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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hydrogen Fuel Technology (HFT) or hydroxene!

Congratulations to Dr.Halim Mohd Ali of Hydrogen Fuel Technology (M) Sdn Bhd for coming out with this out of the future hybrid technology where water and petrol are mixed in the combustion chambers of automobile engines and run the hybrid cars, effectively reducing fuel consumption by almost 50%!

POWERING AHEAD: LM Star Autoworld president Abdul Uza Sheikh Mohamad (right) and Dr Halim speaking to reporters on the hydroxene technology in Johor Baru yesterday.

Source : The Star Online.

"Water molecules are split into hydrogen and oxygen through high compression nano-technology before being pumped into the fuel line!" says Dr.Halim.

I remember watching a scene in the fiction movie 'Back to the Future' where the scientist uses waste material to run the fusion engine of the flying car!

Back then we could be excused for swallowing hook, line and sinker of every Hollywood fiction films being churned out for their fantastic gizmos and gadgets being shown on celluloid!

But today, some of the new fandangled inventions are already being manufactured and used by people! Handphones now come equipped with videocameras just as depicted in the Dick Tracy cartoons of yesteryears!

So, today, we can be truly proud of our local scientist Dr.Abdul Halim who has made a breakthrough in fuel economising by inventing this new water-fuel concept!

I believe it's gonna be pricey at first but as with all new inventions, there'll always be copycats and imitators who will catch up fast with this technology and produce cheaper versions of the engine!

Won't be long before someone, somewhere invents an engine that runs on pure water! A hydrogen based engine that requires no fossil fuel as most cars on earth require to run today! Could it be the same Dr.Abdul Halim who'll be the one?

This is something that we can all be really proud of! Malaysia Boleh!!! In the real sense!


Adam said...

Had read of similar research being carried out in the west and was waiting for the day when they would release one commerciall. But it's amazing that it is now happening in Malaysia. Malaysia boleh.

Friend from Texas said...

This is exciting stuff!

The problem with using hydrogen as fuel is that it is not energy efficient to produce...i.e. it takes more energy to split the water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen than burning the hydrogen would produce.

If Dr. Halim can fix that little glitch in energy efficiency, history will record him as one of the greatest revolutionaries of the century!

I wish him well, and caution him to beware of the hordes of UMNO politikus who will try to jump aboard and siphon off his grant money.

mahaguru58 said...

Yes, it is about time that this nation sees achievements in this field of science and technology that will benefit mankind than be infatuated with trying to achieve ridiculous feats in utter stupidity.

Malaysia has been experiencing brain drain of its scientists and other professionals due to the government failing to prioritise R&D in such fields.

This nation can fare better if it stops wasting so much precious resources in hedonistic pursuits!

I'd rather see more bright sparks being showcased in our land than see a growing number of idiotic Malays all so bloody gung ho in getting their sons and daughters turn into fly by night singers and 'artistes'!

The nation is full of high IQ students from all ethnicities who need more opportunities than be wasted on a 3 month intensive singing and dancing reality program that sees millions being wasted on them both by the bloody stupid TV viewers and equally idiotic parents!

When others are busy improving themselves in academic and scientific advancements, we have a majority of hedonistic oriented nincompoops wasting away their lifes and the future of this ntion on such wasteful practices!

I blame the various ministries for engaging in such wasteful agendas which I think are intended to distract the general public from focusing on their shenanigans and mismanagementof this nation!

The past government laid the foundations for such useless pursuits and the present lineup are singing the same tune!

I seriously hope that the Abdullah Badawi government wakes up to the true potential of this country's scientists and inventors like Dr.Halim!

I support meritocrasy!What's the point of spoonfeeding idiots who do not know nuts about progress and development of the Malaysian spirit?

Borneo219 said...

Check out this website where u can buy ready made kit for RM1200.
Maybe the american stole the idea from Dr Halim

Melvin Lee said...

Well guys! We have been installing to 42 types of vehicles excluding lorries from 1 tonne onwards!
I tell you, there is by far the average is 20-30% achivement of savings of your gasoline consumption. I've collected vast information on this technology you read it for yourself