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"Verily my solats, my ibadah, my life and my death I surrender to Almighty Allah, Creator and Lord of all the worlds. Never will I associate anything with Him. So am I commanded and I am of those who are Muslims."

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About Mahaguru58

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. 
May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you! :)

I am Haji Zainol Abideen. Known online as Mahaguru58.

I was born in a prewar house at Perak Road, Penang Island in the year 1958. Hence my id Mahaguru58. My wife at times refers to me as the 'Mamak yang terlampau!' Hehehehe. It means 'the overbearing Mamak!' :P

Can't blame her! I am a very passionate man. Full of hope and love for my darling, my family, friends and networks. I love my faith of Al Islam to the max and have been involved in Islamic Dakwah since 1987 when I saved a fellow Muslim from being bashed up by those who thought he was getting too big for his breeches by ...imagine this...'Calling to Islam!' Read about it here.

I am an Indian Muslim who grew up in the last Malay kampong along the foreshore village of Jalan Kota Giam, East Jelutong, Penang Island. 

The Chinese kampong besides us is famous for its incense stick manufacturers and their 'Cheor Tau Kong'. Their road is named Jalan Tokong Batu. They had these 'Opera China' going on every now and then.

I know only the Malay culture. My Quran teachers were Allahyarhamah Tok Hawa and Tok Achi. They taught the kampong kids how to read and recite the Al Quran on a voluntary basis. I paid for my Al Quran classes by doing chores for them.

 I used to carry water from the pipes outside their home and filled up the large earthen 'tempayans' to the brim before my Quran classes. 

At times Tok Hawa would reward me with a slice of 'ubi sengkuang' @ turnip smeared with 'Sambal Macao' or a cut of pineapple.

As a kampong kid, I used to go fishing with my best friend Wan Ali @ Ali Kak Pah. His uncle had a sampan and we used to go fishing with Pak Pin, an older friend of ours. We caught mostly Ikan Gelama, Sembilang, Grut Grut, Kerapu and the occasional Stuka, a small form of stingray.

Wan Ali and myself were and still are the best of friends. I built a raft with Wan Ali using a wooden pallet and I stuffed it up with polyfoam and boarded it up with plywood. I made a crude rudder and even hoisted a sail using some tarpaulin. Our anchor was two bricks tied up with nylon and attached to a long rope.

We usually spent most of our free time fishing and at times even went night fishing. There was a concrete platform way out at sea and we used to go fishing there. We brought along some 'Kopi O Kaw' in our thermos and some 'Biskut Kapal' @ 'Biskut Osborne (photo). 

It was quite an experience for us and I remember catching one of the largest 'Ikan Sembilang' @ Catfish there. At first I thought that my line was caught amongst the corals or what but then when my fishing line went taut and then I felt the struggle, I knew that I had a big one.

I fought with the fish for about 15 minutes before succeeding in landing it! It had the darkest cateyes that I'd ever seen and I felt the shivers run down my spine as I fought to release my hook from its cavernous mouth. I still remember that scene to this day. Phew!...

I miss fishing with Ali.  He is wearing the red baju here. Besides me is another good old friend of mine, Abdul Hakim bin Kader Sultan, a teacher. Hakim's father was a well known fishmonger at Chowrasta Market, Penang Road. They had the first color television set in our kampong! Fuyoo!

How times have changed! Today we are all growing old and grey but those memories will always remain.

I remember Allahyarham Che Mat Sabor, Nordin, Lan Chandu, Abu, Ali Fatah, Din Korek, Iqbal, Mat Lidi, Man Lembu, Baba Gila and many others. :) 

Here I am sitting at the furthermost end corner of what used to be the 'Kota Giam' embankment area at my kampong's foreshore.

The sea used to come right up to here but now after years of reclaiming the land, the seashore is now long gone and replaced with tarred roads. 

Damn Koh Tsu Koon for his robbing us of our seafront areas! We used to go mudskating using our 'papan tongkah' @ a long surfboard type fabricated mud board. We would have a basket up front to collect the cockles and siput kemudi. Those moments were priceless.

Sure, we would stink a bit from being coated with mud but the seafront was clean and green back then. 

There were plenty of cockles and 'siput kemudi' for us to harvest from those rich, fertile mud banks. 
Siput kemudi
All those are now history thanks to the useless fellow who was our island's Chief Minister!!! 

Today it is toxic and dangerous to our health and devoid of sea life because Koh Tsu Koon decided to turn the Jelutong foreshore into a rubbish disposal area!!! Damn him! 

Back to my story of how a chance run in with my kampong's Boria troupe made me return home to Penang with them after I had been living in JB for a few months back in 1986.

We who are Malaysians working in Singapore had to leave the island republic after UMNO youth took Singapore to task for having Israeli President Chaim Herzog visit them and as a result , official relations were strained between both our countries. 

UMNO wanted to cut off the water supply to Singapore and the Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew did a tit for tat in return. Malaysian workers such as myself had to leave the island el prompto!

Thus, my life story took a turning point. Will share about that someday. :)
After the Pesta Dendang Rakyat in JB where my kampong's Boria Team took part. Pemuda DAKOTAS. Dalam Kota Taat Setia! :D
Here we are posing in the late 80's style along the spiraling staircase of the Selat Teberau, Johor Bahru observation tower.

At the Selat Teberau Observation Tower stairways in Johor Bahru. I am 4th from the right.
Wan Ali was the one who asked me to return home to Penang. If he had not done that, who knows where I would have ended up? Maybe roaming the world?

I am very fond of my dearest friend. He knows who I was and who I used to be? A tripwire. Easily offended back then and used to get into fights and scrapes as a roaring teenager! Hahahahaha! John Travolta style. :P

Those were the times before I returned home to Penang from Singapore back in 1986 and got married in 1987. 

That's another story. I'm not gonna get into it. :P
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