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Thursday, March 30, 2006

ZIONIST AGENDA TALK Friday 31st March 2006


The Research and Information Center on Islam (RICOI) and the Muslim Welfare Organization Malaysia (PERKIM) are pleased to invite you to a talk on Friday 31 March 2006 by Mr Matthias Chang at the KGPA Hall, Bukit Kiara.

Facts, not rhetoric, will illustrate how powerful, unseen Zionist Anglo – American forces have consistently used the "divide and rule" philosophy to further their interests. But much is changing.

There are signs of waning influences of the Zionist agenda, the inevitability of nuclear wars, and the central position of Israel in these wars. By the 21st century, expect to see a realignment of the national boundaries of many countries.

The talk will be delivered by Mr Matthias Chang. A barrister of 29 years and previously political secretary for Chinese Affairs to the former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamed.

Mr Matthias Chang is the author of "Future Fastforward: The Zionist Anglo-American Empire Meltdown" and more recently, "Brainwashed for War – Programmed to Kill".

Topic: Zionist Agenda: Myth or Reality
: Friday 31 March 2006
Time: 8:15 p.m.
Venue: Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA) Hall,
Bukit Kiara, Off Jalan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur

All are cordially invited. Please be informed that seats are limited.
For registration and further information please contact our Secretariat at 6-03-7727 3092
or email us at:


I am posting this just so that any of you who are interested can go and see for yourself what's being discussed or discursed! :P

The Malaysian Opposition's Dilemma!

A blogger emailed me yesterday asking me why the Opposition seems not to be making any progress in their efforts to seek justice by protesting against the excesses of the BN and why the protests usually turns nasty and loses its purpose!

This is my answer to him. See if you too agree with my points of view.

The Opposition parties are mostly disorganised and the top leaders are usually comprised of UMNO rejects or former Semangat 46 political wannabes who have now morphed into Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

PAS is mostly made up of those who are against UMNO's Assabiyah principles and only the very cream of the crop are a bit learned in Islam. Even then, they are mostly very individualistic fellows and harbour grandeur ideas of being the PM of this nation.

The majority of PAS followers are kampong folks who are temperamental and easily worked up into a frenzy by anything they deem offensive to their limited ideals of what an Islamic nation is to be.

They are very racist in attitude and usually waste their time smoking palm leaf rolled up cigarettes at the local 'warong' or coffee stall. Not many of them are intellectuals and most do not really know what the basics of Islam is about.

All these observations are from my years of da'awah activities and coming to know them closely. They are very obstinate and refuse change. If you try advising them, the chances are you'll immediately be shunned and they will not want to sit near you anymore.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat came into being for the sole reason of getting Anwar Ibrahim released from prison. During Dr M's tenure, the chances of that being realised was zero! Dr.M would rather see Anwar die in prison than have him released because all the feedback Dr.M was getting from his network was that Anwar was ready to spill the beans and destroy Dr.M's legacy at all costs.

We all have read and come to our own conclusions as to whether Dr.M is right or Anwar is sinfree. We all know that politicians ,no matter who or from whichever party surely have skeletons in their individual closets. All of us do. No one's that holy moly!

So, the minute Anwar got released from prison under Badawi's watch, the PKR sort of lost their drive and are reduced to being the dirt trap for all the UMNO hasbeens or rejects .

Some of the chaps in PKR are true genuine politicians as in the persona of Tian Chua. I admire Tian Chua for his resoluteness in walking his talk and his bravery in facing up to the mighty FRU every time there's a protest or demo that he is involved in . I am not saying Tian Chua is a saint or something. It's just his guts that I admire. Period.

So to me, PKR comes across as a party that has lost it's mission. The fellow whom they were rooting for is out of prison and free as a bird. To save face, they have to keep on going. For how long, only God knows.

The DAP are mostly Chinese nationalists. They are very communal and seldom want to liase with the Muslim Malay Opposition parties because they are totally against the idea of the PAS and PKR's vision of setting up an Islamic nation. DAP stalwarts like Karpal Singh and Kit Siang are already very senior citizens and really need to retire in peace. There's just so much opposing these chaps can do. Time to rest and play with the grandkids.

All this incompatibilities result in a divided Opposition hence the lack of coordination and joining forces in even organising a protest or demo.

The result is as usual. Disorganised and chaotic protestors each coming up with their own concocted poster or statement totally out of topic and visibly very,very clashing views.

Being used to shouting 'Takbir!' and the response 'Allahu Akbar!!!' fervently by the Muslim PAS members scares the shit out of the DAP fellows and thus makes the whole demo turn unruly!

PKR diehards then further deteriorate the situation by their salvos of 'Reformasi! Reformasi! Reformasi!' igniting the intended 'peaceful protest' into a dangerous riot like atmosphere giving the FRU the signal to go in and break up the protest!

Year after year after year, this scenario is played out and when the protest goes helter skelter, the same old complaint rears its head in Harakah and the Rocket or now as we have it, the Suara Keadilan from the PKR!

If you want to know why the Opposition parties are not making any headway in Malaysian politics, it is none other than the wide and glaring differences they have between them and the lack of the 'Esprit de Corps' spirit! As the Malaysians say it' Tak boleh ngam punya! meaning
'Can never be as one!'

The BN enjoys its monopoly in running the Government of Malaysia because the Opposition can't unite and present a real challenge to them.

As long as they remain divided and can't compromise between them, the BN is free to do as they please and each and every BN politician has that big, wide, satisfied smile curving up their faces as they get fat and fabulously rich gorging on the Malaysian dream.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Balfour Treachery-Robbing the Palestinians of their lands

When we talk about the Middle East ongoing conflict, we seldom bring up the root cause of all the decades of violence caused by the very perpetrators in the form of the British Imperialists!

Palestine is the ultimate sacrificial lamb of the British Government who invaded and occupied the Arab lands of the Middle East way back in the 1800s.

The Jewish Zionist Federation were being too much of a headache for the British and the Americans back then and the weak divided Arab nations proved to be a blessing for the Brits and the Yankees to ship out the bothersome Zionist Federation from their countries to the 'promised' lands of Palestine conveniently!

Look at this document signed by the criminal robbing the Palestinians of their lands!

Not many people realise that the situation in the Middle East is largely the handiwork of the treacherous British Foreign Secretary Lord Arthur James Balfour who promised the Jewish Leader Lord Rothchild , Palestine as the abode of all the displaced Jews scattered all over Europe and in the United States of America!

I am not making these all up. Come read for yourself , historical evidence showing all in detail complete with the proper references.

You can learn in detail about all this here :

The failure of the Ottoman Caliphate to persevere and protect the Muslim Empire opened up a golden opportunity for the British Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour to surrender Palestine on a silver platter to the troublesome Zionist Federation who were growing too strong and too large for the British and Americans to handle.

Today, we see the Middle East being invaded, occupied and robbed of their natural resources by the same criminals in power in both the USA and the UK!

The Middle East are rich in oil and other resources. If not for the riches in the bowels of those lands, the murdering legions of both terrorist armies won't be camping out pillaging the lands of the Arabs!

The Arabs continue being weak and divided till this day hence they are continuing to suffer from their egos and disunity!

The filthy rich Arabs splurge and spend the wealth that Allah ,God Almighty gave to them as a trust to help the Ummah on luxuries and excesses beyond the wildest dreams of any Bedouin or Tuareg nomad roaming the scorching deserts of Arabia and Africa!

One does not have to be a genius in finding out that since time immemorial, the various tribes and kabilahs of the Arabs have never really united as one and continuous bickering amongst the many nations of the Arabs is so well known and their enemies from the West are just so happen to have the Arabs divided and conquered till Kingdom come!

The whole world knows that the Middle Eastern Arab nations are very, very rich in oil resources and that the only reason that the region is suffering from all the wars and strifes going on there is because the Arab leaders are ignoring their neighbours and don't give a damn about anyone else as long as they get to live in luxury and stay separated from each other.

When are they ever gonna realise that by continuing to be separate, the future for Palestine is hopeless!

The OIC is just a bloody sham! All they do is just have conferences after conferences while the Palestinians and Iraqis are bombed to bits by the occupiers!

The Hadith of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam regarding the sorry state of affairs of the weak and divided Ummah of the Last Ages has come to pass and proven to be true!

Damn the weak and corrupt 'bleeders' of the Muslim world of today!

When are the true leaders ever gonna emerge to lead the Ummah to a better future? When?

Just like most of us , I am praying that it will be soon...very soon. Insya Allah!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Anti Oil Price Hike Protest at KLCC Sunday 26th March

I thought that the BN under Abdullah Badawi is a bit more tolerant in allowing the citizens more leeway in voicing out their frustrations against matters that cause them hardships like the recent drastic petrol price hike imposed by the BN @ Badawi Najib Government!

