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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Azhar Mansor - Is he also an apostate ?

I came across this Christian website that exposes the news that the Malaysian sailor who sailed solo around the world has become an apostate from Islam.
"One man who has publicly converted is the well-known yachtsman, Azhar Mansor, who in 1999 sailed around the world in 190 days without the aid of an engine. The main mast of his yacht broke around Cape Horn. He managed, nevertheless, to reach the Faulkland Islands to repair the mast. What happened on the way between the cape and the islands is subject to speculation. The internet is full of questions by Muslims as to whether Mansor – who no longer lives in Malaysia – is really converted. And there is much discussion among Christians as well. Kamariah’s version is that Mansor, about to drown in the sea, was saved by a dolphin, and that Jesus appeared to him soon after". Excerpt from the Sydney Anglicans website.
I also read that the former Prime Minister Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad was approached by Azhar Mansor who confessed his desire to be a Christian and was told by Tun Dr.Mahathir to quietly emigrate overseas to avoid the repercussions as is being faced by Lina Joy @ Azlina Jailani!

Is this true? Does anyone have more info about this apostasy case? Email me and share what you know about it. Thank you.

It seems that Tun is an accomplice in abetting Azhar Mansor in allowing him to go free and if it is proven to be true that Tun did know the truth and has kept quiet, then Tun Dr.Mahathir needs to explain to Malaysians why he didn't stop Azhar Mansor from apostasising?

As the Prime Minister back then, he is also responsible for the upholding of Islamic Laws in Malaysia as the Department of Islamic Affairs was under his authority.

Looks like the more Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad makes noise about Abdullah Badawi, his own backside reeks with the coverups he has done as in this Azhar Mansor apostasy case! Hmmm.


mdredz said...

don't jump the gun, brother. this is old news. azhar mansor himself has came out in the papers several months ago (can't seem to find the article already as it has already expired) to refute such allegations.


mahaguru58 said...

Well mdredz, I am just asking, ain't I?

So, jumping the gun is not the issue here.

If you can see the question mark at the end of the sentence, that should tell you that I am asking whether it is true or otherwise?

Those who know the facts about this case, please help me out.

Those who don't, well, there's no point in adding to my questions, right?

As for the website, are they bullshitting as well?

Is Azhar Mansor still in Malaysia?

Anyone with the FACTS?

Jantan Kuat said...

"Looks like the more Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad makes noise about Abdullah Badawi, his own backside reeks with the coverups he has done as in this Azhar Mansor apostasy case!"

Your last paragraph there doesn't sound like a question does it?

mahaguru58 said...

You got that right bro! That ends up with a flaming exclamation point!

That's my opinion, thank you very much.

My question is whether Azhar Mansor is an apostate?

You know anything about it?

jbhlee said...

hahaha..bro. You were happy posting about a Christian priest converting to Islam but you cannot acceot the fact there are those wanting to jump ship from Islam to another faith. That's hipocrisy to me. I can accept that this Christian priest converted to Islam because this is his right and nobody else's...right?

mahaguru58 said...

Well brother lee,

Islam is the ultimate faith revealed to us mankind by God Almighty!

After acknowledging God Almighty, it is preposterous for mankind to go worship His creation!

So, that's the reason why Muslims are forbidden to apostate!

Just accept the facts of Islamic laws and live with it bro.

I welcome you to learn about Islam.

Ask anything that you want to know about it. Decently, please!

Peace be upon you bro lee. :)

anthraxxxx said...

heard about this story years ago but can't confirm it's authenticity though. only realised his quiet "disappearence" after my ex malay colleague told me about it.

melvin said...

I was at a motivation talk where he was the star guests and he harped over a particularly interesting segment of he's trip where he says that in the seas, you easily get hallucinations.

Substance to the story?

To be sure, Christians consider Jesus to be the word incarnate, which means his God's Words and a part of God sharing in his divinity. But who are we to wrap God in human logic eh?

