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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Difference between 2 Viewpoints Amplified!

I have received an email which has made my day so to speak on this blessed Aidul Adha.

An earlier email from a fellow Muslim so distressed my heart that it made me sad and I felt so unhappy as to why some people can be so heartless and damn overbearing upon us yet claim to care for us! Tch tch tch tch...some people can be so bloody ignorant!

Then this morning, my inbox contained this uplifting refreshing email from a Christian whom I so respect and appreciate his wise and meaningful message and show of support! Reflect on the two differing emails , people and try to see what the real situation is today as to the state of thoughts and mindsets between Muslims and Christians out there!

You must be sincere as to your conclusions and try to see the reality as to this issue.


Dear Brother Mahaguru58,

I read with interest your reply to Nizam from Penang.I would like to send you this email just to drop off a note of encouragement- don't bother about what people tell you.

If it makes you happy or you believe in the cause, it is all the justification you need. No one should tell you what to do or what to believe in,how to do it or how to live your life.

So keep fighting for what you believe in regardless of what some people who think they are concerned about you talks about.

Sometimes people tend to think we are fools because of our age , either we are too young or too old, therefore we are stupid.I can relate to this as well.

Some people tend not to take my views seriously and at the end of the day, the points validate themselves and I am vindicated or justified.

So in your case my friend, I wish you all the best.I sincerely wish you make it and silence your critics.Success speaks for itself.

To a much lesser degree I experienced what you are going through, and understand what you must be feeling now at people who just do not see your point of view and think they know better.

All the best in your business ventures and Happy Aidiladha to you and your family.

God bless and keep you.

Emmanuel Joseph


Kepada Saudara Zainol Abideen,

Untuk pengetahuan saudara, saya adalah seorang pembaca regular laman web anda dan saya sangat tertarik dengan artikel artikel dan pandangan anda terhadap isu-isu semasa dan dalam bab-bab ajaran islam dan sebagainya. pengetahuan anda didalam Islam sangat saya kagumi.

Tetapi semenjak kebelakangan ini saya agak tidak begitu selesa dengan artikel artikel yang anda postkan dalam laman web anda.

Sebelum ini laman web anda adalah satu sumber laman web yang kukuh mempertahankan ajaran islam dan saya sangat tertarik dengannya. Saya juga telah berpesan kepada kawan kawan saya untuk melawat laman web anda dan memberikan semangat yang tinggi di kalangan kawan kawan akrab saya.

Namun pada hari ini jika kami memasuki laman web anda tiada lagi informasi informasi ajaran agama islam dan hal / topic topic yang berkaitan. Hanya yang dapat dilihat ialah Skim Cepat Kaya yang anda agung agungkan.. saya tidak begitu faham kenapa anda harus begitu mempromosikan skim cepat kaya ini yang banyak berunsur kepada pertaruhan dan judi.

Pada hari ini juga semua artikel artikel anda telah bertukar kepada unsur unsur wang semata mata tetapi tidak lagi islam. Di laman web anda juga dapat dilihat dengan jelas bahawa anda hanya pentingkan wang dan berjuang demi wang.

Saya akui segalanya di dunia ini hanyalah dengan kuasa wang, tetapi saya tidak beberapa setuju jika kita hanya berjuang untuk wang. Laman web anda pada hari ini telah berubah wajah daripada pandangan seorang musliman terhadap hal hal dan isu isu semasa dan berkaitan islam kepada skim cepat kaya.

Saya juga tidak beberapa selesa melihat gambar yang anda tayangkan bersama wang yang anda katakan sebagai pendapatan anda dalam skim cepat kaya ini. Apakah maksud anda disebalik gambar yang anda ambil bersama wang wang tersebut. Gambar gambar itu bagi saya sudah berunsur seperti syaitan. (maaf jika saya terkasar atau salah).

Sesungguhnya wang ini adalah bahaya kerana wang sangat kuat kuasanya mempengaruhi manusia dan menggugat iman seseorang. Wang yang dicari bukanlah untuk dibawa mati dan saya disini merasakan bahawa saya tidak perlukan wang yang banyak seperti anda kejarkan dan labelkan diri anda sebagai "millionaire in progress".

Adakah anda telah bertukar prinsip diri anda untuk menjadi jutawan? itukah yang anda kejarkan? Apakah anda telah menukar prinsip anda atau saya yang salah faham dengan artikel anda? jika saya yang salah tolong betulkan saya.

Saya berpendapat disini, jika anda hendak berbangga dan hendak mempromosikan skim cepat kaya anda, tolonglah postkan dalam ruangan berasingan. Saya sudah kurang minat untuk berkunjung ke laman web anda kerana sudah tiada lagi sumber sumber yang saya pernah perolehi sebelum ini.

Saya memberi teguran ini dengan penuh rasa ikhlas, sesungguhnya jika imam itu salah adalah wajib bagi para jemaah untuk menegur. sekarang inipun kepercayaan saya pada diri anda masih belum hilang dan saya masih lagi meletakkan keyakinan yang tinggi pada anda.

Sekian,Yang benar.

Mohd. Saiful Nizam,Georgetown.



To Brother Zainol Abideen,

For your information, I am one of your blog's regular readers and I am very attracted to your articles and your views towards current issues and also regarding the teachings of Islam. Your knowledge of Islam impresses me.

But lately, I am not that comfortable with the articles that you have been posting in your website. Before this, your website was one of the website resources that was solidly defending Islam and I was very attracted to it. I had also reminded my friends to visit your website and it has given them a strong sense of confidence amongst them.

Yet today if we are to visit your website, there is no more information about the teachings of Islam, and the relevant topics. What can be seen is this Get Rich Quick Scheme that you so glorify! I don't understand why you must be so promoting this get rich quick scheme that is more inclined towards betting and gambling?

Today, most of your articles have changed to financial matters and no longer Islamic. In your website, it is obvious that you only care for money and are working for money!

I admit that everything in this world (is possible) only with the power of (having) money, but I do not really agree if we struggle just for money.

Your website today has changed in character from being one of a Muslim who wrote about Islam and current issues relating to it to now of a Get Rich Quick Scheme.

I am also not comfortable to see your picture with the money that you say is the rewards from this get rich quick scheme!

What is your intention in taking that picture of yourself with all that money? Those pictures to me have elements of Syaitan! ( sorry if I sound rough or am wrong).

Verily money is very dangerous for its powers are awesome and can influence mankind and affect the faith of someone.

Money that is being sought after can't be brought to the grave and I feel here that I do not need that much money as you are chasing after and labelling yourself as a 'Millionaire in Progress'.

Have you changed your principles to be a millionaire? Is that what you are chasing for?

Have you changed your principles or am I the one who has misunderstood your article? If I am wrong, please correct me.

I am of the view that if you want to be proud and want to promote your get rich quick scheme, please post them in a separate column. I am not keen anymore to visit your website for it no longer has resources that I used to obtain from it.

I am making this comment with full sincerity. Verily if the Imam is (doing something) wrong, then it is compulsory on the congregation to correct him.

Even now, my trust in you has still not vanished and I still have the highest confidence towards you. That's all.


Mohd Saiful.

Subhanallah. All Praises be to Almighty Allah for giving me so much in terms of support coming from both Muslims and Christians who happen to be my blog visitors and readers.

As shown by Brother Emmanuel above, a Christian whom I have yet to meet in person but who has proved himself to be someone whom I believe I must meet before I pass on from this mortal realm, his demeanour is actually more of a true Muslim than many whom I have come to know in my life!

This is my sincere opinion after having come to know and exchange views with him, this gentle insan who if only I can meet up with him and share with him, what I have come to learn about Islam and who Hadhrat Eesa ibni Maryam actually is, will be one splendid Muslim worth his name before Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and the entire Creation.

To me , Brother Emmanuel comes across as a balanced individual who does not pontificate upon us but speaks sincerely as a Christian who believes firmly as to what has been taught to him.

I believe that if Allah SWT so wills that one day, I do get the chance to meet Brother Emmanuel in person, there is a chance for me to pass across important information that just might help him see the real deal with us Muslims and the Christians, Insya Allah!

Now to the accusations being posed to me by Brother Mohd Saiful who despite not knowing me in person, so chooses to libel and accuse me of so many things just like that!

Look at the difference of viewpoints taking place here. Muslims nowadays almost always are behaving as if they are always right and everyone else who doesn't give in to their demands and wishes are Syaitans and not Islamic!

These cockeyed viewpoints and self delusions are what is causing the majority of Muslims worldwide to be so left behind in terms of progress and development because they so choose to remain archaic in their mindsets and do not really do anything positive to improve their lots both academically, financially, socially and mentally in most areas!

This dementia taking root in the hearts and minds of those who are misled into believing that to be affluent is a sin in Islam are actually so very ignorant of what the Prophet Muhammad has enjoined us and also as to whether Allah SWT forbids us from improving our lots in all areas, including working hard to become financially stable by doing business and all other efforts to earn a halal income.

