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Monday, August 21, 2006

British Intelligence former Agent admits 9-11 is an inside job

Former British M15 Intelligence Agent David Shayler admits that the 9-11 WTC Twin Towers Destruction is actually an inside job by the US Government and that it was carried out to falsely create a permanent state of emergency in the USA, paving the way for the USA to wage war and invade Afghanistan, now Iraq and soon occupy Syria and Iran!
Washington has deceived the American people into believing that the attack on the WTC was carried out by Al-Qaeda and that their lifes were in danger from Muslims!

This blatant act of deceit by the USA's government in scapegoating Al-Qaeda, which they helped form in the first place is the spearhead of a clandestine act of war against Muslim nations under guise of a 'war on terror'.

David Shayler's testimony is found here. Read for yourself and discover how the American and British governments have falsely accused and created an atmosphere of fear and undue hatred against the Muslim of this world by orchestrating events and incidents where the Muslims have been falsely charged and crimes attributed to them.

Shayler even disclosed how the Israelis bombed their own embassy in London and scapegoated two innocent Palestinians to be the bombers in July 1994 who sadly remain in jail to this date!

Here are these two governments who claim to be champions of Freedom this, freedom that but in reality are the very destroyers of Freedom in the whole wide world especially when it concerns Muslim nations!

Dear Readers,
I ask you to take note of all the events leading up to the American invasion of Iraq and the current situation where we now hear of atrocities being perpetrated by American occupying forces against the Iraqi women, children and civilians.

David Shayler exposes the reality of what is actually taking place in the Middle East and as rational people who don't just swallow any news reports coming our way , hook, line and sinker, we need to analyse all these news that are being bandied about by the world's media.

We all know that in today's technologically and scientifically advanced world, anything can be conjured up by those media gurus as shown in all the news being exposed at :

American actor Charlie Sheen also speaks about his doubts about Al-Qaeda being responsible for the bringing down of the World Trade Centers in his interview with Alex Jones at Prison Planet TV here.

These are Americans who are well known to be outspoken critics against the shenanigans of the worst American President ever to be in office at The White House!

Unlike here in Malaysia, where news reports are almost always edited and filtered for any anti -government reporting, over there in America, the media is sort of loose cannons.

As such, their constant usage and upholding of the Freedom of the Press at times backfires against the very administration that intends to pull a fast one on their citizens and the whole wide world!

This expose is one of such backfiring of the American media. I hope that those of you who have been swallowing every media report that the world's major media companies are dishing out to you over in CNN, BBC, Fox News, ABC, etc do read all other sources of news available today both over the internet and other mediums before coming to any conclusions as to who are really at fault.

Recheck and relook at every piece of news coming your way. Then you will realise that the Muslims are really being scapegoated by America's George W Bush for his own purposes!

Time will tell and history will show us all who are the real culprits but in the meantime it is the Muslims who are suffering unnecessarily due to their disunity and weak leadership!

The truth will be exposed by the day as more and more Americans speak out against their war crazy President and as more and more American and British agents follow their conscience and speak up against this horrible crime of scapegoating the Muslims for 9-11! Read and learn.


walski69 said...


I've always maintained that any news medium is not free from bias - the only question usually is who's bias?

As for 9-11 being prepetrated by the US Government itself, it does not come as any surprise, if true. There have been a number of mini-exposés to that effect, including the documentary "Loose Change" (available on Google Video).

It is easier to control a population in fear, and the Bush 2 admin has progressively been instilling fear into the American psyche.


mahaguru58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Brother,

That's why we bloggers need to help dispel the lies being spread by the Bush Administration and his accomplices.

People are still unclear as to who's responsible and these exposes need to be spread around so that justice is not only upheld to clear the names of Muslims but seen to be upheld by us, who get these info from reliable sources!

Americans are slowly but surely waking up to the truth but our fellow Malaysians still think 9-11 is the work of Al-Qaeda.

Those of us who know the truth , please do your bit to enlighten people as to the real deal here.

K said...

Bro MG58,

my posting on 26 Dec 2005

2 weeks earlier I posted

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