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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Incest-The Growing Scourge among the Malays

Newsflash-Brothers raped sister after watching porn movies MUAR, March 8:

Two brothers confessed in the Sessions Court yesterday to raping their 17-year-old younger sister after watching pornographic videotapes in their house in Parit Jawa here.

Judge Mohamed Fauzi Mohamed Nasir sentenced one of the brothers, a 23-year-old factory worker, to 15 years in jail and eight strokes of the rotan on each of the two rape charges against him.

The sentences are to run consecutively.He reserved judgment on the other, aged 19, to March 19, pending the outcome of a behavioural report on the accused.

The brothers were arrested on Feb 24 after the victim ran away from home and lodged a police report. They pleaded guilty to two counts of raping their sister on different occasions in their house.

The incest was committed on several occasions in the house when their mother was away at work and the victim was alone with her brothers. The siblings’ father died some years ago.

The factory worker admitted to raping his sister in November 2004 and again on Jan 21 this year. The accused showed no remorse when judgment was delivered. Except for an older brother, no other family member was present in court.

Prosecuting officer Assistant Superintendent Lim Ah Bah earlier told the court that the accused had often forced himself on his sister and had threatened to beat her if she refused.

“He had warned that he would rape her if she did not consent to having sex with him,” Lim said.

The other brother, who works as a production operator, also pleaded guilty to two charges of raping his sister in the same house, first in May last year and then on Feb 14. this year.

He, too, had committed the offences after watching X-rated videotapes in the house, when the victim was alone in her bedroom. — NST


A getting to be too familiar newsreport in our national newspapers lately!

This sick immoral sinful atrocity is being repeated all over this land and the major perpetrators happen to be none other than the Malays!!!

Check out the statistics here :

For a people whose international identity is synonymous with Islam, this sick perversion seems to be getting out of hand by each second, each minute in every part of this country!

What the hell is happening to the Malay community?

We don't hear of these sickening betrayal of trust and major decline of morality taking place in the Chinese and Indian communities as much as it does in a growing number amidst the Malay community who happen to be Muslims!

These demented sick Muslims in name only who on the surface come across as God fearing, modestly attired and 'holistic' looking in appearance when out in the midst of society!!!

These hypocritical Muslims who supposedly fear the wrath of God and cover their bosoms and wear all enclosing clothings to avoid unnecessary attention from those who are not their 'muhrim' @ those forbidden to marry them..are slowly but surely bringing shame and disrepute to the whole Malay Muslim community by their lecherous and most irresponsible decline in morality!!!

Islam is a pure God revealed Way of Life that when properly adhered to preserves the sanctity and honor of family and social structure in any community of the world!

This growing menace of incest prevails largely in those Malay families who do not practice the faith as ordained by God. People who have been caught committing this most abhorable crime of lust and sexual perversion usually come across as those who put on the impression of being religious and educated people.

Times and times again, we hear of people who are heads of society, leaders in the community, teachers, religious tutors, parents, uncles,brothers,etc being caught committing incest with their charges, daughters, etc!

The present Islamic authorities of this land who DO NOT IMPLEMENT THE SHARIAH LAWS OF ALLAH are responsible for this growing menace and social problem destroying the very infrastructure of the Malaysian Muslims!!!

Non Muslims here might think that this country is being too Islamic in it's ways!

Far from it! The reality is that the Shariah laws being administered here is too watery and in name only!

Ask the Muftis , correspond with them and see what their answers will be. Officially, they might come across as agreeing with whatever the 'powers that be dictate to them'.

Individually, they are all 'caught between the devil and the deep blue sea'!

The punishment for Incest according to the Syariah Laws are :

(1) A man who commits incest with his 'muhrim' (female relatives who are forbidden to marry him) is guilty of incestuos fornication, and must be put to death for such a crime.

This punishment is based on an authentic Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) related by Ibnu Abbas ra.