When we look at these two conflicting viewpoints from a Muslim towards another Muslim whom he accuses of having 'sold out' his principles of being committed towards the propagation and sharing of knowledge about Islam as I have come to learn and opiniate about certain issues and matters relating to it and then taking into consideration the views and support of a Christian who happens to understand clearly as to why I am now encouraging the many suffering Malaysians regardless of creed or ethnicity to come join me and my team of Uptrenders to work in unison in improving our lifes both financially and in all other self development areas!

This is a clear reflection as to why many Muslims still remain in their self imposed state of Jahiliyah as to what Islam is and is not!

It is not a sin to work hard and smart to become financially independent for a Muslim.

It is not a right for Muslims to remain poor and ignorant about the real deal in living life here on Earth by denying oneself from the Barakah that Allah SWT has prepared for us!

It is stupid for any Muslim out there to say that Money is the Root of all Evil and is a trait of Syaitan to go work hard to get money! Total Bullshit and the epitome of one who is totally out of touch with the actual teachings of Islam, Ad Deen ul Haqq!

Do please remember that the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has warned us about being poor!

" Poverty leads to Kuffur!" Those who are so bloody poor wouldn't think twice of committing apostasy and embrace whatever teachings just to survive and live on to the next day!

Don't you know that ? Why do you think there is so much unhappiness in the world of the Muslims today?

Have you not seen the pitiful conditions of the many desperate suffering Muslims living a life of desolation and abject poverty of so many millions of poor and suffering souls in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ethiopia, even next door Indonesia or even here in the squatter areas of major cities in Malaysia or in the rural areas?

How do you think writing about just Islamic issues on my part is going to put food on the table or the plates of those poor people of all those countries and also on my own plate?

Who the hell do you think is going to come, knock on my door and hand me a big fat cheque to settle my so many outstanding bills that were choking the life out of me?

Have you ever experienced the hunger pangs that I went through of not having money to even pour petrol into my car tank in order to travel here and there to seek business?

Would you even have thought that I was so bloody poor that I was reduced to eating just plain rice and salt to ease off my growling tummy?

All you know is to accuse me of this and that? Damn!!! To add salt to my open grieving heart of my abject poverty, folks like Saiful out there do not really know what is the true situation of so many suffering individuals out there!

You just imagine us to be this and that but do nothing to help us in our lifes!

Yes, I have lots more to share with the Ummah as to what I have come to learn in my 48 years of life! But you do not know nuts of my tortured life so far! You do not have an inkling as to what hell I have had to go through in order just to live a better life at the twilight of my temporary existence here on Earth!

I don't give a hoot as to what anyone out there wants to think or say about me as to my current mission to help myself and my team ZAINKING members to be better off financially from now to the last days of our lifes!

I have not and will never forget my ideals or my principles of standing up for Islam, Ad Deenul Haqq as long as I shall live!

You should not jump to any bloody conclusions without knowing me in person or over adulate me or my efforts for my religion!

I am no Angel but I am no Devil either! If Allah so wills that I were to be this or that, I will do so as He Wills!

Just do not go shooting off your mouth about me or anyone else without knowing us in depth and really know whats taking place in our lifes.

May Almighty Allah guide us all! Ameen.

Wabillahi taufeek wassalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Zainol Abideen @ ZAINKING

Brother Emmanuel, time to meet up for that coffee / teh tarik session! Call me!

People assume too much about me

I received this email today from someone who claims to have been an avid follower of my blog all these while from Georgetown, Penang.

He says he is disappointed with me now for diverting my focus towards making money and no longer bothered to writing about Islam and sharing my views about the current issues, etcetera.

I am disappointed in him as well for making assumptions about me and for accusing me of having fallen victim to the lure of money!

Who the hell is this brother kidding? The Prophet SAW himself asks of us to do business! 9 out of 10 incomes are from business.

What is the point of doing business if not to make money? Out of his sheer ignorance , this person accuses me of being involved in a 'Skim Cepat Kaya' @ Fast Moneymaking Scheme!

O Allah! No wonder that the majority of the Muslims worldwide are in deep shit! They assume too much and they do nothing but poke their nose into other's affairs unnecessarily and think they know us better than our own selfs! Scoot!

Now, I could just ignore the fellow and just go on with what I am doing right now, which is earning a honest income from my E-Commerce Networking Business!

Yeah, bloody old Mahaguru58 is not your run of the mill Muslim who gives a damn about what some stranger in Penang thinks of me and as to whether I have forgotten my ideals and my goals in life!

I am helping my team of Uptrenders in changing their financial situations to be better than what they are suffering from right now by building up our business networks. Yes, we want to be millionaires! We want to have money to feed ourselves, our families and help out those who are poor out there! We are not like others who depend on subsidies and handouts!
We do not waste time poking our noses into others affairs as what the fellow from Penang has done and we are doing exactly what the Prophet SAW asks of us!
We are doing a business and our kind of business is halal and legitimate in the eyes of the Malaysian Government!

What does anyone out there know about what is going on in my life and as to whether I have any income to pay my bills etcetera?

This chap who emails me a letter accusing me of this and that! Is he ready to provide for me and pay my bills for me as long as I write as what he and God knows who else?.. wishes me to write what they want and not as I feel or please?

You can say what you will but remember!. committing fitnah against your fellow Muslim is the last thing that you should do!
No matter what your intentions may be , you have no right to impose on me ! You have no right!

I do not have to kowtow to anyone out there as to what I may write or share with in this personal blog of mine!

Mohd Saiful of Georgetown, Penang. You do not know me or what my situation is. You should just have good faith in your fellow Muslims who unlike you have a desire to improve themselves financially and be independent of relying on the bloody government for our sustenance!

It is not a sin to do business and become wealthy in Islam! The Prophet SAW asks us to 'Work for this world as if we are going to live a thousand years and also to Prepare for the Akhirat as if we are going to die tomorrow!'

Allah SWT tells us that ' I will not change the fate of Mankind until Mankind changes it himself!'

What do you expect me to do? Write as you wish me to and to live on air? Go and improve your own future and stop spewing fitnah on me!

If you do not understand the business concept of networking and making money the smart proven way of helping one another in building a network of likeminded business people, then you need to repent and ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT for having libelled your fellow Muslims!

This is the last I want to speak of this and I will not reply to you or elaborate any further on your misunderstanding me and what I stand for ! You do not have the right to say anything as to what I choose to do or write about! Hope you can at least understand this as clear as possible.

As to the rest of you folks who know what Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd can do for you , come contact me at 016-3969881 to book your appointment with me to chart your financial future where with more money you can do more good to yourselves, your families and for the Ummah than go write emails accusing the ones who are building up their own businesses of 'neglecting' their religion!
I guess some folks are doomed to suffer in poverty and expect things to drop down from the sky for them without having to work for their keep!

Reminds me of a fellow who kept a wispy beard, dressed in the robes and brandished a tooth stick to a couple of visitors to the Kapitan Keling Mosque and proclaimed to them that he was holding the key to Paradise!

God save us from these dreamers and libellers! Ameen.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ignorance about Islam amongst Muslims today!

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. In the Name of Allah, God Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Yesterday, I went for my Friday Congregational Prayers at Masjid Al-Imam As Syafie at Taman Maluri, Cheras, KL. I observed many of the Muslims attending the prayers at the masjid simply not paying any due attention to the Adabs @ Good Manners of attending the Friday prayers.

This is a sorry sign of how a growing majority of Muslims in Malaysia, both Malays, Indians, and other ethnicities do no longer know what's right and what's wrong as to how they go about observing or not giving a damn about the tenets and practices of the Faith of Islam as taught by the Last Messenger of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and relayed to us the Ummah of today by his successors in the form of the Caliphs and the Ulamaks time after time!

This scenario is seen all over the nation encompassing both urban and the rural areas. The educated and the uneducated, the 'alims @ scholars and the 'jahils @ the ignorant ones all doing the same old thing all over the country , no matter where they congregate!

It is a known fact that when the Azan is called out, we as Muslims are enjoined to stop talking or chatting with anyone we are with and to pay attention to the Call to Prayer! We are enjoined by the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam to observe silence and to reflect on the Azan being called out. We are to think of the meanings of the Azan and to utter the salutations and recite the verses of the Azan in our hearts and to respect the moment. We are to focus on the reason why we are there at the masjid - to Worship Allah, God Almighty and to observe proper decorums that have been taught to us by the Holy Messenger of God through the various Hadiths and in accordance to the teachings of the Holy Qur'an Al Kareem!

Sadly, no matter which mosque I go to, no matter where in this country, I see this same ignorance rearing up its ugly head amongst the growing number of ignorant Muslims who just give lip service to the practicing of Islam in Malaysia!

No matter whether the congregation is made up of Malays, Indian Muslims or from the rest of the world, every Friday prayer time sees a growing number of Muslims who do not pay attention to the Khutbah Juma'at @ Friday Sermon being read or being preached by the Khatib @ the Imam to the Congregation @ the Jama'ah!

