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Monday, July 31, 2006

IFC -The Documents showing their plans and grouses

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

There are many out there amongst the Non Muslims who ask for proof that the IFC are really asking for all the absurd sounding demands to the Malaysian Government to allow them to have a say in the religious affairs of Malaysian Muslims!

Pretty outrageous isn't it? Asking for permission or legal standing to be given to those of another creed to come in and dictate to Muslims as to how to live their life's and to give up their Rights to practice Islam without interference from any others out there?

A Non Muslim forum participant at Low Yat.Net has asked me to show proof of the IFC's demands that I wrote so passionately against in my blog here!

It so happened that I received the very proofs of the IFC's demands when I took part in a Seminar organised by the Allied Coordinating Committee of Islamic NGO's a few months back at Hotel Brisdale which was backed by YADIM @ Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia and the major Islamic NGO's like MACMA @ Malaysian Chinese Muslims Association, ABIM @ Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia ( Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement) and JIM @ Jama'ah Islam Malaysia.

So, here I am showing the world the proofs i have as to the 'demands' made by the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs or MCCBCHS who are the masterminds of the proposed IFC.

Read and decide for yourselves as to whether they are just in their outrageous demands to us Malaysian Muslims to open up ourselves, our life's , our very existence to be destroyed once and for all to 'satisfy' the ego's and the voracious appetite of those who clearly have an open agenda to infiltrate and massacre our faith as they please! You be the judge.

Be just and fair to yourselves. Put yourselves in the Muslims shoes and visualise what these fellas are asking!

Since these scanned pictures do take up a lot of space here, I am giving you the links to download and save for yourselves a copy, to read at your pleasure and maybe pass on to those who want to see for themselves the 'proof' of my contentions that these fellows are really a bit overzealous in their plans!

This is the main page of the letter to Cecil Rajendra, a prominent lawyer and poet which was sent to him by
K.Shanmuga, the MCCBCHS Representative who is part of the pro-tem planning committee to set up the IFC.

Although this letter is dated in 2001, their plans are still very much alive and looks like they will never let up on this.

I really want to ask, are the MCCBCHS not being allowed to practice their faiths all these while?

Have the Muslims here ever interfered with their faiths?

Why do they need to stir up unnecessary trouble and ill feeling within our nation, known for it's tolerance and willingness to live and let live with one another , no matter what creed or skin color one has?

Is Islam stifling any of their religious activities or Muslims forcing them to forgo their faith?

Click on the links below and see for yourselves what we Muslims aren't very happy about!

I am not saying that we Malaysians cannot have friendly discussions or dialogues with one another but these demands intend to interfere with how we Muslims live our life's which are not only very obstrusive into our Rights to practice our faith but also insanely criminal in the sense that they seek to destroy us as a rightful Ummah who live and die within the principles of Islam!

As long as I shall live, I swear in the Name of Allah, God Almighty that I will be with those who will oppose and object to the MCCBCHS's plans to interfere with Islam, here in this nation!

Wallahi Wabillahi Wa Lillah hi Rabbil Alameen.

Aurat for Muslimahs-Does it not apply to Malaysia's Elite?

I have always been grumbling inside my heart as to the hypocrisy of our nation's creme de la creme or 'high society' or the 'ruling elite' if you can call them so as to the total disregard they seem to have for the Commandment from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala as to the covering of the modesty for Muslim 'believing' women!

Have I missed anything or does Allah SWT exempt those who are 'royalty' or the leaders of 'Islamic Nation' Malaysia which is championing 'Islam Hadhari' from having their wives cover their heads as required in Surah An Nur Chapter 24 Verse 31 :

'And say to the believing women that they cast down their looks and guard their private parts and do not display their ornaments except what appears thereof, and let them wear their head-coverings over their bosoms, and not display their ornaments except to their husbands or their fathers, or the fathers of their husbands, or their sons, or the sons of their husbands, or their brothers, or their brothers' sons, or their sisters' sons, or their women, or those whom their right hands possess, or the male servants not having need (of women), or the children who have not attained knowledge of what is hidden of women; and let them not strike their feet so that what they hide of their ornaments may be known; and turn to Allah all of you, O believers! so that you may be successful.'

Another commandment from Allah SWT is here in the Al-Qur'an

Surah Al-Ahzab Chapter 33 Verse 59:

'O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful'.

I am sure that there are many of us who have questioned the integrity of our 'Islamic Leaders' who in the limelight of our nation's media portray themselves as the 'Ulul 'Amri' and spearheads of putting Islam to practice and try to come across as being among the Ummah in upholding Islam and lately have come up with 'Islam Hadhari' for the entire worldwide Muslims to emulate!

The problem is that I see all this media hype and portrayal of championing Islam on these figureheads as mere rhetoric on their part as they fail as Muslim husbands to protect their wives from displaying their hair and fail to cover their 'Aurat' before the public !

How can I accept such figures to be my 'Ulul 'Amri' when something as simple as telling one's wife to properly cover up herself before appearing in public have not been done by these men?

No matter whether one is a royal or commoner, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala doesn't differentiate between us humanbeings when it comes to following and obeying His Commandments!

When we die and are being questioned by the Angels Munkar and Naqir, those angels are not going to ask us about our lineage or social standings when we were alive on Earth!

Munkar and Naqir are not gonna be bothered about our numerous 'titles' and honorifics which we got while being here on this mortal existence.

They will ask us who are husbands as to what we have done and didn't do for our wife or wives!

They will question us as to our duties as parents, as father's, as sons, as brothers and as fellow Muslims, etcetera.

Apart from the 5 major questions as to who is our Rabb, who is our Prophet, what is our Qiblat, what is our Imam and who are our brethren, the questions after that will be as to whether we have carried out our responsibilities and duties in protecting and caring for our wife or wives?

I ask as a fellow Muslim and as a brother in Islam to our leaders to stop the rot! I ask that they lead by example when being in authority and power here while still being alive now to tell their wife or wives to cover up in the real sense of the word!

We don't need to ask our wives to wear the purdah for that is up to them according to their levels of Iman @ Faith but the requirements for 'believing women' to cover their heads and their bosoms' is not to be taken lightly by our 'leaders'!

Many a husband is gonna end up in Hellfire for such shirking of responsibilities! Your wife or wives are your responsibilities!

Show us, the Ummah that you do practice what you preach and correct the wrong being perpetrated so very long and to date, I don't believe anyone has ever come to you as I have now to ask that you do the right thing!

I am your brother in Islam first and a citizen next. As one who calls to Islam, I see no reason to fear 'advising' you gentlemen.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala guide us all and give each and everyone of you the strength and the willingness to listen to sincere advice when it is given!

There is none that is more powerful and more majestic than Allahu Akbar, Rabbul Alameen!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blogs are causing Newspapers to lose big time!

There you have it! Malay Mail has published it's first attack and attempt to undermine the terrific impact blogs are making on the worldwideweb and the way the powers that be who have been dictating to the newspapers to only publish what they want readers to read and know all this while since coming into being!

The truth of how main newspapers today feel so threatened by the emergence of free opinions and their unimagined loss of readership and reduction of their newspaper sales today!

This is the result of more and more people who are now reading blogs and not buying the 'daily bull' anymore!

I used to buy newspapers daily before and they just piled up in a corner of my home taking up unnecessary space and creating another chore in disposing them off to the nearest recycling centre! Talk about added chores and hassle in getting rid of them! Well, not anymore!

Blogs are a boon to those who value learning about the latest news from so many perspectives and sources! Those who read newspapers only have to settle for the 'edited and whitewashed' opinions of the editors of newspapers who have to 'toe the line' of the authorities and thus dish out to us biased, distorted and brainwashing done in a manner in which the readers unwittingly swallow the 'news' hook, line and sinker!

That's old world! Today, with the advent of blogs and alternative news websites, we, the bloggers of this nation and who now have a global readership, get to present our side of the coin!

It is true that some blogs do talk trash and are not worth our time but most blogs out there as we know are regulated by their hosts and as far as the Petaling Street Project is concerned, the host has stated upfront that any blogs listed there which are found to be continuosly publishing false news and contents that are malicious, libellious, and offensive in terms that are not fit for publishing will be removed, banned and if needed be can be taken action against!

Not that it has not happened! A blogger was taken action against for publishing insulting remarks against 'Islam Hadhari' by the authorities after he posted those comments in this nation's # 1 blog !

Well, that is all history now and we know that there are blogs out there which need to be monitored by whoever is responsible towards maintaining National Security and all that!

My principle is that we bloggers need to be responsible in standing behind what we say or share!

We are liable to be sued, taken action against and held responsible for any consequences arising from what we publish!

Any postings we publish must be based upon facts or reliable sources failing which then we must have the balls to face any reaction from any party out there no matter how many 'disclaimers' we put upfront in our respective blogs!

