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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Culprits who have betrayed the Ummah!

The present state of carnage taking place in the Middle East is due to the fact that the so called OIC has failed to protect the Ummah!

They shamelessly hold office and go about as if they have done as much as they can but in actual truth they are yellowbellied scum duping the Ummah all these while!

What more do the OIC need to take place before they get even an iota of bravery in their useless hearts, devoid of any sense of shame, pride and chivalry to defend the Ummah?

We are all one Worldwide Brotherhood of Muslims and it's high time we really put to practice what Islam has been teaching all along!

The problem with the Ummah of today is that we still dwell on the differences between us and do not really trust or love our fellow Muslims , no matter what color is their skin, color of their eyes, status , position in life, etcetera?

Only when the Muslims return to their senses and realise that when we remain divided, we shall all fall and only if we arise to become united as One Ummah in the real sense, will we regain our true strength, our pride and our honor as the 'Khairul Ummah'!

All of the Ummah's leaders today are acting dumb and plain bloody stupid as they cowardly choose to ignore the reality that today, at this very second, the Lebanese are suffering, the Iraqis are being subject to the American's bombings, getting raped, tortured, burnt to their deaths and despite many more unmentionable horrid butcherings taking place before their very eyes, the so called leaders of the OIC choose to remain as mere spectators and useless commentators to the horrifying bloody carnage!

I would like to have the initials of the OIC typed here in the brightest of the yellow color to reflect what I think of them but it wouldn't show out as bright as I would love to have it displayed on your screen! Useless, cowards pretending to protect the Ummah!

Saiyidina Umar Al Khattab and other heroes of the Muslims would have wasted not a second to spit in their faces and to separate their sorry heads from being attached to their cowardly necks!

I am saying so out of my personal disgust in seeing the paralysed idiots still doing nothing to defend the Muslims in Lebanon and other places in the world!

What's the point of waiting for a useless, funds wasting bunch of idiots in suits and fancy attires , busy passing resolutions after numerous resolutions that is best used to wipe their sorry asses there in the United Nations HQ in New York!

America is the # 1 Terroriser of the Ummah! Wake up to the stark reality!

The US of A under the present dictatorship of George Bullshit Bush Jr as he has proved by his 'candid' speech to British Bootlicker Tony Blair yesterday in the CNN's live tv footage will never ever stop the Zionist Israelis from obliterating the Ummah in Lebanon and from there to the rest of the Middle East!

The cowardly armed forces of Lebanon are still standing idly by as their country is being bombed to bits by the Yahuds! They must all be on Prozac! Or taking julupes for their constipated minds! Sheeshh!!! Talk about being so numb and getting number!

Forget about Hezbullah being the socalled target of the bastards from Israel!

Isn't the daily wanton bombing of the Lebanese nation cause enough to scramble their forces to defend themselves or even to go counter attack the warring Zionists?

I don't know what to make out of this present paralysis plaguing the Muslims of the Arabian world?

What more does the Arab League want to suffer before they get to their senses and go fight the bastards from Israel?

Maybe they are waiting for the Zionist ground forces to come in and start massacring their wives and children before their very eyes before they even get to develop a slight, eeny meeny tiny murmur of rage in their feeble hearts or just kowtow to the Yahuds and raise up their sorry butts to be creamed before any sense of honor is to ever take place in their hearts?

I am totally not surprised anymore for the hadith of the Prophet SAW is being realised day by day by each passing second!

Folks here in Malaysia are still engaged with Siti Nurhaliza's soon to be married media brouhaha and conveniently choose to ignore the carnage taking place before their very eyes on the 'live footage' being screened on their plasma tvs in airconditioned comfort, sipping their lattes and espressos as if it doesn't matter to them, about seeing their fellow Muslims being killed and degraded by the Zionists!

Thats the bloody reality of the pitiful state of affairs of the one's who shamelessly call themselves champions of 'Islam Hadhari' !

Where the hell is the spirit of 'Jihad'?

Reduced to a whimpering sick diseased state of mind amidst the hundreds of thousands of druggies and cowardly masses in the entire Muslim Ummah!

When I see this inertia being displayed by the entire so called Muslim nations, I can feel that what the Prophet SAW said before regarding the 'Wahn' deeply rooted in the Muslims hearts to be exactly true and that this present Ummah deserves to get what the Kuffars are dishing out to them and that there is no more pride left in the hearts and souls of the entire bunch of those criminal culprits who shamelessly claim to be the 'leaders of the Ummah'!

