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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mahathir's Dilemna-Spilling of the beans!

My,my,my! As each day unfolds, we are now being offered a juicy piece of news by the press and things that were classified as Official Secrets Act material @ OSA are now being declassified and presented to the Malaysian public to 'clear the air' about Tun Dr.Mahathir's broadside to the present government.

In a way, I see this as a good development for the nation. For the last two decades, Malaysians were kept in the dark and only alerted to whatever small beans that slipped out of the bag of the very government who were voted into power by us!

Transparency as we know it wasn't really the order of the day during Tun Dr.M's rule! The slightest opposition by his team players would see them bundled out of their posts and those who made too much noise would find themselves 'enjoying' an unexpected trip to Kamunting's government sponsored R&R that folks like Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and the likes found out during Operatian Lalang!

Today, the situation looks pretty interesting with the spilling of the beans from both sides as to who did what and why?

In a sense, all this coming 'clean' should be good for the country. At least, the general blanket of fear and secrecy will no longer hang over anyone who dares to ask questions about issues that affect them and the nation itself.

Tun Dr.Mahathir tries to paint a picture of him being a good citizen by asking all these questions about matters which actually has his participation in all the decisions made.

The reality that he knew each and every bit that went on with his projects and proposals surely contrasts very clearly with his seeming to be a good boy in lampooning the present players in team Barisan Nasional.

Dealing with 'kiasu' Singapore is no easy task. As a Malaysian who has CPF funds due to me from Singapore from my 6 years of working in the island republic from 1980 to 1986, I always followed whatever news came out from the 'negotiations' between Malaysia and Singapore about it.

Unfortunately, Singapore has always been screwing Malaysia with its 'either you kowtow to my package deals' or 'nothing doing' kiasu attitude doesn't favor us in the long run.

From the matter of 'bloody cheap raw water' being supplied to the 'Israeli wannabe' upstart republic over the decades, to the matter of the seawater blocking Johor Causeway, to it's wanna fly its warplanes scouting over our Malaysian peninsular to its stockpiling of our Malaysian contribution funds in its Central Provident Fund @ CPF refusing to release the billions of our hardearned cash to us when we leave the island, Keretapi Tanah Melayu lands in the republic, asking for sand to be supplied for its land expansion projects, the Royal Malaysian naval base in Woodlands, Pedra Branca @ Pulau Batu Putih issues, the damage being done to the ecology in our Straits of Johor by its land reclamation works in the sea bordering us, and its endless poke it to you gestures when 'dealing' with the Malaysian government, Singapore has not been a very good 'neighbour' in the long run to us!

I welcome all this exposures and declassifications of socalled OSA documents as a result of the BN Government today being pushed into a corner by Tun Dr.Mahthir's goading for 'answers'!

As if he doesn't know what they are. He knows everything that took plce and is taking place for surely for someone who had been calling the shots for 22 long years as the Prime Minister, his sources of intelligence would have matured to something even Scotland Yard would be proud of.

Let this unravelling of all that had been swept under the carpet come out in the open. We would all then have access to all the nitty gritty details of the wheeling and dealing that took place and is currently going on in government.

The Malaysian public deserves to be told why our government seems so lethargic when dealing with our 'kiasu' neighbouring republic south of the peninsular?

We ought to wake up from the slumber that seems to be holding back this country when dealing with an upstart nation that has been giving us the short end of the stick in negotiations all this while. What dirty secrets are there that made Malaysia get screwed each and everytime the BN government sat at the meeting table with Lee Kuan Yew's government?

Tun Dr.Mahathir was the man in charge all those 22 years! He has a lot to spill out! Let the spilling of the beans begin!


Waris Tok Naga said...

I think we all know that real divisions (of hearts and minds)have now existed among muslims. In the future, maybe this kind of case should be decided by a non muslim judge.

Creating negative perceptions about mufti and muslim judges does not help the ummah at all.

MasKesumaSari said...

I am heeding your advice and am now blogging just like you though I may not in the same leaque as you are now as a blogger.
I am making an attempt to make sense by way of mathematically analysing the rationale behind the decision flip flop on building the causeway .

Do drop by to my blogspot once a while.