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Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Blessed Friday at the Masjid Jamek KL

I was at the Masjid Jamek KL yesterday morning to meet a business associate of mine and an activist of Peguam Pembela Islam, Hj.Shahool Hameed.

Pending his arrival, I got the opportunity to speak to Thomas, a landscape designer from Germany and two Korean ladies who were there to visit the mosque.

The gates were closed because the masjid was being cleaned and prepared for the Friday prayers.

Thomas was very enthusiastic to learn about Islam and the information I shared with him was greatly appreciated by him and we had a lively exchange between us.

I spoke about the connections between us mankind, who albeit being different in so many things such as our ethnic varieties, looks, demeanours, etc still share a common heritage being the Children of the Prophet Adam (pbuh).

I shared with him about how Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala created us to be in so many races not for us to wage war and enmity against each other but to get to know and learn from one another.

The two Korean ladies happened to be close to us and naturally, I started to share my thoughts with them too. They were also happy to learn about Islam and stayed with us for a few minutes.
We took photos of each other and exchanged contact information.

Among the many things I managed to share with them was the connections between us and God. I asked them how many Gods they believed in?

When they replied that they believed in one God, I told them that they were just like us Muslims who believe that There is only One God -'Qul hu wallah hu Ahad!' and that they were already 'half' a Muslim!
They were surprised to learn that and wanted to know more. It is true in a sense that the faith of Islam is based on the Belief in Allah, God Almighty, the One and Only Supreme Creator of us all.

The Final Messenger of Allah, the Blessed Messenger of God, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam spent 13 long years in Makkah, Arabia teaching mankind to know that 'There is only One God and that God is Allah!'.

The remaining 10 years of his life in Madinah was spent teaching Muslims about the Faith of Islam that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala has revealed to us Mankind for us to live according to its tenets and principles through the examples shown by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself.

Given the short space of time available as each of us had agendas of our own to attend to, I gave them a briefing of what Islam is about and how Almighty Allah asks us Muslims to 'Invite All (Mankind) to the Way of Our Lord with Wisdom and Beautiful Preaching and to Reason with them (Mankind) in Ways that are Best and Most Gracious!'Surah An Nahl (The Bee) Chapter 16 Verse 125. Holy Qur'an.
They were also surprised to know that on the palms of our hands are the Arabic numerals of 18 on the right palm and 81 on the left, which when brought together in prayer amount to a total of 99 corresponding with the number of Allah's Mercies and Most Beautiful Names that He has revealed to us as 'Asma 'ul Husna'.
Refer to the Holy Qur'an Surah Fussilat 41 : 53
"We will show them (mankind) Our Signs in the Universe and on their ownselves until it becomes manifest that this (Qur'an) is the Truth. Is it not sufficient in regard to your Lord that He is a Witness over all things?"

No matter who or what we are, as humanbeings, we all carry these Signs of God on our palms.

Allah SWT has a 100 Mercies. He placed 1 of His Mercy in us and His entire Creation and reserved 99 of the remaining Mercies with Himself to be bestowed upon us all on the Last Day.

Check it out and see for yourselves on your palms. No matter who or what you are!

All mankind when praying, put their palms together. Only Muslims open up their palms when making the do'a. Even many Muslims do not realise why they do that? Well, it is all part and parcel of the Fitrah that Allah SWT has placed in us.

When someone comes to us and puts out their hand asking us for a donation or alms, we consider whether he or she is worth helping in our hearts. We might give or might not.

The situation differs totally when someone comes to us with both their palms together opened up begging us for mercy! At that time, many of us will dig into our pockets or wallets and give whatever we feel we should without any reservations. Why is that?

It is all a spiritual reaction. To see someone come to us with both palms open and outstretched triggers a natural sense of goodness that is within us to help out no matter whether we ourselves don't have that much to give in the first place.

Imagine the reaction of God Almighty to whom we beg and pray to for our needs. God will give to us what we ask for if the situation and circumstances are right for us and if He fulfills our prayers, aren't we the grateful ones?

We will be prostrating ourselves to Him expressing our immense gratitude and saying 'Thank you Allah!' endlessly.Then we will start to forget Him until another situation crops up and we are back to square one, beseeching Him for mercy and help once again.

That is our human nature. To remember Allah only when we are in troubles and we conveniently forget Him when we are doing well and everything seems to be going fine for us.

Muslims who practice their faith however are in constant contact with Allah 5 times a day. We who remember to perform our prayers to Allah get a chance to redeem ourselves with Allah 5 times a day and we ask for forgiveness for our sins from early in the morning before sunrise, then after midday, followed by another prayer in mid afternoon, then another session after sunset and end it with a night prayer.

5 times a day, the believing Muslim, male and female get a chance to delete their sins, reformat their souls and refresh their connection to Allah without having to burn any joss stick, light up any candles, offer any flowers or fruits or pour any milk, juice or whatsoever as an offering to Him who needs nothing from us except our submission to Him, free from any false pretences or dramas.

All we need to do to stand in prayer before God is to be clean, body and soul. Focus on our prayers to Him and be sincere in our devotions to Him. That's all. Islam is such. Free and simple. No unnecessary burdens are placed on us when we need to pray to Him, God Most Merciful, Most Compassionate, who has created us to be His Vicegerents on Earth.

He puts the 1 Mercy from Him into our hearts and we in turn love those who mean so much to us.With this One Mercy, we love each other and our families. With this One Mercy, the entire Creation takes care of their offsprings, parents and those of their kind and others.

A mother bird fends for its young, protects its chicks and fights off their enemies with it's God given capabilities.

With this One Mercy, we humanbeings show care and compassion for each other.

I gave an example to Thomas as how a humanbeing no matter how bad he or she is in character and leanings, will go help stop a blind person from falling into a pit or a drain if he or she is a witness to that potential tragedy themselves!

