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Monday, July 17, 2006

Middle East Crisis-Who's the Culprit really?

I was having my dinner just now, watching CNN when the CNN Reporter started asking Lebanon's Home Minister ' Why is Lebanon not stopping the Hezbullah from attacking Israel?'

Of all the screwed up media manipulating, that surely takes the cake! Imagine the preposterous line of questioning that idiot from CNN was putting through to the Lebanese Minister!

Who the hell is attacking whom? Has any Lebanese fighter jets flew over and bombed Tel Aviv?
It is the Zionist rogue forces who are inflicting severe damage and loss of life upon the Lebanese people and the Hezbullah have just responded by shelling Haifa!

Are the Zionist lifes much more precious than those of the Lebanese? The way CNN, BBC and the other Western media are reporting, it is as if the Hezbullah are the ones who started all these escalating tensions in the region!

The Ummah would be better to watch out for these kind of manipulative and selective reporting coming from the Media Axis of Evil, twisting and distorting news and showing just the Hezbullah's few shells landing on Haifa whereas the major Lebanese infrastructures are being destroyed systematically by the terrorist regime of Tel Aviv!

As expected , the 'castrated' Arab leaders are still acting as if they know nothing of the massacre taking place upon their Lebanese brethren! What a bunch of useless morons.

No wonder , a rogue illegitimate nation such as Israel can get away with murder and still get the USA and Britain to exercise their veto against any bloody resolution against them by the bunch of eunuchs calling themselves as the 'United Nations'!

Kofi Annan is a stupid idiot with no powers or has the balls to uphold justice! What has the UN ever done to stop Israel? Nothing! Zilch! Na na!

The Muslim world is disoriented and living as cowards, running away at the slightest disturbance as if they can escape Maut if it is their time to leave this Earth. All foreign embassies and consulates are packing up and getting the hell out of Beirut as they know, no one's gonna come to the defence of Lebanon!

Not even when the whole Arab nations are just all around them. A useless cowardly bunch of spiritless people reduced to being just shadows of their forefathers who waged war against any oppressors and among themselves since time immemorial!

Just mark my words, the worse is yet to come! The whole Middle East is gonna go up in flames and bombed to bits because they failed to rally to the defense of their brethren and remain disunited just as the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam foretold a thousand over years ago!

The Arabs only way out is to return to the Sunnah and rally up support from their brother nations and unite as one against the Zionists and their patrons!

George Bush Jr is Israel's godfather and he knows pretty well that the Arabs don't have it in them to unite and be up to anything! It's all gonna be pure rhetoric and hot air coming out from under all those kaffiyehs and fine cotton robes hunkering down their big fat butts on plush cushions in air conditioned comfort , engaging in useless conferences after conferences that will end up in more disunity and escalated mayhem, from the looks of it!

Worse come to worse, you'll see the masses of Arabs descending here to Malaysia, to get away from the spiralling strife taking place in Lebanon and the Syrian border!

There are those who question the National Service trainees handling firearms training in their 2 year stint. Well, hello, look at what's happening in Lebanon?

We need to have our young people readied to be absorbed into our armed forces and be as the backup teams to aid our uniformed personnel when and if the situation deteriorates worldwide!

From the looks of it, I see this as the start to a whole bigger escalation of war throughout the world!

Enough of the useless wastage of funds and resources of this land being splurged on entertainment and hedonism. The nation needs to get itself ready to face any contingencies coming our way in the very near future.

Pak Lah needs to focus his energies and attention to the crisis emerging from the Middle East and forget about answering Tun Dr.Mahathir at the moment.

The OIC needs to stop saying 'Oh! I See! and do what they can to help their brother nations facing the Zionist Israeli's criminal acts of war against Lebanon and Syria, not forgetting the Gaza Palestinians.

We can just pray that the Arabs will soon wake up and start organising themselves to face Israel as a whole entity.


paklah said...

I totally agree with really project the "Muslim are brothers" attitude. It's a shame that the OIC President chose to ignore the reality and be "dumbelegant silent" about it. What is he afraid of? Forget the Jews, forget Singapork. Do something about it because Islam is in jeopardy and facing destruction. Salute to you, brother.

-canuck- said...

Who the hell is attacking whom?

Hizbolla is shelling Israel and Israel is attacking Hizbolla.

Do you not have televisions in your part of the world?

mahaguru58 said...

It is true isn't it?

We are all one Worldwide Brotherhood of Muslims and it's high time we really put to practice what Islam has been teaching all along!

The problem with the Ummah is that we still dwell on the differences between us and do not really trust or love our fellow Muslims , no matter what color is their skin, color of their eyes, status , position in life, etcetera!

Only when Muslims return to their senses and realise that when we remain divided, we shall fall and only if we become united as One Ummah in the real sense, will we regain our strength, our pride and our honor as the 'Khairul Ummah'!

All the Ummah's leaders are acting dumb and plain bloody stupid as they choose to ignore the reality that today, at this very second, the Lebanese are suffering, the Iraqis are being subject to the American's bombings and getting raped, tortured, burnt to their death and unmentionable horrid butcherings, the so called leaders of the OIC remain mere spectators to the carnage!