Everyone was saying 'Aah! At last..we have Mr.Nice Guy running the we can speak up freely and exercise our Constitutionally guaranteed rights of free speech and right to gather..'
How wrong have the citizens been proven!

Last Sunday, the 26th of March,2006, the people of Malaysia especially those in the Opposition learned the hard way that 'hello!!!!! We will say all that we please but if you ever try to be prepared to be smashed to bits and water cannoned to Pudu Jail!!!'

Source of pic :

I seriously think Pudu Jail is going to be there forever. What with the Opposition now actively protesting every other week. Hold the demolition orders! Pudu Jail stays! The 'BN' needs it!

Journalists from all over the world are now coming over to KLCC with the hope to catch the latest 'Law & Order' demonstrations being meted out by our Men in Red Helmets to those Champions of Democracy in the Opposition!

The idle water cannons of the FRU are now back in good, working order and the Twin Towers got a free hosing down on Sunday together with so many fellows who surely must have missed their Sunday morning showers!

Blogger at has graciously put up a very clear videoclip of the protest and shows all that he was lucky to get on tape for the whole world to see.
The protest organisers however failed to keep their protests on theme and resulted in their being smashed and bludgeoned by our tough guys in red!

If you view the videoclip, you can see and hear the protesters shouting ‘Reformasi’ and other things not connected with the topic of the demo!

Shouting ‘Reformasi’ is a big ‘come on’ to the FRU for it is that very phrase that gives the FRU the green light to smash up the protest!

After all these years of protesting, surely the Opposition should have learned that they need to keep their protests organised!

The posters should be properly streamlined and conform with the matter being opposed!

Do not stray away from the topic! Shouting ‘Reformasi’ is only asking for trouble!

During the heydays of the Reformasi protests where the crowds were upto hundreds of thousands, did it topple Mahathir’s government?

Protesters ended up smashed and bloodied and hauled off to jail while the fellow they were all demonstrating for ended up taking a motorbike ride to safety whilst the masses were being beaten up, punched, kicked and baton whipped by the SB,FRU and the PDRM!

Learn from History and try being better organised! No point in letting things get out of hand!

The worthy cause being fought for ends up neglected, battered and bruised along the drains of the capital’s streets for the organisers weren’t organised at the end of the day!

22 protesters ended up in Pudu Jail and enriched the BN's coffers by paying RM3000 each to secure bail but will face future music from the law soon!

One of those arrested was Dr. Hatta Ramli , Central PAS's Treasurer!

That fella was not being wise when he brought along his 9 years old daughter Amirah and 17 years old Atiqah teenage daughter along with him for the protest!

Talk about endangering your children! Is he plain stupid or what?

Picture source:

What can he do if the FRU in their crowd control smashing and bludgeoning of the protesters end up breaking open those young kids skulls in the process?

He is grossly irresponsible in exposing his young daughters to such dangers! Luckily such disastrous harms didn't come to those kids but I read that his daughters ended up being arrested together with him!

Imagine the emotional trauma those girls went through that day! Terimakasih Abah !!! Sheesh!!
I support the protest but regret to see such a sloppy demonstration that when let loose only brings further damage and destruction to those brave souls who were out there!

Protests such as these are a sign that the people are unhappy with both Badawi and Najib @ the 'BN'.

The thing is that we all know that when the General Elections come, the people of Malaysia will unfailingly return the same BN government to power with a 'landslide victory'!

So, there any point for all these protests?

Malaysians are proven, times and times again through the years to be the most docile citizens of South East Asia if not the world!!!

Will 2008 be any different? Que sera sera...whatever will be ..will be...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Debat Perdana-Malaysia's Modern Coliseum

Last night I watched Debat Perdana on TV1 RTM.

The weekly debate on the Rukunegara where the BN uses its official broadcasting television station to allow UMNO's politicians to slaughter the Opposition figures live on national television!

They will attack the hapless lone Opposition figure whom they will invite for a live on tv prime debate supposedly on the Rukunegara @ the nation's national principles.

Can't help thinking of ancient Rome's Coliseum where Christians were sent to their slaughter at the hands of the ferocious lions kept starved and raving mad!

Yesterday's victim was the DAP's Secretary General , the recently released from prison, Lim Guan Eng!

He was like a lamb led to the slaughter.

Everyone was ganging up on the poor fellow.

RTM cleverly uses specially invited Police Recruits and students to applaud whenever the UMNO whips skewer the unwary Opposition figure selected to be slaughtered live on national television.

The scenario reflects the scene at the Coliseum where the victim is assaulted mercilessly and left ravaged right before the spectators!

Lim Guan Eng was mercilessly attacked left, right and centre by the UMNO whips!

This dirty smear tactic of the BN utilising RTM's excuse of a Prime Debate is nothing more than a senseless killing of the Opposition live on TV1!

Bravo RTM! Bravo Bravo!!! You would make the Romans damn proud of your weekly carnage!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hamzah Moin, the funniest Muslim blogger online

Came to know of this funniest Muslim blogger today!

Can't stop laughing reading all his endless wisecracks and rib tickling pokes at our life's humorous situations!

Thank God for Hamzah Moin!

Way to go brother!

Haven't had so much fun as I had this morning reading his articles!

Check it out! You'll enjoy it!! I did! :P

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Colonial Mentality of the Commenting Parasites!

Those of you who have been reading this blog will notice how I have been allowing two individuals come in with the 'colonialist mentality', lambasting me, picking unwarranted arguments, and so on with no bloody rhyme or reason except that they have chosen me to be their object of hate and ridicule!

I can only bear so much in allowing these two imbeciles room to say as they please in my blog!

My blog! Yeah!!! This is MY FREAKING BLOG!!!

Get that into your screwed up heads you moronus ignoramuses! Shalu and 'Warrior2'!!!

I have had enough of both of your rants and raves and am now banning both of you from my blog!

Unlike both of you who demand that we give in to your wishes and allow you to come in as you please and shit all over anybody's blog as both of you desire, I draw the line right here for both of you imbeciles!

Both of you have nothing worthy to share with the rest of the world as clearly shown in both of your individual blogs!

What have you got to say or share with the others? Nothing but HATRED, RIDICULE and wisecracks!

The reason why so many bloggers out there do not allow freaking critics like you to go in and cause distress in their blogs is because IT IS THEIR PERSONAL BLOGS!!!

Unlike both of your screwed up demands that people ALLOW YOU UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO THEIR COMMENTS AREA, normal decent wise people have the right to screen and filter out riff raff like you from their lifes!

A blog is the personal private weblog of a person's thoughts and viewpoints that record their feelings about anything they feel strongly about and want to keep as a record of such moments in their lifes!

Both of your demands that bloggers like me allow you free access and unmoderated comments to my blog reflects the lack of respect for another's domain and personal space in this cyberworld.

It is like an illegal immigrant asking the sovereign government of any nation to shut the hell up and allow unmitigated access to the louse to go in and cause mayhem to that country and do nothing about it!

Normal, decent, civic minded people have the courtesy to ask permission to enter, know how to speak to people whom they are visiting and are expected to exercise proper decorum when visiting the domain of another.

Even if you are allowed access to enter another's private and personal space , it is incumbent upon you to use fair speech, good manners while you are in the comments space and leave with wishing the person well or end your comments nicely.

Both of you lack the decency to do all that hence I am no longer going to put up with the likes of you.

Such abusive mannerism is the very thing that drives most bloggers to block comments altogether. If you don't like it, you can go to hell! Nice and simple!

Based on both of your postings before, you are just Colonialists of the blogging space who leave mayhem and destruction in your wake.

As cyberspace vandals and graffiti leavers, both of you are just like the rascals out in the world out there who leave marks of your arrogance and egoistical tantrums in other people's blogs as signs of your foul presence!

'Warrior was here! or Shalu was here!

I am closing my commenting space because of the way both of you have abused my courtesy in allowing you to come in in the first place.

You are scum of the cyberspace and the bloggers out there will agree with me for they too have experienced the distress both of you cause!

Please do not bother to comment or email me for I will delete them without reading your filth.

America's Harvest ! Graphic Images ...Be Warned!!!

"I can`t believe so many people still believe terrorist attacked the WTC`s.

Come on get with the program we been had it was an inside job.

These are professionals they have a lot a stake here, would they risk their reputations over conspiracy storys and lies.?

How can you believe killing their women and children will ever keep us secure.?

Wake up and look what your president's having our troops do.

I remember baby killer, we don`t want to go back there again.

These baby`s were not killed in my name or for my security, God, or country, they were just killed.

We have become what we feared most, we are the terrorist!

Comment of Ardis Thompson 03.19.06 - 8:46 pm

Source :


It doesn't take a genius to figure out the JUSTICE that America under the ruthless, heartless, terrorist of them all , it's worst President for all times, George Walker Bush Jr. metes out to the Iraqis whom he 'LIBERATED' from their tyrannical leader Saddam Hussein, is what they have clamouring for all these years!

