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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Converting To Islam ~ A Singaporean Revert's story.

Day by day, many who have been searching for the Truth of our existence as human beings, eventually find it in Islam. The only revealed faith from Allah, God Almighty.

As human beings, those of us who are lucky to be able to possess the Faculty of Reasoning, do find the many answers to our queries about the Purpose of our Coming into Being, in the Glorious Quran

We need to seek knowledge and learn about who we are and about our Creator. Watch this video and gain some insight as to why this young Singaporean Chinese lady reverted to Islam, her's and your birthright.

The right to be a Muslim. Insya Allah.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Jobstreet English Language Assessment Test Result. Perfect Score! Alhamdulillah!

Every now and then, I feel we ought to test ourselves by taking these English Language Assessment Tests to check our prowess and communication skills.

More so, when one is earning one's keep by offering Writing Services based on one's capabilities in English and Malay.

Alhamdulillah! I scored a Perfect Score this morning when I took the Jobstreet English Language Assessment @ JELA

Have to keep myself capable and relevant always.

Those who need my English and Malay Writing Services can contact me at +60163969881 via WhatsApp or email me here. 

Insya Allah.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Bila Tun Dr.Mahathir bangun mencelah Ahmad Maslan dan chamdet Najib Razak!

Satu perkara yang jarang berlaku di Parlimen Malaysia apabila YAB Perdana Menteri ke 7, Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad bangun mencelah semasa YB Pontian Dato Seri Ahmad Maslan sedang berucap menyatakan bahawa di zaman BN, Felda Global Ventures begitu banyak keuntungan perniagaan mereka.

Bilamana Pakatan Harapan mengambil alih kerajaan, prestasi FGV jatuh merudum sehingga hampir muflis.

Makanya YAB Langkawi, Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr.Mahathir bangun mencelah, dan membuatkan semua Ahli Parlimen riuh kerana ia sesuatu yang amat jarang berlaku.

YB Pontian amat teruja dan dengan gembiranya mempersilakan PM untuk mencelah dengan sepenuh laluan.

Jika mahu membaca dengan lebih lanjut, sila lah tuan/puan kunjungi 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Banner Design Exclusive Personalised Service by Read N ~ Close More $ales!

Recently, I helped a small trader selling young coconuts out of his car boot to promote his business by designing an exclusive promotional banner listing the benefits of consuming the juice and meat of the fruit.

Click here to read about it. 

You see, advertising is very crucial in the Sales & Marketing field. If you have ventured into the sales & retail business, it is imperative that you do it well or shouldn't bother at all.

So, I came across this small trader, Mr. Mathavan who was selling fresh young coconuts from the boot of his dilapidated Proton Iswara. He had coconuts piled up on his car's back seat as well and it was a pitiful sight to see him trying to make a living in that condition.

I was thirsty and bought a young coconut to quench my thirst. It's blazing hot nowadays due to the climate change and also as some say, the equinox! 

To cut the story short, being who I am, I proposed to him to engage me in designing an exclusive banner promoting the benefits of drinking the fresh coconut juice and of consuming the tender young coconut's meat.

I did my research online and there's plenty of explanatory videos on You Tube highlighting such benefits.

Here are a few:

All it takes for your business to get that extra push is to have to design an exclusive banner promoting your products or services.

The number to call or WhatsApp is +60163969881. You can also email me.

Saturday, March 02, 2019

Avast Antivirus ~ How to remove it from your PC?

I don't know about you but I find the Avast Antivirus to be quite bothersome by the way this all intrusive antivirus software snakes it's way into our personal computers and then takes over the computer's operating system gradually.

Those who are not well versed with knowing how to remove such recalcitrant software programs need not suffer too long ; not knowing how to dislodge and remove or uninstall this menace.

Go to and download the avastclear.exe software to your pc. 

Watch this video and follow the instructions.

Restart your PC in Safe Mode and Run the Uninstaller executable file.

You will get this notification once the uninstall process has been done completely.

Congratulations! Your troubles with the annoying, troublesome ever intrusive Avast antivirus is now over!

To uninstall other unnecessary applications that are slowing down your PC and taking up precious space on your PC's hard disk, I recommend you to download 
Revo Uninstaller.

You can get it for free from here

I am a very satisfied user of this excellent Uninstaller and find it very useful. 

We need to constantly spring clean our PC and I recommend you to use CCleaner to tidy up your PC's hard disk and clean up your PC.

I recall being asked to check my friend's PC who was finding it hard to run his new computer after only using it for several months. Upon checking his PC's system, I saw that the RAM was nearly used all up.

There was hardly any space left in his Hard Disk to run the PC. So, I got to work and deleted his temporary files and cleared his cache. Downloaded the CCleaner software into his PC and solved the problems in a jiffy. 

All it takes is some effort on our part and by regularly clearing the cache and deleting unnecessary trash from our computer's Hard Disk, we will have a healthy, ready to rock computer for our work and leisure.

Enjoy spring cleaning your PC!