What's the point of waiting for a useless, funds wasting bunch of idiots in suits and fancy attires , busy passing resolutions after numerous resolutions that is best used to wipe their sorry asses there in the United Nations HQ in New York!

America is the # 1 Terroriser of the Ummah! Wake up to the stark reality!

The US of A under the present dictatorship of George Bullshit Bush Jr as he has proved by his 'candid' speech to British Bootlicker Tony Blair yesterday in the CNN's live tv footage will never stop the Zionist Israelis from obliterating the Ummah in Lebanon!

The cowardly armed forces of Lebanon are standing idly by as their country is being bombed to bits by the Yahuds!

Forget about Hezbullah being the socalled target of the bastards from Israel!

Isn't the daily wanton bombing of the Lebanese nation cause enough to scramble your forces to defend itself or even to counter attack the warring Zionists?

I don't know what to make out of this paralysis plaguing the Muslims of the Arabian world?

What more does the Arab League want to suffer before they get to their senses and go fight the bastards from Israel?

Maybe they are waiting the Zionist ground forces to come in and start massacring their wives and children before their very eyes before they develop a slight, eeny meeny tiny murmur of rage in their feeble hearts or just kowtow to the Yahuds and raise up their sorry butts to be creamed before any sense of honor is to take place in their selfs?

I am totally not surprised anymore for the hadith of the Prophet SAW is being realised day by day by each passing second!

Folks here in Malaysia are still engaged with Siti Nurhaliza's soon to be married media brouhaha and conveniently choose to ignore the carnage taking place before their very eyes on the 'live footage' being screened on their plasma tvs in airconditioned comfort, sipping their lattes and espressos as if it doesn't matter to them, about seeing their fellow Muslims being killed and degraded by the Zionists!

Thats the bloody reality of the pitiful state of affairs of the one's who shamelessly call themselves champions of 'Islam Hadhari' !

Where the hell is the spirit of 'Jihad'?

Reduced to a whimpering sick diseased state of mind amidst the hundreds of thousands of druggies and cowardly masses in the entire Muslim Ummah!

When I see this inertia being displayed by the entire socalled Muslim nations, I can feel that what the Prophet SAW said before regarding the 'Wahn' deeply rooted in the Muslims hearts to be exactly true and that this present Ummh deserves to get what the Kuffars are dishing out to them and that there is no more pride left in the hearts and souls of the entire bunch of those who claim to be the 'leaders of the Ummah'!

None. Not a single Muslim leader worth his salt has come forward to defend the people in Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine!

There's no use in having the OIC, Arab League, Muslim League or whatever bloody leaue by which they congregate together and pretend to act as if they are looking out for the Muslims worldwide!

Better disband all those chicken hearted organisations that waste funds and precious resources in passing out worthless and useless resolutions or declarations!

The money would be better spent in providing food and shelter to the suffering millions all over the world!

I for one feel no respect towards these cowards and can now understand why some people are reduced to doing what they do when pushed so very deeply into the corner as some Palestinians and Iraqis have done in venting out their sheer frustrations after their families, their homes and their lifes have been destroyed by the rampaging terrorists forces of the US, UK and Israel throughout their lands!

My point once again is that I can understand why they have been blasting themselves to bits and take down their tormentors with them.

Suicide is haram in Islam but because the socalled Muslim organisations have deserted them to their deaths, they prefer to die with pride rather than exist as scum of the earth!

The culprits that have forced those poor suicide bombers to take their own lifes are none other than those who are calling themselves as Presidents, Prime Ministers, Emirs, Syeikhs, Sultans and this and that of socalled Muslim countries!

That's the truth and I dare any of the Muslim 'leaders' to prove me wrong!

mahaguru58 said...

Hi there Kevin the Canuck!

You totally missed my point there brother!

I was referring to the audacity of that CNN Reporter in the manner in which he was putting that loaded question to the Lebanese Minister WHILST WATCHING SATELLITE TV , having my dinner, bro!

We folks at Malaysia aren't living in the 'Jungle Jim' era bro as you'd referred to in your comment.

Judging from your blog contents, I understand your leaning towards your Israeli brothers, so I get your drift and why you posted your comments that way.

Face the facts, it was the Israelis who launched the first assaults upon the Hezbullah following which the IDF terrorists were captured.

Anyway, to me it matters no more as to who are the culprits because the whole bloody world knows who are the occupying terrorists of Arab lands.

You and me , we each have our loyalties to our own brethren.

You go ahead, write and support the Israelis for all you want.

As a Muslim, I am all for my fellow Brotherhood of Muslims, which we call as 'Ikhwanul Muslimeen'.

I have no biff with the Orthodox Jews such as the ones in Neturei Karta, but as far as the Zionists terrorising the Middle East are concerned, my curses will forever be theirs. :)

So, just do your own thing bro and leave me be.

I have no desire to start between us an unnecessary, prolonged hate fest for it's useless, in the long run.

As the Surah Al Kafirun in the Final Testament of God Almighty says' Lakum dinukum waliyadin' translated meaning 'You go your way (faith) ; I go mine'!