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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tun Dr Mahathir's Returning Home Speech Transcript


Tun : I didn't expect that one day I would receive such a (mediocre) welcome..when I was the PM, people welcomed me in such large numbers...I didn't think that nowadays, I will not be allowed to meet people...what is there to be afraid of ?...not that many have come here..

That man is scared of me...not that I can do anything...I can just talk..

When I resigned my premiership...the accolades were overwhelming...praised so high.

When I went to England, couldn't speak to the forbidden to visit Kelantan and speak to the former Assemblymen..

But it is said that I am not to speak to the Opposition...or to the NGO's...but UMNO themselves do not give me even an opportunity to speak to the (Malaysian) people...if what they have done is right (legitimate)...what is there to be scared of?..

I am not asking for much...just answer...answer the questions...I asked to disclose the agreement regarding the plans of Malaysia intending to sell sand (to Singapore) allow the fighter jets of Singapore to fly (over Malaysian airspace)...that they didn't expose ...the ones they exposed were supposedly my letters were nothing...I myself distributed them in London ..supposedly they have been declassified...

Declassify the letter ( regarding the proposal to sell Malaysian sand to Singapore) that I am asking!

I say declassify this..the offer from Malaysia to sell sand and allow the Singapore Air Force fighter jets to fly (over Malaysian airspace)...that they do not expose!...but instead bring out old letters ..letters that Singapore has long exposed (publicly)..

What is the point of 'declassifying' that?...It's already been don't bother!

I am not asking that people gather like this...I just want to speak...give me a chance to speak a bit..

You ( PM Abdullah Badawi) have lots of many of them...wherever one goes..there's someone to speak (on Abdullah Badawi's behalf )...they (the spokespersons) can just dismiss off this speech of mine ..

So what is there to be scared of?...give me a chance to speak to members of UMNO...there are UMNO members right here...

I went to London to speak to the students (there)..but couldn't...(the students) are asked ..are questioned...are you going to meet with the Tun?

Mubarak (Association of ex Assemblymen of Malaysia) who want to meet with me are not allowed to ...there's no 'Barak' @ Blessings already!

It's alright. I just want to say 'Thank you' ...I do not wish to make long speeches..

..only that I not be too afraid of me ...I do not eat people..

I can be silent too if there are people willing to speak on my please tell others to say all kinds of things about me (sarcasm)!

He (Abdullah Badawi) is supposedly silent...won't say anything...

Not that long before ..3 years ago...(he) praised me to the extent that it smoked ( so bloody hot)..nowadays...I can't even meet with UMNO members..I am perplexed..

During Tunku Abdul Rahman's time (the First Prime Minister criticized Tun Dr M) ..he wrote in The Star..he wrote books...said all kinds of things ..supported those out to topple me...I didn't do nothing to Tunku Abdul Rahman..

Datuk Seri Anwar (during Reformasi) could have a gathering of 10,000 people...even that we didn't forbid...this welcoming my return is not allowed...I am saddened..

What is there to hide so much?..if what they have done is need to hide..
expose the deal offered to Singapore ..that's what I ask to disclose..

Okay..i won't disturb...I know that the Police need to do their work..we shouldn't disturb..we know that being government officers..we need to follow the government's directive..but it's not necessary to make open declarations of support..whatever it is we'll support!...

Reporter's question : Will you (Tun) stop voicing out?

Tun Dr Mahathir : This government is transparent..anyone can say anything ..only thing is that it won't be published in the newspapers...can speak out...but speak just to myself..

Reporter's question : So, Tun will continue (to speak out)?

Tun Dr Mahathir: I think this is a free they say...but Kalimullah (Deputy Executive Group Editor of the New Straits Times) controls …

So, I want to speak..will speak..

Reporter's question : Is this crisis just a difference of opinion with Pak Lah?

Tun Dr Mahathir: This is a question of issues...not a matter of me going to see him , shake hands and everything's settled.

This concerns issues...issues must be overcome..why must you offer to Singapore a million cubic meters of sand?...Is it true that you offered it so? did you not?..that's what I am asking!

Oh!..Show Dr.Mahathir's letter ...that I approved the sale of the's not there in all those 'declassified's not there that I did approve anything..

Syed Hamid (Malaysia's Foreign Minister) says that it was I who instructed ( the sale of sand)..I don't know..maybe I appointed a Foreign Minister who doesn't know how to read letters...(sarcasm)

Reporter's question : What's your (Tun) main worry if this issue is not overcome?

Tun Dr Mahathir: This nation now is at a situation that is not that good...we have lost our honor..those in developing nations might praise us..America praises..Britain praises..Singapore praises...Australia praises..but if we want to praise butter up others what's the use?..we should do the right thing ..even though the one's praising are just countries like Burkina Paso..that's alright..(sarcasm)

I am not looking for people to thump my back ...

(sarcasm-Pak Lah's golfing back thumping session with Singapore leaders )

Source : Agenda Daily 22/7/2006


Emmanuel said...

Well said bro!

mob1900 said...

He should try blogging, then ask Mahaguru58 to proof-read lor before publish. amaciam good idea? =P

mahaguru58 said...

That's what I have been saying all this while.

When I met the PAS leadership during the Tun Dr.Mahathir -NGO's (Monologue), I told them to blog so that we the Malaysian public can ask them questions or point out to them their screw ups straight up so they won't be sort of left out in the main communication channels!

Tun Dr.Mahathir surely could use the available opportunity to blog!

Hell, his blog if it ever came into being would be this side of the world's hottest blog and would set an all time record for hits!

How about it Tun?

You complain about getting censored by the government!

Not that you didn't do that before.

Well, whatever's the past is definitely that.

Come , show Malaysians that you still have it in you to keep up with the times!

Blog for all you care.

We will help you out and maybe take the chance to ask you so mny things we have kept bottled up all these while!