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Friday, July 28, 2006

IFC - Reasons why Malaysian Muslims Oppose it!

I have wrote about why the Malaysian Muslims oppose the proposed IFC on 1st of March, 2006.Lately, however, it seems many of our fellow Malaysians still seem confused why this matter is of grave concern to us?

So, please. Take your time to read and learn about the reasons why we will never ever allow anyone, no matter who or what they are to interfere in a matter that is the most important to us, our religion. Without us defending our faith and its purity from such proposed interference, there's no point in us living as Muslims here on Earth.

Islam is very precious to us Muslims. Those of you who don't understand why we love it so much, should please do the right thing. Learn about it. You don't have to subscribe to what we hold nearer and dearer to us than our own life's. You can however just take note of the reasons why we will never say yes to the 'IFC'.

In the Name of God Almighty, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Illogical Demands made by the "Interfering in Islamic Faith Commission" :

1. A child born to Muslim parents should not automatically be considered as a Muslim.

Which decent normal parent of whatever faith will agree to such a stupid demand as this?

If you are a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh parent, will you like your baby, your child not to be regarded as belonging to the faith that you and your wife are professing?

I have come across cases where reverts to Islam have been hacked to death by their Non Muslim family members in reprisal for the reversion to Islam by their relatives.

How is that it is so repulsive to them (the non muslims) that they go to such criminal lengths to keep the members of their family within their religion but here are some of the Non Muslim Religious Terrorists demanding the Muslims to give up the rights of the Muslim's babies and children's rights to be raised as Muslims as guaranteed by the Constitution and even the UN Charter?

I guarantee you that civil unrest will break out in this land if this preposterous idiotic demand is ever allowed to take place here in Malaysia or in any other place on Earth for the matter!!!

Sheeessh! What utter poppycock are these fellows having as their brains? Bewilders me!

2. Reverts to Islam must be allowed to apostate to their original faith and no legal action should be taken against them.

Maybe these fellas who propose such an irresponsible demand fail to do a bit of homework about the Islamic rulings regarding apostasy.

Funny that there are 'lawyers' in the MCCBCHS coalition of supposedly legal eagles who surely must know that to demand such a thing leaves people questioning just what kind of legal advocates are these chaps when they fail to do a bit of research and study as to whether Islam allows such a thing to take place without ramifications?

To commit apostasy in Islam is to face the Syariah law of being put to death if after 3 attempts to advice the apostate to repent and return to submission of self before God Almighty fails!

If after being adviced , the apostate repents and returns to be a Muslim in the true sense , then he or she escapes persecution and no action will be further taken against them!

You cannot deny God after submitting to Him.

This is not a club membership where one enters and leaves as one pleases! Once you Declare that there is No God but Allah and that you accept Muhammad as Allah's Messenger, you cannot retract such a declaration!

Westerners take years and years to study the truth about Islam before making the decision to become a Muslim.

Malaysians here take Islam lightly as if it is a simple club membership where they can join and then leave if situations do not benefit them.

This is the sheer reason why these insincere people cry foul and make a huge fuss when they discover that becoming a Muslim is a one way ticket!

Reverting to Islam can be their ticket to Heaven or their passport to Hell if they do not live up to it's requirements!

Islam is not a faith to be taken lightly. Attesting that there is no God but Allah is a testament of belief in God. One can't make a U turn and say 'No, I have changed my mind!' It doesn't work that way.

The State Islamic Departments must make it compulsory to those who intend to embrace the faith to really understand the requirements and laws of the faith before registering them as Muslims.

Their lifes depend on it. I would like to see stricter implementations of rules and guidelines plus make the reverts attend a proper course on Islam and the legal implications that they will face if they renege on their Shahadah!

Today, every Ah Chong, Samy and John simply declare that they believe in Allah and that they accept Islam as their chosen faith for the sole purpose of marrying their Muslim sweethearts!

As with all marriages, things might be rosy for a year or two, then gradually turn sour after each discovers that they made a mistake.

So, what do these bin Abdullah's do? Simply go back to living their life as they always have been before without thinking for a second of the consequences of their actions!

