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Monday, August 21, 2006

Damn you Zionists ! May you burn in hell!

It hurts like hell to see this news photo being headlined in The Sun newspaper today with a ridiculous caption 'New Life, New Hope!'
Who the hell are they kidding? What new life are these idiots talking about? What kind of hope are the editors of The Sun talking about for these poor people?
Are they blind or what to the catastrophe these poor victims are facing or are the Editors trying to be funny?

Are they insinuating that these people have any chance in hell to live to see tomorrow?

What kind of a sick joke are these Editors playing on the poor Lebanese? Honeymoon in the rubble? A tryst in the dust ?

Yeah, it must be really romantic to spend your first night in one of the hell holes of Lebanon, thanks to the murderous Zionists bastards who have devastated a sovereign country right in fullview of the world without any retaliation from anyone else but the Lebanese Hezbullah!

I am disgusted to see such tasteless media reporting sowing false hopes for a people who are in constant danger of ending up in pieces due to the atrocious bombings being carried out by Israel against them with no defense from even their cuckolded Lebanese army!

Yes, I repeat that! Cuckolded! Bloody useless Lebanese army who cowered in fright and in bunkers whilst the courageous Hezbullah gave the Zionists a taste of their own medicine! If not for the Hezbullah's standing up to the Zionists, these newlyweds would be newlybleds and end up as another statistic in the list of the 'war dead'!

The Hezbullah ought to be congratulated for singlehandedly be the only force who have repelled the Zionist terrorists from laying total waste to Lebanon!

The Lebanese people and government are forever in debt to the Hezbullah! Long live the lions of Allah ! Allahu Akbar! May the Hezbullah arise above the ruins of Lebanon and teach the Zionists an everlasting lesson! Ameen.


Shahriman Latif said...

Calm down.

Not everyone views the worlds as full of hatred and bleakness and you apparently do (and your writing in this reflects that immensely).

I think it's quite an uplifting newspaper report.

Sure, it's going to be hard. It's going to be very hard for them. The point of it all is that AT LEAST they are trying to live a normal life instead of worrying over things they can't control. In their own way, they are defying the Israelis, saying "you can bomb our country to Hell, but we're still getting up!"

One could even say that it's got nothing to do with atrocious Israel or backwards Hezbullah, it's the lives of two people standing defiant against the rubble around them.

Think positively, man.

mahaguru58 said...

If it was you right over there, I am pretty sure your tune would be pretty different.

There are many kinds of reactions from those who don't feel the pain of the Lebanese as demonstrated by yourself bro.

I sure hope that you don't have to find it out for yourself in the near future.

Mamat said...

I suppose the lesson for Malaysia is that we must have a strong army.

Don't you think so.

If Lebanon did have a strong army, Israel wouldn't even dare to attack in the first place.

I would say that Hezbullah only offered a second best choice i.e. retaliating back; but it cannot stop civilian losses on the Lebanese side.

So I think we should all lobby the govt to have strong army!

And also Malaysia must not rely on the US as a major arms supplier.

And not to forget one critical lesson. And this relates to why Lebanese army was so "silent" all this while.

A good army must be based on similar religious and ethnic foundations.

As for Lebanese army, they won't fight because they are fractured into Shia, Sunni and Christian 'factions'. Compare that to the cohesive Hezbullah.

This last comment may not be liked to some but that is the reality.

mahaguru58 said...

Brother mamat,
I agree that our Malaysian Army must be strong.

The PLKN should in fact be made part and parcel of our nation's backbone especially when it comes to the matter of National Defence.

The Malaysian Army also needs to be made up of all the races of Malaysia so that each and every soldier has something to fight for and help protect this nation.

As things are, the most we see this happen is in Askar Wataniah but they are not as battle hardy as the regular Askar Melayu Di Raja.

We should practice meritocracy in our nation so that no matter what ethnicity one is, if one is good in one's chosen profession, one will reap the rewards of one's efforts.

We also need to realise that here in Malaysia, the Malays are exercising their rights to hold sway over the rest.

It is part and parcel of our Malaysian entity. There are certain positions that are restricted and allowable only to the Malays.

The Chinese and Indian leaders of yesteryears acknowledged and respected this agreement and that's how things are and will remain in Malaysia.

Nevertheless, we all still mnage to live in relative peace and mutual understanding with each other.

The Lebanese forgot to unite and fight as one against the Zionists, that's why their country got walloped by the regime of Israel!

