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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Nude Squat Victim-Do the right thing- Compensate her!

The world has seen her being forced to do a holding of the ear squat in the nude in a Royal Malaysian Police Station and she has had her privacy infringed by a policeman who took a 3G mobilephone camera videoclip and that clip of her has been entrenched in the worldwideweb through today's internet communications technology!

Who hasn't heard of the 'infamous nude squat' controversy victimising her?

The videoclip of her naked self performing the disgraceful squat has been forwarded all around the world and we all thought it was a Chinese national forced to do that squat in the nude to dislodge any contraband item or drugs that might have been inserted into her privates while being monitored by the tudung clad Malay policewoman at the Petaling Jaya Police Station!

How fired up was everyone, including myself where I lambasted the ones responsible in whichever blog was raising the issue! I remember posting in Lim Kit Siang's blog and also Teresa Kok's, if I am not mistaken! I sure was so bloody pissed off to watch that clip for it was very insulting for that tudung clad Malay policewoman to do that to a detainee!

There was also an audio of the recitation of the Holy Qur'an playing in the background akin to 'rubbing salt into the gaping wound' further infuriating whomsoever got to watch that clip!

There was no sense of erotica at all watching that poor woman suffer the disgrace and insult being perpetrated upon her dignity and honor as a woman! It was rather a raging sense of disgust watching someone be mistreated like that! Never mind whatever is her ethnicity or creed!

The police should be the very last persons to abuse the trust and power that the nation has entrusted to them!

No one should be mistreated like that , especially in a police station where one is supposed to be protected from harm whilst being processed for whatever 'offence' one is being charged with!

What more in that case where a male policeman had criminally outraged her modesty by taking a videoclip of her in a state of undress through a window!

We hear of Peeping Toms and sex predators roaming this nation to get their free voyeuristic kicks but that sordid episode shows that perverts and sexual predators exist in all areas and also in the very uniformed and armed forces who are supposed to protect the citizens at all given times and also when the 'suspects' are in police custody!

Taking someone into custody pending due process and being charged in a court of justice doesn't mean that the suspect's rights as a citizen automatically vanishes the minute he or she is handcuffed and arrested for a crime that is yet to be proven true and to be found guilty as charged!

The poor woman's demand that the PDRM compensate her has very solid grounds based upon the unimaginable dishonor that taping of her in the nude squat has stripped her of any sense of dignity remaining to face society since that incident!

The newspapers report that she is suing the PDRM for RM10,000,000.00!

A pretty large amount of money truely but can that ten million ringgits erase the untold sufferings she has gone through so far?

If she wins the case, she'll be a multimillionairess, sure but at the permanent loss of her prestige and she has been reduced to being ogled at by billions of strangers eyes and God knows what anyone has resorted to after watching that clip!

I hear that the scoundrel who videoclipped her has left the force but if this land has any sense of justice, he should be traced and charged in court for his offense that has further smeared an already blemished police force where lock up rapes have been reported and proven to be true as in the Ampang District Police Headquarters lockup case involving a Malay policeman and a female Filipino detainee!

Do the right thing, make sure she gets compensated and the pervert thrown into the slammer!

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