These ignorant ones would be chatting earnestly about their business, about politics, about football, this and that totally heedless of what is being preached to them by the Imam or Khatib appointed for the day!

People used to pay respect to the Khutbah being read or preached in times before. Nowadays, the ignorant ones couldn't care less about the topic of the Khutbah! They no longer know the real reasons why they are required to attend the Friday Prayers!

To them, it is more of a breaktime from their daily schedule. Time to chit chat, time to catch up on gossip, time to spew BS and to just get away from the office tasks or a lengthened 'lunch hour' for most of these chaps in the big cities or even at a rustic old kampong in the rural areas!

Many do not know that they need to be silent and observe proper decorum by sitting quietly and listen to the Khutbah. This trend is getting worse by the days and weeks! At times, the din from all these ignorant ones speaking and chatting amongst themselves drown out the voice of the Imam or Khatib reading or preaching to the congregation!

I am so fed up to see grown men, people who sport beards and turbans , looking like the bloody 'alims' or 'haji's , yet join the other ignorant ones in desecrating the very essence of gathering to pray and listen to the Khutbah! What the hell is happening to the Muslims?

Most think that the most important part of attending the Friday Prayers is the 2 raka'at actual prayers! The Khutbah is not important, the do'a after solat is not important and to even give out the Salam and wish each other well is not important!

The second after the second salam by the Imam upon completing the Friday Solat will see many of these idiots getting briskly up and start to leave the masjid!

Yes! They themselves do not know that the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW is to sit in peace after completion of the prayers, to wait for the Imam to recite the short Wirids @ Dhikr after prayers and then to join the Imam in saying 'Ameen' to the Do'a @ the Prayers in congregation!

Many do not pray the Solat Sunnah before and after the main Jumaat prayers and many just do not know nuts about the religion! Many a times , I have had to advice even old men to observe proper rituals and 'rukuns' in performing solat!

Our bloody Muftis are too busy talking about this and that and neglect their responsibilities to teach the Muslims as they really should! The trend nowadays if for these holy moly Muftis to make outrageous statements and to portray themselves as Mr.Perfect's! Yeah! Right!

Why is this happening? Who is to be blamed for the deep rot taking place amongst the Muslims?Again, the culprits in concern are the parents of today who fail to nurture and teach their children about the tenets of the faith! The religious authorities do not go down to the people and teach them about the do's and don'ts of Islam. They prefer to do TV Shows and rub shoulders with the glitterati and the VVIP's!

The various Muslim groups and Jama'ats are more interested in listening to the empty fiery rhetoric of their leaders and their Syaikhs and do not focus on the basic building blocks of Iman and Aqeedah!

The reality that these Muslims are only putting on a charade of being religious is so very obvious when they fail to observe and practice the Adab and Sunnah of the Prophet SAW!

Wherever you go, you see unsmiling faces coming right before you and most do not give a smile or give a damn about greeting each other as enjoined by the Prophet of Allah!

Whenever I go to any mosque or surau, I have to initiate a response by giving out the Salam and reach out to shake their hands! Most are either suprised or wary of this fellow who comes smiling at them and then not letting go of their hands till our eyes meet and make contact and then asking the idiot to smile and to grasp the hand proper as enjoined by Rasulullah SAW!

Only then will they smile and do so sheepishly or bewildered by the affront posed by me to them who had no one else doing this to them or being reminded of this basic Muslim custom as enjoined by our Prophet!

What is so bloody wrong with the Muslims in Malaysia? Why have the Malays, the Mamaks, the Benggalis and all other ethnicities here started to forget and not know all these simple, minor things that when ignored and unobserved have born forth idiots who know nuts about their faith?

It's amazing to see some new converts to Islam practice and observe the Sunnah of the Prophet to the letter but those born into Islam take this precious Way of Life for granted and do not practice their God given faith!

No wonder you have the Lina Joy's coming into the scene! This is a clear sign that when Muslims stop caring for each other and everyone starts to just mind their own bloody business, apathy and ignorance about Islam creeps in!

You have Alims turning into Zalims and you have tudung clad womenfolk committing all kinds of idiotic acts and behaviours out there and posting their shenanigans onto the internet as a declaration of their pride of being so obviously stupid and ignorant of their place in the society!

Many male Malays here in KL sport earrings , wear tattered and butt showing low hip jeans out in public. There are many Malay women who expose half of their stomachs and navels and wear those idiotic low cut jeans showing their backsides and G strings as a mark of their 'western standard and lifestyle!

If you go to KLCC, you are guaranteed to see all these idiots congregating and making a show of their stupid gone wayward selfs as they kiss and cuddle each other on their way up and down the escalators!

How the hell have the socalled Islam Hadhari government led by the socalled bloody Chief Imam of 'Islam Hadhari' the 'Ulllamak Abdullah Badawi gone so bloody ignorant of the rot taking place in this socalled Islamic nation called 'Malaysia'?

I just don't know what to call these people but bloody Munafiks who do not practice what they preach!

You can go up on stage and declare this and that but the reality poking up at you from the grassroots here in the Malaysian society will come and poke your butt one of these days sky high! You can bet your life on that happening!

Things are already going from bad to worse today Just wait for the coming days of tomorrow! It's damn worrying, I must say!

To the Muslims reading this, I ask that you do your bit for the ignorant ones out there doing all kinds of shit and sins Help to guide them by advising them. You have to. There is no one else who can help them out but us. You can't depend on the jokers in JAKIM or the bloody BN or even PAS government !

Start with just someone whom you see doing wrong. Advice them using your wisdom. Do not go hard or easy on them. Be moderate but be consistent. Insya Allah, you might just help save a Muslim from going to Hell out of their ignorance! I have many more things to say but I don't want to carry on right now! Please understand that I do not claim myself to be so bloody holy myself but at least I am trying to improve my faith and my practice of it by passing on the Message of Islam that the Prophet SAW has left us . You too can do just that! All the best!

Take care and have a meaningful Aidil Adha! Go do your part for Islam and the Muslims!

Wabillahi taufeek walhidayah Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Welcome Platinum Uptrender SUGARKING Cikgu Fathee!

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim! Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen!

All Praises be to Allah Lord and Master of all the Universes!

My friend and neighbour Cikgu Fathee just handed over his PLATINUM membership fees of RM2280 to me just before Maghrib!

He is registering his Uptrend Network Business trading name as SUGARKING!!! All my best wishes to Cikgu Fathee! Go go go Cikgu!

In the photo below is ZAINKING proudly holding the wads of cash paid by SUGARKING Cikgu Fathee as his registration fees.He is truly fit to call himself that for he has proven his character to be just that, a sweet natured good Muslim! May Allah bless him!

Team ZAINKING welcomes Cikgu Fathee and look forward to going boom with our dynamic successful team of Uptrenders!

Cikgu Fathee my latest team member is a man who is always on the move!

He is fast and focused on making Uptrend his moneymaking system and I am going to assist him to do just that! All I need is for my team to sign up and do what our business asks of them. Pass on the opportunity!

Looking at the way Cikgu Fathee goes about his business, I can foresee SUGARKING to be up there among my superstars in team ZAINKING! All he needs to do is to shortlist and select his winning team players! He needs to look for his diamonds amongst the gravel so to speak!

Those who want to join us in this proven to be true and can do business, just contact me at my mobile 016-3969881, sms me your full name, address and state when you want to meet up for our initial appointment. Then I can take you either to the Uptrend PJ HQ or come meet up with you at a place convenient to both of us. You can pay for your registration fees using cash or credit card!

Please contact me only when you have the fees to start the registration of your business and when you are all ready to start.

Don't give me the usual round around the bush because my schedule is getting tighter and I need to prioritise the do'ers from the talkers !

This business needs you to be active like us and you do need to be of leadership quality to be in my team. We are looking for winners and people who really want to change their financial situation and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve our million ringgit goal within a year!

If you have what it takes, don't have any problem talking to people, have a fair sense of IT know how, then you'd fit right in team ZAINKING!

I do appreciate if you could delete all your previous failures in whatever business you screwed up before and come join us with a clear mind and a heart that is full of hope, goodwill and good vibes! Forget the past! Come do what you can for your tomorrow!

I will help you to be a leader in this business if you are able to listen to advice and follow what we show you. Insya Allah! Number to call is 016-3969881. See you at the top! Call me!

Team ZAINKING just got a Double Platinum signup!

In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful. I have some great news to share!

Moneyking Ahmad Zulkifli is on a blazing run! The man just signed up a Double Platinum Uptrend Network business partner!

Those of you who are following the business build up news of team ZAINKING surely must be quite amazed at the way this MONEYKING is moving!

Abu Hasan, an longtime friend of Moneyking signed up on Wednesday night after attending a Goldpower Business Presentation by our Grand Upline Multi Millionaire Cikgu Amir!