Did they not think that they will be running foul of Islamic Syariah laws when they renounce the Faith of Islam as they please?

I say this to those who are thinking of becoming a Muslim not for the sake of accepting Allah as your true God but just because you need to be a Muslim in order to marry your darling who's a Muslim ; think seriously and think hard.

Do not take Islam in vain. There are certain requirements you seriously need to take into consideration before saying just from your lips and not in your heart and mind that " There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is Allah's (Final)Messenger".Your future depends on it.

3. Any apostasy cases involving Muslims must not be judged in the Syariah Courts but must be heard in the Civil courts.

Apostasy is not a civil thing. It concerns a matter of faith.

Any simpleton knows that things involving such religious situations must only be handled by the respective religious authority and in this land called Malaysia, the religious court best able to handle such complexities concerning such a matter as apostasy from Islam must be handled by none other than the Syariah courts.

It's like asking some stranger reprimand your wayward child!

Do you honestly agree to having a bloke from the street come and pass judgement on your child who is not being compliant with a rule that you as a parent have imposed in your household?

If you can say yes to that stranger coming in and interfere in your home , man , you are in deep @#$%!

As I am the master of my home , so is Allah the Master over His servants!

Never will we allow any Tom, Dick or Harry come mess up our home , so will we Muslims never accept the IFC to come mess up our faith!

Following the statement style of Karpal Singh wayback in 1990, 'you will have to cross our dead bodies before we will allow you any inch into our space of Islamic Syariah's jurisdiction over the affairs of Muslims for God's sake'!!!

4. The status of being a Muslim must not be stated in the identity card.

I have no problems with that. You go ahead and try file your case in the courts! To me , the status of being a Muslim or otherwise rests within the individual and Allah SWT!

5. Non Muslims must not be required to embrace Islam if they wish to marry Muslims.

This is plain stupid. For all the legal expertise pooled up between the MCCBCHS members , this demand clearly blows to bits their reputation of being smart enough to fight a legal case in defense or offense against a matter as important as religion!

Will any decent , normal self respecting Muslim parent ever allow his son or daughter go marry someone who is not Muslim in the first place?

Maybe those who don't give a hoot about religion will allow you to do so but long as Islam is the official religion of this land, keep dreaming.

6. Muslims must be allowed to apostate if they wish to marry a non Muslim without facing legal action.

Yeah right! Keep asking for the impossible. Wait for the cats to grow horns MCCBCHS! You guys have nothing better to do, eh? Well, keep on deluding yourselves!

We will not just watch from the sidelines when our faith is being challenged. Won't tell you now what I and ACCIN will do but just cross that line and we'll have a ball. It's a Promise.

7. A parent or a married couple who revert to Islam must not be given parental rights or custody over their children.

Of all the stupid demands, man..this takes the cake! :D Honestly...I have to ask this question.

Will any parent give up their children? Ask yourself. Will you give up your own flesh and blood ?

Be honest and answer truly and honestly? The normal answer will be ..'Hell No!!!'

If you answer otherwise, something's definitely wrong either with you or those responsible for bringing you into this world!

Any sane parent will fight to the death to keep his or her child! Unless he or she is not fit to take care or be able to provide for them, then that's another matter!

But when it comes to the matter of faith, unlike other people, we Muslims will defend Islam with everything we have! Even if it means to die in the effort! No big deal!

We love our faith more than anything else! That's a worldwide wellknown fact!

Don't try challenge us when it comes to our faith. Everyone else fights for their race and nationalities. Muslims fight for the sake of Allah the Almighty.

8. Non Muslims who have family ties with a Muslim revert must be given rights over the estate of the Muslim revert upon his or her death.

As in the case of the late Allahyarham Muhammad bin Abdullah @ Moorthy, his wife has been given the rights to his estate.

Muslims have no problems with that unless the deceased leaves a will stating otherwise, that depends on the courts to decide. No problem with this one.

9. The Malaysian government must allocate funds to build and maintain religious places of Non Muslims as what the government has been allocating to masjids.

The MCCBCHS surely make me feel ashamed to learn that their study and research never came across the governments numerous allocations to non muslims religious places.

