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Friday, July 07, 2006

Tajudin Ramli's spilling of the beans-Tun Dr.M's migraine?

We all knew deep in our hearts that something fishy was going on with our 'Wau Bulan' @ MAS not flying as high and steady as it did 10, 20 years ago.

The disclosure by MAS's former chairman Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli about the way Former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad and Former Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin utilised him to buy shares in MAS to help out Bank Negara's foreign exchange losses in 1994 now makes sense why this nation had to go through the 'economic crisis' a few years later.

The Sun is really brave enough to expose this 'spilling of the beans' at this opportune time when we citizens are at last getting to hear the juicy nitty gritty details of top government and corporate wheeling and dealing that would make a good script for a Bolehwood blockbuster movie!

The drama and film producers must be rubbing their hands with anticipation to get ideas for their next series of 'Astana Idaman' and the likes.

I mean, look at Air Asia. With super top management in the likes of Datuk Tony Fernandez, this cheapfares domestic and now regional airlines is making waves in South East Asia putting to shame our so called national airlines which I hear is gonna lay off 3000 of it's employees soon and another few thousand later!

Does Air Asia fly it's planes using kerosene as it's fuel?

How come they can make a profit flying people so cheaply and still be able to grow from strength to strength?

It's no secret! Tony Fernandez leads by example!

No frills, no glamour ding dong bells and unnecessary expenditure like renovating CEO's office, no million ringgit oil painting gracing the walls, no ehem ehem, whatever!

Proper and honest management by Tony Fernandez has shown that Air Asia is bound to fly real high while MAS is landing where it is today because of the GOM of the day decided to play footsie with the national airlines funds and thought they could get away with it.

There is a Malay saying ' Bangkai gajah takkan boleh ditutup dengan nyiru!' meaning 'the carcass of an elephant can't be hidden @ covered up by palm fronds!'

From the looks of it, we Malaysians can expect to see the unravelling of 22 years of Tun Dr.Mahathir's government leadership as this disclosure is surely the first of a very long list of cover-ups by our GOM.

All the major players surely must be sweating by the buckets from now on. Spa's and sauna's better be ready to sign them up for the weather just turned foul for the bloody rich and infamous! :P

There can be only so much that anyone can do to play hide and seek with the natural law of justice. Whatever goes up is sure bound to deflate in time and come crashing down.

Watch out for the 'Wau Bulan'! Looks like the kite strings are tangling up ..and watch out for the glass glued strings...don't know who else is going to suffer some cuts from the looks of it!

The MAS HQ building is already up for sale. Anyone looking for a million ringgits priced secondhand oil painting? Can slow talk one. :P


lubok melayu said...


Jangan kita lupa, Tony Fernandes tak mungkin dapat mencecah langit kalau tidak kerana Dr Mahathir. Tony sendiri pernah berterimakasih secara terbuka kepata bekas perdana menteri. Menurut ceritanya, dia berjumpa dengan Dr Mahathir dengan business proposal mau memulakan suatu low-fare airline project seperti Ryan Air dan Virgin Atlantic. Ikut proposal asal, capital expenditure Tony dah tentu akan menyengkekkan dia dan teman2 niaganya. Dr M bagi tau dia begitu jugak tapi Tony kata dia tak ada choice. Tapi Dr M kata, ada. Why don't you buy Pelangi Air? Masa tu Pelangi Air rugi teruk, hidup segan mati tak mau. Dengan harga yang amat murah, Tony ambil alih Pelangi dan lahir lah Air Asia.

National service? Entahlah. Tajudin memang tak pernah bijak pun. Dia banyak buang masa main golf, business dia di TRI dan Celcom pak angguk-pak angguk saja yang naik. Orang bagus2 dipecat. Di MAS Kargo, Mat Saleh pijak kepala dia. Di MAS, isteri orang pijak kepala jugak, tapi kepala lain.

Pendekata, kalau betul dia diminta buat national service, Tajudin gagalkan negara bukan Dr M.

Saya memang dah lama kecewa dengan dia.

MasKesumaSari said...

Saya setuju. Gembar gembor akhbar adalah permainan media yang ingin menangguk di air jernih dan menghina TDM atas tujuan Allah sahaja yang tahu.
Mereka2 ini tidak ada kerja lain kot selain mau menjadi dalang2 untuk melemahkan dan meremehkan percapaian 22 tahun TDM dan orang Melayu amnya. TDM adalah seorang doktor dan saintis dan cara nya adalah secara rational. Saya fikir perbezaan pendapat mereka ini harus di bincangkan secara rational bukan emotional.