Also by your argument, the French Muslims shouldn't protest the headscarf ban because they should just live with French secularist ideology.

Sorry if I sound hostile. No such intentions.


antok said...

while i'm all for asking questions, i don't think it's right to pass judgment (reading your opinion sounds like it was jugdmental, unless if i'm mistaken in which pardon me), especially in the absence of facts/witnesses. besides, doesn't islam advocate "presumption of innocence"?

mahaguru58 said...

Well brothers,
The reason I'm asking about whether Azhar Mansor is another apostate is because the website says he has, so my questioning that statement.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on this.

Brother melvin, the French have no rights to force Muslim women from wearing the hijab to cover their modesty as this is a Commandment from God Almighty.

When even Christian nuns cover their modesty as part of their religious teachings, the French should stop meddling in Islamic affairs and let the Muslims be.

It's not as if the Muslims are gonna take over the French republic by practicing their faith!

Brother antok,
I am being judgemental for the present situations warrant me speaking on this.

If I am wrong, Almighty Allah will surely give me my dues but if by my writing about this makes people realise what's right and what's not, then I will have justified myself in initiating corrective actions on this matter, InsyaAllah.

Audra said...

Hello, I stumbled onto your blog after coming across another which printed pictures of a recent mob gathering in front of a church after reading smses about a group of muslims converting to islam.

I respect your views, and I am not at all interested in engaging in any debate whatsoever. I further would like to complement you as it is through efforts like yours that will enable other people who are not exposed to multicultural / religion / racial experiences a view to what Islam is all about.

Time and again, I have always come across points, like Islam is tolerant, and I also have relatives who have converted to Islam. (I am Catholic by the way)

The pertinent point that I would like to share, is why is it that whenever there are stupid smses like this that circulate, the next thing we know is crowds gathering and causing disturbances. (Not so long ago it was Article 11 in Penang). If we can all be tolerant and accept each others existence, then we will not have these kind of problems, won't we? People should stop making statements like it is against religion to wish another person a greeting just because it stems from another religion's festival (deepavali, Christmas etc).
Society SHOULD FROWN on these kinds of mentality, as these alone will create some underlying tension which may or may not appear in later years. (A smaple case is the Bosnia-Herzagovinia crisis)

We must tolerate each other, CHristians, Hindus, converting to Islam, and Vice Versa. It is the individual's right to choose.

I am of that view period. If someone who is Christian chooses to convert, so be it.

BTW, Dato' Azhar is still very much Muslim, and he is still in Langkawi (managing a Private Marina, you may see him when you are there, I have)

I respect your intentions to screen each posting, as would I.


rahmat said...

I read that he admits to Shahidan? that he still performing daily prayer and tarawih (see Bernama news). But the fact that he was unwilling to declare his religios status when inquired by reporter casts much doubt in my part. Why would a muslim decline to say if he's a muslim. Obviously his life is not under threat.


mofadma said...

Perlis MB: Azhar Mansor is still a Muslim
Nov 11, 06 10:48am Adjust font size:

National mariner Azhar is still a Muslim, declared Perlis Menteri Besar Shahidan Kassim after their meeting in Kangar yesterday.

"He still performs his daily prayers and also performed the Tarawih prayers the whole of last Ramadan and follows the teachings of Islam. How can it be said that he has changed his religion?," Bernama quoted Shahidan as telling reporters after the meeting.

Also present during the one-hour long meeting was Perlis Mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin. However, Azhar declined to meet journalists waiting outside the MB's office.

Azhar was named in the SMS message that was floated in Perak last week that alleged 300 Muslims would be baptised by him at a church in Ipoh.

As a result of the SMS, about 1,000 Muslims gathered at the church in Jalan Silibin to check the matter out forcing police to be called in to control the situation. The matter is being investigated under the Sedition Act 1948.