Disclaimers are just the cowardly way out ! I do not believe in that!

We see disclaimers in every bloody thing out there!That's chickenshit in practice!

You go park your car in a proper parking lot, pay your fees and what do you get?

'This parking management is not liable for any damage, injuries, theft of your vehicle, contents and belongings left in the vehicle, loss of life and limb to any vehicle or its owner, driver and passengers whilst being in these premises!'

They take your money and then say that they are not to be held liable towards your car, your belongings, your life, whatsoever! To me, that's serious shirking of responsibilities!

Just the same as in blogging. You can't publish something and put a disclaimer on what you post!

The Malay saying:

'Kalau takut di lambong ombak ; jangan berumah di tepian pantai'! means :

" If you are scared of being tossed by the waves ; do not build your home by the seashore !"

You shall reap what you sow! A famous proverb that is so very true!

Only useless, spineless, cowards and scum of this earth would hide behind a pseudonym and publish or post insensitive comments or postings that insult, belittle, defame, curse and cuss without rhyme or reason and DARE NOT publish their true identities for fear of being taken action against them!

I am all for the revealing of each bloggers identity and to stand liable behind each posting, comment and news that we, the bloggers post, print and publish to the worldwideweb!

Those who do not have the conviction and the moral sense of responsibility to stand up behind what they blog should best just stay away from publishing anything sensitive or controversial!

The way certain blogs are getting more than a million hits daily ; are making newspapers lose money in the long run as less and less people are buying the printed newspapers by each passing day hence the Malay Mail onslaught against the blogging world!

Governments who try to keep the truth away from their citizens are feeling the heat from all the exposes being done by blogs such as Malaysia Today , Screenshots , Agenda Daily , BeritaKMU.Net and many other online blogs and alternative news portals!

The more you try to suppress blogs and alternative websites because your integrity , your pockets and wallets are being depleted by the day, the more the blogosphere will be favored by the nation's truthseekers and freedom seeking citizens!

The year is 2006 now ; not the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000 onwards anymore ; where you can bullshit the people and get away with it!

Today, news come from all sources! Sources that will not kowtow to your dictates and even kids as young as 5 years old are getting exposure to the internet and online information, sms, wireless and satellite transmissions !

You think you can censor it all? Dream on!

Newspapers and Editors toeing the line best wake up to the reality of today! Blogs are here to stay and say what you will, they will forever be the people's choice no matter that you go and seek a few person's in the streets opinions, it is not gonna dishearten us any one bit!

Viva Bloggers! Go for the jugular! I say it's high time we bloggers get ourselves organised and set up a Malaysian Bloggers Association!

:P That way, they can come get us easily if we have any 'diarrhoea of the oops! I screwed up!'

Hehehehe...anyone game to join the MBA? Fuyoo..sounds professional, eh?

Bloggers can have their namecards with the Malaysian Bloggers Association under their names!

Anybody interested to join? Email me at .

I will contact our nation's taikors in the blogosphere to set this up if there are enough of those who have the balls or the spine to join us to set up this association.

Regulation is just a mark of responsiblity. I am sure we bloggers are just that! Have no fear!

Speak the truth or shut the hell up! Those who are not up to it best would be to just zip it!

Don't give the 'main media' room to besmear our reputations! Be proud and brave to stand behind your blogs as the major bloggers of this nation have proved themselves to be!

As for Mahaguru58, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala stands witness to my stand. I take responsibilty to whatever I say or share in my blog!

Wa lillahi Ta'ala hi Rabbil 'Alameen! La haula wa la quwwata illa billah hil aliyyil adheem!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tun Dr.Mahathir attacked with Pepper Spray!

It finally happened! Someone has attacked the 81 year old former PM when he landed in Pengkalan Chepa Airport, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

As you can see in this picture posted by The Star , Tun Dr.Mahathir has been sprayed in the face and he has bleary eyes and experienced irritation in his throat and nasal passages!

Al-Froggie Dato'Ibrahim Ali however took the full brunt of the pepper spray and has sort of saved Tun Dr.Mahathir from getting a more severe attack!

So, instead of kissing the Tun's ass as he had promised a few years back, the Froggie has become Tun's saviour in a moment of need! Bravo Froggie! Looks like you still do have some spring in you after all! Where the hell were the Tun's security detail?

Isn't a former premier supposed to be given protection by the government till he passes away (naturally) ? Tch..tch..tch...too bad! Pak Lah needs to buck up in his taking care of the Tun!

After all, the Tun did appoint him above all the other ministers to be the PM of Malaysia!

Aah...I forgot..the cops were having a field day here in KL handling Khairy Jamaluddin's anti -Israel and anti-America protests at the American Embassy today!

Certainly a national statesman like the Tun ought to have been better guarded by the Police of Kelantan! Just imagine if someone had shot the Tun in the crowded aftermath and ruckus?

God forbid! Then all hell will have broken out in Kelantan! The BN will accuse PAS of assassinating the Tun whereas PAS will accuse the BN of doing the Tun in to make them look as the culprits!!! No won't do!

PM Abdullah Badawi must realise the awkward and fragile situation he and the Malaysian Government under his watch will be in if something other than a natural death takes place on the Tun's life!

No matter that he was a ruthless dictator during his premiership, Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad has helped bring this nation to where it is today and all of us have benefitted in one way or another from his administration of this nation.

Whoever did this to the nation's former Premier must quickly be traced and arrested, brought to KL, tied to the flagpole at Dataran Merdeka here in KL and be maced in return as the proper punishment by the Tun himself!

Isn't that the way Hukum Qisas is in the Hudud laws of Islam?

But then again, how about Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's case? He was arrested by balaclava clad Special Forces swarms of policemen way back in 1998 on Mahathir's orders!

DSAI was handcuffed like a common criminal, blindfolded, taken to Bukit Aman Police Headquarters, thrown into the slammer and punched viciously and beaten to near death by the former Inspector General of Police then , the infamous Tan Sri Rahim Noor!

When are we gonna see DSAI return the favor by beating the hell out of the former IGP now that the High Court has freed him and discharged DSAI from the crimes for which he was first falsely charged and imprisoned for 6 miserable long years and suffered personal injury, trauma and mental torture as a result of a conspiracy that goes all the way back to the Tun himself?

Isn't it surprising to see Justice being served so fast here on earth while both parties are still alive?

Not that I am happy to see the Tun being ill treated like this but it makes one wonder as to all that's happening right now before our very eyes?

Latest news I heard is that the Tun is recovering from the pepper spray attack and that the Malaysian Police are hunting the assailant at this very moment!

Don't know whether the Tun did get to make his 3.30pm scheduled speech at Hotel Perdana, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Whatever it is , Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi better beef up security for his former mentor and current nemesis, no matter that the Tun still has his axe to grind with the former with regard to all the unanswered issues that Tun isn't happy with Abdullah Badawi's responses pertaining to them.

I wish that this nation does not have to witness worse case scenarios especially at this volatile times in view of the current tense situations regarding the Article 11 groups issue, IFC issue, Tun Dr.Mahathir's questions to Pak Lah issues, the Middle East crisis, etcetera!

O Allah, protect us and our nation from any further mayhem and grant us all peace O Lord!

Ameen ya Rabbal Alameen.

Friday, July 28, 2006

IFC - Reasons why Malaysian Muslims Oppose it!

I have wrote about why the Malaysian Muslims oppose the proposed IFC on 1st of March, 2006.Lately, however, it seems many of our fellow Malaysians still seem confused why this matter is of grave concern to us?

So, please. Take your time to read and learn about the reasons why we will never ever allow anyone, no matter who or what they are to interfere in a matter that is the most important to us, our religion. Without us defending our faith and its purity from such proposed interference, there's no point in us living as Muslims here on Earth.

Islam is very precious to us Muslims. Those of you who don't understand why we love it so much, should please do the right thing. Learn about it. You don't have to subscribe to what we hold nearer and dearer to us than our own life's. You can however just take note of the reasons why we will never say yes to the 'IFC'.

In the Name of God Almighty, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Illogical Demands made by the "Interfering in Islamic Faith Commission" :

1. A child born to Muslim parents should not automatically be considered as a Muslim.

Which decent normal parent of whatever faith will agree to such a stupid demand as this?

If you are a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh parent, will you like your baby, your child not to be regarded as belonging to the faith that you and your wife are professing?

I have come across cases where reverts to Islam have been hacked to death by their Non Muslim family members in reprisal for the reversion to Islam by their relatives.

How is that it is so repulsive to them (the non muslims) that they go to such criminal lengths to keep the members of their family within their religion but here are some of the Non Muslim Religious Terrorists demanding the Muslims to give up the rights of the Muslim's babies and children's rights to be raised as Muslims as guaranteed by the Constitution and even the UN Charter?

