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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tun Dr.Mahathir attacked with Pepper Spray!

It finally happened! Someone has attacked the 81 year old former PM when he landed in Pengkalan Chepa Airport, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

As you can see in this picture posted by The Star , Tun Dr.Mahathir has been sprayed in the face and he has bleary eyes and experienced irritation in his throat and nasal passages!

Al-Froggie Dato'Ibrahim Ali however took the full brunt of the pepper spray and has sort of saved Tun Dr.Mahathir from getting a more severe attack!

So, instead of kissing the Tun's ass as he had promised a few years back, the Froggie has become Tun's saviour in a moment of need! Bravo Froggie! Looks like you still do have some spring in you after all! Where the hell were the Tun's security detail?

Isn't a former premier supposed to be given protection by the government till he passes away (naturally) ? Tch..tch..tch...too bad! Pak Lah needs to buck up in his taking care of the Tun!

After all, the Tun did appoint him above all the other ministers to be the PM of Malaysia!

Aah...I forgot..the cops were having a field day here in KL handling Khairy Jamaluddin's anti -Israel and anti-America protests at the American Embassy today!

Certainly a national statesman like the Tun ought to have been better guarded by the Police of Kelantan! Just imagine if someone had shot the Tun in the crowded aftermath and ruckus?

God forbid! Then all hell will have broken out in Kelantan! The BN will accuse PAS of assassinating the Tun whereas PAS will accuse the BN of doing the Tun in to make them look as the culprits!!! No won't do!

PM Abdullah Badawi must realise the awkward and fragile situation he and the Malaysian Government under his watch will be in if something other than a natural death takes place on the Tun's life!

No matter that he was a ruthless dictator during his premiership, Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad has helped bring this nation to where it is today and all of us have benefitted in one way or another from his administration of this nation.

Whoever did this to the nation's former Premier must quickly be traced and arrested, brought to KL, tied to the flagpole at Dataran Merdeka here in KL and be maced in return as the proper punishment by the Tun himself!

Isn't that the way Hukum Qisas is in the Hudud laws of Islam?

But then again, how about Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's case? He was arrested by balaclava clad Special Forces swarms of policemen way back in 1998 on Mahathir's orders!

DSAI was handcuffed like a common criminal, blindfolded, taken to Bukit Aman Police Headquarters, thrown into the slammer and punched viciously and beaten to near death by the former Inspector General of Police then , the infamous Tan Sri Rahim Noor!

When are we gonna see DSAI return the favor by beating the hell out of the former IGP now that the High Court has freed him and discharged DSAI from the crimes for which he was first falsely charged and imprisoned for 6 miserable long years and suffered personal injury, trauma and mental torture as a result of a conspiracy that goes all the way back to the Tun himself?

Isn't it surprising to see Justice being served so fast here on earth while both parties are still alive?

Not that I am happy to see the Tun being ill treated like this but it makes one wonder as to all that's happening right now before our very eyes?

Latest news I heard is that the Tun is recovering from the pepper spray attack and that the Malaysian Police are hunting the assailant at this very moment!

Don't know whether the Tun did get to make his 3.30pm scheduled speech at Hotel Perdana, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Whatever it is , Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi better beef up security for his former mentor and current nemesis, no matter that the Tun still has his axe to grind with the former with regard to all the unanswered issues that Tun isn't happy with Abdullah Badawi's responses pertaining to them.

I wish that this nation does not have to witness worse case scenarios especially at this volatile times in view of the current tense situations regarding the Article 11 groups issue, IFC issue, Tun Dr.Mahathir's questions to Pak Lah issues, the Middle East crisis, etcetera!

O Allah, protect us and our nation from any further mayhem and grant us all peace O Lord!

Ameen ya Rabbal Alameen.


anthraxxxx said...

Rahim Noor is a former student from my secondary school in malacca. My principle used to brag how close he is to Rahim (he is Rahim's best friend, my principle is a former student too). But after the "bapak anjing" incident occurs, the bragging was no longer heard, EVER.

Friend from Texas said...

Dear Mahaguru,

You're more intelligent than falling for this sandiwara.

Have you seen the reports? It looks like a self-inflicted inside job.

Anyways...nice blog you got here. Enjoy reading your views, although I may not agree with some. But very informative.

Have a good weekend.

mahaguru58 said...

Blogger anthraxxxx,

Frankly speaking, I have always been seething deep inside whenever I recall the crude, detestable, criminal manner in which DSAI was manhandled by the UTK @ Unit Tindakan Khas of the Royal Malaysian Police when they broke into his home back then!

I mean, the man was not a bloody terrorist or a dangerous armed felon!

Sure, he was no longer the Old Man's favourite person and yes he was out to topple Dr.Mahathir the PM then but that doesn't mean that DSAI deserved to be so viciously mistreated and the manner in which Rahim Noor being the highest ranking Police Officer criminally assaulted a handcuffed and blindfolded a politician in a manner even a petty criminal wouldn't have had the heart to do so!

I don't care about the politics behind it but Malaysia should not have such a ruthless, vicious person to head it's Police Force!

If an IGP could do that to a man who was the nation's next in command, dare we even dream that the common citizen would be spared greater abuse to his or her person if they were to be in police 'custody'?

No wonder we had the following abuses by the officers of the PDRM resulting in unexplained deaths in the police lock ups, rapes in the Ampang District Police HQ lock up, the infamous and revolting PJ District Police HQ nude squat, etcetera!

As the Malay saying goes, 'Kalau guru kencing berdiri, anak murid kan kencing berlari!'