Go ask your local YB for the info. You can even search the internet for such information.

I have seen such allocations info online before . If needed , we might do a research together.

This demand is out of date. The allocations have already been given and are being given till today.

10. Non Muslims must be allowed and not barred from using Islamic holy words in speeches, publications, etc.

What does this demand tell us? That the MCCBCHS are bankrupt of religious principles and now are asking for permission to imitate Islam and the Muslims in using Muslim terminology in their 'faith'.

It's like asking your teacher ' I want to copy Tommy. Please allow me to do so !

Who ever graduated these fellas from Law School?

11. Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia must be allowed to be distributed freely to the general public without any hindrance.

This demand clearly betrays the MCCBCHS intent to propagate their faiths to the Muslims.

It's against the laws to do that and also against the Constitution and against our faith!

You want to do that, go do it elsewhere. Not in Malaysia.

12. Non Islamic religious education for those professing so must be allowed to be taught in all schools.

I know that Moral classes have been held in all schools for Non muslim students since Merdeka. I have no objections to this. To each their own, I say.

13. Islamic programmes in mother tongues must be abolished.

What a bloody stupid demand? Why the hell do you the MCCBCHS care if we teach our children in English, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin, Tagalog or whatever language that our children are familiar with? And you guys speak of rights? What about our rights?

14. Religious propagation of other faiths besides Islam must be allowed to be broadcasted in the respective mother tongues.

As if the various faiths are being muzzled in this land? Are the MCCBCHS blind to all the religious processions and festivities taking place daily in Malaysia?

Don't pretend to be tourists in your own land! Try walking around each city and town in Malaysia. There's always something going on in the temples and churches of this land!

15. Muslims who are paying Zakat must not be exempted from paying Income Tax and the Zakat funds must be also used for the needs of Non Muslims.

Is the MCCBCHS devoid of intelligent lifes? Do you demand that religious obligations that we have in our faith be dismissed off as not contributing to the state's coffers?

Do you then shamelessly ask that the Zakat money which is due to orphanages, masjids and welfare homes be used to fund other faith's temples or churches?

Don't you have any shame? No sense of honor?

16. Malaysian students school uniforms must not follow Islamic requirements as a first choice.

You can dress your daughter as you please to school but when she sticks out like a sore thumb among others , who's to blame for her distress?You don't like the dress code?

Send your kids to any other schools you like! No one's stopping you!


So, that's it dear readers!

The impossible demands being made by the MCCBCHS with their cohorts in Sisters in Islam, a sisterhood of Muslim liberals who are the culprits of selling out this blessed faith for cheap publicity and God knows what else?

To me, I don't give a second thought about those who choose to be with the enemies of Islam.

Allah SWT surely will be with us who defend Islam , today, tomorrow and forever !!!

Wabillahi taufeek walhidayah. Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi ta'ala wabarakatuh.


ducky said...

the one and only thing a muslim can never understand is the concept of free will.

what is the point of believing in a religion you no longer believe in but force to by law.

and you think all this are stupid demands. go figure.

residentcynic said...

So let me get this straight:

Reverting from other faiths to Islam = good and even encouraged.

Reverting from Islam to atheism or to another faith = punishable by death.

You really can't see how this is bias and is illegal under the Consititution which states that all citizens are equal under law can you. If you want to make apostasy a crime punishable by death, fine. But then you also have to make it a crime punishable by death for anyone who converts from his or her religion to Islam - otherwise don't dare call yourself or your faith "just", because there is no justice at all.

::Lord Apprentice:: said...

hi there sir,

you seem like a very intelligent person, especially from some of your blog entries. but it dissapoints me to read how you can swing from such highly intelligent posts to a post such as this.

you seem extremely fanatical about your religion, which is fine, but don't be fanatical for the rest of us. All malaysians simply want is fairness. But off course, it is impossible for you to understand what we mean because we are on opposite sides of the fence. You can only see and experience living in malaysia from your side, whilst we from ourside.

As far as we can looks very rosy and perfect for the people on your side...while we face subtle subtle, that many do on your side do not even see it.

mahaguru58 said...