I guarantee you that civil unrest will break out in this land if this preposterous idiotic demand is ever allowed to take place here in Malaysia or in any other place on Earth for the matter!!!

Sheeessh! What utter poppycock are these fellows having as their brains? Bewilders me!

2. Reverts to Islam must be allowed to apostate to their original faith and no legal action should be taken against them.

Maybe these fellas who propose such an irresponsible demand fail to do a bit of homework about the Islamic rulings regarding apostasy.

Funny that there are 'lawyers' in the MCCBCHS coalition of supposedly legal eagles who surely must know that to demand such a thing leaves people questioning just what kind of legal advocates are these chaps when they fail to do a bit of research and study as to whether Islam allows such a thing to take place without ramifications?

To commit apostasy in Islam is to face the Syariah law of being put to death if after 3 attempts to advice the apostate to repent and return to submission of self before God Almighty fails!

If after being adviced , the apostate repents and returns to be a Muslim in the true sense , then he or she escapes persecution and no action will be further taken against them!

You cannot deny God after submitting to Him.

This is not a club membership where one enters and leaves as one pleases! Once you Declare that there is No God but Allah and that you accept Muhammad as Allah's Messenger, you cannot retract such a declaration!

Westerners take years and years to study the truth about Islam before making the decision to become a Muslim.

Malaysians here take Islam lightly as if it is a simple club membership where they can join and then leave if situations do not benefit them.

This is the sheer reason why these insincere people cry foul and make a huge fuss when they discover that becoming a Muslim is a one way ticket!

Reverting to Islam can be their ticket to Heaven or their passport to Hell if they do not live up to it's requirements!

Islam is not a faith to be taken lightly. Attesting that there is no God but Allah is a testament of belief in God. One can't make a U turn and say 'No, I have changed my mind!' It doesn't work that way.

The State Islamic Departments must make it compulsory to those who intend to embrace the faith to really understand the requirements and laws of the faith before registering them as Muslims.

Their lifes depend on it. I would like to see stricter implementations of rules and guidelines plus make the reverts attend a proper course on Islam and the legal implications that they will face if they renege on their Shahadah!

Today, every Ah Chong, Samy and John simply declare that they believe in Allah and that they accept Islam as their chosen faith for the sole purpose of marrying their Muslim sweethearts!

As with all marriages, things might be rosy for a year or two, then gradually turn sour after each discovers that they made a mistake.

So, what do these bin Abdullah's do? Simply go back to living their life as they always have been before without thinking for a second of the consequences of their actions!

Did they not think that they will be running foul of Islamic Syariah laws when they renounce the Faith of Islam as they please?

I say this to those who are thinking of becoming a Muslim not for the sake of accepting Allah as your true God but just because you need to be a Muslim in order to marry your darling who's a Muslim ; think seriously and think hard.

Do not take Islam in vain. There are certain requirements you seriously need to take into consideration before saying just from your lips and not in your heart and mind that " There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is Allah's (Final)Messenger".Your future depends on it.

3. Any apostasy cases involving Muslims must not be judged in the Syariah Courts but must be heard in the Civil courts.

Apostasy is not a civil thing. It concerns a matter of faith.

Any simpleton knows that things involving such religious situations must only be handled by the respective religious authority and in this land called Malaysia, the religious court best able to handle such complexities concerning such a matter as apostasy from Islam must be handled by none other than the Syariah courts.

It's like asking some stranger reprimand your wayward child!

Do you honestly agree to having a bloke from the street come and pass judgement on your child who is not being compliant with a rule that you as a parent have imposed in your household?

If you can say yes to that stranger coming in and interfere in your home , man , you are in deep @#$%!

As I am the master of my home , so is Allah the Master over His servants!

Never will we allow any Tom, Dick or Harry come mess up our home , so will we Muslims never accept the IFC to come mess up our faith!

Following the statement style of Karpal Singh wayback in 1990, 'you will have to cross our dead bodies before we will allow you any inch into our space of Islamic Syariah's jurisdiction over the affairs of Muslims for God's sake'!!!

4. The status of being a Muslim must not be stated in the identity card.

I have no problems with that. You go ahead and try file your case in the courts! To me , the status of being a Muslim or otherwise rests within the individual and Allah SWT!

5. Non Muslims must not be required to embrace Islam if they wish to marry Muslims.

This is plain stupid. For all the legal expertise pooled up between the MCCBCHS members , this demand clearly blows to bits their reputation of being smart enough to fight a legal case in defense or offense against a matter as important as religion!

Will any decent , normal self respecting Muslim parent ever allow his son or daughter go marry someone who is not Muslim in the first place?

Maybe those who don't give a hoot about religion will allow you to do so but long as Islam is the official religion of this land, keep dreaming.

6. Muslims must be allowed to apostate if they wish to marry a non Muslim without facing legal action.

Yeah right! Keep asking for the impossible. Wait for the cats to grow horns MCCBCHS! You guys have nothing better to do, eh? Well, keep on deluding yourselves!

We will not just watch from the sidelines when our faith is being challenged. Won't tell you now what I and ACCIN will do but just cross that line and we'll have a ball. It's a Promise.

7. A parent or a married couple who revert to Islam must not be given parental rights or custody over their children.

Of all the stupid demands, man..this takes the cake! :D Honestly...I have to ask this question.

Will any parent give up their children? Ask yourself. Will you give up your own flesh and blood ?

Be honest and answer truly and honestly? The normal answer will be ..'Hell No!!!'

If you answer otherwise, something's definitely wrong either with you or those responsible for bringing you into this world!

Any sane parent will fight to the death to keep his or her child! Unless he or she is not fit to take care or be able to provide for them, then that's another matter!

But when it comes to the matter of faith, unlike other people, we Muslims will defend Islam with everything we have! Even if it means to die in the effort! No big deal!

We love our faith more than anything else! That's a worldwide wellknown fact!

Don't try challenge us when it comes to our faith. Everyone else fights for their race and nationalities. Muslims fight for the sake of Allah the Almighty.

8. Non Muslims who have family ties with a Muslim revert must be given rights over the estate of the Muslim revert upon his or her death.

As in the case of the late Allahyarham Muhammad bin Abdullah @ Moorthy, his wife has been given the rights to his estate.

Muslims have no problems with that unless the deceased leaves a will stating otherwise, that depends on the courts to decide. No problem with this one.

9. The Malaysian government must allocate funds to build and maintain religious places of Non Muslims as what the government has been allocating to masjids.

The MCCBCHS surely make me feel ashamed to learn that their study and research never came across the governments numerous allocations to non muslims religious places.

Go ask your local YB for the info. You can even search the internet for such information.

I have seen such allocations info online before . If needed , we might do a research together.

This demand is out of date. The allocations have already been given and are being given till today.

10. Non Muslims must be allowed and not barred from using Islamic holy words in speeches, publications, etc.

What does this demand tell us? That the MCCBCHS are bankrupt of religious principles and now are asking for permission to imitate Islam and the Muslims in using Muslim terminology in their 'faith'.

It's like asking your teacher ' I want to copy Tommy. Please allow me to do so !

Who ever graduated these fellas from Law School?

11. Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia must be allowed to be distributed freely to the general public without any hindrance.

This demand clearly betrays the MCCBCHS intent to propagate their faiths to the Muslims.

It's against the laws to do that and also against the Constitution and against our faith!

You want to do that, go do it elsewhere. Not in Malaysia.

12. Non Islamic religious education for those professing so must be allowed to be taught in all schools.

I know that Moral classes have been held in all schools for Non muslim students since Merdeka. I have no objections to this. To each their own, I say.

13. Islamic programmes in mother tongues must be abolished.

What a bloody stupid demand? Why the hell do you the MCCBCHS care if we teach our children in English, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin, Tagalog or whatever language that our children are familiar with? And you guys speak of rights? What about our rights?

14. Religious propagation of other faiths besides Islam must be allowed to be broadcasted in the respective mother tongues.

As if the various faiths are being muzzled in this land? Are the MCCBCHS blind to all the religious processions and festivities taking place daily in Malaysia?

Don't pretend to be tourists in your own land! Try walking around each city and town in Malaysia. There's always something going on in the temples and churches of this land!

15. Muslims who are paying Zakat must not be exempted from paying Income Tax and the Zakat funds must be also used for the needs of Non Muslims.

Is the MCCBCHS devoid of intelligent lifes? Do you demand that religious obligations that we have in our faith be dismissed off as not contributing to the state's coffers?

Do you then shamelessly ask that the Zakat money which is due to orphanages, masjids and welfare homes be used to fund other faith's temples or churches?

Don't you have any shame? No sense of honor?

