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Friday, March 10, 2006

Pontianak scares the shit out of Singapore's army guards

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I don't know about you people but this is one damn bloody video footage of a Malay Banshee @ 'Pontianak' as she is called here in these parts of South East Asia scaring the shit out of a young Singapore Army camp guard during a full moon after midnight incident!

The shrieking of the 'Pontianak' raises the hackles of anyone who sees and hears the horrible screams of the terrified army guard and all the pandemonium that breaks loose during the accidental filming of this out of the books of the demonville of Singapore's hauntings!

Having lived in and experienced some scary moments of my own, I can only ask you to view and evaluate this clip for yourselves!!!

Damn!! That Singapore Army guard must have shitted in his pants when undergoing this awesome and horrible nightmare!!!