I have read your blog postings and understand how frustrated you are about the Malays getting the privileges whilst the Chinese like you have to slog like hell to make it in life!

Well my fellow Malaysian, not all Malays are having it so good as you figure them all to be.

There are only a very small number of those who are living a lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.

So do quite a large number of Chinese and Indians who have the 'connections'.

But does it matter to common folks like you and me?

I don't know about you but I'm more comfortable to earn my livelihood through my own own hard work!

I don't give a shit about all those who are living in luxury.

As a kampong man, I come from a very humble background hence I am not that hard up to live a life full of splendour etc.

I read your blogs and sense your deep rooted animosity towards the Malays hence I figure it has sort of clouded your judgements and has colored your viewpoints as such.

Anyway, its your life brother and you might have gone through some very trying times hence I figure all those frustrations will surely leave a mark on you.

I leave it to you to feel what you want about 'freedom' in Islam or whatever but if you are in KL bro, I welcome you to contct me if you are ever gonna be free one of these days where we can meet up for a cuppa at KLCC or anywhere else and share our thoughts about the point you raised.

To explain to you as to why Islam forbids apostasy here is gonna take too much space because things like that are not something we can complete in one or two sentences.



Same story as ducky's. You guys have lived your lifes listening to all the negative side of Islam and from sources that paint to you the picture in a different light.

Religion is not something one comes to understand in a split second brother.

Even many 'born Muslims' do not know heck about Islam!

I myself came to realise my religion well and proper only after getting married and becoming a father!

It depends on the individual bro. Some get to realise one's faith early, some late , some don't ..even to the day they pass away from life here on Earth.

One of these days guys, we should all meet maybe at the KLCC As-Syakirin Masjid in the KLCC Park area.

I will be more than pleased to arrange a picnic in the park where we can sit and discuss these things in a more pleasant, relaxed manner.

We are Malaysians,brothers. I am sure that if we want to , we can discuss these matters amicably and come to a common understanding about such things.

I for one am ready to do so, what the heck let's get it over with rather than keep it all pent up inside and seethe for nothing!

Bloggers are expressive people. some curse like ducky, some speak their minds articulately, some mumble and grumble inside.

To me, being able to speak up is a right that everyone must be given an avenue to do so and meetups to clear the air must be initiated to bring a better understanding between us as Malaysians, living together in a multi racial, multi cultural country!

We don't have to be so scared of one another based on the suspicions and enmity which has been simmering deep down inside most Malaysians hearts.

So, you guys ready to talk?


Lord's Apprentice,

Join us for the talk in the park.

Let's discuss.

Billy said...

Hi MG58
Talking about the fear of being subjugated by religion, allow me to relate to you an incident that happened to me some years ago.

In 1990 when I was a GM of a GLC, a Malay girl who was the secretary to our Finance Manager, came to my office one morning to confide something of a personal nature in me. She told me that she had just submitted her resignation to her boss and would soon be following her husband to Sabah who had been transferred there on a job assignment. She further added that eversince the decision was made to stay in KK, she had been filled with much apprehension and fear as she would henceforth be staying in a "Christian" state. She knew I was a Christian, she asked me how do Christians treat non-Christians and a host of other quesitons which really bewildered me. I told myself that this girl was really scared. I comforted her by saying that Christians are just like any other normal people and religion to us is a private and personal matter, and since PBS was part of the BN, I assured her that her religious welfare would be well taken care of. We had several more meetings after this and until the day she left the company, I knew in my mind she was still not convinced.

Now what the girl went through was a mere perception and it was already troubling her. Compared with what the non-Muslims have to put up today which is the real happening of living in a so-called Islamic State, this is enough to drive real fear in us. Eversince Mahathir announced that Malaysia was an Islamic State in 2001, I feel nothing but pure apprehension since then. There is so much of fear in our hearts and minds and unless the BN, especially the PM, takes the initiative to allay these feelings, I also fear what our nation would be liked tomorrow. Instead of allaying our fears, now the PM told us to shut up. I told myself so much for putting him and men in office in 2004. We thought he would take care of us so now we know better.