The Iraqis are so overjoyed to have American bombs blast their lifes to smithereens and to have their kids and babies shot point blank as shown in the pictures above!

These dead Iraqi babies are responsible for 9-11 and they need to be wiped off the face of this Earth so that America can sleep better.

Ruthless babies, evil and capable of harming America should not be left alive.

The Iraqis today are happy to shower their American liberators with flower petals from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon!

America, the world's mightiest and most just nation ! Hurrah!!! 3 cheers for the good ol' USA!!!

The land of the free and the home of the 'brave'!!!!

Yeah !!!Right!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Qullu Nafsin Za Iqatul Maut! Everything that lives shall taste Death!

"Qullu nafsin iza iqatul maut" meaning 'Everything that lives shall taste death!'
Al-Qur'an Surah Al-Imran Verse 185

Verily Death is a process that will come to every living being, every organism and every creation according to the Will of God!

Not a second faster or a second later than what has been ordained on it by Allah the Almighty.

A Hadith of the Blessed Messenger, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam explains in detail the process of the 'Ruuh' @ The Soul leaving the body!

"Huwa Qadru Tsalatsimi-Ati Dharbatin Biss Saiff!"

meaning 'The pain of Death is likened to the pain of being slashed with a sword 300 times!'

Hadith related by Imam Ibnu Abi Dunya.

For the Mukmin (those who are true believers) the 'Ruuh' is extracted in the gentlest manner by the Malaikatul Maut @ Angel of Death -Saiyidina Izra'il Alaihis salam greatly reducing the pain of their death to very slight sensations of pain.

To the Disbelievers @ Kaffirs, Hypocrites @ Munafiqs and the Musyriks, the Soul is ripped out with the greatest of force by the Angel of Death!

God knows best! We will all find out when our time is up, won't we?

When a humanbeing is due to die and on his or her deathbed, their mouths will be sealed (spiritually) and 4 Malaikats @ Angels will come to him or her.

The 1st Malaikat @ Angel will greet them with the salam and proclaim ' I am the Malaikat @ Angel to whom has been entrusted your quota of sustenance @ Rezeki from the East to the West of this Earthly abode . Verily your sustenance has run out and I can't find anything more for you'.

The 2nd Malaikat @ Angel will come to them , give the salam and say' I am the Malaikat @ Angel to whom has been entrusted your quota of drink from water sources or others. I have searched from the East to the West of this Earthly abode and can find not a drop more for you. Verily your time has come, please be ready.'

Then comes the 3rd Malaikat @ Angel who greets them with the salam and then proclaims ' I am the one to whom has been entrusted your breaths. I have searched from East to the West of this Earthly abode and have found not a breath more left for you!'

Finally enters the 4th Malaikat @ Angel who upon greeting the person with the salam says ' I am the one to whom has been entrusted your time of death. Please be ready to return to your Lord within this hour!'

Then comes the 2 Malaikats @ Angels ascribed to each and everyone of us the Malaikats Kiramul Katibin @ Raqeeb and A'teed with our Records of Deeds from the right and the left of us.

The Malaikat of our right @ Raqeeb greets us : 'May peace be upon you. I am the one entrusted with your record of good deeds. Here is your record of good deeds, please take it.'

Then our records of good deeds comes out forth as a scroll of white sheet and we will be happy and pleased to receive it.

The Malaikat of our left @ A'teed then greets us with ' May peace be upon you! I am the one entrusted to record your every sins! Here they are . Please accept it!'

Then comes forth a black scroll full of our recorded sins and we would break out in cold sweat in fear and loathing.

Both Malaikats @ Angels then leave our deathbed leaving our records of deeds with us.

Enters then the Malaikatul Ma'ut @ The Angel of Death -Saiyidina Izra'il Alaihis salam. On our right will stand the Malaikat Rahmat @ the Angel of Mercy and on our left will stand the Malaikat Azab @ the Angel of Torture.

So , depending on our last acts and state of belief, our 'Ruuh' @ Soul will be treated accordingly. Some of us will have our souls taken out with a single pull , some will suffer , some will die in peace.

When our soul is already at our throats, the Malaikatul Maut will take our souls as per our fate is destined .

If we are among the blessed, the Malaikat Rahmat @ Angel of Mercy will call out to us. If we are among those who are accursed, then the Malaikat Azab @ Angel of Torture will call out our name!

The Malaikatul Maut then brings forth the soul to be presented to Allah, Lord Almighty , Master of all the Worlds.

If the soul is among those who are blessed, Allah SWT then commands ' Return the soul to it's home and let it witness its home after it's depart.'

The Angel then escorts the soul to its home and it sees for itself who is saddened by it's no longer being there and who isn't. The soul is not given the power of speech. So, it just watches silently.

The soul will then be brought back to it's remains in the grave to be interrogated by the Malaikats Mungkar and Naqir. The Interview of the Grave .

I will continue with this in the next posting.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Breaking news about the Jamaa'ah at-Tableegh!

"Non Muslims are not allowed to comment on this posting.

I will not respond or publish or even read your comments on this particular post since this is an Internal Affairs matter between us Muslims.

Hope you understand my request as this has nothing to do with you since you do not believe in Islam to be your faith hence the futility of your commenting on this prevails".

Breaking News!

Tumpat,Kelantan Darul Na'im, Malaysia. Wednesday, 15th March 2006.

A tiff between an imam and a group of tabligh missionaries almost led to a scuffle at a mosque in Wakaf Baru here last night.

The 8pm incident took place after Maghrib prayers, when the missionaries were huddled in a discussion in one corner while the imam was speaking to another group in the mosque.

This irked the imam, who asked the missionaries to leave.Mosque committee member Sanusi Mohd, 43, said a discussion group or any type of programme by outsiders in the premises required the approval of the committee.

The leader of the missionaries allegedly ignored the imam and continued his discussion.

This further angered the imam, who raised his voice and scolded them for not respecting the mosque committee’s authority.

"An argument broke out as the tabligh refused to listen to the imam. A member of the group decided to switch off the lights before they fled," Sanusi said.

One of the missionaries lodged a police report last night, claiming that the imam had threatened their safety with a concealed knife.

Kelantan CID chief ACP Mohd Razalli Mohd Yusuf said police received reports from both parties soon after the incident.However, he said the case was a civil dispute as initial police investigations revealed that no weapons were used.

News source :


In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi ta'ala wabarakatuh.

Dear Muslims,

The final fatwa of Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez bin Baaz in warning against the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh

His excellency, Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez bin Baaz (rahima-hullaah) was asked about the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh, so the questioner asked:

'Your excellency, we hear about the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh and that which their da’wah entails. So would you advise me to join this Jamaa’ah (group). I anticipate your guidance and advice, and may Allaah reward you immensely'.

So the Shaykh responded by saying:

"Whoever invites to (the path of) Allaah, then he is a muballigh (one who conveys the message (of Islaam)), (as the hadeeth mentions): ((Convey from me, even if it be a (single) Aayah));

However, the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh (originally) from Basti Nizamuddin, Delhi, India have many deviations.

They have some aspects of bid’ah and shirk, so it is not permissible to go (out) with them, except for a person who has knowledge and goes (out) with them to disapprove of what they are upon and to teach them (the truth).

If, however, he goes (out) to follow and adhere to them, then no.

That is because they have deviations, mistakes and lack of knowledge.

However, if there was a Jamaa’ah doing tableegh other than them, from the people of knowledge, then (it is permissible to) go out with them for daw’ah purposes.

If there was a person of knowledge who goes out with them to enlighten and guide them, along with teaching them such that they leave their falsehood and embrace the way of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah, (then that is good)".

[So, the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh and those who sympathise with them, will benefit from this fatwa, illustrating the reality of their ‘aqeedah and Manhaj and the writings of their scholars whom they blindly follow]

[This was extracted from the tape: ‘Fatwa Samaahatush-Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez Ibn Baaz concerning the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh’ which was published in Ta’if about two years before the Sahykh’s death.

The tape refutes the cover-up of the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh and the old statement of the Shaykh which was published before their reality and manhaj was made clear to him.

The Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh and the Ikhwaan are amongst the 72 sects

His Excellency, Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez Ibn Baaz (Rahima-ullaah) was asked:


"May Allaah grant you the best (of His favours).

In the hadeeth of the Prophet (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhe wa Sallam), relating to the splitting of the Ummah, he says: ((…and my Ummah shall split into 72 sects…)).

So, is the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh, with what they have in terms of shirk and innovations; and also the Jamaa’ah al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen, with what they have in terms of partisanship and revolting/rebelling against the leaders and lack of obedience; from the 72 sects"?

