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"Verily my solats, my ibadah, my life and my death I surrender to Almighty Allah, Creator and Lord of all the worlds. Never will I associate anything with Him. So am I commanded and I am of those who are Muslims."

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Belief in Allah,God Almighty who created the entire Universes and all the Worlds

In the name of Allah, God Almighty of the entire Universe and all the Worlds.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi ta'ala wabarakatuh.

Just wished for Peace to be upon you with the Mercy of Allah, the Most High and hoped for you to be blessed!

That's the best form of greeting you can ever hope to be wished upon in your life here on Earth as a human being.

This greeting is the same greeting used by the Prophets and Messengers of God. Our Father Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (may peace be upon them all and all the other 124,000 prophets of Allah through the passages of Time)!

As I promised earlier, here I will start explaining in detail about the Principles of Faith in Islam.

Belief in Allah, God Almighty who created the entire Universes and all the Worlds.

The very first principle of faith is Belief or Faith in Allah being God Almighty. This is the very core of Faith, the essence of all beliefs in Islam.

If one's belief in Allah is weak, then all other aspects of one's religion will be the same.

Thinking humans, those with intelligence and are willing to ponder upon the vast Creation will be overawed with the grandeur of the entire Universes.

This Earth with all its trillions and gazillions of forms of life is a globe with a diameter of 40,000 over kilometres. The sun which is 1,250,000 times the size of this Earth is surrounded by tens of planets and millions of stars , orbits on a path destined, with life existing and continuing to support the lifecycle of all that is on Earth, are all grandiose matters that boggles the human mind and comprehension of its being!

This unfathomable knowledge about Life and its myriads of levels and planes confounds even the most intelligent scientists and academicians of the past, present and will continue to be so for the future beings of humankind.

When such thinking is continued without letting up on it, the immediate question will be:

'Who created all of this? Who or what Supreme Power arranges all this? Did all of this just come into existence on it's own? How can that be?'

We all know that nothing can come into existence without a cause or a source! Matter doesn't come into being without a reaction or action.

Not considering the Sun , this Earth , all the planets in the solar system and the millions of the stars burning in the sky, even a single grain of sand or a strand of hair could just come into existence on it's own accord!

Verily, there must be a Creator! Surely, there must be some source that arranges all this.

It couldn't be the work of a creature or a humanbeing, not the lightning or the thunder, not the moon, the earth or the sun.

The Creator must surely be a Supreme Power, Most Almighty, Most Capable far, far greater than anything that exists either here on Earth or in the entire Universe!

This Supreme Power is none other than God Almighty, Allah Most Pure , Most Exalted!

Allahu Akbar. Allah the Greatest!

Coming to realise that there exists this Super Power, Supreme Creator of us and all that exists surely is a realisation that such knowledge about coming to terms with our Creator is not an idle thing.

Knowledge about Allah is Knowledge that is valued much higher than all kinds of knowledge in our lifetime. It is a form of knowledge that is higher in value than all other matters or science on Earth.

It is surprising to see some people spend years and years of their lifetime on Earth studying and researching about this and that but do not for a second think about God!

They spend their entire fortunes on studying about insects, animals, plants, the Heavens and the Earth but fail to even think as to who created all these.

People pore through books and encyclopedias , study day and night about all other thing there is but do not bother to study about the very Creator and Lord Almighty.

There are today on Earth about 6 billion over humanbeings who spend almost their entire lifetimes arguing about this and that, talking and discussing day and night about which team is the best , who scored the most goals, who has the most money, who's the richest, strongest, mightiest, prettiest, sexiest, coolest, the most hip, the this and that but not many realise that with each passing second, with each passing minute, each and everyone of us are aging and getting closer to our date of expiry here on Earth!

To dwell on being the richest. There existed before our times, one whose riches was so immense that even to carry the keys to the vaults of gold, diamonds, precious gems and jewels , a gazillionaire in the times of the Prophets , a man called Qarun.

Qarun had caravans of camels just to carry his huge amounts of keys to the vaults of unimaginable riches that God bestowed on him as a test.

As he got richer and richer, he got further and further away from his devotion to God and his ego got so big that he became so arrogant and merciless in accumulating more and more wealth than anyone else on Earth!

On one of his trips, God commanded the Earth to open up and swallow him and all his riches!

Whenever someone here finds buried treasure , the very first words they would utter in Malay is 'Harta Qarun' @ Qarun's Treasure!

We can dismiss it off as a fable but there are today people who don't believe that dinosaurs as huge as buildings once walked upon this Earth! They will continue to do so till they get a chance to see the enormous skeletal fossilised bones of such creatures before their very eyes!!!

Humanbeings have always refused to believe in many things since ancient times. We refuse to acknowledge that there exists a spiritual world amidst us until and unless something happens to our very selfs!

We refuse to even consider that there is a living, breathing soul in each and every one of us until we face a life threatening situation where each and every breath that we inhale and exhale is the very thing that is going to keep us be alive!!!

Unless we have experienced a situation where we held someone or something that breathed their last breath, we wouldn't know that such a situation exists.

I held my eldest brother as he breathed his last in my arms at the age of 51! He was healthy and fit when he died. Not sick or suffering from any major disease. Just that his time was up and there was nothing anyone of us could do.

I heard the rush of air escaping his throat and felt his body go limp just as his soul was taken from him.

How do I relate each and every feeling that went through me as I held my dead brother and refused to let anyone take his body away from my clutches for 10 over minutes as I cried and cried , refusing to accept that he was alive no more?

Life. You won't know how precious it is until you experience such an incident. I surely hope that you don't find out as I did.

It's not easy.

Back to the matter at hand. So many of us are wasting our limited lifes away squabbling unnecessarily for no rhyme or reason except to appease our bloated stubborn egos.

We can be obstinate and recalcitrant when dealing with anyone who doesn't kowtow to our wishes and desires.

When someone refuses to give in to our demands, there arises in us a feeling of rage and anger that overwhelms and consumes our sense of being to the extent that we spew forth all manners of abusive and curse words upon the other party to appease the demon in us.

But have we ever thought for a fleeting second, as to how patient Almighty God is with us?

Although there are so many of us existing now , and there were countless billions and bilions of humanbeings who lived before us and will live after us , who didn't really acknowledge God for being their Creator, God has never retracted any of His Mercies upon us save for those who went overboard in their transgressions and they were wiped off the face of this Earth, lock ,stock and barrel as their due punishments!

To start discussing about God, not many here on Earth would bother to spend even a few minutes today!

All kinds of excuses would spew out of their constricted minds and they'd say 'O dude! That's a bummer! Can we skip the subject?'

Imagine if God had skipped creating them in the first place!

Birds of a feather do flock together. Fortunately , there do exist on Earth, people like you and me who do bother to reflect on our existence. We come together as members of the human race who do love God for all that He has given us. We use our God given faculties of reasoning to figure Him out. We do not take our remaining time here on Earth for granted. Let's rediscover our ties to Him. Through good discussions, we learn more everyday.

As a Muslim, I believe with all my heart, that my being here as a member of the human race has a purpose. I am no Prophet but I definitely am a follower of the Greatest Messenger of God, the Blessed Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam and a Servant of Allah, God Most Perfect, Most High!

I will share more in my next post. Have a good life. Make every second be a positive one!