So MG can I have your views on this? I have read with interest your article that Malaysia cannot be an Islamic state but I and other well meaning non-Muslims need to hear from our leaders as well. They cannot tell us to shut up (thus bottling us up) and not do anything at all. Something has to be done, and fast.

mahaguru58 said...

Brother Billy,
I understand fully well about your fears as to your rights and concerns of others like yourself as to what provisions there are if the Malaysian Government were to ever really in the very true sense of the word morph into the Islamic Kingdom of Malaysia!

Frankly speaking, I would like to assure you that they way this nation is set up ; that will just be a very superficial 'Islamic Nation of Malaysia' for the very authorities and the Royals of this land will stand to lose many,many privileges which they now are enjoying if the nation is to be governed by God Almighty's Holy Qur'an!

Do you for a second think that the powers that be will ever want to lose all the 'perks' they are currently enjoying by implementing Islamic Shari'ah as per the Laws of Allah the Almighty as revealed in the Holy Qur'an?

No way jose! They would rather put on a show of adherence to the Shari'ah but it is just false pretences!

Have no fear Billy. No chance of that ever happening for all the Bumiputra privileges would fly out in a split second the moment this nation ever practices governance according to the Holy Qur'an!

You know why? The truth is that in Islam, everyone is considered equal before the Qur'anic laws.

The Non Muslims are required to pay a tax @ like the income tax to be used for maintenance of public facilities, etc to ensure the government's protection and general providing of services to them.

The Islamic system of justice is very fair and it does not penalize the innocent.

Hudud is actually a very effective deterrent of crime and since this nation only pays 'lip service' in administering justice in the so called Shari'ah courts, proper Islamic Laws have yet to be implemented in the Shari'ah courts.

That's why crime is on the way up and 'Muslims' here in Malaysia do not give a hoot to all the so called 'Religious Departments' breathing down their necks every now and then in a show that they are doing their jobs!

It's all poppycock and media hype!

The punishment for Zina @ Adultery is based on having 4 male witnesses, who need to be respectable persons of good character, who saw the act of adultery clearly with their own eyes!

They need to have seen the actual act of sexual penetration to be considered as 'reliable witnesses' in order to qualify to charge the couple!

Now pray tell me Brother Billy, which honorable men would stand by idly and watch such a sinful act without preventing such an act of adultery in the first place?

As such, adultery would be very hard to be proved unless the offending couple were to come forward and confess to their crime themselves!

Unnecessary exaggeration and fear mongering by those who know nuts about the Hudud Laws of Islam based on the Qur'an and Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) have caused Non Muslims all over the world to fear the Shari'ah without actually knowing the real truth about them!

I will write a post about the rights of Non Muslims living in an Islamic Nation soon.

To tell you the truth,not a nation here on Earth today practices the Shari'ah to the letter according to what God Almighty and His Last Messenger sent to the Entire Mankind have left as our Complete Guidance on how to live our lifes and rule accordingly!

Even Saudi Arabia is not ruled according to the true Shari'ah laws!

The present Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a British and American set up.

There were no kings of Arabia during the Prophet's lifetime!

Where did this royalty pop out from?

That's where we need to go back into the pages of History to find out about all these false kingdoms and false prophets or socalled religious authorities who are bullshitting the entire world about their Islamic nations and half baked rulings based upon the whims and fancies of their own egos and desires instead of being based on the actual laws of Allah SWT in the Quran!

Give me some time to carry out my study and research on this and to write about the 'Islamic Nation' thingy and where all you guys fit in!

God is just, Billy!

If He didn't love us, He would not have created us in the first place.

He asks us Muslims to :
'Invite all (mankind) to the Way of Thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and Reason with them (Non Muslims) in ways that are best and most gracious!

Surah An Nahl (The Bee)
Chapter 16 : Verse 125 .
Holy Qur'an.

I am trying my best to follow the above commandment by Almighty God hence here I am trying to share with you and all others about the truth concerning Islam and its Laws.

God willing, I will continue doing so as long as I am alive and able to by blogging about it here!

Peace be upon you brother Billy and to all of you my brothers and sisters, fellow mankind and Children of Our Father, the Holy Prophet Adam (may peace be upon him)Ameen!