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Friday, July 13, 2018

GST 0% patut Turun Harga Barang? KPDNKK nak sponsor kos kos operasi lain ke???

Saya menonton BICARA KHAS Angkasapuri Rtm TV1 dimana Menteri KPDNKK Saifudin Nasution bercakap tentang keadaan dimana walaupun Kerajaan PH Malaysia menghapuskan Cukai GST ke 0%, harga barang2 dan makanan tetap tinggi malah semakin meningkat.

Saya hairan kenapa Menteri KPDNKK tidak mengambil kira akan punca punca lain yang membawa kepada kenaikan harga ini?

Apakah Menteri tidak nampak atau sedar akan perbezaan di antara perbelanjaan perbelanjaan yang perlu dibayar para peniaga berlesen dan peniaga haram di tepi tepi jalan?

Menteri perlu mengambil kira akan perkara perkara berikut:

1. Sewa premis seperti di pusat membeli belah yang semakin lama semakin dinaikkan para pemilik bangunan;

2. Bil letrik yang dibekalkan TNB semakin meningkat setiap bulan;

3. Bil bekalan air dari SYABAS dan lain lain pembekal air negara.

4. Kos bekalan gas masak yang turut naik harga;

5. Kos pengambilan pekerja asing secara sah yang semakin lama semakin meningkat dan rasuah yang diminta oleh para pegawai dari pelbagai agensi agensi kerajaan seperti Imigresen, KDN, KSM dsbnya;

6. Kos bahan asas makanan dan minuman seperti beras, ikan, daging, ayam, sayur sayuran, minyak masak, rempah ratus, dsbnya.

7.Kemerosotan nilai mata wang Ringgit Malaysia.

Semua perkara perkara ini harus dikawal dan diambilkira oleh Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan. 

Setakat nak harap harga turun dengan menghapuskan GST yang memang menjadi salah satu punca kenaikan harga dan inflasi sekarang.

Najib Razak melatah tak ada makna bahawa GST 6% yang dikenakan oleh Kerajaan BN dibawah pentadbirannya bukan punca kenaikan harga barang. Ia memang salah satu punca kenaikan harga barang.

Adalah satu perkara mustahil untuk mengharap para pengusaha restoran untuk menurunkan lagi harga jualan makanan dan minuman mereka sedangkan kos segala barangan yang saya sebut di atas tidak di kurangkan melalui penguatkuasaan oleh KEMENTERIAN PERDAGANGAN DALAM NEGERI, KOPERASI DAN KEPENGGUNAAN MALAYSIA!

Peniaga peniaga haram tepi jalan tidak bayar sewa premis. Mereka berniaga atas angin. Rasuah tetap dibayar kepada PBT, untuk bekalan letrik dari TNB dan air dari SYABAS.

Cakap memang senang brader. Hak ni semua siapa nak kurangkan harga?

Teringat adegan berikut:

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Malay Actress creates ruckus during AG Tommy Thomas Press Statement event.

You can clearly see for yourself how deeply entrenched the closed mindset mentality of those who can't see beyond their blinkered views in their blind support for the now arrested kleptocrat just because they feel indebted to him for throwing some crumbs for them to feed on.

Quite evidently we can see how Malay actress Ellie Suriaty chose to be an instigator shouting 'Bahasa Malaysia ..then her cry was taken up by others of her fellow instigators who shouted 'Melayu! Melayu! Melayu! in protest against AG Tommy Thomas who was giving his press statement in English to the attending media.

The reality of the charges against Najib Razak for criminal breach of trust and misusing his official position to enrich himself and steal from the nation's coffers were lost on them for they rallied to turn this arrest into something else. An attempt to make it a case for their Malay identity.

They don't care that he is being charged for his criminal acts. To them he is infallible ; because he gave them some money to survive. They couldn't care less where the source of whatever he gave them was coming from?

It is so evident that those who are in the Malaysian Film & Creative industry are so beholden to the thieving kleptocrat for having fed them some morsels and crumbs to fill their tummies. 

Below are a couple of videos showing the local Malaysian artistes expressing their support to the kleptocrat Najib Razak during the 14th GE campaign:

Most of these Malaysian artistes aren't bothered as to where Najib Razak got his funds from? All they know is that they have been given funds for free just because they support the [then] PM!