Also implicated in the malicious SMS is Perak Mufti Harussani Zakaria. Like Azhar, police are expected to call him to assist in investigations. According to the police, Harussani was not a suspect but his name was mentioned in the widely circulated SMS.

Azhar, who turns 50 in February, has denied any involvement in what was alleged in the SMS at a press conference on Thursday.

Resides in Australia

Shahidan said that the presence of the national hero, who made a successful solo voyage in his Jalur Gemilang yacht in 1999, in Langkawi was because he had come to celebrate the Hari Raya with friends and relatives. Azhar now resides in Australia.

"Usually he will drop by to see me during Hari Raya, but maybe this time because he was busy with his business in Langkawi, he could only come today," said Shahidan.

Shahidan said that the Mufti would issue a statement on the meeting at the latest by Monday.

He said that in the meeting, Azhar, who wore a white shirt and jeans, repeatedly stressed that he and his wife were still Muslims.

He said that Azhar saw it as a challenge and a test of Allah the insinuations being made against him.

Many groups have condemned the SMS, including Sisters in Islam who said that a small, ill-informed group of Muslims are causing fear and anxiety in the country by deliberately sowing hatred and racial ill-will.

The non-governmental organisation’s Zaitun Kasim said these individuals and groups were using religion to drive a wedge between the different ethnic groups in the country.

Zaitun said the latest example of this trend was the act of writing and forwarding of the malicious SMS last Sunday which nearly caused a racial incident in Ipoh, Perak.

mahathir said...

Azhar is a christian quite well known in Australia. He has been giving his testimonies to many churches of his near-death experiences and personal
encounter with Jesus christ, who had saved his life. Deep inside, he believes that Jesus is son of God,the saviour of mankind.When among Malays, he likes to 'hold-on' to the many aspects of Islam which are similar to christian doctrines.

TeT Da GReaT said...

My guess:

a) Azhar Mansor is still a Christian, or
b) Azhar Mansor was a Christian, then converted back to Muslim (though I doubt it)

Either way, I'm sure he doesn't have anything to do with the gathering, it's just that ppl put his name in the SMS to highlight his being an apostate.

btw, doesn't Azhar Mansor realize by making a report to the police will highlight the fact that his name is mentioned in the website? Why doesn't he just sue the website for, say, fabricating a story about him?

geNe said...

apostate? i dont understand what most people in malaysia are thinkin about. chinese islam converts 'found light'. indians converts 'found light'. they're celebrated on national tv. and there are thousands of them out there. TVs makes them looks good. they've done the right thing.

why cant we do de same to malays who wanted to embrace another faith? we accused them of apostate and we try to put them into jail? that's the way it is? who are we to judge? i'm not asking malaysians to celebrate these malay christian converts. i'm just hoping we just let them be.

again, who are we to judge?
we're all waiting for judgement day, muslims and christians alike. so let Him judge us.

Yusri said...

Why does this kept us wondering for years? Why isn't there anybody knock at his door and ask him. Before that, make an appointment first because he might be out for sailing.

If this makes us feel suspicious, then we as a Muslim have to act fast.

Many Christian who converted to Islam say that they converted because :-
1- Muslim has never force/influence them to convert
2- Muslim prays 5 times a day, everyday, while other religion only prays a few (or sometimes never pray!)
3- Islam prohibits alchohol drinks, zina, gambles etc.
4- The al-Quran
5- The way of Muslim Life etc.

But many Muslim who converted to Christian is because :-
1- Love
2- Money
3- For fun
4- Influenced
5- They dreamed of the Prophet Isa A.S.

If Azhar Mansor was really a Christian, then we should do something about it.

Islam is the ONLY CHOICE for ALL MANKIND. The Christians, especially the Pope, Bishops or most of them knows about the Righteous of Islam refuses to believe in Allah SWT. And we know why.


p/s : Insha-Allah, I pray so that Azhar Mansor will still have his faith in Islam.