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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Serban Issue - Diarrhoea of the Lip of those who are ignorant.

Recently, the Serban @ Turban worn by Muslims especially the Arabs and those living in the North African countries has been a subject matter in a court case here.

I am referring to a Federal Court ruling in dismissing an appeal by 3 Malay students against their being expelled from school 9 years ago as reported by The Star Online in it's 13th July edition.

Federal Court Judge Justice Abdul Hamid Mohammad however has raised the ire of Muslims in this land by his seeming to belittle the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam's Sunnah or Tradition in the manner in which he (Justice Abdul Hamid) expressed his personal views about the Serban and other matters concerning the Prophet's life and can be construed to be as a bit rude when addressing such a sensitive matter!

Just because Justice Abdul Hamid is a judge doesn't mean that he can simply say anything he pleases when it comes to the matter regarding the Sunnah of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam!

One needs to be a bit more sensitive and considerate when one speaks about matters concerning the Prophet SAW and when addressing the recent case concerning the Serban.

To me, those students should not be pressured into wearing the Serban to a national school where the general population of the students are consisting of a mixed ethnicity by their father.

Just imagine the pressure those 3 boys would be facing from their peers when they are forced to wear the Serban amidst a sea of normal , run of the mill Malaysian students consisting of Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc.

If let's say, those boys were in an Islamic school or pondok, naturally, they'd have no problems at all wearing their Serbans to school as we all know almost everyone would be wearing the same. But in this case, it will make them stand out and be the centre of attention.

Would that be good for them to face daily stress and being hassled by their school authorities over the headgear? I don't think so unless the boys themselves are wearing it on their own accord and religious convictions.

Whatever it is, the school authorities ought to have exercised better discretion rather than expel them over such a simple matter! The regulations allow the Sikh students to wear their turbans ; why the double standards when it comes to Muslims trying to wear the Serban?

The father should have thought about sending his sons to religious schools. He surely would have had no problems with the Serban issues with such educational institutions.

That is if the particular school allows such wearing of the Serbans, etc. Some Islamic schools have a standard ruling allowing the wearing of the Songkok, some wear skullcaps ,etcetera.

For the father to impose the wearing of the Serban's on his 3 sons, it is his prerogative but he needs to also take into consideration the emotional impact it will have on his sons in facing 'ribbing' and ridicule by their schoolmates.

To me as one who wore the Serban in my times of religious learning and special events, the Serban is best worn when one is attending a congregational prayer, 'Majlis Ilmu' and events that are religious in nature.

Until and unless, one lives a certain lifestyle where one practices daily such dressing up with the 'jubah' and 'serban' as this particular father does, then this situation wouldn't crop up and the boys wouldn't have been expelled from their school as they have been.

We used to have the Al-Arqam community who practiced a lifestyle that was unique in their own way. Malays adopting an Arabian outlook whilst keeping to themselves in their own environment. The problem nowadays is that we have two extremes in the Malay community.

On one side , we have these 'Arabized' Malays living according to what they intepret as living up to the demands and expectations of upholding the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW whilst on the other hand we have Malays who try to outdo everyone else in coming across as 'Western' and modern as they can be.

Two different scenarios where there's a visible cultural clash that mirrors the sort of personalities that each tries to portray, supposedly to show who or what they are!

Wearing of the Serban needs to be taken care of the right situation and place. Wearing a Serban whilst riding a motorcycle on the roads and highways is not really a wise thing to do.

At the slightest collision or accident, that Serban is sure bound to go flying off from the wearer's head and he will definitely suffer severe head injuries when he lands on his head onto the hard road!

The Justice Abdul Hamid should have refrained from speaking as he did concerning the Prophet's Traditions as it is a grievious sin to ridicule or mock God Almighty's Greatest Messenger or even any of the various prophets!

He should have stuck to the contention that the Serban is just a cultural headgear and that it is not 'Wajib' to be won by a Muslim especially when it concerned schoolboys studying in a public school!

No need to infer or refer anything to the person of the Prophet SAW!

Sometimes even so called learned people suffer from bout's of 'Diarrhoea of the Lip' thus opening themselves to ridicule and questioned by the public?