Last night at Taman Bukit Cheras, his supportive wife had an unusual request to me. Make her husband smile! :) Geez! That's a tough one! :P

Abu Hasan is not your usual smiley type and his wife has asked me to help change his demeanour and in due time, I will see to it that this Double Platinum Uptrender shows teeth everytime we take his photo when he signs up his new active business partners in his networks. I can only guide and coax the fella but smiling is his choice! :P

I am just so grateful to Allah SWT for giving me such dynamic downlines who are just exploding in their enthusiasm and passion in building up their networks under team ZAINKING!

This Uptrend business is based on activity and capability! If you can afford to come open up a Double Platinum business and then go look for other capable and dynamic people to be your business partners, then success is just a few months away!

Let's take a step back and see this business for what it is. This business uses all available medium as it's vehicle! We use the internet to expand our business worldwide and reach out to the global population.

We use direct approaches and establish business networks with those who are likeminded and want to do something extra to earn that something extra! We have both physical products and virtual products that help us to run this business like an international business but get to do it for just under RM500!

We get Product Packages that give us value for our money and we also get a Global Business Entrepreneur networking business system that just catapults our businesses to the global market!

The Uptrend Network business is firmly backed by some of the country's major banks that help us to do online business transactions 24 / 7 worldwide!

Here in Malaysia, we have :

handling our e-wallet transactions and all online financial transactions. Those of you overseas can also check with me as to whether you can do business with me through your local banks.

As long as they can handle online transactions, we can do business. Check with me and your bank! No worries! As long as they have online banking services, you too can be an Uptrender earning US Dollars doing this networking.

Imagine signing up someone from other countries like Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Philiphines, India Pakistan and even from the United States of America where Uptrend is booming in the State of Nevada!

You just guide the person to follow the Uptrend Business Plan through our personalised websites that incorporate :

1 . Virtual Office

  • Personal Profile
  • Personalised Website ( 5 pages)
  • Member Card
  • Activities Schedule
  • Mobile Commerce System (coming soon)
  • SMS Service (available now)
2. Internet Telephony

  • Free SIP Numbers (028)
  • Call Back / VOIP System
  • Conference Calling System

3. Business Tracking System

  • Sponsor Tree
  • Placement Tree
  • Bonus Statement
  • Annual Income Statement

4. Business E-Wallet System

  • e-Registration of our Global Business Partners @ downlines
  • e-withdrawal of our earnings (in US Dollars) but exchangable for your local currencies. In Uptrend Malaysia we get to change our earnings with our Upline Stockists like Cikgu Norhaidi at a fixed 1USD=RM3.80! Great isn't it?
  • e-transfer of our earnings to our Mobile Stockist who can pay us in cash
  • e-top up of our e-wallets to order any Product Packages or pay for any of the services being offered at extra special value for money prices for us as members of Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd.
  • e-merchant points ( will explain to you when you join my team ZAINKING)
  • e-points ( exchangable for high value quality products and services)

5. Marketing Tools

  • Dynamic Flash Presentations
  • LGP-Lead Generating Software

6. e-Mall / Merchants Gallery

7. e-Learning / Mentoring Platform

8. e-Commerce Merchant Support System

  • e-Trading Portal ( Trade Titans)

9. Get 1 Internet Business Centre in Plan A.

There are many more plus points and advantages of doing business with me at Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd.

Mainly, whilst getting a chance to earn fantastic incomes from your networking business build ups, you will get to meet dynamic , success oriented sincere people who can be your new batch of good friends who care for you and stand ready to support you in learning how to do this business that is taking hundreds of thousands of people up trend in raising their standard of living and get to be financially free from their debts and get to pay off their obligations by doing this business.

What you need to do to succeed in Uptrend?

  • You do need to be active in learning about the system and the marketing plans.
  • You do need to be positive and be willing to learn from others especially your uplines.
  • You need to have that hunger to make big bucks and be willing to do something out of the ordinary in your current life to get the $$$$$$$$$$$$$!
  • You do need to have at least the RM456 to start your business!
  • You do need to change your attitudes and spring clean your personalities from being whatever you are into being a socially active and approachable business person.
  • You need to smile more often and be friendly to those who approach you and want to learn about this business
  • You need to dress smart and suitable for business. You can't look like a lepak king and expect people to take you seriously in this business. You need to look sharp, smell great and be a magnet to those who are looking for success, personally, economically and socially!
  • This is a people based business ; so you need to be pleasant, warm and hospitable. The thing is even thse with faces like they just escaped or got released from prison have proven that they too can be successful in building up their Uptrend business ; so just imagine if you can look and be pleasant, how much more successful will you get to be ?
  • You need to want to keep yourself updated as to all the latest happenings and activities taking place in Uptrend! You can't expect your business to grow on it's own without your active participation! This is not something out of the bedtime stories like Aladdin's lamp where a Genie can come to fulfill all your wishes and dreams!
  • You need to keep in touch with your immediate upline and work together with your business partners @ downlines in building up your business networks!
  • You need to be a leader and look for others who have the quality of being leaders themselves whilst being your downlines!
  • Don't just accept or sign up any Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy into your team! You need to pick and choose only quality business builders like yourself into your team!
  • Like the example of a fast moving vehicle! You can't afford to have 3 wheels turning in the forward direction and have 1 trying to remain motionless or jammed! That would make your car going around in circles instead of moving forward towards your goals!
  • So, quality rather than quantity plays a very big part in the success of your Uptrend Business Team!
  • Be active and proactive to taste the rewards of becoming a sure fire millionaire by working smart and consistent in your mission to be financially free by next year!
  • You also need to be constantly in contact with your downlines and help them to learn about the business and in turn help support their downlines!
  • My upline Zaid is lucky for I do not depend on him! I am a go getter! I don't wait for people to come show me how to do this business! I go ask and learn from my leaders such as Cikgu Norhaidi Nordin, Cikgu Amir and Tn Hj Roshdi!
  • I add to my knowledge by reading up from all available resources and from online websites and other resources! You don't get to know all these things if you sit on your butt and wait for someone to come spoonfeed you! Winners are go getters! Sitting on your butt and expecting your finances and your fortunes to change on their own is an act of insanity! You need to go get what you need in order to be a king or a queen in this business!
  • I am removing deadwoods or duds from my network by next month! I will give a one month timeframe for anyone in my team to buck up and go build up their business networks! As I have said earlier, I will not tolerate any parasites in the team. You either shape up and be with us on our journey to become millionaires by next year or you pack up and ship out! No room for excess baggages in this one year sprint to the million ringgits income line!
  • Even a multi millionaire like Cikgu Amir works day and night in building up his already booming business networks! What more those of us who have so many obligations and bills to settle and to pay? We need to work consistently to go build up our business networks!
  • If you want to be with me and my winning team, then get your funds ready, clear your minds of any 'Tak Boleh Mentality' and come sign up with me tonight! I ask that only those who are ready to change their future and willing to work with my team as a positive business partner need to apply!
  • Those who come in and expect to become rich overnight but do no activity in building up their business network, best stay away!
  • We are looking for dynamic business partners! If you know that you can be one, then call me at 016-3969881 and make sure that you turn up for the appointment!
  • SMS me your full name and address and tell me when you want to come see me! I need to see if I can slot in an appointment for you in my getting tighter schedule!

Cikgu Fathee is signing up under me tonight with his PLATINUM Uptrend Network Business! Congratulations Cikgu! Let's make money together!

May Allah SWT bless us all ! Amin!

To team ZAINKING! You guys are doing the right thing in going for gold! We can make it in this business and we can all be financially secure and free from debts by keeping to the current kick ass approch to build up our networks!

Just keep up the momentum and bring in only quality people into your teams!

  • Jangan dok pinjam kat kawan;
  • Jangan dok pi gadai barang!
  • Kalau nak jadi Jutawan?
  • Jom masuk bisnes Uptrend sekarang!!!

Copyright of Zainol Abideen @ ZAINKING 2006.

I take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim readers a blessed Aidul Adha 1427!

May Allah SWT make it easier for those of us who have yet to go perform our Hajj, to be able to do so as soon as we are able to! Amin.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Leading the Deviants in Islam back to Allah's Way

I read about how the Rufaqa Corporation which is the revised and remodelled Al-Arqam Movement in its roots and doctrine laid by it's leader Ashaari Muhammad or better known as 'Abuya' As Syeikhul Arqam and the Youth of the Bani Tamim.

The reality is that Ashaari Muhammad is a Malay born in Negeri Sembilan and does not qualify to be declared to be from any Arabian tribe by the name of Bani Tamim. He was a religious teacher @ Ustaz at Sekolah Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur and passed 4th Thanawi from Maahad Hishamuddin, Kelang Selangor which is now known as The Klang Islamic College.

The problem with most deviants in Islam especially here in Malaysia is that at first, their intentions are quite noble and their objectives were usually very good. They wanted to do something for Islam and help stop the rot in society by engaging in active social and Islamic Dakwah activities.

The problem starts when they start to get more and more attention from the weak members of society and the Muslim Ummah who start to revere and hero worship the Islamic activists and leaders of such movements and religious groupings.