16. Malaysian students school uniforms must not follow Islamic requirements as a first choice.

You can dress your daughter as you please to school but when she sticks out like a sore thumb among others , who's to blame for her distress?You don't like the dress code?

Send your kids to any other schools you like! No one's stopping you!


So, that's it dear readers!

The impossible demands being made by the MCCBCHS with their cohorts in Sisters in Islam, a sisterhood of Muslim liberals who are the culprits of selling out this blessed faith for cheap publicity and God knows what else?

To me, I don't give a second thought about those who choose to be with the enemies of Islam.

Allah SWT surely will be with us who defend Islam , today, tomorrow and forever !!!

Wabillahi taufeek walhidayah. Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi ta'ala wabarakatuh.

Bombs for Israel -Guess who's the suppliers?

All this while, the Governments of the United States of America and the United Kingdom had been loudmouthing to the entire world that their's is the bastion of Freedom and Democratic values above all the rest of this world!

Day in, day out, these two countries impose their will upon others and quite frankly, these two have managed to oppress and dominate the so called civilised world into submission.

Countries of the world fear the USA and British for no other reason than that these two barbarian governments have the world's largest arsenal of military weaponry and wield extraordinary powers over the entire world!

When the Soviet Union was around, they had to contend that the Soviets could kick their asses and were capable of inflicting untold damages to both their countries.

When the Soviet Union disintegrated into numerous smaller independent countries, both the USA and Britain were jubilant knowing that now they can rob and pillage oil rich Middle Eastern countries at will.

Today, Iraq has been robbed, raped and sodomised by these two barbaric countries under guise of bringing Freedom and Democracy to the People's Republic of Iraq!

Iraq has been 'liberated' from running their own country. 'Liberated' from having to live and breathe on this earth. Iraqi women and children have been 'liberated' from having any more honor and shame for the US and British forces have raped and murdered many of them as they pleased and the culprits and perpetrators just sent back home to be forgotten in the annals of time.

Bravo USA and Britain!!! You are truly the 'Masters of the Universe' ! Clap! Clap! Clap! Hooray! The Imperial Masters and Supreme Colonialists have done what they set out to do! World domination through nothing but terrorising others into submission!

Anyone who doesn't 'kowtow' to these two 'Sheriffs of the World' will see their nation's economy be held to ransom. We will impose sanctions on you. We will cut off trade and freeze your assets. If you do not spread wide open and let us come and rape you as we please, be warned that we might even send in our mighty Marines and Special Forces!

We can take you out with a precision guided missile in just a split seconds! You can run but you can't hide! Our thermo detecting infra red guided missile will come smash your ass into smithereens as we have done so many times in Iraq and as our beloved Israeli offspring have done to the Palestinians and now to the Hezbullah in Lebanon!

We are the Supreme Masters of this world and whoever dares to oppose us will be obliterated from the face of this Earth!

So, with no sense of shame and responsibility, we now supply all our weapons of mass destruction to our agent in the Middle East, to bomb all you Moslems to hell!

We will say one thing in the UN but we will blast to hell anyone who dares to say no to us! Surrender your countries to us so that we can help our sweet child, the Chosen People of Zion to create the Greater Israel after destroying all the weak Moslems of the Arab countries!

We are not scared of the OIC or Arab League! They are all a bunch of limpies with no balls to stand up to us! We will crush anyone who tries to mess with us fo we are the Champions of Freedom, Advocates of Democracy! Who dares to face up to us?

You can write in your newspapers, publish in your websites about us supplying bombs to blast all you Moslems to hell! We will not cease in our plans ! The UN can't do shit to us!

We are the champions! The Master Race! Bow all ye useless scums of this earth before us!

~~~ So is the reality of the roles that the United Satans of America and their British counterparts in supplying all those weapons of mass Moslems destruction!

Who dares to go wage war upon these two except for those who are called terrorists and rebel forces?


And ASEAN wants to play footsie with Condoleeza Rice! Damn all these idiots who are useless good for nothing money wasters entertaining one another with music and fine dining while another country is being bombed to bits before their very eyes!

What is the use of having all these useless organisations? Verily, when these so called leaders of ASEAN,NAM and the OIC die, they will surely be destined for hellfire for not doing anything at all to stop the Israelis in the truest sense that is to go fight those bastards!

The Zionists know only one language! An eye for any eye and a life for a life!

Remaining as these idiots are, they will be better off bending over backwards to America to do as the US pleases!

Israelis deserve no mercy! Their blood is halal!

This scene of destruction has been captured by Kevin Sites, a brave journalist who witnessed a direct precision hit by an Israeli regime's fighter jet on a building block and the resulting total destruction of the building housing Lebanese civilian population!
The Zionist's ruse claiming that they are after the Hezbullah is clearly exposed by this criminal act of purposeful destruction of the Lebanese nation's infrastructure and total annihilation of it's people!

Adolf Hitler must have known the kind of vermin the Zionists are and that's why he exterminated those Zionists wholescale to spare the world the scourge that the Israelis hve now shown themselves to be!

When the WTC buildings were imploded and destroyed by forces still unknown yet the blame was put by the US Bush's Administration that Al-Qaeda was involved and that the Taliban in Afghanistan were involved!

So, what did they do? They carpetbombed a country so poor that people still ride on mules to get from point A to B and are reduced to growing poppy to sell off to the heroin drug laboratories!

America, the world's most powerful nation wages war on donkey riding farmers and dirt poor Afghanistanis! What a bleeding lopsided world, this is !

And here we are, living in the socalled 21st century, witnessing with our very eyes , the atrocities being perpetrated by a supplanted people called Israelis upon those who never ventured forth into their occupied Palestinian territories and now waging war upon the poor Lebanese!

Is there any sense of true unbiased justice left in this world? By their own admission, the Zionists today publicly declare that their aggression upon Lebanon will go on and they will not stop their destruction upon the Lebanese!

This clearly opens the bastards up for being shown no mercy if ..that's a very big if ...there will be a major coalition of Muslim forces having the balls to do the right thing! Blitzkrieg the bloody Yahuds to Kingdom come , once and for all, fulfilling the prophecies of the Signs of the Last Days!

An eye for an eye as the Biblical saying goes! The Israeli blood are now halal! Death to Israel!

Al-Qaeda has declared Holy War upon Israel! May they succeed in teaching the Zionists a lesson!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pak Lah's Dilemna! What should I do?

What am I going to do? Lebanese are being killed and no one seems to be able to stop the Zionists?

The UN is unable to do anything! America isn't going to stop the Israelis! In fact they are Israelis main bombs supplier!

OIC is not really able to do anything! ASEAN can only sit, talk and eat at 5 star hotels. Cannot do anything else!

Al-Qaeda's Ayman al Zawahari is calling for Jihad!!!

What am I to do? Who should I call? Hello! Anybody there?
What am I gonna do? Pening kepala! ...I feel a migraine coming!

Khairi Jamaludin my son in law is gonna hold a mass demonstration against the American's support for Israel tomorrow at the KLCC Masjid As Syakirin after Friday prayers! Aiyaaa.....who should I call? The Ghostbusters?

Somebody help me! Give me an answer. Give me the strength to do something really concrete about the Zionists rampage over there in Lebanon!

Can I as the OIC Chairman call my member countries to wage war over the Israelis? Or will that bring on a world wide war triggering a massive American and its gang of Crusaders all out assault upon the Muslims worldwide?

Will the Muslims rise up if I call them to defend our fellow Muslims being massacred right at this moment in Lebanon? Will the Arabs regain their spirit of Jihad if I issue the clarion call to go kick the Zionists ass?

Am I capable of doing the impossible? Regain the Muslims honor? Am I Hang Jebat material ?

Should I just keep quiet as my fellow Muslims all over the world are focusing their attention towards me and awaiting my decision about this Israelis blatant disregard to world opinion?

What should I do? Give me a sign..a clue...for right now I am feeling so blue...

~~~~ Could that be what our Commander in Chief is pondering ?...Give me a clue...

Article 11 Forumers - Reasons Why You Should Have No Fear.

Lately, the entire nation has been witnessing a stressful, traumatic turn of events by a group of people who have one collective desire being none other than to interfere, dictate to and demolish the basic rights of Muslims to practice our Faith in peace and harmony under the guise of advocating human rights and so on.

These people comprise of different ethnicities, creed and have their own personal and social agendas albeit there are even those who call themselves as Muslims in this coalition grouping.

Malaysia as a nation is quite unique actually. This country is known for the subtleness of its people and the general well mannered and docile citizens that the world has ever seen save for a few incidents that rocked the boat for a while and sort of stirred the stillwaters but eventually , as Malaysians are famous for, the disturbances and emotions will quickly simmer down and everyone would be just minding their own business and 'pretend' not to bother.

