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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Judge for yourselves! Aren't these comments malicious?

As they say, nothing beats visual proof or 'black & white' evidence to back my earlier post about some Malaysian bloggers who seem to have a 'Diarrhoea of the Mind' or in this case a proven severe state of Dementia or 'Islamophobia'.

Take a look at the manner in which these chaps are spewing forth venom, racist & religious hatred as shown by their choice of words and manner of expressions.

For Muslims like me, such insults are very hurtful and it pains me to see such people fall into this category of being those who don't appreciate decent speech and gentlemenly conduct.

May the Almighty give them their dues ; either here on Earth itself or in the Hereafter.

After all, they are asking for it. Don't you all agree? Que sera sera..whatever will be , will be!

Insults seem to be the order of the day.

Blasphemy towards God Almighty.

Apostasy Advocate wannabe.

Political commentator.

Racist taunter.

Wouldn't he be happy if the Malays apostate in total?

Judging from his train of 'thought' , that's very obvious, isn't it?

Truth will come out soon.

This chap wants to create a new category of Bumi's . Any vacancy in the NRD?

A professor in theology?

50-50. Not here nor there. Hmmm...