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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Zionist Insolence! Just look at their blatant rudeness!

Just look at the insolence being shown by the Zionist Israelis!

It is haram for anyone to stand before those who are performing their prayers to Allah SWT!

I really feel so pissed off looking at this photo.

Do those of you who are Non Muslims now realise why the general Muslim population can never compromise with the rogue Zionist illegitimate state of Israel's existence?

It is these sort of rude insolent actions of the bloody Zionists that push some individuals to sheer frustration and carry out self destructive acts borne out of helplessness and nothing else!

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It is not that I support suicide bombings that have been carried out by some individuals there but I can understand the extreme situations that have forced them to that acts!

I just do not know why the United Nations can be so powerless to stop the Zionists from terrorising the poor Palestinians? The UN should be scrapped and let each nation defend itself!

After all, that's the bloody reality today, isn't it? The mighty overwhelming the weak!

It's a lawless world after all! The Zionists Israelis can do just about anything and no one would say or do any corrective actions or even condemn them!

But if Iran starts to build a nuclear reactor for harnessing it's energy resources, World War 3 looms in the horizon! Talk about double standards!

North Korea blasts off its missiles in absolute disregard of America and its allies, what do the powers that be do? Yup, 3 monkeys syndrome all over again.

What world justice are some nations talking about?

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MasKesumaSari said...

US has created a monster bigger & stronger then its creator.

Do you know that ISRAEL has more than 200 nuclear warheads using US funds which later receives from the ARAB states?

Most of the israelis are not even from the land of palestine. They are from Europe.