The main fear of course is being visited by certain members of authority in the deep of the night and bundled off to a well known R & R under the authorities expense and held indefinitely keeping one's passion and gung ho spirit of adventurism within the confines of a holding pen overlooking the quartz ridge of Banjaran Titiwangsa.

But recently, some folks find it tiresome to live in abject peace and harmony ; thus feel it is time to rock the boat once again, albeit this time for a 'cause' that they have conjured up within their own restless hearts and minds.

They claim that the Malaysian Government has taken away their rights to practice their own faiths and that this country has been turned into an Islamic state! Really? That is news to me .

Ahh...they must be referring to our former premier's claim and declaration that Malaysia is an Islamic State!

I understand their fears for if Malaysia is actually turned into an Islamic Nation in the real sense, woe betide all of them who live contrary to the rule of Shari'ah based upon the Commandments of Allah in the Holy Qur'an!

They can't go around enjoying themselves as they do now. No more casinos, beer breweries, gambling dens, prostitution, partying all nite and day long, promiscuous behaviour in public, freedom of this, freedom of that, churches, temples, gurdwaras, etc will cease to exist, etcetera and everyone will have to toe the line as they have in Iran and Saudi Arabia!

Surely, that can't be allowed! No way Jose! We will fight! We will protest! We will hold forums! We will hold conferences! We will have petitions against this turning Malaysia into an Islamic State!

It's amazing what these people are conjuring up for themselves and driving themselves nuts and into a frenzy fueled further by the participation of 'Muslims' who advocate a more 'liberal' sense of Islam according to what they delude themselves to be the 'right and fair' ways to 'practice' Islam!

This is what I perceive this 'Article 11' grouping to be based upon my observations and conclusion that Tun Dr.Mahathir's unfounded 'Declaration of Malaysia as being an Islamic State' in the truest sense of it.

The recent court cases about the lives of certain Hindus turned Muslims issues and the consequential rulings of the cases, have further scared these people to do what they did and still intend to do in the near future no matter that the current Malaysian PM Abdullah Badawi has asked that the matter be laid to rest and the issue of the proposed formation of the IFC being championed by the Malaysian Council of Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs or MCCBHS in short all these while!

Tun Dr. Mahathir was wrong in declaring Malaysia as an Islamic nation! I say it is not.

Malaysia may have a majority of Muslims living here but it is far from being an Islamic Nation in the context of what a Muslim nation should truely be.

I tell you supporters of the Article 11 Grouping to not have any unwarranted fears about Malaysia ever turning into a true blue Islamic Nation as you all have nightmares about!

My points are based on these :
  1. This country is not ruled according to the Shari'ah. Whatever rulings they impose on the Muslim population itself are not according to the laws of Shariah and the Hudud.
  2. The Shari'ah court doesn't judge according to the true Laws of Islam found in the Holy Al Qur'an al Karim and per the Hadiths of The Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam. We all know that.
  3. Show me any couple who have been caught for Zina @ Adultery and judged according to the Islamic Laws pertaining to it!
  4. Show me any drunkard who has been punished according to the Hudud in this country!
  5. Show me an example of any Muslim who has been punished according to the Islamic Laws at any one time in this land and I will rest my case and stop speaking out against your 'Article 11' cause!
  6. Except for certain cases where the so called 'Islamic Shari'ah courts have judged about the status of Islam on dead converts or in those cases where divorce took place as a result of a spouse embracing Islam and the children being forced to be Muslims or otherwise, this country is definitely not being ruled according to the true Islamic laws as stated in the Holy Qur'an and based upon the authentic Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.
  7. Have no fear dear fellow Malaysians especially those of you who are in the 'Article 11' group. This country is not an Islamic State or Nation. For if it were , all those sinspots in Bangsar, Jln Ampang, Jalan P.Ramlee, Genting Highlands Casino, The Guinness Brewery and Anchor Beer Breweries in PJ, all establishments that propagate the unlawful according to Islam's Shari'ah Laws would have been long demolished and those of you who 'Yam Seng' as you please today in any part of this country would have long been stopped from doing so by the 'Islamic Malaysian Government'! None has stopped any of you 'enjoying' yourselves so far, have they?
  8. Maybe , you might have been caught in the frequent police raids on entertainment spots where they come and screen you for drug abuse and search for illegal substances. That is done in all nations worldwide. It is an important anti drug trafficking measure that law enforcement authorities all over the world undertake to keep their respective nations in check and to avoid illicit narcotic traffickings!
  9. All those prostitution rings and anti vice busts done by the PDRM and the Religious Department authorities are part and parcel to curb social problems from breaking out in this country just like they do in the USA,UK and other countries of the world. That's not even carried out as the rule in the Shari'ah. The prostitutes at most are just fined a paltry sum and let off. No Islamic punishments have been carried out on them and their pimps so far! Any of you know any special cases I missed?
  10. To drive yourself crazy and feel unnecessary fear is an act of insanity and I sincerely wish that none of you who are rooting for this useless cause will end up in the mental wards of this nation's Tg.Rambutan's Hospital Bahagia! What kind of a 'bahagia' is that? Looking scared and straightjacketed fearing a 'mullah' to pop out from the bushes as you walk around in fear of an 'Islamic State'? Nahh...I truly wish each one of you remain rational! :)
  11. Until and unless PAS takes over this government, each one of you can sleep in peace. Really! The Barisan Nasional Government will never allow Islamic Laws to take precedence over your beloved Federal Constitution! 'Potong Ayam' O! Never will the present BN Government allow the Holy Qur'an to preside over you! I can guarantee you that! You know why! There's so much goodies to be lost from being 'enjoyed' by those in power if they were to really, really follow God's Laws in ruling over us !
  12. I don't have to spell it out for you maa! You know, I know lah! 'Tiam tiam kaw liao aa pengyu!'
You scare yourselves unnecessarily and fear the shadows on the wall! No one's forcing you to be whatever you don't wish to be. Whatever fears you conjure up in your minds are your own doings! The KERAJAAN MALAYSIA are not out to Islamicize you! No way! You are responsible for your own delusions and dementia. Not the BN Government.

I quote from the Article 11.Org 'Open Letter' :

"We, the undersigned, Malaysian men and women from all ethnic and faith backgrounds, are concerned about recent events and statements that undermine the supremacy of the Federal Constitution.

We wish to remind our national leaders that Article 4(1) emphatically declares that the Constitution is the supreme law of the Federation and that the oath of office of all parliamentarians, cabinet ministers and judges is singularly to defend the Constitution. Further, Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution states that 'Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation'.

Am I missing something here or are all those churches, temples, gurdwaras and whatever else just a figment of my imagination?

That Kek Lok Si Temple complex in Penang , just a Hollywood film set?

The Largest Sleeping Buddha in Asia located in PAS controlled state of Kelantan just a prop made for a TV drama?

The tallest statue of Murugan, the Hindu deity at Batu Caves just a temporary structure made of polyfoam and due to be disposed off soon by the 'Islamic Government of Malaysia'?

C'mon lah people of 'Article 11' grouping! Stop scaring yourselves stupid! No one is stopping you from praying to whatever you wish to! Just live your lifes as everyone else and stop making a mountain out of a molehill!

The Federation of Malaya Constitutional Commission, 1956-57 Report, states that this Article 'shall not imply that the State is not a secular State'. The Supreme Court decision in Che Omar Che Soh (1988) reaffirmed that “the law in this country is still what it is today, secular law”.

Yet, increasingly we hear claims that Malaysia is an Islamic state."

I ask that this 'Article 11' thingy that you folks are unnecessarily stirring up and rocking the boat of this nation best be put to rest and you just carry on with your lifes.

Go learn a new language like Hanyu! :) I can help you out in that. Or start a new hobby , that is so much more better for you and this nation. Stop trying to scare yourselves and everyone else in the process!

Over there in the Middle East, people are being being bombed to oblivion as I type this yet here we are scaring each other for no valid reasons. Don't you folks know how to appreciate peace?

Get a life folks ! Before you lose it in ...war the Lebanese are finding out unfortunately.

Stop the forums. This time around, my vote goes to the PM. At least he made sense.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

MINJAROES - A Malaysian Self Development Concept

MINJAROES is an all rounded self development concept that is the brainchild of Dr.Hj.Ahmad Roslan bin Johari, Rector of an established group of colleges here in Malaysia.

Dr.Hj.Roslan is an academic who has been with the world of education for more than 2 decades.

His experiences of teaching students over the years has enabled him to come up with his own self development concept based on the 5 main aspects of a person's being that will determine their achievements in the long run.

It is an honor for me to work with the Rector in writing his book MINJAROES and to help him establish himself as a blogger, which I believe will be welcomed by those who value personal enrichment and self development.

