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Friday, June 24, 2011

Malaysiakini siar komen celupar hina Islam dan Melayu serta maki Tun Dr M

Saya menghantar emel kepada PDRM dan beberapa agensi kerajaan seperti SKMM serta rakan rakan blogger blogger tertentu memaklumkan mereka akan komen terlalu celupar, menghina dan menyinggung perasaan umat Islam serta orang orang Melayu dan Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Perdana Menteri kita ke 4 yang dihina sebagai keturunan Anak Haram! 

Klik di sini untuk melihat bukti kebiadapan para pengkomen halimunan didalam Malaysiakini! 

Besar kemungkinan Malaysiakini akan menghilangkan bukti jenayah ini selepas saya menyiarkan bukti kesalahan mereka membenarkan siaran komen amat kurang ajar ini sebab itu saya merakamkan petikan komen itu didalam bentuk 'screenshot' dan juga secara 'copy paste' disini untuk tatapan semua!

Modus operandi Malaysiakini adalah membenarkan komen komen penghiris perasaan ini disiarkan terlebih dahulu dan dibaca oleh pelawat portal mereka. 

Membiarkan kerosakan dan pengaruh komen komen celupar begitu dibaca rakyat Malaysia terlebih dahulu sebelum bertindak memadamkannya bilamana ada protes protes dari blogger seperti saya atau mana mana pihak lain membantah akan penyiarannya!

Bak kata orang Inggeris 'The damage would already have been done!'

Kesan kerosakan dan natijah komen komen penghinaan sebegini sudah tentu meninggalkan kesan negatif pada para pembaca dan tindakan pasca penyiaran komen terbabit dan langkah pembuangannya hanya selepas protes disuarakan adalah menjadi satu cara Malaysiakini menjalankan perang saikologi terhadap minda rakyat Malaysia!

Inilah dia punca kenapa saya amat terkilan dengan portal Malaysiakini yang membuka ruang kepada para pencaci, pencerca dan pengadu domba menghina agama kita, kaum kaum tertentu didalam negara kita dan segala benda yang kita hargai dan hormati.

Perhatikan komen celupar dan menghina tahap terlampau itu oleh 'rajm' yang kini sudah dipadamkan Malaysiakini setakat 'update' ini 

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Comments 1 to 9 of 9
Anonymous_5fb Either you like to read this or not, the good name of Islam has been tainted with the type of so-called Malay Muslims around. We should treat each other as human, whether he or she a Muslim or not. What is so big deal whether one is Muslim or non-Muslim? Really sick of this kind of Muslims. Malu.
18 hours ago · Report
Anonymous_5fb 'They' thought Idris Jala a Muslim. That's why he was appointed MAS CEO, if not non-Muslim has no chance to be on this high position however best qualified he or she maybe. This is the ugliest thing about their 'Ketuanan Melayu'.
19 hours ago · Report
Concerned Citizen 1e05 this jamil khir is an idiot. I wonder who e is trying to hoodwink with his answers and explanations. just accept and try to improve it. Lying is not doing anyone any favours. pls ds najib, dont reappoint idiots like this. makes you lose credibility also
yesterday · Report
rajm My dear fucker minister to have islamic names does not mean they are Malays. Malays are not the only people in this world to practise islamic relegion. Actually these so called malays in the first place were not Muslims they were actually practising the Hindu relegions just like the Balainese. Please don't talk corcks you MALAY Hindu bastards. Look at MNahathir just because he apes the Malay customs he becomes a Malay and his father becomes a BASTARD.
yesterday · Report
Makcik Har Logic will tell you that if someone does not want to be a member of any club, he or she is free to leave right ? No, certainly not in this country. If you don't want to be a Muslim,this mickey mouse government will insist that you are a Muslim even if you had stopped believing or never believed in the first place. They even go against the Constitution which guarantees the freedom of religion. Are there any lawyers out there who are willing to take up this case to the world court ? Why should JPN refer those people to the Syariah Court ? I am told , over there the files would be locked up in a drawer never to see the light of day. As a token a few files of Chinese Muslim converts would be opened and go to court.Strictly No No to Malays.This shows the government's motif is a just a cattle branding exercise to be used for their political advantage.
yesterday · Report
Buffalo_Bill If only registration error, why need to go to Syariah Court which is set up for Muslims? After all, the person who "suffered" from NRD error obviously does not profess the Islamic faith .... duh?
yesterday · Report
Dicksonian_sltiger Carry on spinning stories. Go and say it to the marines. You have Class One storytellers in your stupid regime to keep on spinning stories!
yesterday · Report
Kit Carson Another of Najib's many assholes, trying to cover his backside!!
yesterday · Report
Barang Naik proved to us.
yesterday · Report
Saya sungguh kecewa dengan kelemahan Kementerian Dalam Negeri dan Kerajaan Malaysia pimpinan Najib Tun Razak yang terbukti gagal menjaga segala aspek keselamatan dalam negara kita terutama keharmonian rakyat dengan membiarkan portal Malaysiakini menjadi sarang anasir subversif dan pengadu domba paling celupar didalam negara ini.

Saya sudah hilang hormat kepada Kerajaan 2 Sepupu ini. Apa lagi penghinaan yang terpaksa ditanggung umat Islam negara ini dengan kelemahan pentadbiran Kerajaan 1Malaysia ini?

Takkan nak biar sampai jadi Kerajaan 1Pondan kot? 1Darai?

Apa guna memegang kuasa jika tak ada semangat kejantanan untuk bertindak terhadap para penghina ini?

Takkan sudah mangli 2 sepupu ni?

* Mangli adalah apa yang kami orang orang utara sebut seperti dah tak ada perasaan...tak sensitif.

Maki lah macam mana pun, mereka tak kan buat apa pun. Dah biasa...

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