So, he (the Shaykh) responded, may Allaah forgive him and bestow upon him His immense mercy:

"They are from the 72 (sects). Whoever opposes the ‘aqeedah of Ahlus-Sunnah enters the fold of the 72 (sects)".

The meaning of the Prophet’s (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhe wa Sallam) statement ((My Ummah)) is: the Ummah of Ijaabah, i.e. the Ummah of response; those who responded to the Prophet’s call and revealed their allegiance to him.

And the meaning of 73 sects: the victorious sect which adhered to him and was upright in their religion and 72 of those sects – amongst them the kuffaar, the sinners and various innovators.

So, the questioners asked: "Are these two groups (Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh and Jamaa’ah al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimeen) from amongst the 72 sects"?

He responded: "Yes, they are from the amongst the 72 sects, along with the Murji’ah and other than them; the Murji’ah and the Khawaarij – some of the people of knowledge regard the Khawaarij from amongst the kuffaar, out of the fold of Islaam although amongst the 72 sects".

[Taken from the recording of the Shaykh’s lessons in Sharh al-Muntaqaa in Ta’if approximately 2 years or less before his death].

The ruling regarding going out with the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh

His excellency, Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Azeez Ibn Baaz (rahima-hullaah) was asked:


"I went out with the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh to India and Pakistan. We used to congregate and pray in masjid within which there were graves and I heard that the salaah in a masjid within which there is a grave is invalid.

What is your opinion of my salaah and should I repeat them?

What is the ruling about going out with them to these places?"


"Indeed, the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh do not have real knowledge pertaining to issues of ‘aqeedah so it is not permissible to go out with them except for the one who has real knowledge of the correct ‘aqeedah of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah. In this, he can enlighten them, advise them and co-operate with them in good because they are active in their affairs.

However, they are in need of more knowledge from those who can enlighten them amongst the scholars of Tawheed and Sunnah".

May Allaah grant everyone understanding of the religion and firmness upon it.

Source of Fatwa :


As per my previous posting regarding the deviant Tableeghis, this incident is just one that has been reported to the police and the news media has caught wind of it.

This arrogant practice of the Jamaa'ah at Tableegh takes place all over the country and other parts of the world at every prayer time!

As soon as the Imam completes the congregational prayers, the Tableeghis would immediately get up without joining the congregation and the Imam in the main Do'a prayers and go get their 'Fadha'il Amal' kitab compilation of fabricated and weak hadiths and other stories put up by their late Moulana Elyas.

They would then form a separate circle consisting of their fellow Tableeghis and other members of the unsuspecting congregation thus dividing the masjid or surau's attending Muslims into two groups!

Oldtimers and those in the know would ignore the Tableeghis and stay with the Imam whilst those who are naive and do not know heck about the Tableeghis would innocently go sit with them in their circle , nodding and affirming whatever the Tableeghi member elected to read from their Fadha'il Amal kitab chooses to read from.

It is this kind of arrogant, egoistical divisive behaviour of the Jamaa'ah at Tableegh that is wreaking havoc all across the Muslim world!

This act of forming a separate group and dividing the attending congregation is what angers the Imams and members of the congregation who hold fast to the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW where we as Muslims are asked to be in One Jamaah and not break away into one group of Tableeghis, another of PAS members or another of UMNO members and so on !

After the main prayers , it is the Sunnah to recite the Wirid and Dhikr @ Remembrance of Allah's Asma'ul Husna @ Allah's Beautiful Attributes and Names , and to recite the Salawat upon The Prophet SAW as additional acts of prayer followed by the congregational Do'a.

After the completion of the Do'a, then it is up to the individual Muslim to pray the Supplementary Sunat Prayers after which they are free to do what they wish like reading the Qur'an or listen to any sharing of authentic knowledge from the Hadiths of the Prophet SAW.

The Tableeghis deviant manners are what drives the wedge between the Ummah splitting them asunder! It is for these wayward acts that they are condemned as deviant by the Ulama's and Fatwa's issued against them by the Muftis and Syaikhul Islams of the world.

To Non Muslims and ill informed Muslims or Muslims in name only (those who do not practice), such fellows would come across as bonafide true blue adherents of the Islamic faith and true Muslims but to those who are aware of all the Tableeghis deviant ways, they would stay away from such enemies of the Muslim Ummah!!!

The Prophet SAW asks us to hold firmly to the Qur'an and his Sunnah. Verily the actions of the Jamaa'ah at Tableegh run contrary to the example shown by the Messenger Sallalahu alaihi wassallam.

O Muslims, be aware of those who lead those who are naive astray from the Manhaj of Islam and deviate as they please. Stick to the Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jama'ah and be true to our faith. Insyaallah hu Ta'ala Rabbul Alameen.

Wabillahi taufeek wal hidayah wassalamu alaikum warahmatullhi wabarakatuh.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Malaysia needs to set her priorities right! Which is important?

Case One


Cabbie seeks RM70,000 for kidney transplant Source :


He used to drive passengers around the city, but he must now be driven by others for dialysis treatment.

Former taxi driver Manoharan Arugumam, 49, has been out of work since he suffered kidney disease two years ago.

He needs RM70,000 for a kidney transplant surgery in India.

Manoharan has to fork out RM2,000 a month for dialysis treatment at Kajang Dialysis Centre.

He has to depend on his mother’s pension and his younger brother’s income for a living.

He said: “My mother has to support my six children, too. She gives them RM2 a day.”

Manoharan said that his mother, A. Kuilama, 75, received a pension of RM300 a month, but this is insufficient to cover the cost of his family’s necessities and the children’s education.

Manoharan’s wife, A. Maragatham, said the children have to depend on the school bus to go to school, as he is ill.

Manoharan’s taxi was withdrawn by its owner as he could not afford to pay the rental for it.

MIC central working committee member Mohan Thangarasu presented Manoharan with RM2,000 at the MIC headquarters in Jalan Rahmat yesterday.

He said: “We will be providing for the children’s education. We want them to have a good future.”

Mohan said the MIC has created a fund for Manoharan’s treatment.

The public can donate to the fund by cheque, bank draft or money order, payable to ‘Tabung Manoharan’ and addressed to Biro Sosial Dan Kebajikan, Pergerakan Pemuda MIC Kebangsaan, 12, Jalan PBP 5, Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Donations can also be made to Manoharan’s account at: A/C Manoharan A/L Arumugam 62083-0-02-002177-6 Alliance Bank

Case Two

BOY, 3, NEEDS RM35,000 for Heart Surgery Source :


A three-year- old boy needs RM35,000 to undergo heart surgery at Gleneagles Medical Centre (GIMC) to lead a normal life.

The surgery, known as Glenn Shunt, will switch Goh Zheng Yi’s two arteries back in place, close a hole in the heart, and narrow a vessel to the lungs.

“Currently, blood does not flow smoothly to his lungs,” said his mother, Chang Seow Ping, 35, at the medical centre yesterday.

“I sincerely hope there will be public donations to cover my son’s medical expenses and surgery,” she said.

Those wishing to help Zheng Yi should send cheques with the child’s name written on the back, made payable to, The Cashier, Finance Department/Charity Unit, The New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd, Balai Berita at No: 31, Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Meanwhile, one-month-old Lam Xi Yuan is recuperating after undergoing corrective heart surgery for a blocked aorta at the hospital on March 3.

He was discharged last Monday. Earlier, Xi Yuan’s parents had appealed to the public to donate RM25,000 to enable him to undergo the surgery.

“I am very happy that he is well now. Thank you,” said his mother, Lai Wai Yuen, 34.

Seems that the public and not the government helped the baby. So much for the 'caring government' slogan.

Case 3
Two appeal for chance to lead normal lives Source :

PENANG, March 15:

Shahrizah Mohamed Ismail, 24, a deaf-mute, needs RM28,000 for an operation to correct an abnormally narrow blood vessel leading to the lungs.

Her parents cannot afford the surgery at the Gleneagles Medical Centre.

Her father, Mohamed Ismail Mydin Pillay, 50, a labourer, earns RM500 a month while her mother Sobaitha Beeve Sultan, 49, a factory worker, earns RM771 a month.

They have two other children, aged 22 and 16.


Nur Hamizah Ahmad, 15, needs RM15,000 for an operation at the same hospital.

She was born with a heart ailment and has to undergo surgery.

Her father, Ahmad Lebai Pin died in 1995, and her mother Che Amah Ismail, 53, a housewife in Yan, Kedah, has three other children, aged 19, 21 and 23.

The eldest, Idawati, an insurance agent earns RM600 a month.

She is helping to support the family.

“Nur Hamizah is always tired, weak and prone to fever. We appeal to donors to help her lead a normal life,” she said.