None. Not a single Muslim leader worth his salt has come forward to defend the people in Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine!

There's no use in having the OIC, Arab League, Muslim League or whatever bloody league by which they congregate together and pretend to act as if they are looking out for the Muslims worldwide!

I say it's better to just disband all those chicken hearted organisations that are wasting funds and precious resources in passing out worthless and useless resolutions after resolutions and declarations!

The money saved would be better spent in providing food and shelter to the suffering millions all over the world!

I for one feel no more respect towards these cowards and can now understand why some people are reduced to doing what they do when being pushed so very deeply into the corner as the Palestinians and Iraqis have done in venting out their sheer frustrations after seeing their families, their homes and their lifes be destroyed by the rampaging terrorists forces of the US, UK and Israel throughout their lands under the guise of bringing 'Freedom' to them!

My point once again is that I can understand why they have been blasting themselves to bits and taking down their tormentors with them.

Suicide is haram in Islam but because the socalled Muslim organisations have deserted them to their deaths, they prefer to die with a sense of pride and as their symbol of struggle to liberate their people and their lands rather than miserably exist as victimised scum of this Earth!

The culprits that have forced those poor suicide bombers to take their own lifes are none other than those who are today calling themselves as Presidents, Prime Ministers, Emirs, Syeikhs, Sultans and this and that of the so called Muslim countries!

That's the truth, the plain truth and I do dare any of the present Muslim 'leaders' to prove me wrong!

May Allah SWT at least bring them to their senses or replace them with better leaders to save the Ummah's from their present nightmares! Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen!


Adam said...

If you look at the root of the problem, none of the so-called Muslim countries are united.

If you look back at history, none of the Arab countries cared about the Palestinians. The Iraqis and Iranians were killing each other before Sadaam decided to attack Kuwait and landed himself in the mess he is in now. The Muslims have none to blame but themselves.

mahaguru58 said...

I second that opinion of yours Adam!

Rightly said! You've got a rational head there young man, keep it up.

If only the Muslims of the world wise up to their sad, sorry state of affairs today, we could expect something.

The way the Muslim masses are being distracted by their pursuits of the worldly attractions and love of this temporal earthly existence, it wouldn't matter to them if even the two holy mosques were to face attacks by the Zionists, they'd still be lying spiritless engorged on whatever fitnah they have their sorry selfs stuffed up with!

The Muslims have lost their sense of pride and honor, that's for sure save a few groups in countries already reeling from issues like poverty, widespread corruption and 'Tidak Apathy' especially here in Bolehland!

Here, in Malaysia, the Muslims who call themselves Champions of Islam, party away into the night and day after day, we have feasts, concerts, and coming soon, next change , we are gonna have Beer Parties all night long thanks to our Minister of Tourism and lower beer taxes!

So, all beer swiggers of the world are gonna congregate to Malaysia Boleh!! Yippee!!!

Who cares about the Middle East, right?

As long as we can have our parties and extravaganza's we don't give a hoot to whatever happens to our Muslim brethren over there!

Get my 'drift'?

paklah said...

I fail to understand the stand taken by OIC Chairman to just keep quiet as though nothing happens. Protest and condemnation should be put forward to show our disapproval towards Israel and USA blatant disregard for world peace. Muslim countries should combine forces to show Israel that we mean business. Somebody has to start the ball Mr OIC Chairman, what are you waiting for?

surfwarrior said...

What is your comment on Riyadh's position in unequivocally and unapologetically condemned Hamas and Hizbullah for their adventurism versus Israel.

Jeddah, July 13, SPA—An official source said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has believed and still believes in the right of people under occupation to fight this occupation in all its forms and to reject its illegal measures aiming at erasing identity and changing realties on the ground.

On this basis, the Kingdom has always been standing with all its capabilities with the legitimate Palestinian resistance which aims at resisting military occupation and avoiding harming the innocent. On the same basis, the Kingdom stood firmly with the resistance in Lebanon until Israeli occupation of Lebanon ended.

Viewing with deep concern the bloody, painful events currently taking place in Palestine and Lebanon, the Kingdom would like to clearly announce that a difference should be drawn between legitimate resistance and rash adventures carried out by elements inside the state and those behind them without consultation with the legitimate authority in their state and without consultation or coordination with Arab countries, thus creating a gravely dangerous situation exposing all Arab countries and its achievements to destruction with those countries having no say.