Malaysians can learn from the Lebanese tragedy and not repeat the stupid mistake in not standing up for their nation!

Hezbullah's presence somewhat saved the Lebanese from total annihilation by the Zionists.

It's not over yet as the Zionists are going to attack them again and again for the Israelis know that no one has the balls to face them in the world today especially from the Muslim world!

Malaysia's Army are going in as among the UNIFIL's peacekeepers.

Do you even want to dream that they will even be allowed to engage the Israelis in combat?

They will be there yes but again as the 3 monkeys as they did in Bosnia!

See no Evil, Speak No evil, Hear no Evil.

Worse come to worse, they might end up as casualties of war from the Israeli bombs.

That's what I can see from this 'peacekeeping' jaunt by our 'Army'.

Hezbullah kicked ass because they fear no Death as they are fighting under the banner of Allah!

When soldiers fight just because they get a paycheck, the fighting spirit is easily shaken and they might just cower in fright and die.

When one fights because of God, the scenario is totally different!

That's why the Israeli reservists go back and complain to their generals that the Hezbullah are so determined and fight them will so much spirit and bravery!

Fighting for a just cause is different than fighting because you are ordered to.

minority said...

How do the couple feel? I bet after all that shelling and bombing, what their experiencing is heaven.

In a bleak situation, why be pessimistic?

Malaysians know all stuff going on down there. What's wrong in showing a lamp in the dark?


mahaguru58 said...

Picture yourself getting bombed out of your home and seeing all your family members be smashed to smithereens as thousands of Lebanese families have been massacred by the Zionist bastards bombs!

Visualise your entire life go up in dust and rubble taking away all your hard earned worldly possessions in a split second, then tell me if you'd be smiling and waving while grinning broadly at the media cameras?

Playing dumb is not gonna change the reality that Lebanon has been violated and waged war against by cowardly Zionist bastards who bombed and killed thousands of innocent Lebanese civilians in response to two of their terrorists being taken into custody by the Hezbullah!

The Pollyanna thinking is not gonna change the reality that the Lebanese are facing today, seeing their entire homes and neighbourhood be destroyed by remorseless animals who fly the six pointed star in total disregard for justice and who stick their middle finger to anyone who dares question them why in the Useless Nuts organisation in New York!

And you ask me to lighten up?

You'd be blowing high and low if it was your home and your family who are smashed to smithereens by those Israeli bombs, wouldn't you?

Abdylas said...

Salam Brother,

UK's The Sun, The Times newspapers together with US's New York Post, Fox Network and a bunch of other media networks are owned by Rupert Murdoch.

You can know about him here

Newspapers owned by him:

Quote from the above link,

"Quite recently, a Times correspondent actually resigned because he was not allowed to report properly what was going on in Israel, or even to use accurate words to describe facts which were undisputed. He stated: "Murdoch's executives were so scared of irritating him that, when I pulled off a little scoop by tracking, interviewing and photographing the unit in the Israeli army which killed Mohammed al-Durrah, the 12-year-old boy whose death was captured on film and became the iconic image of the conflict, I was asked to file the piece 'without mentioning the dead kid'. After that conversation, I was left wordless, so I quit." Unusually courageous for a modern journalist."

So it's no surprise for me to see this kind of front page from The Sun.

Thanks for pointing it out. It's a shame that they are humiliating us in this manner, nevertheless good luck for the newly weds!


Abdylas said...

One more thing brother, in my opinion we should never use bad words if we want to spread Islam to others. No matter how bad the Zionists are and no matter how much pain they have inflicted on Muslims, we still can write effectively without using bad words such as "bastards". Because our Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him never used bad words in his life, he was patient and at the same time stern - not weak! When necassary he dealt with the enemies of Islam very strictly and when needed he forgave them. And we should always strive to follow his way, because his way is the true way.


mahaguru58 said...

Brother Ades,
Thanks for your comments. The thing is I am no prophet.

I am a normal humanbeing with feelings and sensitivities just like everyone else.

The term bastard is well known and understood to mean 'illegitimate'.

Using the term 'illegitimate' to depict the Zionist murderers doesn't quite carry the punch I intend to picture my disgust and hatred for them, so please forgive yours truly here for saying exactly what's on my mind.

I can pussyfoot around and try to be Mr.Goody Two Shoes by mumbling and act as if I am so very holy moly but that's not me!

As a Muslim, I know it's not encouraged for me to express myself as clearly as I am in my blog but as a blogger, I need to be honest about my feelings and express myself exactly as I feel for I do not wish to be a hypocrite!