Those who wish to help may send cheques made payable to The Malay Mail Charity Fund, with the patient’s name written on the reverse side, and addressed to: The Cashier, Finance Department/Charity Unit, The Malay Mail, Balai Berita, No. 31, Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Case 4

Hole-in-heart baby needs corrective surgery Source :


Hole-in-the- heart baby Nur Mimi Syazlieyana Mohd Sharizam, needs RM26,000 to undergo corrective surgery.

Nur Mimi’s mother, Norita Nordin, 29, discovered Nur’s problems 25 days after her birth at Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang.

Nur Mimi subsequently underwent surgery to correct the position of her arteries.

She now needs further surgery to correct her hole-in-the-heart condition, which is also known as Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD).

Norita said: “She often falls sick and has high fever.”

Her father, Mohd Sharizam Mat Yasin, 32, is a lorry driver who earns RM1,000 a month.

Those who want to help Nur Mimi can send their cheque, payable to The Malay Mail Charity Fund, with the patient’s name written on the back, addressed to: The Cashier, Finance Department/Charity Unit, New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd, 31, Jalan Riong, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.


Check this out :

We welcome new forays into science and technology for the nation but at times, we really need to check our priorities.

There are hundreds and thousands of poor needy people like those above who need money to save themselves via getting operations and corrective surgery.

Who need help more? The people above or the 'Malaysia Boleh'naut?

Monday, March 13, 2006

TOTO Gambling money 'Halal' for Sg Petani Senior Muslim Citizens?

Just came to learn about this fiasco. It took place in Sg. Petani on January the 8th,2006.

The presence of more than a 100 senior citizens with old Malay Muslim men and women amongst Indians queueing up to collect RM20 cash vouchers from the management of the local Sports TOTO betting shop really makes us wonder at how these senior citizens can be so bloody stupid and that desperate as not to consider their actions in willing to put their self respect and religion for sale....not that expensive at all!
They can make 'halal' what Allah SWT has deemed 'haram' @ forbidden all for just a measly 20 ringgits @US$4.50!
I know that folks up north can sometimes be so gullible and practically swallow everything that any snake oil salesman comes up with and bedazzles them as in the case of the 10 year old boy who was reputed to be heal his sick mum with just a prayer and his spit that was mixed into a glass of well water somewhere in Baling, Kedah about 10 years ago!

People came from all over Malaysia, Singapore, Sabah Sarawak and even Borneo to get cured for all their sickness and diseases!

I just can shake my head in disbelief ! A measly RM20! No wonder the Malays are pretty sold out cheap when it comes to a question of morality!!! Sheeeesh!!!

Here's the original email news that I received that is in Malay! Those who don't believe me, go ahead and read it for yourselves! And look at the pictures and judge for yourselves! Pictures don't lie!!!
~The report in Malay~
Dilulus terbit pada Thursday, January 12 @ 15:53:19 CST oleh LinuxPro

Kehadiran lebih 100 warga tua termasuk beragama Islam berpakaian tudung kepala dan berkupiah putih yang beratur di depan sebuah kedai ramalan nombor ekor di Jalan Kampung Baru, di sini, seawal jam 9.00 pagi, menimbulkan kehairanan orang ramai.

Berasakan sesuatu yang pelik, mereka menghubungi pegawai penguatkuasa Pejabat Agama Daerah Kuala Muda (PADKM) kemudian menghantar sepasukan pegawai diketuai Kamaruddin Kassim dibantu Said Hussain dan Zaiferi Zainol Abidin, bagi menyiasat perkara itu.

Warga tua beratur beramai-ramai memasuki kedai nombor ekor TOTO tidak pernah dilihat sebelum ini lalu orang ramai menghubungi pegawai penguatkuasa bagi melakukan siasatan.

Pegawai penguatkuasa siasatan bergegas ke situ mendapati ramai warga tua beragama Islam lelaki dan perempuan beratur menunggu giliran memasuki premis itu.

Tidak puas hati dengan situasi itu, Kamaruddin bertanyakan kepada petugas kaunter di premis berkenaan dan diberitahu semua warga tua terbabit berumur 50 tahun ke atas adalah penerima 'wang ehsan' daripada pengurusan premis judi itu.

Terdapat seorang wanita melayu yang sedang menjalani perkhidmatan pengangkutan untuk mengambil dan menghantar warga tua perempuan Islam yang miskin dari kawasan penginapan Flat Paya Nahu.

Hasil siasatan mendapati warga tua Islam berumur antara 50 hingga 80 tahun itu beratur untuk mendapatkan baucer yang ditandatangani pengurusan premis judi itu bernilai RM20 yang boleh dituntut pada 12 Januari 2006, jam 3.00-4.00 petang, bertempat di Dewan Persatuan Pemuda Lim See Chong Soo, Jalan Kampung Baru, Bakar Arang, Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Pegawai Agama Daerah Kuala Muda, Tuan Syeikh Muhammad Suhaimi Haji Salleh, ketika dihubungi berkata, setiap warga Islam dilarang menerima wang daripada judi.

Lebih-lebih lagi perbuatan mereka itu boleh mencemarkan nama baik Islam di kalangan masyarakat bukan Islam.

~End of report~

That's it folks! For a measly 20 ringgits, their faith can be bought 'lock, stock and barrel'! Damn!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Malaysia- Land of the Endless Concerts and Awards

Those of us who live in Malaysia surely are well aware that in this land of ours, hardly a day goes by without us being assailed by the endless Concerts and Award Presentations that take place without stop by all the various broadcasting tv stations, radio stations, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Culture and even by the National Newspaper Groups!

Tonight , the PM and his entourage are at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre attending another exclusive red carpet occasion @ 'Malam Anugerah Seri Angkasa' .

This is an example of how the Government supports its Ministry of Hedonism in keeping the easily swayed and entertained masses distracted from looking at the serious problems plaguing the nation.

Malaysia our beloved land is either blessed or cursed to have such continuous concerts that surely cost lots of money to finance.

We are talking about live national tv coverage, costs of rental of the convention centre, costs incurred in all the glitterati, costs of the awards, prizes, costumes, wardrobe, props, advertising, sound equipment, lightings, fees, charges for all kinds of presenters, performers, musicians, etc!

Just try to figure out how much money these types of concerts and awards costs?

On the other hand, the same tv stations try to outdo each other in highlighting the plight of the dirt poor Malaysians living in squalid conditions, in the innermost villages of the Malaysian Peninsular or the jungles of Sabah and Sarawak!

All the money being splurged on these unnecessary concerts and awards so frequently would be better utilised to help those poor destitutes and vagrants!

Don't you think so?

FRU - Caught between the BN Devils and the Malaysian Citizens Deep Blue Sea

Pictures source :

We all notice how the recent protests and now weekly demonstrations by the Malaysian citizens are fast growing into recurring headaches for the FRU!

These Federal Reserve Units who as the Anti Riot stormtroopers of the Royal Malaysian Police are the very symbols of the frontline of the various iron fisted 'citizen bashing' terrorising machinery under orders of the BN Government!

I know that this topic is taboo all this while but I have always tried to look at any problem from both sides of the coin.

Have we ever wondered about the tremendous emotional turmoil these fellows go through when they are ordered to face the Malaysian citizens on the streets of this nation whenever a protest or demonstration takes place due to certain matters or issues that the average Malaysian citizen is not happy about?

This protests are because the present and even the former governments fail to take into consideration the impact their policies have upon the people before implementing any cockeyed policy they come up with to try and salvage funds for their interests or protect their backsides after screwing up in the administration of this land!

Unlike in America, where we know many of those working in such jobs are regularly referred to the psychiatrists for treatment of stress and mental dementia that usually creeps into the soul and mental faculties of any normal humanbeing continuously facing extreme pressures and emotional ups and downs as a result of facing all the dangerous life and death situations in the course of performing their job functions, the FRU here have to cope with the stress of their jobs on their own!

If they can balance the pressure building up in their heads whilst being the BN's tool to smash and force the civilians to submit and shut up, then they would be alright in the long run or eventually end up in the mental asylums of Tanjong Rambutan, Perak!

Luckily for the FRU of Malaysia's Police Force , Malaysians are not known to carry dangerous weapons, firearms, knives or machetes unlike some other troubled countries of the world!

Most of the harm that takes place in any protest or demonstration here in Malaysia is inflicted by the FRU themselves upon the unarmed Malaysian citizens who are forced to be out there in the streets exposing their life and limbs to certain harm , injury and possible death all because of certain 'leaders' who have exhorted them to go out in the streets and protest whilst the very ones who were calling for the protest would usually be either in the safety of the masses or cowardly hiding behind a phalanx of their supporters or even worse still disappear into thin air the very second the FRU start flailing their truncheons , batons and cudgels upon the hapless Pakcik or citizen who is holding a cardboard poster condemning the Supreme Leader of the BN for his screw up!!!

It's a classic 'Cucumber against the Durian' situation we have here in Malaysia!