Over adulation seeps into the hearts and minds of these persons who start to feel that they are super special and much more noble and holier than the rest. Ego starts to blossom into arrogance and they start to get big headed. They start to hve illusions of grandeur and the added efforts of those in their immediate circle gives birth to all kinds of over adulation and over glorification of those at the top of such religious movements and jamaah's.

All these adds fuel to the one with the bloated ego and he starts to believe that he is really a super duper holy moly saviour sent to the people in these Last Ages. Who is at fault? The fanatic followers of course and the failure of the religious authorities to monitor such movements from Day One and their ineffective system of operations.

Those holding glorified titles of Director General of this and that Islamic Department do not actually do what they are supposed to do and they usually delegate their authorities to lower ranking officers who in turn start to grow too big for their breeches and they in turn strt to go haywire with the power given to them. All these results in the inbalance of keeping such deviants in check and as a result the movements mushroom out of control and keep growing and spreading throughout the land until they start to pose a danger and direct challenge to the religious department's authority!

Only then will the fellas in their multi pocketed blaziers and insignia emblazoned jackets come in their Pajeros and 4 wheelers and trucks and vans to sort of arrest the members of the movement and haul them off to the holding centres , etcetera or go grill them at Bukit Aman or Kamunting, whichever suits them at the time!

This scenario is played and repeated over and over till this day and the problem is never actually settled or obliterated by the Islamic Departments of this nation.

I see the problem originating from the inefficient way and manners by which JAKIM and all the Jabatan Agama's of each state go about leading the deviants back to the Way of Allah!

Egoistic attitudes and arrogance on the part of the Ustaz's and Ustazah's running the show at the religious authorities are the root cause of the failure to correct the many deviant acts taking place in this country.

The authorities need to be serious and sincere in wanting to destroy all the deviant movements and go about it in a professional and responsible manner. They need to exercise and implement proper reform actions to stop the rot in this society. They need to get back to their basic responsibilities of being good guides and counsellors to society and instead of just waiting to go pounce on those committing khalwat and other sins, take a more forward approach in reaching out to society by going down and into their midst and hold roadshows, informative programs and deal with the public straight rather than come down as stern, unfriendly Enforcers of the Islamic Syariah laws!

Prevention is always so much better than trying to cure the society after the damage has been done! Go and spread the Faith of Islam in a more people friendly manner rather than come like the goon squad and go catch the people doing sin after they had been left unguided and unattended to all these while!

Have regular Dakwah Walkabouts in places where the people congregate like the many shopping malls and leisure places like the KLCC Gardens and other areas where society hang out. Have friendly discussions with anyone who wants to learn about their own faith and have professional good natured and sincere Da'ee's and Da'eeyah's to deal with the public.

So, there's many things that the authorities need to really do before acting as The Enforcers! Guide rather than hurt! People are not that bad in their true natures. Lack of love and lack of attention from those entrusted with the welfare and future of the society is the real reasons why our country still has to face the re-emergence of such deviant movements and gone wayward jama'ah's.

The religious authorities if they are reading this need to reflect and act now to stop the rot in the Ummah! We , the general public and Muslims don't mind coming forward to help you if you need us! Insya Allah. May our society come back to its senses and start salvaging the young hearts and minds of our general Malaysian population before this nation goes to hell, literally!
Na'uzu billahi min zalik! May Allah forbid! May our nation see a better future in the next year!

Fatwa about Making $ through E-Commerce and Latest Updates From My Team ZAINKING!

I know that eventually someone's gonna come up with a question as to whether this Networking Business is halal or whether it is a bloody MLM?

Well, I am stating here as crystal clear as possible that we at Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd are not an MLM business!

Ours is a hybrid business that incorporates E-Commerce with Retailing of Product Packages that are both Physical and also Virtual Product Packages.
That means we deal with both types of products. The kind that you can touch and the type that is only accessible in a computer.
The physical products that we deal with are like the health supplements and beauty products.
We also have many other products that you can consume like drink products such as coffee, etc.
The Virtual products are like our personal websites for our GBE members, Telephony services, Flash presentations for our visitors to our websites, Trading websites for our members, Lead Generating Software for our GBE Uptrenders and E-Learning websites.
So, to speak about and to understand these online and offline products requires the person questioning us as to whether Uptrend Network business is halal or not requires the questioner to have some grey material that really works in the cranial compartment in one's head and that the grey material really works and can comprehend what the hell I am talking about here!

Not every chap who graduates with a diploma or a 'masters' in Islamic theology or Syariah will be able to know what I am talking about here and it would be pointless for me to try and show the deaf, dumb and blind as to what this Networking Business is about!
Only those who are knowledgable about the latest business systems will know what the difference is between us and the MLM's. If you are from the Middle ages, forget about ever trying to understand us!
If any of you faultfinders and naysayers don't know nuts about all that I am stating here, do me a favour and mind your own damn business! Do not send me your thoughts! I don't need them!
Leave the topic alone if you are not a graduate in Business Management or know what you are talking or BS'g about! Comprende?
Now, for those who can read, please click on to the pictures I have posted here above and read about what the 'Ulamaks' of Malaysia have to say about business that is done through the Internet system as Uptrend's.
The 'ulamaks' here have no quarrel with our business system and give us full endorsement as to doing business on a network with likeminded and knowledgable global and local business partners.
Any other idiot who says otherwise knows nuts and can go to hell as far as I am concerned!
Just as each smart alec tries to become a 'fatwa spewing' nutcase out there in life, there is sure bound to be those whose miserable life consists of being nothing but a right royal pain in the ass of everyone out there who are just trying to make a honest income by doing business with other people legally as sanctioned and licenced by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Industry of Malaysia! Personally, I'd waste not a second on such kind! Let them rot away in their own screwed up mentality! They'd surely end up in the mental wards of this or any other nation!
The Uptrend company pays its networking business partners an Introducer Bonus according to the type of new business partners each member signs up under his or her own network.

The company also pays each Uptrender a pairing of business bonus of RM57 for each new pair of business that each Uptrender signs up under their business.
The company pays upto 12 pairings under each business. That comes to RM684.00 daily income for each business one owns.
The Uptrenders in the announcement here are all millionaires who have made it in just a year or two in this networking business! If they had listened to any of the idiots out there, hell they'd still be suffering in their lifes! Now, they can go about their lifes as they please and be the best they can be both for themselves, their families and their faith!
They go around doing goodwill and help others to improve their lifes instead of just yak yakkety yak about this and that as some losers out there still do and will continue to do so till Doomsday comes! Well done Uptrend leaders! We salute you for your success!
Back to the business. The more business lots one owns, the more one gets paid. It's all based on activity! As Uptrend team leaders successfully build up their teams and have more than 20 teams on their left and right, they get paid Leadership bonuses by the company and they end up making more and more money as their business networks grow and grow!
Everyone who does his or her part in growing their businesses will be paid for their efforts rightly! A business owner who works smart and right can even outdo and earn more than the one who is his or her upline!
This business is as fair as fair can be! There is no 'glass ceiling' here. If you go open up new and newer businesses more actively than the one who signed you up, you and your team will be earning much much more than your upline!
How much more fairer can that be? You get what you put in to the business! The company's efficient business system takes care of that! No one will lose out from this business if they do it by the book! No one can screw you out of your hard earned efforts unlike those other businesses! Can't speak the same as to the losers out there!
Sitting there tapping into a keyboard questioning this and that without making a real attempt to improve one's life and one's finances just proves that in life there are those who go do something concrete about changing one's life and future and there are the smart alecs and 'el stupidos whose only purpose in life is to be a right royal jerk who has nothing better to do than complain about this and that and do nothing to improve the quality of their lifes in the long run!
Before anyone out there tries to come up with any other bullshit statement against Uptrend, I seriously suggest that you come attend our Business Presentations at the centres near you or come to the PJ HQ and sit out an hour of our programme that will show you what our business is all about!
If you still can't see the wonderful opportunity that we have here for you, well...I am really sorry for you! I wish you well in your life and hope that life will be kind to you! Seriously! I mean it!
As to all the winners out there who are raring to come join me and team ZAINKING as we blaze our way to success and become millionaires in due time, well here is my business card once again for you !
I await your call or sms that will see you be a part of our team that is going for gold! Only serious winners of the future need to contact me! Doubters stay away! Go do your own thing !
Tonight, team ZAINKING proudly welcomes 3 new GBE team members! YES!!! I have another 3 new team members joining us!
Give a round of applause to MOHAMAD HANIS BIN SHAHROL from Bandar Sri Permaisuri who has signed up directly under me with a Global Business Entrepreneur business tonight and now owns HANIS HOLDINGS! Well done Hanis!
A 19 year old who is bound to be a bloody millionaire before he hits 21!!!
How's that?He's just a 100% positive!
I will do my best to mould this smart teenager into Mr.Hanis the young new Millionaire together with team ZAINKING! Insya Allah!
Next, my team member MONEYKING Ahmad Zulkifli is adding another winner to his team tonight with a brand new GBE member @ MUHAMAD NAIM BIN NAWI with his UTJ 3783 business !

