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Monday, August 14, 2006

Aqeedah - Foundation of Belief in Allah - Part 2

The very first principle of Faith @ Iman towards Almighty Allah, God, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful is the principal artery of Belief in Islam.

If this vital and most crucial part of a person's Aqeedah towards Total Belief in Almighty God is weak, then all other aspects of the person's Faith goes to waste.

That is the reason why I stress the importance of each and every Muslim, male and female to not take the matter of Iman towards Allah in a manner not befitting a true believer!

Mankind who have the gift of being able to think and evaluate each and everything present before them here on Earth and ponder upon the Creation of the entire Universe would surely be astounded as to the Magnificence of God's Creations.

This whole wide expanse of space before us and the myriads of life in all manners and forms both on Earth, in the underground, in the seas and oceans, rivers and lakes, jungles and the deserts, mountains and the icecaps, all show us the magnitude of the Powers of Allah, who creates and gives life to zillions of creatures, big and small, tiny and microscopic, even realms of life that is hidden to our naked eyes or sense of perception.

This planet Earth with all manners of living beings in it is a globe 40,000 kilometres in diameter. The Sun that is a 1,250,000 times bigger than this Earth is circled by tens of planets and millions of stars, each orbiting on their own paths, systematically in the vast expanses of the Universe in an orderly manner as willed by Almighty Allah, God, Creator and Sustainer of all that is present before us.

To even dare to think that all these came to being on their own as some dimwits are saying just betrays their glaring ignorance and failure to comprehend as to what's real and what's a figment of their distorted imaginations.

Don't waste your time on those who choose to be obstinate and refuse to see or even think about all that we are learning about here. It's a classic case where they are among those described as being deaf, dumb and blind to the obvious reality staring at them in the face!

Humankind have always consisted of such types and there will be even offsprings of the good and righteous who refuse to admit and submit to the truth being presented to them, no matter even if they are sons and daughters of the scholars and 'alims of the world!

Reflect back to the examples of even maternal and paternal uncles of the Holiest Messenger of Allah himself, Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam who couldn't influence some of them to become Muslims!

Consider also, the son and wife of the Prophet Noah who refused to embrace Islam and perished in the great floods that swamped the whole Earth! Take also as an example of the family of the Prophet Lut who turned into pillars of salt after refusing to listen to his advice not to look back at the disaster taking place as a result of Allah's Wrath upon the sodomites of Sodom and Gomorrah!

Believing in the Unseen God is the distinction between those who are able to comprehend the various stages of Life and Existence and those who are oblivious to such matters for their brains can't come to understand such matters!

It is like the case of some people being able to make out the 3D images of such paintings and textures but some folks, strain their eyes as they might, can still not make out an iota of the whole dimension before them!

Let me give it to you in a simpler, easier to understand way.

Has anyone of us seen our souls? Yes, our souls! I am sure not one of us have seen it with our own two eyes but it is there, isn't it?

Our living breathing soul is the reason why we are still alive here reading this post and it is unseen by any living being! There are some out there who claim to have near death experiences.

They claim that they could see their bodies lying motionless whilst their spirits floated up above and looked upon their lifeless bodies lying dead cold on some mortuary slab or after being involved in a fatal crash or accident.

Well, I leave it to the individual or individuals concerned to believe what they will. These spiritual experiences dwell on the paranormal but we have to acknowledge that such experiences are very personal and private. Only those who have experienced such incidents know exactly what they went through. Others can only guess and try to imagine those events.

Just as we can't see our living souls ourselves, we who are mere mortals and have yet to reach certain levels of spiritual awareness that certain Sufis and holy men are reputed to have attained, we do acknowledge that there is a Spiritual World out there!

Just like a hundred years ago before the advent of the microscope, mankind didn't know that even in a drop of water there existed all kinds of microbes and living organisms in it. Hidden realms of life that we are still discovering by the day.

Watching over all of us and monitoring each and everything we do are the multitudes of Angels and Almighty Allah, our God Almighty. A true Muslim knows that hence he or she who has the Faith and Trust in God know that Allah is just a prayer away and always loves us , no matter who we are if we submit to Him in the true sense! InsyaAllah.


Friend from Texas said...

Sorry, I couldn't help correcting some fallacies in your description of the cosmos:

Mahaguru58 said:
The Sun that is a 1,250,000 times bigger than this Earth is circled by tens of planets and millions of stars, each orbiting on their own paths, systematically in the vast expanses of the Universe in an orderly manner...

Actually, we only have 9 planets circling the Sun. The status of the outermost, Pluto, is still in debate. Perhaps you're referring to the belts of debris that form the asteroid belt and the Oort cloud when you say "tens"?

The Sun, while circled by planets and other solar system debris, is NOT circled by millions of stars. Sitting at a far position on a spiral arm of the galaxy, it is in fact us, and our Sun that are doing the circling around inner stars of the galaxy.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no systematic orbits nor "behavior" in the cosmos. It is all chaotic. Our perception of the dimension of time provides the illusion of systematic behavior, but this can be easily verified. One way is to look back in recent history, back a few centuries, and determine which star was referred to as the "pole" star...i.e. the one closest to the point of the north celestial pole. Things are in constant flux. Just because we don't perceive it as such, doesn't mean it isn't.

Mahaguru58 said:
To even dare to think that all these came to being on their own as some dimwits are saying just betrays their glaring ignorance and failure to comprehend as to what's real and what's a figment of their distorted imaginations.

Science backs its claims up with evidence.

That which is yet to be backed up with confirming evidence lies in the realm of several competing theoretical models. At its best, they are composed of theories that rest on present evidence and/or observation. At its worst, they are no different from blind faith in religion and creationism. The difference is in the self-correction aspect of integrates knowledge and moves on. Religion sticks to whatever knowledge was "revealed" or understood at the particular time of that religion's emergence and fears self-correction. Despite advances in knwledge, religion still sticks to its guns....although its adherents may underplay that particular aspect or "revelation" of the religion in question. I'm sure most Christians today don't believe the Earth is flat, nor do most Muslims believe that the sun sets in a lake.

At the moment, string theory provides the best model for the origin of this universe.

And guess what? There is some evidence backing this up.

The moment of a religion's failure is when it tries to encroach upon science....similar in its demise when it encroaches into politics.

mahaguru58 said...

Dear FFT,
Thanks for commenting but please bear in mind that I was only making that statement on a general note.

I could be scientific and pinpoint the exact details as to the subject of the universe but my main contention is on the topic of Belief in Allah.

I know that you are more into 'facts' and scientific leanings but my posting above dwells on the Creator.

Many of us mankind tend to think that Creation came into being just like that on its own.

I affirm that I am a total believer in what I as a Muslim believe in the Qur'an and the Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and all the other prophets before him.

What is science but a latter day advancement in expounding on what the eye sees and mind perceives.

Islam teaches us that there exists a spiritual world as do the other faiths. I intend to share on that in my writings.

As per your parting comment that religion fails when it 'encroaches' into science or politics is best left to your understandings.

To me, religion encompasses all aspects of our earthly life.

Personal opinions and thoughts are one thing but the general idea to divide and exclude religion to be just consisting of rituals and ceremonies pertaining to the worship of God is just a secular notion.

To me, Islam is complete and all encompassing. My faith covers all angles and aspects of my life.

Try as I may to learn it all within my timeframe will be almost impossible but it will not stop me from sharing what I have come to learn with others.

We surely will not agree on such matters as we both differ in both creed and understandings but generally we both have mutual goals to see justice prevail on Earth.

We can just agree to disagree on certain things and move on. Peace bro!