living in the Akhirul Zaman @ The End Times. 

When Islam was revealed to Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam, the Final and Greatest Messenger and Prophet of Almighty God, Allah the Supreme Creator and Master of the Universes, after 124,000 prophets and messengers came and passed onto the Realm of the Grave, in Makkah, Arabia, it was considered to be during the Age of the Jahilliyah (Age of Darkness).

For someone who is living in these times where the availability of audio-visual technology and the advent of digital photo and video cameras are commonplace, wondering whether it is permissible to keep memorable photos is really irrelevant.

In the early days of Islam, in Makkah, the Arabs had been reduced to worshiping pagan deities in the form of statues and other figments of human imagination. 

The Makkan Arabs had strayed so far away from the monotheistic belief that their prophets and forefathers had inherited and practiced through the passage of time that they had gradually turned into ignorant polytheists, musyriks and kaffirs.

The Prophet Ibrahim, the Father of both the Arabs and the Jews was a Prophet of Allah, who practiced Monotheism, the Worship of Allah, the One Supreme God.

His father had been an idol-maker and worshiper. Read about his story here and understand how it was for him back then?

When he passed away, his people who were not fully engaged in the pursuit of religious knowledge and its practice started to drift away and influenced by deviants and propagators of the absurd.

Over time, the Arabs turned into idol worshipers and barbaric in their lifestyles and were known to be recalcitrants of the lowest stature and frequently went to war against each other over the slightest dispute and resorted to cruel and inhumane acts based on their lusts and idiocy.

I don't need to tell you the whole stories of how nasty life was back then in the deserts of Arabia before the coming of our Noblest Messenger and Final Prophet of Allahu Rabbul Alamin, the Mercy of Allah for all Creation, Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam. 

Back to the subject being asked, whether it is permissible to keep memorable photos according to Islam, it goes back to the prohibition by the Prophet of Allah during his times not to make graven images of him or any living being in order to stop the practice of idol worship or the venerating of any makhluk @ creature or creation instead of Almighty Allah!

The people of his time were steeped in idol worship and various false gods and deities from their vivid imaginations. The Prophet Muhammad forbade his followers of making any paintings of himself or other beings so as not to allow the ignorants of falling into false worship of anything other than Allah!

That was the case back then. In those times of ignorance. We are now living in what is said to be the Final Days of Mankind. 

We have before us Oceans of Revealed Knowledge about Allah and Islam. The Complete Guidance for us as to how to live and worship only Allah, our One and Only God and Creator. We have all kinds of technologies and advancements n the field of Science and Technology in almost all fields and knowledge.

We know almost everything that we need to know as Mankind and are still discovering so many new things in every field imaginable.

We are fully aware of our surroundings and still to this very second discovering information concerning our presence here on Earth as the continuing lineage of humankind, Children of Adam and Eve.

Yet despite all these discoveries, technologies and knowledge, certain numbers of people, at times, even whole nations keep blundering and fall back into the olden ways. Repeating all the errors and mistakes that their forefathers made no matter how much facts and figures stare them in their wayward faces!

Even to this day there are those who venerate and hero worship their fellow humans. To really believe that Almighty God has a son or to believe that so and so is the current latest prophet or guide to save them from doom or whatever!

So to ask them to wake the hell up and stop such nonsense is tantamount to asking a deaf, dumb and blind ignorant, recalcitrant person to stop worshiping anyone or anything else except Allah would be a futile attempt!

In answering Akram Sultan, I would say that if we who are steadfast in our Iman and firm in our Aqeedah, have no problems whatsoever in keeping memorable photos, images and videos in our collection PROVIDED we do not end up over-glorifying such photos or display them in a manner akin to what the Kaffirs hang them on their walls or altars and worship them!

Displaying a photo or moving visuals that doesn't corrupt one's faith, belief or creed is permissible in our religion provided it doesn't induce the observer or viewer to deviate one's firm commitment to worshiping only Allahu Rabbi.

True Muslims ought to be rock solid in their Iman and Aqeedah towards Allah. Why reduce oneself to be so fragile, so easily influenced by this or that?

Try to emulate the Aqeedah of Rasulullah's Companion like Sayyidina Bilal al Habsyi. He was tortured by his Arab Kaffir master and grilled over a burning fire to renounce his faith in Allah Azza Wa Jalla!

Bilal remained steadfast and firm repeating 'Ahad!', 'Ahad!' signifying the Oneness of God until he was redeemed by the other Companions of Prophet Muhammad and freed from slavery!

A video clip showing the scene of Sayyidina Bilal played by an actor in the highly acclaimed movie The Message' which showed how it was during the early days of Prophet Muhammad's mission to spread Islam amongst the Arabs of Makkah and Madinah in Arabia.

You can watch the full movie below:

Watching this movie and digesting it's message has caused millions and millions of Disbelievers to embrace Islam and become true Muslims.


Be firm in your Syahadah and learn more about your birthright to be righteous servants of Allah.

Will be answering the other questions after this. Insya Allah.