We welcome Brother Naim with all our best wishes and look forward to his being up there with us!
His smile is yet to flash out at you but wait till he starts to get the cold hard cash in his hands after building up his business networks!You'd need your sunglasses to block the flashing light of his pearlies, then! :D Hahahahaha!
The other latest member in team ZAINKING is Brother MOHD ZAINUDDIN BIN ABDULLAH @ Ayah Din from Kota Bharu, Kelantan who signed up as one of our GBE's under MYKING!
Yes, Wan Azli is another winning team leader in my group! He is as hot as Dr.Syed, Ahmad Zulkifli and is getting hotter and hotter by the day!
Well done gentlemen! I am proud of you!
Alhamdulillah! May Allah SWT bless all of us in team ZAINKING!
We are all gonna be kings in Uptrend! We can all go for gold! We are doing well and we can all do better!

The way this team is moving forward, it is just a matter of time before we start seeing $$$$$$$$$ flushing into our bank accounts! We will be tasting the rewards as all those who have been successful in this Uptrend Network Business !
Just keep on doing what you are now achieving as pros! You guys are great leaders!
My heartiest congratulations! Go! Go! Go! Team ZAINKING! All Millionaires in Progress!
Let's all make $$$$$$$$$! InsyaAllah! We can do it! I know it as I am seeing progress in my life and also in my team members! Together we will all become financially secure by going for gold!

Monday, December 25, 2006

What being financially secure can do for you?

Imagine having all those cash in your hand! What will you do with them?
Buy groceries for the entire month without using your credit card?
Be able to fill up your car tank with petrol full up?
Send your car for a full service?
Pay up your debts with full ease?
Buy your wife / husband a gift?
Help out a family member with their study fees? Think! You can do it!
Help your local masjid, church, temple with some desperately needed cold hard cash for their upkeep? Donate to the local orphanage or old folks home as you have been wishing all this while?
There's lots of things you can do with money in your hands. Good things of course. Doing good things will leave you happy and you will be able to bring much goodness and sunshine to their lifes. Sufficient money earned the halal way from doing Uptrend Network marketing business.

Yesterday, I helped another fellow Malaysian register his Uptrend Network business in my ZAINKING team!

Yes, from now on, Mr.Suresh Raj will be able to start building up his Uptrend business by introducing his friends and contacts and be on his way to securing a better financial future both for himself and his beloved family by working together with us in growing this business!

A year from now, I envision each member of my team living a better standard and quality of life that all these while has remained a dream, a wish, a goal, an illusion in our lifes!

I envision myself and my family members going overseas on trips to visit spectacular places, be able to visit the holy lands, perform Hajj and Umrah as we please, be able to see with our own eyes, the Maqam of Rasulullah SAW, the Holy Kaabah, the numerous holy places in the Middle East, visit Topkapi Museum to see the holy relics of the Prophet SAW and one of the authentic copies of the handwritten on deerskin Holy Qur'an commissioned by the 3rd Caliph of Islam, Saiyidina Othman ibni Affan and many other treasures preserved in time by the Ottomans.

I envision team ZAINKING all driving posh luxury cars and congregating at 5 star hotels and resorts every now and then as a result of us growing rich through this Uptrend Networking business.

All this is possible as proved by the example of so many Uptrenders before us. All we need to do is to just go for it! See more people! Present to more people. Help many others to improve their lifes and their futures by working smart and working hard to change our current situations!

We need to focus and we need to persevere. We need to stick to our objectives and not to listen to any of the naysayers! We don't need to waste our time on them! Stick to the winners!

What good does it do for us to listen to any of the idiots who do not bring anything good to our lifes and do not help us in any ways for our financial security and futures?

So, my dear fellow Malaysians and global bloggers out there reading this, think for a moment as to what you seriously need to do in order to improve your life and those dependent on you?

Come join me in Uptrend Network and do this business which can add so much more to your life and in fact generate a continuous source of income both for you and your families till the Last Day on Earth!

Let me share with you some tips on becoming a good Network Marketeer:

  1. Have the greatest self confidence in yourself. You who do not believe in yourself will never be able to lead others in changing their lifes. How do you expect to share with others the benefits of this business if you yourself do not have faith in the network? So you need to be fully committed and know about this business in order to project and promote your team as I do here! I have the utmost faith in this business and I know that I and my team are going to make it in Uptrend Network! I can see myself living a better life a year from now; six months from now, I envision myself to be free from all my debts, a few months from now, I envision myself to be able to walk into any establishment and buy what I want with cold hard cash, etc! I am already starting to taste the easiness of having money in my hands! What more when my network business is expanding and growing securely and strongly with better quality team members like what I now have in the likes of Dr.Syed Edi Sazaly, Brother Ahmad Zulkifli, Brother Wan Azli, Dr Hj Ahmad Roslan, Fahmi, Dr Harris Ngow Abdullah, Dr Nor Afidah, Brother Raj etcetera! You folks make me proud!

  2. You must have a clear goal and objective as to what you want to achieve in the short term, mid term and long terms of your goals and aspirations. You need to know crystal clear as to what you want to achieve within those terms. Go for achievable goals. Go for scores that you know you can hit. Be realistic and systematic in your business. Do not overdo anything! Be moderate but consistent in your business dealings. Do not drag too long when presenting the business to your prospects.

  3. Never force anyone to be your team member. I have learned that those who come in to the business because of their 'respect' to us do not end up working on their own as we expected them to do. They would be there alright but they would not be doing the business. This will cause them to be 'duds' taking up precious and valuable space in our network. They will not be going to grow this business. They will end up being mere spectators and do not have any contact with our business energy and momentum. I suggest that we refund them their investment capital in our business and wish them goodbye. Yes, we can't afford to be babysitters to those who do not have it in them to work with us as we are doing all we can to grow our networks! For one thing, it would not be fair to us as we work day and night to expand our businesses and they get us placing downlines under them just for free. We do not need parasites feeding on us and our efforts. Just like they burn off leeches sucking on our bloods in the jungles and the swamps out there, we can't afford to have parasite team members in our business! Cut them off and burn them off our teams! I am sure that you will agree with me on this points!

  4. You need to learn about the workings of this networking business. You need to attend all the trainings and motivation workshops of this business to keep up with the latest developments and changes taking place in the business. You need to know for sure as to what is the latest prices and fees of the networking memberships. You need to know what's going on if you yourselves want to be better team leaders for your downlines.

  5. You need to develop your IT skills. You need to read more books and articles relating to the business. You need to subscribe to all those online subscriptions that teach you about the networking business and other marketing tips and techniques. You need to be in the know about all things happening and taking place out there in the market and be up to date about them.

  6. You need to be better dressed and well groomed as you go out there talking to people about this business. You do not get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression! This is no 'Superman' movie where you get to fly out there into space and reverse Time as shown in that fiction movie! Time stops for no one and nobody! We are mere mortals living on borrowed time from Allah the Almighty! So, do not waste anymore time in looking good and looking great when being out in public or even when at home. You need to start taking care of how you look, how your teeth are , how you smell and how you dress or wear your shoes! You can't be out there talking about changing the future of yourselves and your prospects when you look like a scavenger or a homeless bum! Who would give you a second thought when you yourself look miserable and worn out? You need to look spick and span, dressed like and as a winner and as a leader! You need to smell so good that people would be just itching to give you a hug and you need to glow like a warm delightful lamp guiding all others to success! You need to look good, smell good and feel good about yourself and this business! Be a bloody narcissistic like me ! :D It's good for business and for your self esteem and self confidence ! Just do not go overboard and be a jerk! Be cool!

  7. Mix with successful people. Be good friends with the Uptrend leaders. Stick close to those who have made it in this business. Learn from them. Go ask them questions as to how they did it; just do not be a pest! Be reasonable and do not hound them like a bloody wolf! Be reasonable . Be sensible and be sensitive. Accord them proper respect and do not go calling them by their first names as if you and them were born as twins and you are their life partners or something! Always call them in respectful terms and show them respect! Honor them but do not hero worship them! You must learn the art of communication and how to speak to others. Learn about body language and human emotions. Be quick to catch a hint of weariness or boredom from those you approach. Be alert and be smart as to know how to extricate yourself honourably from the company of those who do not feel happy at the moment you come to them and also learn how to back track from those who bore you in the best acceptable manners. Learn to be a bloody diplomat! Learn about people!

  8. Speak in a calm, collected manner. Speak clearly and professionally! Learn to use positive words and catch phrases. Be smart, be witty, be knowledgable. Be the best speaker you can be but do not drag unnecessarily. Know when to speak and when to shut the hell up and listen! Do not hog the limelight! Let your prospects speak! Let them be the superstars you want them to be. The more you allow others to speak, the more you will learn aboutthem and get to know their plus points and their negatives! Learn to spot their 'hot buttons' and what makes them tick! Learn to know when to go for the kill so to speak and when to close your business deals! Be alert to the moments when you can clinch the deal and sign them up and also know how to spot out the person who is not fit to be in your team. Do not sign up 'depleted souls' @ those who have no more fire or fight in them into your teams. We do not need those gone cases! You must not go looking for trouble! You do not need them or should you waste your precious time trying to 'salvage' such losers! Choose your team and pick only those with promise or who are rough diamonds! Insya Allah, I will help you to cut and polish them to be superstars! I know I can do it! I have the experience in spotting a winner and knowing a loser! Sometimes I too mistake a zirconia for a real diamond but I soon find out and know what to do with them. It's just up to me whether I want to or not. You will learn to do the same!