The Kingdom views that it is time that these elements alone bear the full responsibility of these irresponsible acts and should alone shoulder the burden of ending the crisis they have created.

uly 14, 2006 update: A day later, the KSA issued the same exact text, but this time with an added paragraph at the conclusion:

The Kingdom will continually seek for security and stability in the region, exerting everything that it can do to protect the Arab nation from an Israeli oppression and transgression.

Waris Tok Naga said...

Salaam Brother Mahaguru,

I had a terrible feeling when I knew that the third aircraft carrier was on it's way to the Persian Gulf. It was mentioned in the Global Peace Forum and later we knew it was the Ronald Reagan (nuclear powered) that stopped in Port Klang.

This war is well-anticipated by all parties to the conflict. The "assysmetrical warfare" doctrine declared by Iran has now been put to the test. Both Syria and Iran have now been thrown the bait that should rightfully draw them into the conflict. Right now, NO ONE is intent on playing peacemaker -- some strong words from Putin, that's it.

So one must go back to the greater mid-east vision of democracy expounded by Bush. In Iran, the quest is for regime change. Syria, as you know, have long withdrawn their forces from Lebanon -- and we can only speculate who killed Hariri, the great event that pushed them out of Lebanon. The gulf states, including Saudi Arabia and Eygpt owe their living and security to USA.

The current scenario, therefore, is orchestrated to test the will of the Iranian nation. The Majlis in Iran hv already decided that they are prepared to withdraw from the NPT (monitor Irna news agency).

If they can provoke Iran into this war, we might see (my hunch) Muslim nations coming out different from what we see now. But more importantly, should Iran becomes the victor, do we then become Shia and accept that Islam worldwide must be administered by the imamate theology ?

Is this not a test of who among us are true believers?

Or are we to witness the Imam Mahdi? -- reflect along these lines brother, implore Allah in the quiet of the night, seek the knowledge of His hidden secrets; and may you be rewarded with peace, wisdom and the insightful direction of days, months and years to come.

mahaguru58 said...

Jazakallah for your sharing of your views and take of the latest happenings in the Middle East, Brother Waris Tok Naga.

The current status quo regarding the nuclear capability of countries that are not subservient to the major players such as the USA, UK, Russia, EU bloc and the former Soviet countries spell disastrous consequences if they go ahead and try to build up on their own nuclear arsenal.

I am referring to Iran and North Korea. Iran does have the capability to be the second Muslim nation after Pakistan to be another nuclear power.

That's why the USA and Britain will never allow Iran to develop its nuclear technology for they fear that Iran will rise as a possible checkmate against the Zionist Israel's plans for domination of the Greater Middle East!

Iraq under Saddam had the capability but because Saddam was a bloody dictator himself and oppressed the Iraqis, the Revolutionary Guards weren't that keen to fight to the death against the US and its gang of thieves when they launched Desert Storm and ran Saddam out of power and into the hole underground!

The reality is that Saudi Arabia is an American pawn and the very 'Kingdom' came into being by the powerplay of the British and American kingmakers!

Where was there ever a Kingdom in Arabia? During the Prophet's time, there were only Tribal Chiefs each ruling over their own clan and waging wars against each other over petty things over Time immemorial!

The present House of Saud is established contrary to what Rasul SAW would want to see existing as it is today.

They will never want their 'kingdom' be dissolved as they should and restore a Caliphate based upon the example of the first Caliph of Islam, Saiyidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq!

Fear of losing their falsely established kingdom forces the Saud Family to capitulate to the dictates of their patrons , the Americans and Brits.

As for Iran's Shia creed, you do know that for those of us who ascribe to nothing but the Sunnah Wal Jama'ah of Rasul SAW as our bastion of faith, that will never be acceptable to us.

Only if the Muslims unite in the real sense of the word and return to what the Prophet SAW left us , will we see a renaissance of Islamic resurgence and the restoration of our honor and dignity!

Signs of the Last Days are already amidst us in these traumatic times and the 'Harj' taking place in the Middle East speaks of the war breaking out uncontrollably as evident in the Zionist Israelis are proclaiming that this is not gonna be a short term affair!

We can only state our viewpoints as clearly as possible and spread the message to our fellow Ummah to rally together as one and prepare for worse things to come.

Remember the hadith about natural disasters to increase in occurrence as trouble breaks out in the Middle East?

Well, the tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, all taking place within days of each other should serve as an eye opener for those who want to wake up from their obsession with pursuit of hedonistic temporal pleasures of this present world.

I can only pray that we are protected by Ar Rahman from falling victim to the deceit of our enemies and from the handiworks of the munafiqs and fasiqs growing in numbers by the day!Na' uzu billahil aliyyil azhim.