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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Proposed Malaysian Sports Complex in Britain! A Betrayal of Trust!

The tendency for our Malaysian Government is to go and build another white elephant outside of the nation because not that many people will get to sniff any instances of greasing the palms and lubrications that usually takes place in mega projects like the one being proposed!

We are going to go down in history as a country that is infatuated with mega projects that usually reeks of half baked ideas such as this out of Malaysia Sports Arena that is supposed to be the motherlode of Malaysia's future sports superstars to shine forth bringing a delusional sense of glory to a screwed up government!

I mean, let's face the facts. This government seems hell bent on splurging and wasting so much funds that can be better used to improve the lives of poor Malaysians living below the poverty line in some states such as parts of Kelantan, Kedah, Perak, Pahang, Terengganu,Sabah and Sarawak!

This is criminal neglect and shirking of responsibility towards poor kampong people who sometimes are reduced to eating snails and go hungry whilst bloody politicians like this are so gung ho about spending money on building a Sports Complex out of the nation, giving employment to foreigners whilst the citizens who deserve to be given priority in government assistance are thrown bits and crumbs to eat as if they are not worthy to be truly cared for in the real sense!

I feel a growing deep down disgust in reading about our so called ministers and parliamentarians who waste so much time and energy on such useless pursuits whilst being blind to the needs of the poor and the downtrodden folks living a miserable life in the villages and fringes of civilisation in the interiors of this 'Bolehland'!

Are those poor unfortunate people only worthy to be given a pack of rice, a batik sarong and RM10.00 in hand when it is time for you slimy bloodsucking politicians come the General Elections? It's a reality, year in year out. Same old story with politicians ruse in duping the voters who are sadly yet to mature and figure out that power they have in their hands!

Will you then sully your 'high and mighty selfs' come the next General Elections where you would come unashamedly to shake the poor makciks and pakciks hands, shedding your 'crocodile tears' in front of the media cameras all for the show of 'being concerned' with the plight of the poor and the unfortunates of this land? As they say, it is all a mere 'drama swasta'!

All for a measly vote that will see you back in power in the next cabinet!

Goddamn you bloody parasites! May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala mete out due justice to those who have betrayed our trusts!

Listen to the cries of those poor children and see their tears streaming down the poor, miserable faces as you gorge on your RM1000 dinners at posh and grand luxurious 5 star hotels at some Datuk or Tan Sri wannabe sponsored feasts thrown in your honor!

The Malaikats Munkar and Nakir are gonna be waiting for you when your soul is ripped off your sorry selfs come your Last Day on Earth!

They wouldn't be asking whether you have a hundred million ringgits in your bank accounts , ask about your immense wealth that you have amassed legally or illegally here on Earth?

They are not going to ask about your exclusive Sports Club memberships or how many Mercedes Benz's there are in your garage?

They will however ask you about the responsibilities that you have shirked and forgot that you were made ministers to help the poor and the destitutes no matter whether it is in your portfolio or not?

Remember, each passing second is being recorded as to what you have done with the opportunities that have been given to you now, instead of being party to wasting away millions of ringgits in cold hard cash that is in actual fact the Malaysian public's tax money and not your father's property to dispose off as you please!

You are in the monitoring of Almighty Allahu Akbar, Rabbul Jalil, Aliyyul Adzhim! Ponder.


WTF said...

When the hardcore poors are barely surviving in this country ,yet the government want to spend a fortune pursuing this type of luxurious project; this is very sad indeed.

Where is social justice???

mahaguru58 said...

That's the reason why bloggers like us need to voice out against this injustice!

We need to all raise our voices and stop this proposal to waste RM490,000,000.00 on a harebrained scheme that is sure destined to line up someone's coffers nicely at the expense of the Kerajaan Malaysia!

If enough voices opposing this preposterous proposal is raised, surely those who intend to pull a fast one on the Government , will get the message that we are watching them and will protest at every given moment and take them to task if we need to by going all out to vote in the Opposition in the next GE!

MasKesumaSari said...

How much really a hardcore poor would need for a year and how many are there in Malaysia? Anyone? Just asking...
BTW, why UK not Australia, or anywhere else for that matter?

mahaguru58 said...

The question is why the need to build another sports complex at all?

The country already has sports facilities all over the nation that are under utilised!

The Bukit Jalil Sports Complex is already adequate for the socalled sportsmen and women to train in whatever discipline they want!

Doesn't mean that if they go train overseas, they are gonna do any better from what they already are doing!

This is just a ruse to 'songlap' hundreds of millions in the name of development of a sports complex that even England does not want!