  9. Do not forget your religious obligations. A Network Marketeer who keeps contact with God will learn to be appreciative of what God is giving him or her. A pious heart learns to show compassion to others and also learns to keep away from those devils of negativity out there. Birds of a feather do flock together and the pious will gather in congregation with like folks. The couldn't care less folks will gather with their kind and you can easily spot them when they refuse to join you in congregational prayers at the Surau in Uptrend or anywhere else out there. This is a natural process of elimination. Saves us the heartaches of being in bad company. They will soon die out away from the team and the network ; so do not waste your time worrying about such folks. It's their choice and their lifes. You can only help those who want to be helped and if they choose otherwise, just let them go their own ways! Concentrate on those who like to be with you and be with the winners!

  10. Lastly, do not forget your loved ones! Do not do this business and start to neglect your spouse and your children! Do not go burning away your relationships with your family in your pursuit of a better financial future! All the money in your hands will amount to nothing if in the process of building up your financial empire, you lose your wife or your husband to others for you failed to keep to your promise to be together with them in good times and hard times, in good health or sickness, in poverty or in good wealth! You must cherish your loved ones. Show them that they mean the world to you in your life and that without them, all the money in the world means nothing to you. Be kind and considerate to them as you grow richer and wealthier in this business. Be the best father, mother, husband, wife, brother, sister to those who depend on you to care for them.Be the best you can be for your darlings. Take care of them by buying them gifts, health supplements and provide for all of them as best as you can according to your means. Don't be a cheapskate! Do not be a miser. God loves not those who keep a tight fist on your purses and wallets! If you do this business well, you will be able to get more and more money from your business! Be charitable but do not be a bloody fool! Know how to smell out a scam and the ones who want to pull a fast one on you! There are lots of fraudsters and con artistes out there. Learn to differentiate between genuine cases who need your help and also those who are just out to scam your hardearned riches away from you. Be street smart too!

Well, that's it for today. I know that my team members are reading these ; so folks , know that I will be here for you as long as I am still alive! I want to see us succeed in this business and I know that we can do it! Stick to the methods our leaders have shared with us and go for gold! Let's make money! May Almighty Allah bless us in team ZAINKING with better business and fortunes! Amin!

I invite those who are suffering financially out there today to come join me and my winning team!

You too can make more money today by joining me in this Uptrend Network business.

If you can see this and read this, you already have qualified yourself in the IT requirements. It's not that hard really!

Next, you need to have the hunger to be better off financially! Those living a day to day get by existence ought to wake up and come join me to be the next Uptrend superstar earning lots of good money the halal way with us in team ZAINKING!

Call me at 6-016-3969881 or sms me your full name and address to confirm our appointment!

Only those who have the minimum capital @ RM456 and want to do this business need to call me! I don't have time to chit chat about Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi and Anwar Ibrahim right now for my time is too precious to waste it on them!

Those who want to start with a 7 business startup or Platinum will see better results faster if you follow our kick ass system to financial success!

I expect those who make the call or sms me to be ready to start registering your Uptrend Network business with me right after the business presentation!

You must understand that my schedule is tight and I am a professional businessman. I hope you will appreciate my request for us to be totally committed to making the best of our time !
Thanks! See you at the top! Let's all make money! Insya Allah!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Uptrend Network Marketing - What It's All About!

There are many who still do not really understand what Network Marketing is all about.
The number of idiots talking trash about the business is really surprising!

There's a joker for every 5 persons out there who spews nonsense out of their ignorance! Plain stupid idiots! May lightning strike their heads! :P
Let their tongues be toasted usable no more!

That's why I must correct this situation by explaining here as to what's the real deal about it!

Network Marketing is mainly a form of Products or Services Marketing System that is fast becoming one of the major and fastest growing business systems in the world today.

Here in Malaysia, Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd is one of the best network marketing companies that is the company that I choose to be involved in and am building up my dynamic network of business partners!

With a small startup capital of just RM342.00 I started my Internet Business Partner @ IBP network business with Uptrend Network. I later received a RM300 gift loan from one of my prospects to upgrade my business from just an IBP to be GBE @ Global Business Entrepreneur!

Imagine that? Getting RM300 from one who is not a blood relative or even have had any close interactions with him before yet he has done something that not even a blood brother has done for me!

Cikgu Fathee , I salute you for your generous gesture! I will prove myself to you and be a millionaire in a year plus and return the RM300 to you as you want me to when I have made my first million ringgits from this business! Insya Allah! Can't wait for you to be with us!

Okay, back to what I have come to learn about Network Marketing.

People who have succeeded in making their fortunes through Uptrend Network like Cikgu Ahmad Amiruddin Mohamed, Tuan Hj Roshdi, and many others are legends in their own rights here in Uptrend!

Cikgu Amir or Multi Millionaire Amir as he is now called is a superstar as far as we in the world of Uptrend Network are concerned! He made his first million in just 7 months after doing this network marketing business!

He now earns over RM500,000.00 every month from his huge network business that transcends many South East Asian countries and even the USA! Way to go Cikgu! You are an example for us to go for gold! May Allah SWT bless and guide you for us ! Amin!

Network Marketing involves daily business activity from it's members whereby they have to actively sign up and promote the marketing of the company's product packages.

The profits made from the sale and purchase of the Product Packages enables the company to pay out to it's networkers a significant portion of the sales profits to them as Introducer Bonuses and also Pairing of Businesses Bonuses.

If let's say, a person buys an IBP Business Product Package that costs RM342.00 , the person introducing him or her is paid RM15.20 for that introduction if the Introducer holds just an IBP business network.

If the Introducer owns a GBE business package and he or she signs up another GBE business , then he or she is paid more than double the Introducer Bonus from RM15.20 to RM38.00 per Product Package!

That's the reason why I ask my team not to sign up any IBP's but rather go for GBE's!

This is to ensure that my team enjoys the maximum Introducer Bonus of RM38 per GBE Product Package!

Now, when the Network Marketeer signs up a pair of businesses under him or her, then the company pays the Network Marketeer a Pairing Bonus of RM57.00 for each pair of business under their business.

The maximum payout for a business is 12 pairings x RM57.00 = RM684.00 daily income.

Imagine the payouts received by those with more than 1 business in their names?

That's how , many of those who sign up for Platinum (7 businesses) earn so much more than single business owners like myself!

It's okay. When I have the means, I will further expand my business.

Uptrend is unique in the sense that it pays many more types of business bonuses to it's members who are successful in their network building and are good success oriented dynamic team leaders.

The company pays us Leadership Bonuses, gives out Car Fund shares and many other incentives.

We do not go suck up our downlines fees as alleged by some idiots out there! May Allah SWT punish them for their evil words and false allegations ! A case of sour grapes, if you ask me!

We are paid our many different bonuses by the Uptrend company for the businesses we bring in and the number of product packages that we sell through our networks! It's just rewards for us who do actively build up our Uptrend business networks day and night!

Yet, there are devils out there badmouthing us! To hell with them! I don't give a hoot to the naysayers and ones who have diseases in their hearts and minds! Let them rot inside out!

Network Marketing is a form of distributorship which is carried out both online and offline.

We can sign up people online globally and make business networking an easy thing to do provided we are IT savvy and know how to utilise fully the many excellent Virtual Product Packages that Uptrend has to offer us , it's GBE business owners.

For just RM456.00, we get to own websites in our names and equipped with many hi-tech web tools like Flash Presentations, Trading websites and Personal Websites.

We also get Lead Generating Software that helps us to get global prospects and downlines!

We get many other fringe benefits and tools to help us expand our business networks day and night, right across the whole wide world! Talk about getting so much for so little ! Alhamdulillah!

I will be sharing more with you about this when I get some free time! Right now, I have to go bank in the fees of a GBE sign up I did last night to my upline Cikgu Norhaidi!

See you at the top! Come sign up with team ZAINKING and see your future change before you by joining me and my dynamic team in building up this wonderful business!

Let's make $$$$$$! We can do it if we work as a successful team and be constant in our activity!
The number to call or sms is 016-3969881 Zainol Abideen. I welcome you to $$$$$$ success!

The Story of An Najashi, the Good Christian King of Ethiopia

This is a record of how the Good Christian King of Ethiopia, An Najashi @ the Negus helped the early Muslims, refugees who fled from Makkah to escape the persecution of the Qureishi Arabs!

When the people of Quraysh intensified their harsh treatment of the Messenger of Allah and his Companions, he ordered some of his Companions to migrate to Abyssinia.