What about that stupid wig they wear when holding court? Or the flowing gowns and white ribbons with frills and all? Is that supposed to show they are special or something above the rest of mankind or those who have to attend court?

Matters that concern sensitive topics such as regalia or religious apparel need to be handled with the utmost consideration so as not to offend any particular faith or culture. This Serban thingy is best left to rest.

The more anyone opens up his or her mouth and tries to belittle the tradition behind it like the judge's comments about the Prophet SAW's riding the camels and living in mud houses is tantamount to ridiculing the Holy Messenger.

Does Justice Abdul Hamid have a different Prophet to whom he shows respect to or he doesn't give a hoot about all that?

Speaking as he did has not made him any nobler in the eyes of us Muslims who do care about our Prophet SAW!

To me, I don't give a rat's ass about this fella talking trash about my Prophet whom I and billions of other Muslims love and respect most in our lifes.

He may be a Federal Court justice here on Earth but when the fella dies , his soul is gonna stand in Almighty Allah's Supreme Court above all courts and then he's gonna be in deep shit for having belittled Allah's Beloved in this case.

The best thing for Justice Abdul Hamid to do would be to apologise to all Muslims in Malaysia for his off color comments that have touched on the noble Muhammad Al Mustafa, Khatamun Nabiyyi Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, whose stature is so high and mighty that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala makes it a part of the Shahadah to confirm and attest that Muhammad is the Rasulullah after attesting that 'There's no God but Allah' to affirm one's being a Muslim!

No matter who you are in this world, you do not come close to even the dust on the soles of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassalam's feet when compared to his lofty station in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala's entire Creation!

Lately , the ignorants and the self deluded among the masses try to act as if they are the Ulamaks of the Muslims but ignore the Mufti's advice and views pertaining matters concerning Ad Deen ul Islam. Signs of the Time, eh?

As my friend MENJ wrote in his booklets recently 'When Apostates Become Shaykhs' ; there's sure bound to be many more nincompoops trying to teach us about our faith as proven in the recent times.

Looks like even the Kaffirs are trying to show that they know more about Islam than us from the way they try to speak about it. You can't speak about Islam if you know nuts about it. :P


ali allah ditta said...

Pakai serban adalah sunat. Kalau seseorang tak nak pakai, biarlah orang lain pakai.Ibarat kalau kita tak suka susu,jangan pula larang orang lain minum susu.Mendedahkan aurat dicegah dalam agama Islam,bukan pakai serban. Anehnya,
yang dicegah itu diwajibkan dan yang sunat itu diharamkan. Demikianlah hendaknya hakim2 Islam Hadari kita.

mahaguru58 said...

Biasa lah Tuan Ali,
Pendapat Mufti dan Ulamak sedang dipinggirkan dan Hakim hakim hukm hakam sekular tampil memuntahkan isihati sebenar peribadi mereka tentang Sunnah Rasulullah SAW!

Agaknya mereka fikir mereka lebih mengetahui asas asas agama dari Ulamak dan Mufti kita jadi sebab itulah mereka tanpa segan silu dan takut kepada Murka Ilahi celupar menghina dan memandang rendah terhadap Habibullah, Muhammad SAW!

Sidurjana menyatakan bahawa Nabi Muhammad SAW memilih tinggal dikediaman yang diperbuat dari tanah liat dan menunggang unta sebab itu lah sahaja yang ada pada zaman Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Rasul Allah, Tuhan Semesta Alam!

Tidak sedar sibajingan keparat ini bahawa Muhammad SAW menolak segala kemewahan dunia walaupun pembesar Quraisyh datang ingin memberikan Baginda SAW segala harta kekayaan, emas permata, istana dan segala khazanah dunia asalkan Baginda SAW mahu meninggalkan seruan Ilahi mengajak manusia kejalan Islam!

Kita tengok sahaja apa lagi kecelaruan agama yang mangkok mangkok hayon ni nak perlecehkan pegangan agama dibumi ini.

Mereka menempah tempat di Narr al Jahannam dengan keangkuhan mereka.

Yang mahu mendengar nasihat, insyaAllah selamat; yang degil macam nak mampos, kan cepat ke liang lahat! Itu saja.