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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Judge for yourselves! Aren't these comments malicious?

As they say, nothing beats visual proof or 'black & white' evidence to back my earlier post about some Malaysian bloggers who seem to have a 'Diarrhoea of the Mind' or in this case a proven severe state of Dementia or 'Islamophobia'.

Take a look at the manner in which these chaps are spewing forth venom, racist & religious hatred as shown by their choice of words and manner of expressions.

For Muslims like me, such insults are very hurtful and it pains me to see such people fall into this category of being those who don't appreciate decent speech and gentlemenly conduct.

May the Almighty give them their dues ; either here on Earth itself or in the Hereafter.

After all, they are asking for it. Don't you all agree? Que sera sera..whatever will be , will be!

Insults seem to be the order of the day.

Blasphemy towards God Almighty.

Apostasy Advocate wannabe.

Political commentator.

Racist taunter.

Wouldn't he be happy if the Malays apostate in total?

Judging from his train of 'thought' , that's very obvious, isn't it?

Truth will come out soon.

This chap wants to create a new category of Bumi's . Any vacancy in the NRD?

A professor in theology?

50-50. Not here nor there. Hmmm...


ali allah ditta said...

As a blogger U are bound to cross path with these parasites who hides their face "di belakang punggung",
"menyalak macam anjing gila" & guna komputer untuk lepas geram.

Are they really champions of their own race or just pondans that haunts Chow Kit in the late hours to gain some attention & beg for a few cents untuk hidup??

They are sickos!!!


mahaguru58 said...

That's what I feel too. Gone are the days when men had the 'balls' to face up with those whom they have an issue with.

Today, eunuchs rage all over the forums and blogs , spewing forth their trashy tantrums and pretend to be 'terror's!

How we wish, we were back in the 60s and 70s Brother Ali, where any differences would best be settled by a man to man fight as we used to.

Nowadays, its either bespectacled geeks or goondoos throwing tantrums before a pc! :P

As they said in my hometown before' Nak kena bagi penerajang gila kat depa ni!' :))

Haiyaa..Brother KTemoc would know..he's a Penangite also!

Those days we used to have raging battles between the different school gangs and kicked ass!

Today, we are reduced to punching in the keyboards!

Aiyyaaa..nang bu ti nang ..kui bu ti kui...

Looks like the idiots are spawning and in season Brother Ali!..

Go get that Baygon spray!! :P

jbhlee said...

Frankly I don't see any Islam bashing in those blog comments you pasted. I have seen worst from the Islamist but I hold it that every individual has the right the voice his opinion. Why are you worried?

mahaguru58 said...

Either you must be so in a hurry to finish your speed reading that you can't see the insulting words that these comments contain or it is just selective reading, Mr.Lee?

I don't think that you will ever want to accept that such manner of comments are insulting to Muslims!

You are right when you say everyone has a right to voice his or her opinion but when it touches on religious sensivities such as these chaps have done, then my friend, it is just a case of attempting to provoke the hornets hive!

Don't complain when you get stung!

These fellas are itching for be it.

Let them poke us further...the end result won't be so pretty..for both parties. Don't you agree?

anthraxxxx said...

sigh, this is a very sad day for malaysia.

mahaguru58 said...

What to do bro anthraxxxx, some folks never learn.

We just have to go with the flow.

Que sera sera, whatever will be will definitely be!