Do visit his blog from time to time to catch up with what he has to share with us. I wish him the best with his writings and Insya Allah will help him out in all ways that I can to see to it that MINJAROES be the nation's Self Development Concept to catapult those who seek to improve their lifes for the better in all ways .

May Almighty Allah shower Dr.Hj. Ahmad Roslan with the best of Iman, Health, Taufeek and Hidayah to ensure that his vision and mission to share his MINJAROES concept with us be a success in the very near future. Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.

Condemning Israel! Does it change anything at all?

For all the condemnations that PM Abdullah Badawi is now stating in the press and media lately, it doesn't change a simple thing at all as far as the Israelis are concerned!

Not a single hair on any Israeli is gonna be even disturbed or plucked even if the current OIC and Asean Chairman invokes the Mother of all Condemnations upon the Israeli regime!

Here we see the Israelis inviting their fellow occupiers of Palestinian lands put their signatures and curses upon the Lebanese on the American supplied bombs destined to be dropped onto the Lebanese cities and blast to bits innocent lifes and smash to smithereens, their homes, their possessions, childrens, families and proof of their existence from this Earth!

Click on the link of the topic above to see the truth of Israeli atrocities that are not shown in the main media!

Be prepared to be shocked and wake up to the real deal behind the Zionists attacks!

"Thanks to the USA for supplying the cluster bombs, chemical bombs and very soon napalm bombs meant to scorch the Lebanese people to be just ashes and burnt out corpses meant to decorate the grounds so the Chosen people can come in to set up their kibbutz and set about the foundations for a Greater Israel.

All Abdullah Badawi and his OIC, ASEAN,NAM and whatever other funds wasting, time wasting hot air organisations can do is just that ...observe and condemn!...Ooooo ...the Zionists are shivering in their boots at the strength of these condemnations upon them!"

Is condemning Israel gonna reverse the serious damage and loss of lifes that the Zionists Israelis have and are inflicting upon the civilian populations of Lebanon and Palestinians all these 5 decades?

Are the Muslims of this world castrated and reduced to whimpering fools as demonstrated by their socalled Organisation of Islamic Conference? Ah Yes! I overlooked that! They have from day one expressed their objectives so very clearly!

How could I be so hopeful that the 56 socalled Islamic countries can ever do anything ? Damn!They can only sit their fat asses and conference year in , year out without doing any reprisal attacks against the Israelis!

So, Muslims of the world, face the facts! Your so called 'Ulul Amri' are useless 'kopi tiam' debaters and they are gonna sacrifice the whole lot of you to the ravages of the Israelis and their Americans, British and European Crusaders designs on the oil rich Middle East lands.

It's good that there are Muslims out there who have the balls to fend for themselves and willing to fight for their honor and die for their freedom and protect their lands no matter that the odds against them are so lopsided as it is!

They are labelled as 'terrorists' for defending their own lands and ignored by their so called Brothers in Islam as we can see that there's no mass build up of coalition Muslim forces at the moment for no other reason than serious division of their hearts and enmity between them brewing for centuries since the times of the Prophets!

Is it any wonder that a rogue regime set up only since the 1920s can kick their Arabian asses all these while without any Arabian leader worth his name having the guts to take on the Zionists!

Please do not dare to dream or imagine that the OIC, ASEAN, NAM or even the UN will even lift a boneless finger to stop the Yahuds and the Nasarah's from obliterating the Lebanese, Palestinians, Iraqis and Iranians after this !

Wonder what's going on in these poor Lebanese boys heads as they sit , bleeding and shell shocked from the Zionists bombs that have killed their families, destroyed their homes and blasted their hopes for a peaceful future because the so called Muslim b'leaders have forsaken them and have no guts to wage war upon the Zionist bastards?
What do you think these boys will feel growing up scarred for life by their traumatic experience being victimised by the world's major terror regime given protection and patronage by the greatest terror organisation in the world, sitting atop Capitol Hill, Washington, USA?

I have no more respect for the OIC, UN, ASEAN or NAM or whatever as they all stand idly by and watch more and more innocent people die and get labelled as 'terrorists' as they die , bleeding and broken on their very lands on which they were born! What a pity?

I don't understand why the UN which is supposed to protect the people and nations of the world from the criminal wars being waged upon them stands idly by and does nothing to stop the Israeli regime or give a damn about the veto of America, Britain or any other !#$%^&* country monopolising the so called Security Council in the UN?

Better change the meaning of the UN to be Useless Nincompoops!

Why is it that the world can be so silent against the perpetrators of mass genocide when it is happening right before their very eyes?

Muslims should support the Hezbullah and other brave organisations out there fighting against the Zionist invaders and form a coalition force to smash them to bits and obliterate the regime from the face of this earth!!!

Death to the Zionist bastards!!! May the power of JIHAD be with the Hezbullah! May they crush the enemies of Islam and avenge the lifes of all those who have perished as a reslut of the Israelis assaults upon Lebanon lately!

And to hell with the Conference of !#$%^& ! countries! Spineless and useless yellowbellied excuses for men! May they rot in their pants and kaffiyehs!

Al-Fatihah! Kullu Nafsin Iza Iqatul Maut!


I express my heartfelt condolences to the Sultan of Pahang, Tuanku Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah on the demise of his late sister, Tengku Puteri Kamariah Sultan Abu Bakar, 64, who died tragically at the hands of her own son, Tunku Rizal Shahzan Tunku Ismail, 21.

Tunku Rizal Shahzan, 21, died soon after as a result of an overdose of Syabu, a psychotropic drug and this double tragedy must really be hard for Tuanku Sultan Pahang to bear.

It is sad to see that the drug abuse problem has reached to this level that even past the palace gates and in an environment where there is so much abundance and wealth, this scourge devours all in its path, no matter who they are.

The Malaysian government needs to be really, really hard when it comes to punishing those responsible for the escalating numbers of those involved in drug addiction and the penalty for drug dealers must be nothing but capital punishment where relevant.

Such a waste for a young prince to fall victim to the ravages that Syabu has brought upon himself and in a moment of drug deprivation, he had done the most abominable deed; killing his own mother!

That's what drugs can do. The prohibition of taking any harmful substances in Islam is to avoid such situations and prevention is always so much better than cure. Stay away from drugs!!!


Another death that took place yesterday was the sudden death of Hani Muhsin, a popular actor and host of Malaysia's version of the hit 'Wheel of Fortune' @ Roda Impian.

Arwah Hani Muhsin was just in his early 40s. A grimly reminder for all of us who take life for granted!

'Kullu nafsin iza iqatul maut' @ Everything that lives will die . A morbid but realistic reminder that we must not take our lifes here in vain.

Cherish each and every moment of our lifes and express our love towards all those who mean something to us , right now while we are still alive so that we will not be caught by surprise when it is our time to go.

May Allah SWT forgive them their sins, bless their souls and give them their dues and keep them in His Mercy. Ameen.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mislabelling the Muslims. A strategy to cultivate blind hatred!

Does anyone realise the covert 'mislabelling' and 'branding' taking place in the news media when addressing the Muslims who are being attacked by the Zionists Israelis and their patrons , the USA over the last 5 decades or so?

I have underlined the word 'guerilla' in the screenshot of today's Yahoo News about 7 more innocent victims and casualties of the Zionist butchering 'bastards'!

I am very upfront with MY labelling of the rogue regime creating havoc right now over there in Lebanon because the Muslim nations are so bloody weak under a proven to be useless Chairman of the OIC, a sure 'gone case scenario'!

The world's media so conveniently labels the citizens of those Muslim countries fighting to get rid of their nation's invaders and occupiers as 'guerillas, militants, rebel forces, terrorists, fundamentalists, and all other negative sounding propaganda terminology with a well planned and well executed chain of actions through all forms of broadcast medium.

Even, here in Malaysia , we see and hear of these 'mislabelling terminology' being used by our nation's television, radio and newspapers as a result of the enemies of Islam deviously planting the seeds of rebranding the Ummah as those who are against the 'Freedom' and so called 'democracy' being touted by those Kaffirs out to destroy Islam and the Muslims in the real sense of the word!

Just take a minute and picture this scenario. Let's say that the USA or any other nation out there comes to invade Malaysia!

You and me will be labelled as 'insurgents, guerillas, terrorists, fundamentalists, rebels', this and that by the media.

Slowly but surely, the very civilian populations of whatever country opposing the takeover and assault upon their lifes, their homes, their families, their countries will be branded as the ones who are wrong!

Just look at any news report, article, broadcast out there today and realise the clandestine efforts to paint the victims wrong and the aggressors as right!

You've got to hand it to those media 'bastards' for pulling a fast one on the world's population!

