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Friday, July 28, 2006

Israelis deserve no mercy! Their blood is halal!

This scene of destruction has been captured by Kevin Sites, a brave journalist who witnessed a direct precision hit by an Israeli regime's fighter jet on a building block and the resulting total destruction of the building housing Lebanese civilian population!
The Zionist's ruse claiming that they are after the Hezbullah is clearly exposed by this criminal act of purposeful destruction of the Lebanese nation's infrastructure and total annihilation of it's people!

Adolf Hitler must have known the kind of vermin the Zionists are and that's why he exterminated those Zionists wholescale to spare the world the scourge that the Israelis hve now shown themselves to be!

When the WTC buildings were imploded and destroyed by forces still unknown yet the blame was put by the US Bush's Administration that Al-Qaeda was involved and that the Taliban in Afghanistan were involved!

So, what did they do? They carpetbombed a country so poor that people still ride on mules to get from point A to B and are reduced to growing poppy to sell off to the heroin drug laboratories!

America, the world's most powerful nation wages war on donkey riding farmers and dirt poor Afghanistanis! What a bleeding lopsided world, this is !

And here we are, living in the socalled 21st century, witnessing with our very eyes , the atrocities being perpetrated by a supplanted people called Israelis upon those who never ventured forth into their occupied Palestinian territories and now waging war upon the poor Lebanese!

Is there any sense of true unbiased justice left in this world? By their own admission, the Zionists today publicly declare that their aggression upon Lebanon will go on and they will not stop their destruction upon the Lebanese!

This clearly opens the bastards up for being shown no mercy if ..that's a very big if ...there will be a major coalition of Muslim forces having the balls to do the right thing! Blitzkrieg the bloody Yahuds to Kingdom come , once and for all, fulfilling the prophecies of the Signs of the Last Days!

An eye for an eye as the Biblical saying goes! The Israeli blood are now halal! Death to Israel!

Al-Qaeda has declared Holy War upon Israel! May they succeed in teaching the Zionists a lesson!


Emmanuel said...

Agreed with many of your points but on the item on Bahasa bibles, I respectfully disagree.I believe the real Christian intention(the sincere one that is) is the faith growth of the Bahasa speaking Christians (Orang Aslis, Borneo Christians and Indonesian migrant Christians).Its quite impossible to translate the Bible into each and every dialect so BM would be the easiest, IMHO.

mahaguru58 said...

Brother Emmanuel,

I understand your point and I have no objections if the intended parties to receive such Bibles be for those people you have mentioned.

May Peace be upon you brother. I hope we can meetup one of these days. Take care Emmanuel.

You are my favourite Christian. :)

I respect you because you have all the qualities of the type of Christian whom Almighty Allah mentions in His Holy Qur'an.