We the citizens are the bleeding fragile 'Cucumbers' easily snapped or crushed by the FRU who are the 'Durians' forced upon us whenever we are brave enough to voice out against the BN!!!

But let's look at the mental trauma that I know takes place in the minds of the fellow in the red helmet with the title of 'POLIS' clearly written and covered up protectively in his or her body armor from top to toe!

Sure, the FRU is not the one who is going to face 'danger' from the protesting public but I am sure that all that takes place during a violent riot @ naturally induced or sparked off by Mr.Agent Provocateur naturally will have an impact on the FRU personnel!!!

I figure that the fellow who smashes some poor citizen's head bloody or kills the person in the process of carrying out his or her duty as ordered by their superiors will forever be tormented in their screwed up souls eventually till the day they die after retiring from the force!!!

Has anybody thought of this ?

I also would like to ask the fellow who calls for any protest to have the balls to be right there in the front of any demonstration or protest to show that you are truly a gentleman warrior fighting for the rights of the people as a just leader worth your name and never run away the second all hell breaks loose!!!
We also know that Tian Chua, is the only
Malaysian Opposition leader worth taking note for all the damage he has suffered during the various demonstrations and protests he has taken part in his colorful political career!

This Malaysian citizen has been illustrious for having the balls to face up to the mighty brutal FRU during his many protests than any other Opposition leader worth considering a thought!

Tian Chua may not be a glamourous opposition figure but to those of us who follow what's happening in the nation's political scene sure know what he is capable of. I pray that Tian Chua will never trade in his principles for any amount of money that anyone might offer him in order to induce him to shut the hell up!

There is a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) where the Prophet foretells the current situation in our world! :' There will come a time in the Last Ages (now) where the women will be dressed but naked (all the flesh exposing being done by today's women while dressed) and there will be those who hold whips and flog the people!' @ (today's oppressive governments using force upon the citizens) like the BN using the FRU to force the people to shut up and submit to their will!

Ponder on that ! All that is taking place today is exactly as the Prophet (pbuh) has foretold.

The FRU being the 'whip' of the BN unfortunately are seriously caught between the BN Devils and the unhappy Malaysian Citizens Deep Blue Sea.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Pontianak scares the shit out of Singapore's army guards

Source :

I don't know about you people but this is one damn bloody video footage of a Malay Banshee @ 'Pontianak' as she is called here in these parts of South East Asia scaring the shit out of a young Singapore Army camp guard during a full moon after midnight incident!

The shrieking of the 'Pontianak' raises the hackles of anyone who sees and hears the horrible screams of the terrified army guard and all the pandemonium that breaks loose during the accidental filming of this out of the books of the demonville of Singapore's hauntings!

Having lived in and experienced some scary moments of my own, I can only ask you to view and evaluate this clip for yourselves!!!

Damn!! That Singapore Army guard must have shitted in his pants when undergoing this awesome and horrible nightmare!!!

Another Penang River becomes a Stinking Sewer!

Residents cry foul over ‘dying’ river

PRAI, Thursday 9th March 2006

Residents and the fishing community here are exasperated over the indiscriminate discharge of industrial waste into waterways leading into Sungai Juru. "The river is dead... no marine life can survive in such polluted waters.

The pollution is not only affecting our livelihood, but we also fear for the health of our children who sometimes swim in the river," said Latib Muhammad, chairman of the cockle breeding project.

Checks by the New Straits Times showed the waterways were so polluted that it was impossible to walk near them due to the foul smell.

Latib said some 250 fishermen and cockle farmers in the area were suffering declining catches because of the pollution.

Another cockle farmer, Abdul Razak Hashim, 46, said the relevant authorities like the Fisheries, Environment and Drainage and Irrigation Department, were aware of the extent of pollution in the area.

"However, everyone seems to be ignoring this problem. They seem to think that it is better to take care of the interest of the investors rather than to care for our natural resources, like rivers."

Meanwhile, Consumers Association of Penang legal adviser, Meena Raman, said the Department of Environment should take immediate action to check on the pollution.

She said CAP surveys had shown that the pollution at Sungai Juru and Sungai Kerian was worsening.

"The amount of toxic waste being discharged by the factories into the rivers has been increasing over the last 10 years."

The problem has affected the livelihood of the fishing community to the extent that their income has decreased by almost 60 per cent."

Meanwhile, attempts to get state DOE officials for comments proved futile.

Source :

For someone like myself who has seen how the rivers and streams in my home island State of Penang slowly but surely die away due to the unending pollution caused by so many factories and workshops flushing away toxic, foul, corrosive affluents and discharges into them as they please compounded by the continuous apathy of the State Government of Penang since the 1970s, makes me seethe with extreme anger and disgust at those who call themselves Chief Ministers, Presidents of the City Council and Director General of the Department of the Environment of this fast deteriorating former island paradise!!!

The Sg. Pinang river in the Penang Island is now a stinking, brackish, open sewer , dead of all forms of riverine creatures and polluted to a state of almost no return!!!

If you were to ever fall into the river, May God help you for all the fragrant soaps in the world will not be able to remove the stench that would stick to you from the pollution in that open river turned sewer!!!

The political eunuchs sitting on those seats of power and authority have committed extreme and criminal breach of trust to the people of Penang by not enforcing the Environmental Laws that are already there since the days of the British Colonials!!!

Each sentence that I type here has these 3 exclamation marks !!! showing how distressed, how sad and how bloody angry I feel to see another of our once pristine, full of life , green clear rivers of my home state be neglected by all those fellows who don't give a damn to the lifegiving rivers and water resources of this state!

Singapore successfully rehabilitated the once polluted Singapore River by prompt decisive action and today that river is once again full of all kinds of fishes and riverine creatures!

The Singapore Government may come across as a strict, authoritarian, iron fisted government but their successful administration and governance of that small island republic is a shining example of how correct management and preservation of resources and the environment has become a symbol of national integrity that should shame all the idiots holding power in Penang!!!

If only Lee Kuan Yew could come take charge of Penang during his remaining years of his exemplary life , I guarantee you that my beloved Pearl of the Orient Island will shine and glow once more!!!

Look at how green and healthy the Singapore River looks in the picture above.

I remember seeing the now dead Sg.Pinang looking exactly like this back in the 70s!

Today, another of this country's river is dead and turn into a stinking sewer because the Chief Minister, MPPP President and the Director General of the Jabatan Alam Sekitar have turned blind to the disaster and are doing nothing to reverse the destruction taking place in the island's water resources!!!

Sigh.....What a bloody shame!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Incest-The Growing Scourge among the Malays

Newsflash-Brothers raped sister after watching porn movies MUAR, March 8:

Two brothers confessed in the Sessions Court yesterday to raping their 17-year-old younger sister after watching pornographic videotapes in their house in Parit Jawa here.

Judge Mohamed Fauzi Mohamed Nasir sentenced one of the brothers, a 23-year-old factory worker, to 15 years in jail and eight strokes of the rotan on each of the two rape charges against him.

The sentences are to run consecutively.He reserved judgment on the other, aged 19, to March 19, pending the outcome of a behavioural report on the accused.

The brothers were arrested on Feb 24 after the victim ran away from home and lodged a police report. They pleaded guilty to two counts of raping their sister on different occasions in their house.

The incest was committed on several occasions in the house when their mother was away at work and the victim was alone with her brothers. The siblings’ father died some years ago.

The factory worker admitted to raping his sister in November 2004 and again on Jan 21 this year. The accused showed no remorse when judgment was delivered. Except for an older brother, no other family member was present in court.

Prosecuting officer Assistant Superintendent Lim Ah Bah earlier told the court that the accused had often forced himself on his sister and had threatened to beat her if she refused.

“He had warned that he would rape her if she did not consent to having sex with him,” Lim said.

The other brother, who works as a production operator, also pleaded guilty to two charges of raping his sister in the same house, first in May last year and then on Feb 14. this year.

He, too, had committed the offences after watching X-rated videotapes in the house, when the victim was alone in her bedroom. — NST


A getting to be too familiar newsreport in our national newspapers lately!

This sick immoral sinful atrocity is being repeated all over this land and the major perpetrators happen to be none other than the Malays!!!

Check out the statistics here :

For a people whose international identity is synonymous with Islam, this sick perversion seems to be getting out of hand by each second, each minute in every part of this country!

What the hell is happening to the Malay community?

We don't hear of these sickening betrayal of trust and major decline of morality taking place in the Chinese and Indian communities as much as it does in a growing number amidst the Malay community who happen to be Muslims!

These demented sick Muslims in name only who on the surface come across as God fearing, modestly attired and 'holistic' looking in appearance when out in the midst of society!!!

These hypocritical Muslims who supposedly fear the wrath of God and cover their bosoms and wear all enclosing clothings to avoid unnecessary attention from those who are not their 'muhrim' @ those forbidden to marry them..are slowly but surely bringing shame and disrepute to the whole Malay Muslim community by their lecherous and most irresponsible decline in morality!!!

