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Friday, August 18, 2006

A kampong scene in midcity KL

I experienced a unique moment in time today after attending the Friday prayers at Masjid As Syakirin , KLCC Park in the City Centre.

I was driving back home when it started to rain heavily. As it was lunchtime, I felt hungry and upon reaching the Pudu area, saw this corner just after Masjid Alam Shah.

At the far end of the apartments near the mosque was this area that you would never believe as being right smack in the middle of the city area!

Click on the photos and see them in a better view!

People were having their lunch under a shed and when it rained so heavily, the whole atmosphere was very kamponglike ! Just look at the pictures and visualise what I saw and experienced! Subhanallah! I felt like I was back in my kampong! It was so pleasantly nice!

It brought back memories when I was a small kid! In those days, whenever it rained as heavily as this afternoon, me and my friends would go play in the rain. We would go and stand beneath the waterfall like rainwater pouring heavily from the gutters of the kampong houses!

It was so much fun back then when the atmosphere was not as polluted as it is today! We used to have such a time of our lifes and we used to run from one pouring gutter of a house to another!

Kids nowadays live a closeted life and most end up at the various cybercafes all over this nation. We used to make boats out of coconut palm stems and fashion them out using a carving knife or one borrowed from the kitchen!

We used to sail them down the many drains in the village and followed them out to the sea! My kampong in Jelutong was facing the sea of the Penang Channel.

Well, this afternoon's downpour brought back pleasant memories of my childhood. Thank God!

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