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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bad Day Mate! How the hell are ya?

Recent events in Cronulla Beach , Sydney , in the Land Down Under has blown to bits , the Aussies image of being magnanimous in letting immigrants in to the continent they robbed from the original inhabitants, the Aborigines.

Switching on CNN on the telly shows ugly, rioting , mobs of 'white supremacists' Australians bashing up the 'Lebs' @ immigrant Lebanese Arabs unlucky enough to be caught in the mob mentality reminding us of what we all read about and saw the news pictures of the black Negroes lynched to death in the American South in the 50s and 60s!

Hate based on the racist policies of thinking that white is good and black is evil manifests its ugly self again in the hearts and minds of latter day generations and descendants of the English convicts condemned to exile by shiploads to the continent of Australia centuries ago by the British Courts!

Australians , famous for their 'beer swilling' lowlifes dependant on the dole crowd save for the decent few have now uncovered their true colors of being nothing but ugly racists to the core when an isolated case of a few brash Lebanese Australian immigrants got into a fight with two white Australian lifeguards over a beach soccer incident lit the fuse to the powderkeg of racial resentment brewing in the minds of the lowlifes itching for a fight all these while.

Cronulla Beach is notorious for gang fights and druggies warzones over the flimsiest of excuses to turn incidents such as the one between the lifeguards and the Lebanese immigrants into an all out war against those who are not 'white'!!!

The Malay saying 'Hujan emas di negeri orang; hujan batu dinegeri sendiri, lebih baik negeri sendiri' comes to mind when thinking of the situation now for those Lebanese and other immigrant populations caught in the mayhem taking place there !

I saw crowds of white racist supremacists kicking and bashing senseless helpless fellow Australians of Arab descent on the CNN report!

Even the Australian policemen were being attacked violently by the crazy mobs! I saw a policemen being ambushed from all sides by the rampaging gangs comprised of both male and female white racists, who must really make Pauline Hanson proud!!!

Beer bottles were being smashed onto the heads of both Arab Australians and the tiny force of policemen out to protect them! It's total chaos out there!!!

It is all the brewing rage growing in their hearts as a result of the Bali bombings and other acts of stupidity of some cockeyed Muslims who have done irrepairable damage to the faith and brought danger to the lives of their fellow brethren of the faith!

'Thou shall reap what thy soweth!' is an ancient proverb that whatever one does today will have repercussions coming back to you accordingly!

Those stupid arrogant young Lebanese Australian upstarts who started the incident with the Aussie lifeguards that day in Cronulla Beach had no idea what their brashness would unleash for themselves and their fellow population when they tried to be tough guys for a day!

I don't want to keep repeating about the Hadiths of the Prophet(peace be upon him) regarding the state of affairs for the Muslims of today! They have brought it upon themselves when they fail to live according to the tenets of the faith!

The majority of the Muslims today have not been living according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam-peace be upon him). They just claim to be Muslims but their lifestyles prove otherwise!

There are two extremes as I see it today among the Muslims. Either they don't give a damn about the faith and live as they please or they are too bloody rigid and too extreme in their practices of living as a Muslim or a Muslimah!

I have seen Malay Muslim women here in Malaysia dress so provocatively to even make the Chinese and Indian girls feel embarrased in comparison! On the other hand we see infants and small tots being smothered with purdahs and cover me alls that would make any Afghani proud right here in the blistering tropical sun!

Talk about overdoing things! It is these sort of two extreme groups that give us all a damn bad name undeservedly! On one hand , we see stupid, ass brained girls and young women dress so provocatively , one would think they are walking billboards for 'come on's' to the nations perverts and sex maniacs to gang rape them right there and then.

In the other hand, we are simply bewildered to see some folks here dress as if they are Arabian princesses , all covered up right to the eye slits as if they are so bloody drop dead gorgeous that car drivers would be so distracted by their sheer beauty if they ever uncover their faces that traffic would smash into each other on our roads if they so ever drop that veil!!!

Who the hell are they kidding? It's 2005 !!! Hello!!!!!The advent of the internet and the worldwide multimedia lays bare all there is to see, hear and comprehend about whatever it is one wants to know and learn about!!!

Islam is a beautiful faith held to ransom by these two extremes today. On one hand , we see Muslims live as if they are not accountable to Allah the Almighty and the Holy Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam). On the other hand , we see folks pushing the doctrines of the faith to the extreme in overzealousness in trying to fit in the picture!

The Prophet (Sallahahu alaihi wasallam-peace be upon him) always preached moderateness in everything that we do , say or express. There are limits to everything. Do not overdo anything.
Be considerate. Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you.

Speak if you have something good to share failing which remain silent for it is best for you.

