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Monday, July 31, 2006

IFC -The Documents showing their plans and grouses

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

There are many out there amongst the Non Muslims who ask for proof that the IFC are really asking for all the absurd sounding demands to the Malaysian Government to allow them to have a say in the religious affairs of Malaysian Muslims!

Pretty outrageous isn't it? Asking for permission or legal standing to be given to those of another creed to come in and dictate to Muslims as to how to live their life's and to give up their Rights to practice Islam without interference from any others out there?

A Non Muslim forum participant at Low Yat.Net has asked me to show proof of the IFC's demands that I wrote so passionately against in my blog here!

It so happened that I received the very proofs of the IFC's demands when I took part in a Seminar organised by the Allied Coordinating Committee of Islamic NGO's a few months back at Hotel Brisdale which was backed by YADIM @ Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia and the major Islamic NGO's like MACMA @ Malaysian Chinese Muslims Association, ABIM @ Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia ( Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement) and JIM @ Jama'ah Islam Malaysia.

So, here I am showing the world the proofs i have as to the 'demands' made by the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs or MCCBCHS who are the masterminds of the proposed IFC.

Read and decide for yourselves as to whether they are just in their outrageous demands to us Malaysian Muslims to open up ourselves, our life's , our very existence to be destroyed once and for all to 'satisfy' the ego's and the voracious appetite of those who clearly have an open agenda to infiltrate and massacre our faith as they please! You be the judge.

Be just and fair to yourselves. Put yourselves in the Muslims shoes and visualise what these fellas are asking!

Since these scanned pictures do take up a lot of space here, I am giving you the links to download and save for yourselves a copy, to read at your pleasure and maybe pass on to those who want to see for themselves the 'proof' of my contentions that these fellows are really a bit overzealous in their plans!

This is the main page of the letter to Cecil Rajendra, a prominent lawyer and poet which was sent to him by
K.Shanmuga, the MCCBCHS Representative who is part of the pro-tem planning committee to set up the IFC.

Although this letter is dated in 2001, their plans are still very much alive and looks like they will never let up on this.

I really want to ask, are the MCCBCHS not being allowed to practice their faiths all these while?

Have the Muslims here ever interfered with their faiths?

Why do they need to stir up unnecessary trouble and ill feeling within our nation, known for it's tolerance and willingness to live and let live with one another , no matter what creed or skin color one has?

Is Islam stifling any of their religious activities or Muslims forcing them to forgo their faith?

Click on the links below and see for yourselves what we Muslims aren't very happy about!

I am not saying that we Malaysians cannot have friendly discussions or dialogues with one another but these demands intend to interfere with how we Muslims live our life's which are not only very obstrusive into our Rights to practice our faith but also insanely criminal in the sense that they seek to destroy us as a rightful Ummah who live and die within the principles of Islam!

As long as I shall live, I swear in the Name of Allah, God Almighty that I will be with those who will oppose and object to the MCCBCHS's plans to interfere with Islam, here in this nation!

Wallahi Wabillahi Wa Lillah hi Rabbil Alameen.