A Muslim's duty is to ensure that whatever he or she consumes is 'Halal' @ 'Permissible'. Not from sources which are 'Haram' or Forbidden. These folks simply do not bother.

PM Tun Dr. Mahathir is accused of orchestrating this arrest but the reality of Najib's 1MDB scandal escapes their obviously closed mindsets and screwed up minds. These are the deaf, dumb and blind to the facts of the case against Ah Jib Gor who embezzled billions from the 1MDB project into his bank accounts.

These instigators are beyond help.

Ugly Malaysians 'Tidak Apa' Mentality prevalent at Hospital Kuala Lumpur!

The year is 2018 but some Malaysians especially those working at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital have no regard for the rules and regulations when it comes to parking their motorcycles indiscriminately as they damn well please.

It's not a pleasing sight to see motorcycles parked right under a 'No Parking' sign such as this:

I wonder why the Kuala Lumpur Hospital administrators have no enforcement unit going around to haul away these motorcycles and place them in a secured compound and fine their errant owners a fee so as not to repeat the offense?

You have to teach them a lesson and cause them pain where it is gonna hurt. Their wallet!
On another note, I have come across many broken chairs at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur's patient waiting areas when I go for my quarterly medical treatments at the various specialist clinics at the new block.

Whoever approved the tender for the supply of these low quality plastic chairs or seats really needs to be investigated by the MACC.

No need for too many words. Let these photos tell you their sad stories.

The Kuala Lumpur Hospital provides much needed affordable healthcare to us Malaysians and their medical doctors, specialists and nurses are very hardworking and dedicated people.

Yet things like these where substandard seating equipment is supplied to the hospital by unscrupulous vendors and approved by questionable HKL administrators is a matter that needs scrutiny by the Ministry of Health, Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission and Royal Malaysian Police where I suspect there may be grounds of abuse of power and position in approving the order and supply of low quality items.

If the Ministry of Health does not have the funds to purchase better longer lasting quality public area seating furniture, maybe we can pool our resources and start a public crowd funding in order to help HKL buy better quality seating for its patients.

Can we do this?

Monday, July 02, 2018

Zaharin Haji Yassin buka cerita tentang bab Politik Wang Perhimpunan Agung UMNO

Bagi yang mengenali Dato' Zaharin Haji Yassin @ Blogger Sang Kelembai memang tahu bahawa beliau terkenal sebagai yang jenis cakap lepas.

Politikus UMNO sejati.  Ikutilah luahan rasa Zaharin selepas Pemilihan UMNO 2018 baru baru ini:

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Najib Razak @ The Karaoke King ~ Singing 'The Young Ones' and Dancing :P

You've got to hand it to Ah Jib Gor! :P No matter what he is accused of and the gathering of evidence to skewer him and his partner to the proverbial stake, the fella doesn't give a rat's ass to all that and he is enjoying himself singing and dancing to the tune of Cliff Richards 'The Young Ones' in public amongst his fan club! Here's from a different angle:

Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department Director Dato' Seri Amar Singh Ishar Singh's statement here states that the value of the seized cash, diamonds, jewelleries, luxury watches, luxury handbags comes to about RM1.1 Billion excluding workmanship charges on the jewelleries.

Maybe Najib just doesn't care anymore as to the long arm of the Justice Department that is now coming to arrest him soon with the overwhelming evidence now being safely secured within the vaults of Bank Negara Malaysia by the Federal Royal Malaysian Police's Commercial Crime Investigation Department headed by Dato' Seri Amar Singh.

It's bewildering to see Najib being so aloof and behaving like there's no wrong that he and his crazy for luxury wife have done. 

His darling is also a dedicated Karaoke Queen. :D Here's a karaoke single she released:

Looks like the Sungei Buloh Correctional Facility need to set up a Karaoke Room for the singing duo very soon if they are found guilty and really, really sent to prison for their kleptocracy.

I am typing really, really because over here in Bolehland, there is a tendency for the crooks to escape and whistleblowers to be incarcerated! Nothing strange about this, really. 

I don't think Tun Dr.Mahathir will manage to spring clean this country's administrative system which is now corrupt to the core. It might take another 50 to 60 years to reverse the rot.

By that time, I won't be around. So, those of you who are 'The Young Ones' need to take care of Malaysia. :)