It all goes back to the 'example' shown by the very top man. If the head is rotten, can we expect the body to stay fresh?

Rahim Noor is the epitome of shameful and worst kind of 'leadership by example'!

May he be punished by Allah the Almighty for the shame he has brought upon the Police Force and this nation!

We are not supposed to be behaving like a barbaric nation but the actions of the PDRM in handling citizens protest and opposition exercises of the rights to object have been very, very uncivilised and as a result, the majority of Malaysians do not respect nor give any value to the authority of the force!

Rahim Noor ought to be so ashamed and he must be really punished by law!

Manipulations of the law I believe have been done in handling his criminal abuse of power and assault upon a political detainee case!

You know it, I know it, the whole nation knows it but then again as the norm in Malaysia, people with connections almost always get away with even murder in this land whatmore bludgeoning a former Deputy Prime Minister like what DSAI found out himself!

The Tun has his reputation soiled by all that happened to Anwar Ibrahim and as a citizen I hold Tun Dr.Mahathir responsible for making myself and millions of fellow Malaysians become disillusioned with the very force who should be protecting us in the first place!



I know that we both have our own very strong views and opinions which differ very obviously when it comes to the matter involving Islam, the Muslims and your favourite object of ridicule, the Islamic Party of Malaysia.

I do accept that we all have our rights and freedom to speak our minds as we please for if that basic right is to be ever taken away from any of us, life for us would be worthless to carry on here on Earth.

As far as Tun Dr.Mahathir's recent shenanigans, deep down I gather that the man misses being in power and being kowtowed to at every second of his remaining life's timeframe by the masses!

God knows if the pepperspray attack was orchestrated by himself but as we do not have concrete proof of who's the playmaker yet?

I am pretty sure that we will all know more about the 'director' of this drama very soon.

Personally I reckon that you are a person who wants our nation to be a proper place for all to live just like me and everyone else but at times I do cringe whenever I read the manner in which you lambast our men in green @ PAS in almost other comments you make regarding them!

I can't expect you to sing my preferred tunes, can I?

Just say what you wish dear FFT but maybe you could just hold back a bit on the nasties, eh?

Pleasure to have your comments here and I hope to meet up with you if you are ever back home in KL!

Till then, take care bro. Be kind!

Friend from Texas said...

Dear Mahaguru,

Thanks for the kind words.

No worries mate, my beef really isn't with Islam or with Muslims....although I at times walk the fine line. I do count some very fine Muslim folks as my friends.

Where PAS is concerned, I guess we shall never reach consensus on that.

After spending considerable time reading your blog, you strike me as a very gifted person. We non-Muslims may not agree with your views outright, but what strikes me about you is how you take the message of your religion to the masses. A layman's view, so to speak. You may or may not realize this now, but I'm dead certain on the fact that you're building bridges. In fact, I am going to link to you on my blog as the rational view from the "other side" ; p

With regards to your recent blog on the IFC, I wholeheartedly agree with you that the demands of the IFC are a load of crock. Nobody in their right mind, Muslim or otherwise, would agree to such demands. I'm baffled as to what was on these guys' mind....are they trying to take the extreme approach in the hopes of reaching a middle ground consensus? But then again, seeing how religious councils are behind this IFC...I'm not very surprised....religion IMHO, seems to be the root of all evil which occasionally sprouts some good shrubs.

On the Article 11 forums....that's a discussion on the Constitution. So these reactionary groups should either back off, or engage in a civilized dialogue with the forum. Mob rule only damages whatever message they are trying to get across and only reinforces the belief of the Article 11 supporters that they are under siege and they act up. Which then results in the Muslim protestors thinking they are under siege. And the brouhaha goes on. : p

Anyways, gotta run.

Yes, and it will be a pleasure meeting you if I do come back to the homeland. Perhaps we can sit down and enjoy several rounds of teh tarik and reminisce about the Reformasi days when at least a great many Malaysians were speaking with one voice.

Have a good weekend.

ali allah ditta said...

He deserves it & by now he should have known how it tastes. Its only the begining,I am waiting for the moment when he will be stripped naked & diarak keliling pekan KL. But that do not mean that I love Pak Lah either. No hold barred for a mahafiraun.


MasKesumaSari said...

DSAI also to be blamed for calling Rahim Noor 'bapak anjing'. He intentionaly provoked him, so he got what he wanted. We cannot call people such unpleasant name unless he is the head prefect of Sekolah Melayu Jalan Stesyen Kuala Kangsar.

tikus9 said...

Well I wonder in Malaysia Today 28th July edition indicated that Tun Dr Mahathir was attacked by Datuk Nik Safia was true or so? Was it some sort of conspiracy? Maybe it was some Cabinet Minister who wasn't please with TDM trying to "shut his mouth"? Well on second thought it'll spark an even greater fire.

Whatever it is, it's not the way to treat our ex-PM.

ali allah ditta said...

Lucky enough they didnt put the blame on PAS. Btw, if Ibrahim Al-Kataki saja yang kena pepper spray,will police proceed with investigation? Nak tau juga.


mahaguru58 said...

Hehehehe..I know that most of us would say 'Serves him right!' but then again, the Froggie has his rights to be allowed to jump any which way he wants and if he is the only one getting sprayed ; still has his rights to seek justice!

The Laws of Islam state that the victim has his or her rights to seek retribution upon the perpetrator!

It's called 'Qisas' in the Qur'an @ an eye for an eye as in the Biblical laws.

The Froggie and Tun Dr.Mahathir have their rights to pepperspray the idiot who sprayed them in return!

Will our 'Islam Hadhari' proponents allow that?