Smile . Be courteous to one another. Wish each other well. So on and so forth. There are hundreds of thousands of the authentic sayings and advices of the Prophet(sallallahu alaihi wasallam-peace be upon him) that the Muslim masses of today seem to have neglected.

Those young Arab upstarts in Cronulla Beach have opened the Gates of Hell for themselves and their fellow immigrants by not being as the faith expects of them. All the world today seems itchy for an all out attack on the Muslims exactly as the Prophet(SAW-PBUH) foretold.

Who's to blame? None other than the ignorant, hedonistic loving 'Muslims' who have been asking for it!

The only way out is to return to the faith, proper. Stop being what you are not! Return to the basics of being good, decent folks who are just as civil and civic as any other God fearing people on earth!

To sum it all up, 'Bad Day Mate!!! You asked for it!!!'

Monday, December 12, 2005

Confusing Socializing with Religious Principles

Recently, many ignorant bloggers gave way to stupid rants and raves about my objection to the term 'Deeparaya' being bandied about by some unthinking people who thought it's okay to mix and match two religious celebrations each so different in it's principles and ideologies!

Islam is a monotheistic faith based upon Worship of the One and Only Almighty God of us all , Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala! The difference between Islam and Hinduism is so vast and clear as we all know.

It is not my intention to condemn the Hindus for their chosen beliefs. To each their own remains my principle.

The unfortunate trend nowadays to 'assimilate' all religious festivities and celebrations into one 'joint' celebration supposedly to show that as Malaysians, we are the best nation on Earth is really trying to pull a fast one on the people!

I am not against 'socializing'! I am all for the spirit of 'Muhibbah' amongst us Malaysians for I am a firm believer in the Brotherhood of Mankind.

As a Muslim, I believe that we are all equal before Allah save for those who submit to Him and those who choose otherwise.

The greatest sin for a Muslim to commit is the sin of associating anything else with the Worship of Allah! This sin is called 'Syirik' and it is the one major sin that will not be let pass by without total repentance @ Taubat Nasuha.

Those Muslims who take part in the Hindu festivities of Deepavali are considered to have committed 'Syirik' and are accountable to Allah in the Day of Judgement.

Non Muslims who do not understand what Islam is and what it is not do not have the moral or the religious grounds to condemn us who speak out against this 'transgression' upon Islam!

Fellow blogger MENJ and myself are called 'idiots' for defending our faith! We are called names by those who do not have an inkling as to what the subject matter is about for these namecallers are the very deaf,dumb and mute who will face Allah's Judgement on the Last Day itself!

Eesa the Son of Mariam (alaihisalam-peace be upon him) advised " Do not cast thy pearls (advice) upon the swine (the namecallers- in this case) for the sheer reason that these rabble of 'know it all's' think they are the champions of whatever lamebrain train of thoughts or lifestyle they live as being the 'in thing' to do or be!

MENJ and myself will continue to guard our faith to the best of our abilities and will voice out our objections towards any attempts to pollute our faith.

There are already too many cockeyed and blinkered 'smart alecs' who think they know more about the tenets of Ad Deenul Islam than the Muslims themselves!

Even those who call themselves Muslims do not have an iota of responsibility towards safeguarding the faith for they are too busy wallowing in their hedonistic lifestyles so prevalent in the world today, more so in the 'Melayu Boleh' land of Malaysia!

Last night's 'Konsert Sure Heboh' of TV3 in the grounds of the Shah Alam Stadium is a clear sign of where the priorities of the Malay Muslims in this land are!

To 'party' themselves to 'hell'! Malaysia Boleh !!!!

The Ummah here in Malaysia are on the fast track to oblivion! As the Prophet Sallalahu alaihi wasallam foretold' In the last days, my Ummah will be so many as the froth of the ocean waves. Yet they will be weak!'

The reality of what the Prophet has foretold has come to pass. There are many other foretellings of the Prophet SAW that has become a reality today but I will share more about them in my future postings.

Those who adulterate our faith with practices which lead to Syirik against Allah are ignorant of the very basic principles of Belief in Allah!

Visit this link to learn about Shirik!

Allah has not foresaken them altogether!Those who hve committed Associating Allah with anything else need to really repent for this most unforgivable sin and ask for Allah's Mercy!

If they do repent, there is a possibility of receiving Allah's Mercy and His Compassion. But if they persist, just wait for their due in the Hereafter!

The Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam-may peace be upon him) also provided protection against the inevitable acts of Shirk by teaching certain specific prayers which may be said anytime.

Abu Moosa said, "One day Allah's messenger delivered a sermon saying 'O people, fear Shirk for it is more hidden than the creeping of an ant.'

Those whom Allah wished asked, 'And how do we avoid it when it is more hidden than the creeping of an ant, O Messenger of Allah?'

