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Sunday, July 09, 2006

OIC-Stop talking and start organising a Caliphate!

The present state of affairs concerning the OIC @ Organisation of Islamic Conference is just like the proverbial acronym of 'Oh! I See'.

All these years of having the OIC in existence hasn't really done much in terms of providing safety and security to the Muslims of the world!

Since 1969, all these countries have done nothing much to prevent the Israeli regime from butchering the poor Palestinians and till this very moment, Israel is doing exactly that by destroying the infrastructure of Gaza and killed many civilians in just a flimsy excuse of seeking the release of one of it's terrorising 'soldier'.

The expulsion of the Palestinians from their homes and lands back in 1947-1948 is today being perpetrated a second time around while the useless OIC is being in a trance of self induced sense of 'achievements' of resolutions after useless resolutions!

A brave Palestinian journalist who was on duty photographing the recent Israeli invasion of Gaza was shot at by the regime's terrorists and is in a serious condition today! What has the bloody OIC done about it? Nothing! Na na..zilch!!!

Click here to see for yourselves the atrocities being perpetrated by the Israeli regime against the Palestinians whilst the OIC's Syeikhs, Amirs, Sultans, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Protector of the Two Holy Cities wallow in their palaces and luxurious lifestyles!

The way the OIC go about holding numerous seminars in plush, luxury hotels all around the 56 member countries, year in , year out has not stopped atrocities against Muslims of the world for the sheer reason that these fellas running the show are not united in their hearts and all of them have succumbed to their love of this world and have the fear of death in their hearts!

Not one of them is a 'Salahuddin Al Ayubi' at heart or an 'Omar Mokhtar' in defending the Ummah and Muslim lands! The useless OIC waste so much money, time and efforts in holding the seminars,symposiums, this and that without even thinking to go back to the proper method of overseeing the welfare of the Muslims by re-establishing a Caliphate in the real sense of the word!

What is the point of having the OIC around when they can do nuts about the Israelis terrorising the Palestinian Muslims for so long?

What can the 56 member countries of the OIC do when the Al-Aqsa Masjid is constantly at threat of being blown to bits by the Zionist terrorists who do all these acts with the full support of their American and British patrons?

The entire Muslim nations pretending to be champions of the Ummah are in reality being led by a bunch of castrated eunuchs , wasting precious time, energy , efforts and resources by beating around the bush but in reality getting sodomised by the policies of a useless United Nations and a state terrorist in the name of George W. Bush!

Only if the socalled leaders of the 'Oh I See' come to their senses and really sit down to establishing a Caliphate where the 56 member countries pool their resources together and form a proper responsible Islamic grouping that really puts its words into practice and stand ready to defend the Muslims with their very own lifes if they have to , will the malady of being useless eunuchs disappear from the lifes of the Ummah!

What is there to live like bleeding cowards and fear the enemies of Islam when today most of the Middle East Muslim nations have so much wealth to share and pool their resources unlike the harsh times of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and the first Caliphates?

The Ottoman Empire disintegrated because the 'Caliph's then didn't follow the actual teachings of the Prophet SAW and they committed CBT @ Criminal Breach of Trust!

The trust that the Muslims of those times placed upon them. The Ottomans splurged on all the major sins and pleasures available to them at those times and forgot to take care of and protect the Caliphate.

History records how corruption, debauchery and general apathy set in to the immoral fibres of those holding authority and power corroded the frameworks of the so called Caliphate and the rest is all there printed and published in black and white and now in 'living color' in the History books of the world!

Today, we have a body that shamelessly calls itself the 'protectors' of the Ummah and pretends to fight for the Muslim nations!

'Sheer poppycock' would be the response of the British!

'A bunch of bloody ragheads' with the heart of a chicken and the hide of a bloody buffalo!' would be the insult by the 'American Yankee'!

Do the b'leaders' of the 'Oh! I See ' have even an iota of sense or shame left in them ?

The present sorry state of affairs plaguing the Palestinians, Iraqi's, Chechnyan's, Kashmiri's and so many other Muslim ummahs are entirely the fault of these cowards masquerading as the 'Protectors' of the Ummah!

Only by re-establishing the Caliphate can the OIC redeem the honor and return the pride of the Muslim Ummah worldwide!

Till then, just wallow in the mire and stick up your butts into the air like the ostriches do and keep pretending that all's well in this world and that the Muslims of this world are just alright!


__earth said...

a caliphate?

The last thing we want is to be part of a corrupt dictatorship.

mahaguru58 said...

Well bro, one can wish right?

It's the only way out for the Muslims of this world from their present quagmire but just like you, I wish that the Caliphate is free from corruption and dictatorship as it was in the first caliphate of Saiyidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq!

Let's see if it ever comes into being within our lifetimes which I doubt with the present crackos in power in the Muslim world!

Just expressing my wishes out loud, bro! Xie xie nee. :)