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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ailments plaguing the Malaysian youngsters today!

Yesterday, whilst being in KLCC with my family, I came across these teenagers who were dressed in all manners of fashion and sporting retro sunglasses etcetera in KL's city centre!

They sportingly agreed to pose for my camera when I asked them to do so! I have a way with getting strangers to do my bidding! :P

To me, these kids are just trying to find some sense of joy and happiness in their lifes. Times are hard and no one actually cares to spend some quality time with them and help guide them to a better standard of life and future.

Society at large today is plagued with various ailments. The major ailments I see is a growing sense of apathy towards others especially towards the impressionable young people who are today floundering in a sea of various storms and tempests of social problems.

People generally seem to not want to advice or help guide the teenagers of this land from falling prey to the many predators and criminal elements out there who would waste not a fleeting second to ravenously finish off the ignorant masses and spit them out as worthless remnants of society after being done with them!

Today, Malaysia is witnessing social problems being on the rise as a direct result of apathy by society at large and because the Malaysian Government fails to take concrete steps to reach out and salvage these poor youngsters!

The nation's tv stations vie energetically with one another in organising concerts and fiestas to keep the people fixated with singers and artistes!

Little do the authorities consider funnelling and channelling all those precious resources and energies towards equipping the youngsters of this nation with the proper skills and know how to make it out there in the job markets!

No employer is going to ask them whether they can sing like Mawi or Siti Nurhaliza! They will ask as to what academic qualifications they have!
The reason why so many Malays end up in the nation's Drug Rehabilitation Centres @ Pusat Serenti's are because the impressionable youths amongst the Malay community are not given proper guidance and monitored by the various organisations out there!

All these organisations do is just come out with empty rhetoric and half baked ideas every now and then giving the false impressions that they are doing something for the nation's youth!

Malay teens are the highest number of those involved in teenage pregnancies and sexual crimes today!

Last year saw 68000 illegitimate offsprings borne to these wayward youths and the internet is strewn with so many websites that cater to these youngsters who shamelessly flaunt their physiques and wanton behaviour right before the billions of the internet users!

There's no more sense of shame as far as the Malay youngsters are concerned save for a small group of our nation's future leaders who value themselves and avoid falling into the cesspool of social rot!

There's still some hope for the nation but society needs to work hard to support them and save them from ruining themselves in the near future! How do we do it?

Start by showing your care and consideration for their feelings. If you see any of these youngsters starting to head towards self destruction and social ills, please, do help them by advising them against those social problems and guide them to success!

Speak to them in manners that best suit the occasion and do not insult them. They have feelings too and are just transforming from being children into young adults. Their emotional needs are very strong and high at this stage and we need to use our commonsense in dealing with them.

The youngsters hearts are fragile and need to be handled with care.

The harsh disciplines of years afore are not suitable anymore to be used as a yardstick in admonishing any rising cases of misbehaviours by the teens and young adults of today.

Rather, understanding and proper advice by those who are experienced in life's ups and downs would be better suited to reach out to these young citizens of our nation.

Examples set by people like Datuk Fadhilah Hj Kamsah are best suited in treating the ailments afflicting our young generations.

We need more people who are capable of soothing these wounded hearts and souls to rise up and go help these people. They need our love and care more at this time when they are between two very important stages of their lifes.

The irony that there exists opportunists and sexual predators who make these youngsters end up as their victims is a very sad reality in today's Malaysian society!

We need to nab these social predators and do away with them. If it was up to me, I'd have them exterminated as soon as they are found guilty like they did in China a couple of decades back!

Just line them up before freshly dug up graves and face the firing squad! Swift justice in action!

A bullet in the back of the head always solves the crime control situation rather than keep the sex offenders in jail, having to feed them and waste precious resources on them for years and years, unnecessarily!

Malaysia needs to get its priorities right! Help save the youngsters out there from ruin!


Friend from Texas said...


You know you've reached the threshold of a generation gap when you look at today's teenagers and go "What the hell is wrong with them?". I'm certainly at this point of my life right now.

Back in my day, our reality of doing something wrong was hiding behind some backlanes after school and taking a few drags off a cigarette.

Actually being sexually active during secondary school (besides rendezvous with Mr. Hand)?


I'm sure it was there, but not to the extent we hear about today.

Drug abuse certainly worries me these days. Seems to be a global problem. Now even primary schoolkids are familiar with the street names of drugs and even one case of drug abuse in this age group is one too many in my books.

The first line of defence should always be the parents. They should always strive to be in the know of what their kids are up to, who their friends are, etc. And the Internet is a double-edged sword in a way....monitoring of children's access to the Internet is very important, because these days the first exposure to things like drugs come from this medium.

Once you inculcate proper values during the pre-teen years, you'll be less likely to encounter a bumpy ride when they hit the teenage years.

And mahaguru, from what little I know of you through your blog, you come across as one of those parents who has got it right. Despite your interpersonal trials and tribulations, it certainly seems that your son has come out alright and on the way to securing a bright future. Despite your physical absence, you can rest assured that some of your good values bruhsed off in one way or another.

I'm sure things will smooth out with your daughter in time as well.

As for you, I believe what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

mahaguru58 said...

Thanks brother for your wellwishes.

Some people might think or say, what the hell is this fella talking about teens problems etcetera when he himself left his own kids to fend for themselves in the first place?

Well, I am not bothered about such folks thinking like that for they know not of what I went through for my kids futures!

I left with just a borrowed shirt on my back when I divorced my ex. She got the house, my car, my entire belongings, even my clothes for the matter!

I traded in my motorcycle to my sis for RM600 and made my way down to KL.

I had waited for 14 long years for my kids to grow up before I made my decision to be free from my ex who was a royal pain in the butt!

No need to disclose who she is and what she is etcetera.

Those who know her are amazed that I could have lasted so long with her!

I am not perfect myself, no one is.

But in life, God Almighty gives us a way out when one is caught in an unhappy miserable wedlock.

I sent money to my kids whenever I could and have been in ontct with them.

My son suffered like me but just like his father, he's a survivor and now he's made his way to be close to me.

I see him every other day and have given him funds for his upkeep.

I am 47 years plus, been struggling to regain my footing for the past 5 years and Thank God am about to reap the rewards of my perseverance in a couple of months time!

People can talk this and that, comment without knowing nuts about me and wht I went through!

I don't give a damn about those nitpickers and if I ever get to face them one of these days , would sure love to kick their ass to kingdom come! :D

But as for now, I am content that there are people like yourself and others who appreciate me for what I share with them and for me that's good enough!

If I were to look for praises and write all goody goody stuff like Pollyanna etc, then I'd be wasting my bloody time here online!

Might as well stuff my ears, blindfolg my eyes and plaster my mouth to not say anything for fear of offending any bloody bastard out there!

As long as I shall blog, I'll write as I please and point out to the idiots running the government where they are going wrong! That's a promise!

If and when they do a good job, I'll be the first to applaud them and write about it here.

Right now, there's nothing worth cheering about for as usual, it's the same old story as far as the BN goes!