He delegated Ja'far son of Abu Talib to take charge of them, and he set out with seventy men until they took to sea.

When the people of Quraysh knew of their departure, they sent 'Amr ibn al-'As as-Sahmi and 'Umarah ibn al-Walid to an-Najashi (Negus) of Abyssinia, requesting him to return the men to the people of Quraysh.

They were also instructed to tell the King that these men had gone against the wishes and traditions of their people.

'Umarah was a handsome and wealthy man. 'Amr ibn al-'As set out with his wife. When they boarded the ship, they became intoxicated with wine.

'Umarah then said to 'Amr ibn al-'As: "Tell your wife to kiss me!"

The latter answered: "Glorified be Allah! Is this possible?" 'Umarah waited until 'Amr got drunk, then he pushed him overboard.

'Amr was on the edge of the ship; thus he held on to the edge, and people rushed to his rescue.

When 'Amr saw what 'Umarah had done to him, he said to his wife, "Kiss him!", which she did.

When they reached Abyssinia, they went straight to an-Najashi bearing presents for him.

'Amr addressed him saying: "O King, these people have gone against our religion and sought refuge with you. Return them, therefore, to us!"

The King sent for Ja'far and said to him: "These men are requesting that I return you all to them."

He answered: "O King, ask them, are we their slaves?"

"No", answered 'Amr, "rather they are free and noble men."

"Ask them," Ja'far continued, "do we then owe them debts which they have come to claim from us?"

'Amr answered: "They owe us no debts which we have come to claim."

Ja'far continued: "Have they come then to avenge any blood of theirs that we had wrongfully shed?"

'Amr answered: "They have shed no blood for which we come to exact vengeance or blood money."

Ja'far asked: "What then do you want from us?"

'Amr said: "They have opposed us in our religion and the religion of our forefathers and insulted our gods. They have corrupted our youths and spread dissension among us. Return them to us, therefore, that our unity might be restored."

Ja'far then addressed the King saying: "O King, we have opposed them in order to follow a prophet whom Allah has raised among us.

He commands us to repudiate equals to Allah, and that we abandon chance games by means of arrows.

He enjoins prayers and almsgiving upon us.

He has prohibited wrongdoing, oppression and the unlawful shedding of blood.

He has prohibited adultery, usury, and eating the flesh of dead animals which have not been properly slaughtered, as well as eating blood.

He has enjoined decency and good works upon us, and that we show kindness to near relatives.

He forbids grave immorality, indecency and insolence.

" The King said: "It is with such (teachings) that Allah also sent Jesus son of Mary!"

Then addressing Ja'far, he continued: "Do you know by heart any of the revelations which Allah sent down to your prophet?"

"Yes", he answered. "Recite then!" the King demanded.

Ja'far recited the surah of Maryam (surah 19).

When he reached the words - Shake down towards you the branch of the palm-tree, and it shall drop down before you ripened dates ready to be picked. Eat and drink, therefore, and be of good cheer [Qur. 19:25-26] - an-Najashi wept and exclaimed: "By Allah this is the truth!"

'Amr protested: "O King, this man has abandoned our religion; give him to us that we may take him back to our country!"

an-Najashi lifted his hand and slapped him saying: "If you utter any evil against him, I will kill you!"

'Amr finally said: "O King, if this is what you say, then we shall not interfere with him."

A young maid stood by an-Najashi keeping flies away from him. She kept her eyes on 'Umarah ibn al-Walid, as he was a handsome young man.

When they went to their lodgings, 'Amr said to him: "Why do you not send a message to the King's maid?"

'Umarah sent a message to her, and she answered him.

'Amr said: "Tell her to bring you with her some of the King's perfumes.

She did so, and 'Amr ibn al-'As took the perfume.

He had kept in his heart what 'Umarah had done to him when he attempted to throw him overboard.

Thus, he took the perfume and went to an-Najashi, and said to him: "O King, it is fitting that we take cognition of the King's honor and magnanimity toward us, and that we do not betray him in his own realm.

Yet, my companion who is with me has sent messages to your maid and tempted her. She even brought him some of your performes."

He then showed the King the perfume. an-Najashi was exceedingly angry and was about to kill 'Umarah.

But he changed his mind and said: "It is not right that I kill him, for they entered our realm under a pledge of protection."

He thus called his magicians and said to them: "Do some thing to him that would be worse than death!"

They took him and injected mercury into his generative organ. He lost his mind, so that he lived with the wild beasts and shunned human company.

The people of Quraysh sent men to bring 'Umarah back home. The men lay in wait for him until he came with wild beasts to drink at a spring. Thus they caught him, but he continued to struggle and scream in their hands until he expired.

'Amr, however, returned to the people of Quraysh and recounted to them his story.

As for Ja'far, he remained in Abyssinia enjoying the best of hospitality and honor.

He remained there until he heard that the Messenger of Allah had established a truce with the people of Quraysh and that peace had prevailed between them and the Muslims.

He then returned with a large company of people. He arrived to find that the Messenger of Allah had conquered Khaybar (a Jewish settlement near Medina).

A son was born to Ja'far by Asma', daughter of 'Umays. an-Najashi also had a son, whom he called Muhammad.

Asma' gave an-Najashi's son of her own milk to drink (thus making him a nursing brother of her own son).

Abu Talib recited these verses urging an-Najashi to support the Prophet and his followers:

Know, O King of the Ethiopians, that Muhammad is a prophet like Moses and Jesus son of Mary.

He came with guidance such as they brought,for each of them was by Allah's command well protected.

Concerning him, you recite verses in your own scriptures;a true account it is, not a fantastic tale.
Do not, therefore, set up equals with Allah; rather become Muslims,for the way of truth is not obscured in darkness.

The traditionist Abu 'Abdillah (al-Bayhaqi) transmitted on the authority of Muhammad ibn Ishaq that the Messenger of Allah sent 'Amr ibn Umayyah ad-Damri to an-Najashi regarding Ja'far ibn Abi Talib and his Companions.

He sent a letter with him which read thus:

"In the name of Allah, the All-merciful, the Compassionate - From Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah to the Negus, the King of Abyssinia -

I convey to you the praises of Allah the King, the Holy, the Accepter of Faith, the Guardian [Qur. 59:23].

I furthermore bear witness that Jesus son of Mary is the Spirit of Allah and His Word, which He sent down to Mary [Qur. 4:171], the pure and chaste virgin who then conceived Jesus, whom Allah created of His Spirit which he breathed into him - just as he created Adam with His Hand and breathed of His Spirit into him.

I thus call you to the worship of the One and only Allah alone Who has no associate, and that you obey Him, follow me and believe in me and the message which was vouchsafed me.

For I indeed am the Messenger of Allah.

I have, moreover, sent to you my cousin Ja'far with a company of the Muslims.

When they come to you, show hospitality to them and do not be arrogant.

I call you and your hosts to Allah!

I have conveyed my message to you and given good counsel.

Peace be with those who follow true guidance."

an-Najashi wrote in answer to the Messenger of Allah:

"In the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Compassionate -

To Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah - from the Negus al-Ashamah ibn Abhar.

Peace be upon you O Prophet of Allah and Allah's mercy and blessings -

There is no god but He Who guided me to Islam.

I have received your letter, O Messenger of Allah, concerning the importance you give in the case of Jesus.

By the Lord of the Heaven and Earth, Jesus does not exceed what you have mentioned concerning him.

We acknowledge what you have written to us, and have thus shown hospitality to your cousin and Companions.

I bear witness that you are the Messenger of Allah truly and that you tell the truth.

I have, therefore, given allegiance (bay'ah ) to you and your cousin.

I have accepted Islam to Allah, the Lord of all beings at his hands.

I have sent to you, O Messenger of Allah, Arijan ibn Ashamah ibn Abhar, I have indeed no authority except over myself alone.

If, therefore, you wish that I come to you, I would come, O Messenger of Allah.

For I bear witness that what you say is the truth."

an-Najashi then sent presents to the Prophet.

He sent him also Mariyah the Copt Christian, the mother of the Prophet's son Ibrahim.

He sent him much clothing and aromatics, and a mare.

He also sent him thirty learned men to hear his words and observe his conduct.

When they arrived in Medina, the Messenger of Allah called them to Islam, and they accepted Islam and returned to the Negus.

Jabir ibn 'Abdillah al-Ansari reported that, "When an-Najashi died, the Messenger of Allah prayed over Ashamah, the Negus." ~

Such is the record of An-Najashi @ the Negus of Ethiopia who gave shelter to the refugees amongst the early Muslims who fled from Makkah to Ethiopia to seek the protection of the good Christian King of Ethiopia, during the times of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

To Good Christians of the world, take the example of the Negus of Ethiopia and return to the fold of Allah, God Almighty and be as Jesus Christ @ Eesa Al Masih Alaihi Salam , a mighty and noble Messenger of Allah, nothing more, nothing less.

May Almighty Allah open up your hearts to Al-Islam, your birthright to Allah's Peace and Salvation, Ameen.