Islam is a pure God revealed Way of Life that when properly adhered to preserves the sanctity and honor of family and social structure in any community of the world!

This growing menace of incest prevails largely in those Malay families who do not practice the faith as ordained by God. People who have been caught committing this most abhorable crime of lust and sexual perversion usually come across as those who put on the impression of being religious and educated people.

Times and times again, we hear of people who are heads of society, leaders in the community, teachers, religious tutors, parents, uncles,brothers,etc being caught committing incest with their charges, daughters, etc!

The present Islamic authorities of this land who DO NOT IMPLEMENT THE SHARIAH LAWS OF ALLAH are responsible for this growing menace and social problem destroying the very infrastructure of the Malaysian Muslims!!!

Non Muslims here might think that this country is being too Islamic in it's ways!

Far from it! The reality is that the Shariah laws being administered here is too watery and in name only!

Ask the Muftis , correspond with them and see what their answers will be. Officially, they might come across as agreeing with whatever the 'powers that be dictate to them'.

Individually, they are all 'caught between the devil and the deep blue sea'!

The punishment for Incest according to the Syariah Laws are :

(1) A man who commits incest with his 'muhrim' (female relatives who are forbidden to marry him) is guilty of incestuos fornication, and must be put to death for such a crime.

This punishment is based on an authentic Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) related by Ibnu Abbas ra.

"They (men) who commit fornication with women who are their blood related relatives and are their muhrim , must be put to death". - Authentic Hadith of the Prophet SAW Related by Ibnu majah.

(2) This Death Sentence upon the man who fornicates with his muhrim is because he has made lawful an act that is Forbidden by Allah, God Almighty and has become an Apostate by such an action and must be put to Death.

Said the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam):

"Whomsoever apostates from his faith ; he must be killed." - Authentic Hadith related by Bukhari.

Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) related from 'Alqamah b Wa'il in conjunction of a case involving a woman who was raped .

'Alqamah said :

The Prophet(pbuh) spoke to the victim these words: 'You may go, Verily Allah SWT has Forgiven you!'

And the Messenger (Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam said (to his Companions who were at the trial )' The man who raped the woman is guilty of fornication ! Stone him to Death !' - Riwayat Tarmizi.

* Since the rape victim is innocent, she bears no sin. Hence Islam does not punish the victim. Some countries where the Islamic Shariah Laws are not being administered to the letter misuse their power and punish the victims and let off the perpetrator scot free bringing disrepute to the Shariah of Allah! These are those who will be punished by Allah SWT in the Hereafter for abusing the trust placed on them by their citizens!

If the Shariah laws relating to the crime committed by the rapist are put to practice anywhere on Earth, I feel that any bloody rapist or any man who has an intent to rape will seriously think twice before putting his own life at risk of being stoned to Death before he even dares to touch a hair of any woman not lawful for him!

Think about that for a second.


When the Muslim rulers fail to practice and implement the laws of Allah, Almighty God,
society tends to do as they please and do not have fear in committing such vilest of crimes because they know that worse come to worse, they will only be fined a paltry sum and maybe be put in jail where they will be housed, clothed, fed and taken care of for a few years at the most.

The fear of Death is not there and when released from prison, be able to carry on doing what they please and repeatedly commit similar offenses over and over again for they now have experience and know what to do to avoid capture or being found out.

The ineffectiveness of the present manmade laws being administered in this land and elsewhere has been proven by the rising number of such cases here and the Muslim Malays guilty of such crimes have not repented and continue to rape and fornicate with their mothers, daughters, sisters, relatives as they please.

Now, when some stranger calls such criminals 'm*****f*****s', I see no reason why those bastards need to feel offended!

Society suffers because those in power have failed to live up to their responsibilities to govern and administer this land according to the Laws set by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!

Allah the All Knowing is the One who created us all! He knows His Creation better than anyone else!

Sex is something that every living being enjoys. Without sex, continuity of Life will stop.

But sex between us humanbeings is also something that should and must take place between legally married and lawful man and woman. Husband and wife.

The heritage of a humanbeing depends on such a lawful sexual relationship taking place to prolong and continue our existence .

Incest is forbidden because it will disrupt and destroy the social and moral infrastructure of the family.

As long as this current government refuses to fully govern according to the Shari'ah of Allah SWT, I see no stoppage of the destruction of the Malays as a Muslim community!

Another authentic hadith of the Prophet SAW is :

'Whomsoever amongst you (mankind) sees an injustice being committed , you must stop it with your hands (power of authority) failing which you must speak out (protest-object-voice out-etc) against the crime (as I am doing here) and if you can't even do that ( the silent devils) you must hate it (the sin-crime-injustice) in your hearts! Verily (hating the sin in the heart) is the sign of those weakest in faith'

I ask that each of us here Muslims and Non Muslims come to terms with the state of moral and social decay taking place in our land being the result of the powers that be fail to implement our rightful protective laws of the Shariah which are the Rightful Guidance and Punishments that will solve the rising crimes being perpetrated by those who know they won't be harmed drastically by the manmade laws for their atrocities upon the innocent citizens of this country!

The Malay community needs to stop for a moment and see where all these permissiveness and moral rot taking place in their community as a result of the current hedonistic lifestyle encouraged and supported by this government has and is taking them!

I see no other destination for such social miscreants other than Hellfire!

Will they ever wake up and save themselves?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Belief in Allah,God Almighty who created the entire Universes and all the Worlds

In the name of Allah, God Almighty of the entire Universe and all the Worlds.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi ta'ala wabarakatuh.

Just wished for Peace to be upon you with the Mercy of Allah, the Most High and hoped for you to be blessed!

That's the best form of greeting you can ever hope to be wished upon in your life here on Earth as a human being.

This greeting is the same greeting used by the Prophets and Messengers of God. Our Father Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (may peace be upon them all and all the other 124,000 prophets of Allah through the passages of Time)!

As I promised earlier, here I will start explaining in detail about the Principles of Faith in Islam.

Belief in Allah, God Almighty who created the entire Universes and all the Worlds.

The very first principle of faith is Belief or Faith in Allah being God Almighty. This is the very core of Faith, the essence of all beliefs in Islam.

If one's belief in Allah is weak, then all other aspects of one's religion will be the same.

Thinking humans, those with intelligence and are willing to ponder upon the vast Creation will be overawed with the grandeur of the entire Universes.

This Earth with all its trillions and gazillions of forms of life is a globe with a diameter of 40,000 over kilometres. The sun which is 1,250,000 times the size of this Earth is surrounded by tens of planets and millions of stars , orbits on a path destined, with life existing and continuing to support the lifecycle of all that is on Earth, are all grandiose matters that boggles the human mind and comprehension of its being!

This unfathomable knowledge about Life and its myriads of levels and planes confounds even the most intelligent scientists and academicians of the past, present and will continue to be so for the future beings of humankind.

When such thinking is continued without letting up on it, the immediate question will be:

'Who created all of this? Who or what Supreme Power arranges all this? Did all of this just come into existence on it's own? How can that be?'

We all know that nothing can come into existence without a cause or a source! Matter doesn't come into being without a reaction or action.

Not considering the Sun , this Earth , all the planets in the solar system and the millions of the stars burning in the sky, even a single grain of sand or a strand of hair could just come into existence on it's own accord!

Verily, there must be a Creator! Surely, there must be some source that arranges all this.

It couldn't be the work of a creature or a humanbeing, not the lightning or the thunder, not the moon, the earth or the sun.

The Creator must surely be a Supreme Power, Most Almighty, Most Capable far, far greater than anything that exists either here on Earth or in the entire Universe!

This Supreme Power is none other than God Almighty, Allah Most Pure , Most Exalted!

Allahu Akbar. Allah the Greatest!

Coming to realise that there exists this Super Power, Supreme Creator of us and all that exists surely is a realisation that such knowledge about coming to terms with our Creator is not an idle thing.

Knowledge about Allah is Knowledge that is valued much higher than all kinds of knowledge in our lifetime. It is a form of knowledge that is higher in value than all other matters or science on Earth.

It is surprising to see some people spend years and years of their lifetime on Earth studying and researching about this and that but do not for a second think about God!

They spend their entire fortunes on studying about insects, animals, plants, the Heavens and the Earth but fail to even think as to who created all these.

People pore through books and encyclopedias , study day and night about all other thing there is but do not bother to study about the very Creator and Lord Almighty.

There are today on Earth about 6 billion over humanbeings who spend almost their entire lifetimes arguing about this and that, talking and discussing day and night about which team is the best , who scored the most goals, who has the most money, who's the richest, strongest, mightiest, prettiest, sexiest, coolest, the most hip, the this and that but not many realise that with each passing second, with each passing minute, each and everyone of us are aging and getting closer to our date of expiry here on Earth!