"They (men) who commit fornication with women who are their blood related relatives and are their muhrim , must be put to death". - Authentic Hadith of the Prophet SAW Related by Ibnu majah.

(2) This Death Sentence upon the man who fornicates with his muhrim is because he has made lawful an act that is Forbidden by Allah, God Almighty and has become an Apostate by such an action and must be put to Death.

Said the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam):

"Whomsoever apostates from his faith ; he must be killed." - Authentic Hadith related by Bukhari.

Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) related from 'Alqamah b Wa'il in conjunction of a case involving a woman who was raped .

'Alqamah said :

The Prophet(pbuh) spoke to the victim these words: 'You may go, Verily Allah SWT has Forgiven you!'

And the Messenger (Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam said (to his Companions who were at the trial )' The man who raped the woman is guilty of fornication ! Stone him to Death !' - Riwayat Tarmizi.

* Since the rape victim is innocent, she bears no sin. Hence Islam does not punish the victim. Some countries where the Islamic Shariah Laws are not being administered to the letter misuse their power and punish the victims and let off the perpetrator scot free bringing disrepute to the Shariah of Allah! These are those who will be punished by Allah SWT in the Hereafter for abusing the trust placed on them by their citizens!

If the Shariah laws relating to the crime committed by the rapist are put to practice anywhere on Earth, I feel that any bloody rapist or any man who has an intent to rape will seriously think twice before putting his own life at risk of being stoned to Death before he even dares to touch a hair of any woman not lawful for him!

Think about that for a second.


When the Muslim rulers fail to practice and implement the laws of Allah, Almighty God,
society tends to do as they please and do not have fear in committing such vilest of crimes because they know that worse come to worse, they will only be fined a paltry sum and maybe be put in jail where they will be housed, clothed, fed and taken care of for a few years at the most.

The fear of Death is not there and when released from prison, be able to carry on doing what they please and repeatedly commit similar offenses over and over again for they now have experience and know what to do to avoid capture or being found out.

The ineffectiveness of the present manmade laws being administered in this land and elsewhere has been proven by the rising number of such cases here and the Muslim Malays guilty of such crimes have not repented and continue to rape and fornicate with their mothers, daughters, sisters, relatives as they please.

Now, when some stranger calls such criminals 'm*****f*****s', I see no reason why those bastards need to feel offended!

Society suffers because those in power have failed to live up to their responsibilities to govern and administer this land according to the Laws set by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!

Allah the All Knowing is the One who created us all! He knows His Creation better than anyone else!

Sex is something that every living being enjoys. Without sex, continuity of Life will stop.

But sex between us humanbeings is also something that should and must take place between legally married and lawful man and woman. Husband and wife.

The heritage of a humanbeing depends on such a lawful sexual relationship taking place to prolong and continue our existence .

Incest is forbidden because it will disrupt and destroy the social and moral infrastructure of the family.

As long as this current government refuses to fully govern according to the Shari'ah of Allah SWT, I see no stoppage of the destruction of the Malays as a Muslim community!

Another authentic hadith of the Prophet SAW is :

'Whomsoever amongst you (mankind) sees an injustice being committed , you must stop it with your hands (power of authority) failing which you must speak out (protest-object-voice out-etc) against the crime (as I am doing here) and if you can't even do that ( the silent devils) you must hate it (the sin-crime-injustice) in your hearts! Verily (hating the sin in the heart) is the sign of those weakest in faith'

I ask that each of us here Muslims and Non Muslims come to terms with the state of moral and social decay taking place in our land being the result of the powers that be fail to implement our rightful protective laws of the Shariah which are the Rightful Guidance and Punishments that will solve the rising crimes being perpetrated by those who know they won't be harmed drastically by the manmade laws for their atrocities upon the innocent citizens of this country!

The Malay community needs to stop for a moment and see where all these permissiveness and moral rot taking place in their community as a result of the current hedonistic lifestyle encouraged and supported by this government has and is taking them!

I see no other destination for such social miscreants other than Hellfire!

Will they ever wake up and save themselves?