This is part and parcel of a larger grandiose plan by the world's # 1 terrorist nation, the United States of America and it's illegitimate offspring whom they love and care for so well, that if the Zionist Israelis were to even cough a little, Big Daddy Bush Wacko Jr would be on the next plane with the cough syrup in hand to protect and take care of America's surrogate child, the Palestinian lands usurper and massacrer of innocent Muslims lifes , the Goddamned terrorists regime of the Yahuds, Israel!

I hope that the Muslim Media Network wakes up and labels them back the same! As for the 'ball less OIC' don't even bother to waste a breath, thinking about them!

They are the shameless gathering of useless b'leaders of the Ummah who ought to be blasted to Hell! From the looks of it, it will come true, very soon for they do not have even the balls to protect their people , what more their nations!

America! Do as you please! The OIC will just stand there looking stupid as you massacre their member nations and will just 'see'!

They won't move a muscle or even twitch a nerve and will be so accommodating as you lubricate them and do as you please!

George Wacko Bush Jr must be grinning from ear to ear as he watches Israel screw the OIC!

Damn!!! All the mislabelling and 'rebranding ' is finally paying off.

No one's resisting from the OIC! Mr. Jelly Belly sure sticks to his buns ...err was that supposed to read as 'guns'? Nahh..that's the right word..buns! :P

Enjoy the show.. Oh!!! I See...

Judge for yourselves! Aren't these comments malicious?

As they say, nothing beats visual proof or 'black & white' evidence to back my earlier post about some Malaysian bloggers who seem to have a 'Diarrhoea of the Mind' or in this case a proven severe state of Dementia or 'Islamophobia'.

Take a look at the manner in which these chaps are spewing forth venom, racist & religious hatred as shown by their choice of words and manner of expressions.

For Muslims like me, such insults are very hurtful and it pains me to see such people fall into this category of being those who don't appreciate decent speech and gentlemenly conduct.

May the Almighty give them their dues ; either here on Earth itself or in the Hereafter.

After all, they are asking for it. Don't you all agree? Que sera sera..whatever will be , will be!

Insults seem to be the order of the day.

Blasphemy towards God Almighty.

Apostasy Advocate wannabe.

Political commentator.

Racist taunter.

Wouldn't he be happy if the Malays apostate in total?

Judging from his train of 'thought' , that's very obvious, isn't it?

Truth will come out soon.

This chap wants to create a new category of Bumi's . Any vacancy in the NRD?

A professor in theology?

50-50. Not here nor there. Hmmm...

Islamophobia or Dementia? Itching for another May 13?

Lately, a growing number of Malaysia's citizens seem to be hell bent in stoking the embers of a racial and religious conflict that saw this nation bleed and burnt on the tragic day of May the 13th, 1969!

Many of those who seem to be fanning the flames of religious and racial sentiments in alternative news blogs like Malaysia Today must have been small kids back then and didn't really experience the disastrous endings for some of this nation's civilians on that horrific day!

People were simply killed and burnt to death on account of them being of another race or faith!

The way I see some of these irresponsible bloggers give vent to their Islamophobia and racist tendencies is nothing short of a raging dementia that if left unchecked by those in authority could soon see the current trend of some Non Muslims and 'those who are Muslims in name only' ignite a volatile crisis that will destroy the fragile peace we now enjoy!

During these times where the world is witnessing the turn of events that are fast deteriorating especially in the Middle East where we have a bastard regime calling itself the 'State of Israel' when in reality it is a supplanted terror organisation of Zionist murderers who have robbed the rightful Palestinians of their lands and committing massacres of Muslim lifes as I type this in Lebanon, the bloggers in Malaysia Today seem to be itching for trouble to break out even here in Malaysia!

Muslims are being goaded into reacting to their taunts and insults almost in every post that touches on the status of Islam in this nation and the Bumiputra benefits accorded to the Malays.
This article in the Royal Malaysian Police website on the events leading to more than a 196 people killed and a further 149 seriously injured should wake these bloggers up to what they are inciting for!

Do these bloggers want to see this country break out in civil war and unrest? Are these bloggers brave enough to put their lifes and those of their beloved families in mortal danger in pursuit of these incisive and hurtful insults and comments upon us Muslims and our faith of Islam?

Are these demented lunatics brave enough to come out and face the repercussions that is sure to follow as a result of such hateful remarks they make using a pseudonym hiding cowardly yet throw such abrasive and damaging insults to us here in Malaysia?

Do not continue with such uncouth manners of expression for you know not what you are gonna get as a result of such venom you are spewing forth!

Bloggers need to be responsible towards each statement you make . I publish my photo, my name and even my contact number in my blog here for I believe in what I say to be fair comment and almost always hold back myself from commenting negatively on the faiths that others profess here except to state my objection to any attempts to join Islam with them.

It's not that Muslims like me do not know how to mock and ridicule faiths such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and whatever other 'ism' for the simple fact that we Muslims are discouraged from insulting or mocking other creeds and religious thoughts by our faith.

I appeal to these ill informed bloggers, 'Stop insulting Islam' for if you persist ; remember that you are liable to face the consequences of having blood on your hands or on yourselves as a result of what you are inciting towards by your criminal actions of sparking religious and racial unrest in this nation by your caustic words.

Those behind the Article 11 and IFC proposals are in cahoots with sickos like the ones I am referring to and are on their way to creating civil unrest by interfering in the matters concerning Islam and Muslims.

When Muslims are showing restraint , please respect that and cease your unnecessary provocations.

Cherish the peace this country is currently enjoying and do not create mayhem for the sake of everyone here. Any further attempts of insulting Islam in this land will just draw us closer and closer to the brink of another tragedy like the 13th of May, 1969!

Is that what these bloggers are asking for?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Malaysians better be aware of complacency!

The general Malaysian public need to be well informed about what's really going on in our nation.

We are all being distracted with the shenanigans of a former premier and a current one who seems to be in a state of delusion that all is well in the grassroots of this country whilst our regional political climate involving most of our Asean neighbours are in upheaval due to the mismanagement of those in power and trying to get away with their criminal breach of trusts that their respective citizens have given them.

From Suharto to Thaksin Shinawatra, the story remains the same. It is always those who were elected into power who slyly have amassed billions in illicit wealth overseas whilst trying to portray a 'Mr.Goody Two Shoes' image at home.

The general public seems to be enamoured with the current tiff between Tun Dr.Mahathir and the current PM Abdullah Badawi over cancelled projects that if continued is not gonna add a ringgit or two to the man in the street!

During Tun Dr.Mahathir's 'monologue' at the Century Paradise Club, he was saying that the progress of the 'crooked bridge' and other pet projects of his would enable the local 'Nasi Lemak' seller to make money from the construction crews patronising her stall and they in turn would benefit from having jobs building the 'crooked bridge' and in turn generate income for the government through the bridge tolls, etcetera.

His contention was that you need to spend money to make more money. It all seems very logical and those who swallow each and every word that he spews out would be 'ooh'ing and aah'ing' the brilliance of the ol' Tun's bright ideas.

The reality is that mega projects like that will almost always be linked to one or two individuals getting filthy rich in time whilst only those directly involved in such projects would get to taste the spillovers that fall their way.

Generally, our average costs of living have been increasing steadily over time. Whilst the propaganda machines in the form of the government controlled media churn out stories after stories and cleverly edited advertorials and documentaries painting the image of the powers that be into glorious nationalistic icons, reality at the grassroots level stinks to high heaven!

Why is it that in this 21st century, still exists a vast chasm of difference in the status and quality of life for the general Malaysian public ?

Especially those who are still struggling to make their ends meet and the wide social disparity between the various ethnicities still remain as a blot on the development of this nation?

The Malaysian public are constantly being brainwashed and distracted from focusing on and improving their own economies and preparing for their future by daily doses of round the clock entertainment programs that in actual fact causes them to forget what's taking place up high above in the nation's corridors of power!

Except for the shrieking of Lim Kit Siang and the archaic Karpal Singh, the Opposition is still in the doldrums of the Parliament!

PAS politicians are in average just spineless individuals who fail to really give us a strong viable alternative to take on the BN when comes Election time! Constant squabbling, rhetoric and failing to deliver when push comes to shove being their fruits of existence for the past 5 decades!
Their crime is in failing to stem the voracious appetite of the current government in devouring precious funds that would be better spent in improving the lifes of those hardcore poor struggling to survive in squatter colonies in the fringes of the cities or wallowing in dire straits in the forgotten reaches of villages lost in the hinterland of Malaysia Boleh!

Hare brained schemes and proposals by the government ministers and politicians trying to curry favor with the high and mighty in the Supreme Councils of the governing political parties almost always fail to take into consideration the plight of the poor and the destitute.

Apart from the recently lambasted out of Malaysia Sports Center being touted by the one in the Sports Ministry, we heard of another cock and bull idea from another to import foreign players so that Malaysia will get to be in the World Cup in 2008!