To dwell on being the richest. There existed before our times, one whose riches was so immense that even to carry the keys to the vaults of gold, diamonds, precious gems and jewels , a gazillionaire in the times of the Prophets , a man called Qarun.

Qarun had caravans of camels just to carry his huge amounts of keys to the vaults of unimaginable riches that God bestowed on him as a test.

As he got richer and richer, he got further and further away from his devotion to God and his ego got so big that he became so arrogant and merciless in accumulating more and more wealth than anyone else on Earth!

On one of his trips, God commanded the Earth to open up and swallow him and all his riches!

Whenever someone here finds buried treasure , the very first words they would utter in Malay is 'Harta Qarun' @ Qarun's Treasure!

We can dismiss it off as a fable but there are today people who don't believe that dinosaurs as huge as buildings once walked upon this Earth! They will continue to do so till they get a chance to see the enormous skeletal fossilised bones of such creatures before their very eyes!!!

Humanbeings have always refused to believe in many things since ancient times. We refuse to acknowledge that there exists a spiritual world amidst us until and unless something happens to our very selfs!

We refuse to even consider that there is a living, breathing soul in each and every one of us until we face a life threatening situation where each and every breath that we inhale and exhale is the very thing that is going to keep us be alive!!!

Unless we have experienced a situation where we held someone or something that breathed their last breath, we wouldn't know that such a situation exists.

I held my eldest brother as he breathed his last in my arms at the age of 51! He was healthy and fit when he died. Not sick or suffering from any major disease. Just that his time was up and there was nothing anyone of us could do.

I heard the rush of air escaping his throat and felt his body go limp just as his soul was taken from him.

How do I relate each and every feeling that went through me as I held my dead brother and refused to let anyone take his body away from my clutches for 10 over minutes as I cried and cried , refusing to accept that he was alive no more?

Life. You won't know how precious it is until you experience such an incident. I surely hope that you don't find out as I did.

It's not easy.

Back to the matter at hand. So many of us are wasting our limited lifes away squabbling unnecessarily for no rhyme or reason except to appease our bloated stubborn egos.

We can be obstinate and recalcitrant when dealing with anyone who doesn't kowtow to our wishes and desires.

When someone refuses to give in to our demands, there arises in us a feeling of rage and anger that overwhelms and consumes our sense of being to the extent that we spew forth all manners of abusive and curse words upon the other party to appease the demon in us.

But have we ever thought for a fleeting second, as to how patient Almighty God is with us?

Although there are so many of us existing now , and there were countless billions and bilions of humanbeings who lived before us and will live after us , who didn't really acknowledge God for being their Creator, God has never retracted any of His Mercies upon us save for those who went overboard in their transgressions and they were wiped off the face of this Earth, lock ,stock and barrel as their due punishments!

To start discussing about God, not many here on Earth would bother to spend even a few minutes today!

All kinds of excuses would spew out of their constricted minds and they'd say 'O dude! That's a bummer! Can we skip the subject?'

Imagine if God had skipped creating them in the first place!

Birds of a feather do flock together. Fortunately , there do exist on Earth, people like you and me who do bother to reflect on our existence. We come together as members of the human race who do love God for all that He has given us. We use our God given faculties of reasoning to figure Him out. We do not take our remaining time here on Earth for granted. Let's rediscover our ties to Him. Through good discussions, we learn more everyday.

As a Muslim, I believe with all my heart, that my being here as a member of the human race has a purpose. I am no Prophet but I definitely am a follower of the Greatest Messenger of God, the Blessed Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam and a Servant of Allah, God Most Perfect, Most High!

I will share more in my next post. Have a good life. Make every second be a positive one!

Memories of Old Penang in the 60s and 70s

I like to reflect on how much life here in Malaysia has changed.

Even in my schooldays back in Penang, I used to love going to the Penang Museum and look at all the old pictures, artifacts and exhibits that show us a glimpse into the past.

A time when people were laid back and more relaxed in their lifes.

I still remember life as a kid in one of the seafront villages in East Jelutong , Penang.

The sea was much cleaner back then and schools of 'ikan belanak' used to come right to our kampong shores in search of food scraps etc that were thrown by the stilt house villagers who built their wooden houses along the seafront stretching from Sg.Pinang all the way down till Batu Uban, where the Penang Bridge is now located.

The sea water was clearer and we could even see the various types of fishes playing under the wooden walkways built interconnecting the stilt houses.

'Ikan ketang'  @ Scatsa big pomfret type fish used to come in large numbers and was found in plentiful numbers as they darted in and out of the shadows of the houses cast upon the seawater.

They were very delicious when baked over a fire and then ate with 'sambal belacan' and steaming hot rice. Mmmmm..yummy!

Kampong kids like me used to catch Kingcrabs @ belangkas which would come to our village shores to mate! Pairs and pairs of them would be found all along the seafront and muddy flats of Jelutong way back then.

I am talking about the late 60s and 70s.

We would cook / grill them over a fire made of dry coconut palms and would eat them especially the small granule like eggs cooked yellowish and drink young coconuts water.

My late friend Che Mat Sabor and his brother Nordin were the kampong 'taikors' who would climb up the many coconut trees found in our kampong and pluck as many of those coconuts as we wanted.

We would then swim over to the many discarded 'tongkangs' left to rot away in the mudflats .

At the steer of the tongkang was usually built a helmsman's shelter sort of a shed. It was there that we would while our times away, enjoying the sea breeze from the Straits of Prai and even fish from there when the tide was in.

Some evenings, we would have one of us strum his guitar while ehem ehem ,...yours truly would sing away as the mood suits us.

P.Ramlee songs, R.Azmi's, Alleycats hits, classic Hindi songs would be among my repertoire! hehehehehe....

Those tongkangs were solidly built with good timber and it took many,many years before they finally rotted away into the muddy shores of Jelutong.

We would catch 'ketam batu's ' @ mud crabs, dig for seaworms @ 'cacing laut' for use as fishing bait all around the submerged 'tongkangs'.

All kinds of sea creatures existed back then in those mudflats because there was no pollution in those times.

We would even get to harvest cockles @ 'kerang' which could be found in those mudflats. 'Siput kemudi' [photo above] @ a giant mussel shaped like a wedge was also found in large numbers there.

We would fashion sort of a toboggan or a slide from a plank of broad wood , sort of a surf board and with our body on top of it , we would push away with our left or right foot and slide over the mudflats in search of the mussel. The board is called 'papan tongkah'.

When the board scrapes over the tip of the mussel, a scratchy sound would ensue and we would stick our hands into the soft mud and search for it.

Once we found the mussel, we would plunge both of our hands all the way into the soft mud and grab its root.

With a strong, hard pull, we would yank it out and harvest the mussel as much as we can get and throw it all into a basket nailed to the board.

For all I know, with all the pollution caused by all the years of dumping rubbish into the seafront areas of the Jelutong Shell station area , the cockles, the mussels and most of the sealife from that area have disappeared, thanks to Koh Tsu Koon's disastrous leadership as the Chief Minister of Penang!!!

Penang today is not as clean as it was in my times.

I also found out that kids in Penang now do not have all that we enjoyed for free in the 60s and 70s!

Those days we would play marbles, tops, kites and 'Combat' games between neighbouring village kids.

Life then was much more carefree. There was no racial hatred and strife as we see evident today as expressed by the bloggers at

Kids today waste away their life's in front of computers and do not know heck of making their own toys!

We used to make our own tops from the stems of the hardwood guava trees. We used to fashion our own rifles and pistols from leftover wooden planks from the shipyard near our kampong!

Lean Seng Shipyard at the seafront of Jalan Tengku was a favorite place for us to go look for scrapwood to make our toys and even our rafts to go fishing out to the sea when the tide was high.

How I miss those times!

I used to go catch fish with my best friend, Wan Ali [red shirt]. His house was located just at the seafront and we used to go fishing in his uncle's sampan.

There were also times when we would drift out slowly to the deeper waters of the sea in my 'rakit' @ raft fashioned out of an old wooden pallet that I stuffed with all kinds of poly foam to make it float better and sealed the sides with scraps of plywood!

Two claybricks tied together served as my raft's anchor tied with a long rope scavenged from the shipyard! Hehehehehe...

Such was my kampong life, easy , carefree and very very satisfying!

Living here in KL today, far away from the sea makes me yearn for the sea breeze of Penang, my home island which I miss so very much!...Sigh.....

Pearl of the Orient, my home island up north,
Memories of my past come evoking yesteryears,
All the sweet happy days in my mind come forth,
At times I sigh fondly; at times I'm close to tears.

Although I am now far away from your shore,
My heart and mind will always remember you,
O Penang Island that I and others so adore,
You'll always be in my prayers as I miss you.