He replied, 'Say: Allaahumma Innaa na'oodhu bika an nushrika bika shay'an na'lamuh, wa nastaghfiruka limaa laa na'lamuh" meaning (O Allah, we seek refuge in You from knowingly committing shirk with You and we ask Your forgiveness for what we do not know about).'

Hadith collected by Ahmad and at-Tabaraanee.

Cases like this associating the celebration of Eid Mubarak ( the 1st day of Syawwal and the successful completion of the holy fasting month of Ramadan) with another religious festivity is likened to the parable of a small black ant creeping in the pitch dark night! It goes unnoticed except for those who are vigilant.

Things like these if left unopposed will see the faith of Islam slowly but surely be corrupted with practices and innovations that will lead to Kufr!

As it is , Islam today is already suffering from so many misrepresentations and innovations that those amongst the Ummah who love this faith for what it truly is can't just ignore these malpractices and allow it to be polluted by such likes as associations with other beliefs and practices! That is tantamount to 'Syubahat' @ accomplice!

I am just saying that people can celebrate together but do not lump the faiths into one. We all live together in this land . We just need to know the do's and don'ts where it touches on the religious practices.

Those who came up with the terminology ' DeepaRaya' may have meant well- to bring about social integration- but their methods fell short. It offends us Muslims.

We can have Happy Deepavali, Gong Xi Fa Cai, Selamat Hari Raya and Merry Christmas- each unique and special to its adherents but please ..stop mixing them all up.

Doesn't pass Allah's ISO! Islam is the Way of Life that Allah SWT revealed for all mankind.

Be whatever you want to be. Be good to each other . Show Mercy, Love and Respect to each other. That's all. At the end of the day, both MENJ and me mean well. We just want our faith to be as it is . No need to turn it all into 'rojak pasembur'! Get it?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hajj -the Pilgrimage of a lifetime

The season for performing the Hajj is here again.

Those who have saved up for this once in a lifetime experience of setting their feet on the holy lands are busy preparing for this 5th Pillar of Islam by getting in order all their travelling needs and documentation plus the inner self to face the Holy Kaaba in Makkah, Arabia.

I have yet to perform my Hajj but with the advent of technology and satellite imagery, get to share the visual spectacle of the teeming millions of mankind who converge to the centre of the Islamic world.

It is here that our Father , the Prophet Adam (Alaihi salam-Peace be upon him) first set up building the House of Allah, God Almighty with the help of the Angels.

When the Great Floods during the times of Prophet Nuh (Alaihi salam-pbuh) destroyed the Kaaba, it was later rebuilt by Prophet Ibrahim (Alaihi Salam-pbuh) at the very same foundations together with his son , the Prophet Ismail(Alaihi salam-pbuh).

Information about the Origins of the Holy Kaaba are passed on from generations to generations of Muslims, and many documentaries have been made by various agencies and media organisations to capture the spirit of faith that expounds itself from the most known historical religious structure today on the face of this Earth!

I have listened to some of my friends and relatives who have made the pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah and marvel to hear how they were so moved by the very sight of this holy structure that has been touched by the hands of so many Prophets of Allah, that deep down in this heart, a yearning is growing ; to be able to set my feet on the holy grounds of Makkah Al Mukarramah and Madina Al Munawarrah before my soul is collected by the Angel of Death, Hazrat Ezrael (Alaihi salam-pbuh). May Allah grant me this wish. Amin.

We all live our lives according to our situations. We make mistakes , knowingly and unknowingly and we sin continuously against Allah and His Creation.

Prayer , performed sincerely in repentance , would nullify our transgressions but whether our prayers and good deeds are accepted by Allah the Most Merciful remains to be His Prerogative!

In this life, none can claim to be so holy moly and better than the other save for those whom Allah accepts as His Dutiful Servants and Forgives them.

There are many signs of how one is blessed with Forgiveness and at times we come across individuals who shine out with peace, calmness and serenity on their faces and their selfs.

Mankind has always been quick to prejudge and condemn one another and there are many Revelations in the Holy Qur'an that points this out and reminds us to be fair and not to slander one another.

The one who gets to perform his or her Hajj gets a unique unforgettable experience of a lifetime by witnessing the Spectacle of the Annual Hajj! Seeing with one's own eyes and hearing the Call to Prayer from the Masjidil Haraam with one's own ears has been told to me that it moves one to tears and the feeling is just unimaginable !

Standing there before the House of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala together with millions of other pilgrims from all over the world, simply can't be experienced by watching a live telecast or reading about it!

One has to be there to savour it all. Insyaallah. May Allah SWT grant me and my beloved the opportunity to join the millions of others in performing our Hajj to His Sanctuary.Amin.