This act of Mercy comes from that natural instinct of goodness called 'Fitrah' that Allah the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful has blessed us with in our souls.

No matter that a person is deemed to be a gangster, a mobster, whatever, deep within that person will still remain a natural sense of goodness that will manifest itself when the correct time and opportunity arises!

Even the world's worst criminal was born pure and free from sin from his or her mother's womb! Each and every humanbeing becomes what they end up to be due to the unique individual's upbringing by either his or her parents or parent or anyone else entrusted to take care of them.

Each child is raised according to the parent or guardian's principles and values. This is proven times and time again in human history and will be repeated till the end of time. It's the Law of Nature.

Take any child from whatever ethnicity. If you teach the child to be a Muslim, he or she will turn to be a Muslim. If you teach a child to believe in Christianity, that child will grow up believing as one. If you teach a child from small to believe in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and whatever other 'ism's there are out there, that young innocent child will grow up believing whatever has been taught to him or her. Such is the Law of Nature.

Each human child is like a blank rewritable cd. Whatever is burned into that child from day one will be there in the child's personality until the child develops his or her own faculties of thought and rationalising.

Each child is unique and blessed with his or her own individual sense of skills and capabilities by Allah. Depending on the circumstances and way that the child has been brought up or taught by the parent, guardian, teacher or anyone else, that child will come to a stage where he or she will stand out on his or her own principles and viewpoints.

No matter what has been taught and programmed into that child, when he or she has reached that certain stage where they can think for themselves as to whether this is right and that is wrong, then comes that crucial turning point or state where the child who has now become an adult chooses their next stage in their life whether to continue on the path where they hve been groomed to head on to or choose a different path or way of life.

This brings the person to determining their own destiny or fate. This is where influences from any party or source plays a very big part in deciding the individual's destination, goals to achieve or head to.

Born Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs and every other human choices of faith have been proven to either stick to their creed that they have been raised up in or move on to whatever other choices that they make.

Whilst apostasy in Muslims is forbidden and punishable by death, there are some out there who unfortunately have been influenced into going out of Islam either by their own misguided choice or forced to by certain elements present in their individual lifes. A case that is being hotly debated and discussed is the Azlina Jailani @ Lina Joy matter.

She is sort of lucky that Malaysia is not practicing the Laws of Allah in totality. The Sharia Courts here in Malaysia do not put to practice God's Laws in totality. We all know that as a matter of fact and I say it is a main reason why crime is rising here in our lands.

Manmade laws and attempts to show that we know better than Allah Azza wa Jalla is proven in history to not solve the recurring problems caused by criminals who have no fear committing their crimes over and over again.

A case worth mentioning is the growing scourge of snatch thefts and rapes taking place today!

A snatch thief who robs and hurts people especially women is best punished according to the Hudud laws. Whoever robs someone for no other reason except greed and to finance his drug addiction is guilty of malicious greed and aggravated assault upon another person.

Putting that thief in prison serves no purpose for he comes out after serving his jail term as a hardened criminal. Drug addiction is not easy to treat and we all keep hearing of those sent to the rehabilitation centres relapse and return to their self abuse by retaking drugs. To find money to buy those drugs, they almost always turn to crime and their favorite modus operandi is to be a snatch thief. They have killed many victims as a result of their being merciless in their criminal acts.

Victims are dragged and assaulted in the process of their stealing handbags from the women walking along the pedestrian walkways, roads and streets of this nation.

Recently, a young saleswoman died from injuries she suffered from severe head concussion when she fell on the stairs of a shopping mall in Kuantan after a glue sniffing addict snatched her handbag to finance his glue sniffing addiction! A young innocent life has been snuffed out by a ruthless merciless addict!

I say impose capital punishment upon the perpetrator when such a senseless murder has been caused by him! A life for a life! There's no two ways about it! It doesn't matter that the fella is a Malay or Muslim! Justice must be done to the Chinese victim according to the Sharia laws of Allah! I say, hang the fella! Only then will other criminals have the fear of Death be in their miserable and wretched souls! Jailing them only wastes precious funds and resources best put to other useful needs for the people!

Back to my topic. Information about what Islam really is needs to be shared with others. I am going to set up an Islamic Centre at the Masjid Jamek KL's Main Hall soon as I have been asked by the Mosque's Committee to utilise the premises for such a beneficial purpose and to help the many tourists who visit the historical mosque here in KL learn about Islam as they tour the premises. Insya Allah, the working papers will be prepared soon and by December this year or early next year, the proposed Masjid Jamek KL Islamic Centre will come into being!

In the meantime, the many tourists to the Masjid Jamek KL are sadly left to tour the mosque premises on their own and nobody attends to them during their visit thus missing an important chance to share the truth about Islam and enlighten the hundreds of tourists coming from all over the world to the mosque just as we have at my favourite mosque in Penang, the Masjid Kapitan Keling.

Insya Allah, the proposed Islamic Centre which I will set up there will solve this sitution. Amen! Please do'a for my being able to accomplish that goal soon! Jazakallah.

Have a pleasant weekend with your loved ones and stay away from trouble. :)


Billy said...

Hi Brother MG: Just a matter of correction. I am a Roman Catholic. Besides making the sign of the cross and blessing ourselves with the holy water while entering or leaving the church, we do open our palms when we say the prayer "Our Father". Or in some churches, they will hold each others hands like forming a human chain saying the prayer together.

mahaguru58 said...

Ah yes Brother Billy, I concur with that.

Roman Catholics are the closest to us Muslims.

There is just the matter of acknowledging that Jesus, the Son of Mary to be a mighty messenger of Allah and not the Son of God that divides us.

Will follow up on this later.Peace.