Are these bozos from another planet or what that their brains are getting number from all the wealth pouring in to their coffers that they are now floating on air, not in touch with the actual realities of life surrounding them?

Are their constituencies already so well taken care of that their attention needs to drift to such useless and wasteful pursuits?

What is another gold medal or for the matter another World Cup going to provide for the destitute, who's lying sick and dying in a thatched hut, devoid of the basic necessities of life in the interior of this 'developing' nation?

No piped water, no proper sewage facilities, no electricity as proved again and again by those 'reality tv programs' shown by NTV7 and TV3 and the ever copycat RTM?

Is that 'achievement' in being entered into the Malaysia Book of Records, going to fill the hungry stomachs writhing in agony and despair as broadcast through the TV3's 'Bersama Mu' program every now and then?

Here we are eagerly scrutinising the news for the latest in the battle between Tun Dr.Mahathir and his successor Abdullah Badawi when in reality these fellows are all set up for the next few generations , to not having to worry about where their next meal is going to come from?

Reality, ladies and gentlemen, stares at us in the face. Each and everyone of us have utility bills to pay at the end of every month, loans to service, instalments to keep up to. Families to take care of and ourselves to maintain in terms of food, clothing and other necessities.

The complacency taking place in our hearts and minds need to be given a kick in the butt and we need to wake up to the reality that we need to get our objectives right!

We need to fend for ourselves, make sure that our families are given the utmost top priority and shown the care and love that we are now wasting on the top soccer teams and on waging of who's right or wrong , in the current saga between the Tun and the PM.

Concentrate on improving our lots first and just give a cursory look once a while to see what these two are up to. End of the month, if we miss a bill or two, there's gonna be a pink slip at our doors , threatening to disconnect us from whatever utilities we have missed paying for.

'Tis not the same for those in title ; their's is a life that we can only dream of or gawk agape when it is shown on TV or witnessed by ourselves. Been to any of their palatial mansions, lately?

Social rot is fast eating away at the very roots of our society. People simply do not give a damn anymore about others.

Neighbours do not know who the family next door are and even if something happens next door and you hear shrieks , shouts or cries for help, the windows shut tight, people ignore the pleas for help until it strikes themselves right in their very foreheads!

Then, and only then do we realise , hey...if only I had? Too late ...tch...tch...tch...

Complacency and distraction , dear brothers and sisters, my fellow Malaysians, is dangerous and very detrimental to our health, our wealth and our individual futures.

Wake up to the reality taking place in our own lifes and enrich ourselves with the knowledge, the skills and the improvements we can add to ourselves, our families and to our immediate neighbours.

Bring back the caring spirit we were once famously known for. Smile and say hello to your neighbour the next time you meet them in the lifts, in the carpark and in your local neighbourhood stores. In times of need, they are the ones you can depend on..if you become their friends , that is.

Do not waste away your health smoking useless cigarettes, taking drugs and other harmful materials, drinking alcohol and abusing yourselves through sinful activities.

Ever seen anyone become stronger smoking a pack or two daily in the long run? Bronchial asthma might be the reward or lung cancer. Take your pick.

'Come up to Carlsberg!' says the ad in the cinema screen. See anyone become stronger, healthier and get better looking after a couple of bottles down the hatch?

All I've seen is bloodshot eyes, foul breathed, drunken assholes sprawled on the floor of sidewalks outside the cafes of Chulia Street when I returned home from my favourite mosque @ the Kapitan Keling Mosque back in Penang after attending the majlis 'ilmu given by our Ustaz Abdullah Al Bukhari when I was living in Penang before moving here to KL in 2001.

I am sure the scenario is pretty much the same for those who had gone up to Carlsberg anywhere in this nation or for the matter, the whole wide world! Drinking alcohol leads to hell not to heaven, dear friends. The only one looking 'chic is the beer ad model not the drunkard!

Cherish what we have before it's taken away from us. If your spouse is true to you and faithful, do not digress into affairs that will give you an hour or two in pleasure but destroy the very lifes of those you treasure.

Show your love now towards your precious children before they grow up and move away from you. It will then be too late and remember, it is your own lifes that are truly important and valuable to you in the long run and see to it that you do not become a pawn in the struggle between the two behemoths demanding our attention and show of support, right this moment!

From the summit and pinnacle of their success, you and me will not be visible to them for theirs is a battle of their own inflated egos , being fanned by those who have vested interests at hand whilst ours is a sheer reality of 'if you don't scratch for it ; you just won't get it'!

Comprendo? English it means ...understand?

Be awake dear people...strive for this world as if you're gonna live forever...prepare for the hereafter as if we are gonna die tomorrow..

In our Muslim prayer, we read it this way :

'Rabbana a'tina fidd duniya hasanah ; wa fil a'khirati hasanataww wa qina 'azabb bannar' meaning :

'O Lord, grant us the goodness of this earthly life and the goodness of the Life hereafter and protect us from the Tortures of Hellfire'.

Pretty sound in it's meaning isn't it? That's the best prayer we can ask for my friends.

For this life on Earth is but a temporal stage in our journey through our soul's existence.

Whilst being alive however , it is enjoined on us to strive for and excel at what we can be and to taking care of our religious obligations to ourselves, our families , our fellow citizens and our nation.

Just be aware of what's going on around us but remember not to be taken advantage of unduly by those who have their own swelled up ego's to feed. Ensure that we don't end up as their fodder...that's all.

Have a productive day people. May God bless us all. Ameen.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Proposed Malaysian Sports Complex in Britain! A Betrayal of Trust!

The tendency for our Malaysian Government is to go and build another white elephant outside of the nation because not that many people will get to sniff any instances of greasing the palms and lubrications that usually takes place in mega projects like the one being proposed!

We are going to go down in history as a country that is infatuated with mega projects that usually reeks of half baked ideas such as this out of Malaysia Sports Arena that is supposed to be the motherlode of Malaysia's future sports superstars to shine forth bringing a delusional sense of glory to a screwed up government!

I mean, let's face the facts. This government seems hell bent on splurging and wasting so much funds that can be better used to improve the lives of poor Malaysians living below the poverty line in some states such as parts of Kelantan, Kedah, Perak, Pahang, Terengganu,Sabah and Sarawak!

This is criminal neglect and shirking of responsibility towards poor kampong people who sometimes are reduced to eating snails and go hungry whilst bloody politicians like this are so gung ho about spending money on building a Sports Complex out of the nation, giving employment to foreigners whilst the citizens who deserve to be given priority in government assistance are thrown bits and crumbs to eat as if they are not worthy to be truly cared for in the real sense!

I feel a growing deep down disgust in reading about our so called ministers and parliamentarians who waste so much time and energy on such useless pursuits whilst being blind to the needs of the poor and the downtrodden folks living a miserable life in the villages and fringes of civilisation in the interiors of this 'Bolehland'!

Are those poor unfortunate people only worthy to be given a pack of rice, a batik sarong and RM10.00 in hand when it is time for you slimy bloodsucking politicians come the General Elections? It's a reality, year in year out. Same old story with politicians ruse in duping the voters who are sadly yet to mature and figure out that power they have in their hands!

Will you then sully your 'high and mighty selfs' come the next General Elections where you would come unashamedly to shake the poor makciks and pakciks hands, shedding your 'crocodile tears' in front of the media cameras all for the show of 'being concerned' with the plight of the poor and the unfortunates of this land? As they say, it is all a mere 'drama swasta'!

All for a measly vote that will see you back in power in the next cabinet!

Goddamn you bloody parasites! May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala mete out due justice to those who have betrayed our trusts!

Listen to the cries of those poor children and see their tears streaming down the poor, miserable faces as you gorge on your RM1000 dinners at posh and grand luxurious 5 star hotels at some Datuk or Tan Sri wannabe sponsored feasts thrown in your honor!

The Malaikats Munkar and Nakir are gonna be waiting for you when your soul is ripped off your sorry selfs come your Last Day on Earth!

They wouldn't be asking whether you have a hundred million ringgits in your bank accounts , ask about your immense wealth that you have amassed legally or illegally here on Earth?

They are not going to ask about your exclusive Sports Club memberships or how many Mercedes Benz's there are in your garage?

They will however ask you about the responsibilities that you have shirked and forgot that you were made ministers to help the poor and the destitutes no matter whether it is in your portfolio or not?

Remember, each passing second is being recorded as to what you have done with the opportunities that have been given to you now, instead of being party to wasting away millions of ringgits in cold hard cash that is in actual fact the Malaysian public's tax money and not your father's property to dispose off as you please!

You are in the monitoring of Almighty Allahu Akbar, Rabbul Jalil, Aliyyul Adzhim! Ponder.