Being a munafiq is the ultimate degradation a Muslim can ever bring upon him or herself!

Thus, you'd have to live by my being open about how I feel about the Zionists!

I will not tolerate the 'f' word in my blog and will not try to beat around the bushes when it comes to writing out my viewpoints pertaining to anything.

I call a spade just that and if I am abrasive at times, that's me being myself, a Libran.

I'm neither a Devil nor an Angel but I could be both at the same time.

Everyone of us has the Devil in him or her and it's only our willpower that dictates to us as to whom we follow.

This is the reality of life brother and we have to face it.

Dakwah is a method of passing on the Message of Islam in the best manners and using wisdom.

When I wrote about the Sun report, I was not engaging in Dakwah.

The website you set up for me is the one I am reserving for Dakwah.

Over here, it is me. No false pretences , no holds barred , straight to the face blogging.

If at times I blow up, it is just part and parcel of venting out my feelings , pure and simple.

Those who try to put up a theatrical performance will find out that the audience is missing and you won't get applause from any soul for people can figure out easily whether one is speaking from his or her soul or just trying to portray a character which he or she is not!

Hope you understand my point!

I see too many Muslims trying to curry favor with others for no rhyme or reason by being apologetic and kowtowing to the whims and fancies of others!

Sorry, its just not in me to be the same.

Mahaguru58 speaks as he sees it.

If I see Muslims doing wrong, I don't mince my words when I address them. Check my posts on the Unwed Mothers issue and you'll see what I mean.

When I write about Lina Joy, I lambast the hordes of Muslims who only now bother to raise a brouhaha about her apostasy!

Where was anyone when she was lost and looking for love and compassion?

So, please allow me to be myself and live with it. Jazakallah!

Ades said...

Salam Brother Zainol,

I understand that you are trying to be yourself and portray the true "you" and I think that is good. And I also understand that you are neither prophet nor a holy man to be a perfect in every way. Please do not misunderstand me when I say we should not say bad words, it does not mean that we should not be frank or we should not tell what we think. It's not the case. And it should not be misunderstood that we should be apologetic or voice out our opinions to defend Islam. Not at all.... What I actually meant was that, we should not use any bad words in our conversations wether it is on the blog or in our daily conversations. As I understand dawah is not just constrained to one field of our life, dakwah is everything. Muslim's life is a dawah in itself, his actions are dawah, his talks are dawah and the way he talks is dawah. Therefore we should strive to be the best human being, after all prophet Muhammad pbuh said my ummah will be the best ummah. So our aim should be to live to that expectation of prophet Muhammad pbuh.

Being a foreigner in Malaysia gave me more opportunities to know what non-muslims think of Muslims (i.e malays). Usually Islam in Malaysia is associated with everything that is Malay. Unfortunately over the course of 10 years I have heard enough negative things about what non-muslims think is Islam. It's sad but true that oftentimes non-muslims cannot differentiate what is Islam and what is Malay customs, tradition, behavior. They think that everything that Malay do and behave is Islam. So when they see something negative in a Malay person they think that is Islam. And for this reason I was asking you not to use bad words, because you never know what kind of people are reading your blog. There are people who can differentiate something that belongs to person and something that comes from religion. Howeve there are people that will think what you talk is Islam. So when we talk something bad they think Islam teaches that. I hope you got what I meant now.

"Khulli adama khata" - every man makes a mistake. And I am not an exception. But it should not stop any muslim from improving themselves. We can't just say this is how am I and you should accept it. Allah says that a human being can attain a level that is higher than angel and degrade to a level that is worse than shaytan. So our aim should be to continously improve ourselves and if possible try to influence others as well.

I ask for Allah's forgiveness if I have said something wrong in this post, Ameen.


mahaguru58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Brother Ades,

I have no problems accepting all that you have said here.

You mean well and I know it.

Insya Allah, I will try my level best to be as civil as I can in my choice of words but I hate being bridled when voicing out my opinions, so if you see me chomping at the bits now and then, be at peace knowing that your dear old brother here is just being himself!

All said and done, at the end of the day, those who have come to know me through my writings here, have a fair idea of who Mahaguru58 is and what he is not.

May the Taufeek and Hidayah of Allah be upon us all, Ameen.

Abdylas said...

Brother Zainol,

May Allah bless you and your family for your efforts in spreading Islam, your intention is good and that is what is important in the eyes of Allah and Inshallah you shall get your rewards for that. Ameen.