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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lina Joy - A blessing in disguise?

In a way, the matter of Lina Joy applying to change her name in her MyKad as a mark of her apostasy can be counted as a blessing in disguise.

Why do I say that? Well, in a sense she has sort of slapped the Malays into awakening from their deep slumber of apathy towards the welfare of one another!

Just like the Kg.Rawa Hindu Temple-Kg.Rawa Masjid incident in Penang a few years back brought about an awakened sense of togetherness for the Muslims in UMNO,PAS,ABIM,JIM,TABLIGH,ARQAM and so many other groups together united in defence of their faith in Islam, Lina Joy has given a very tight slap to the spiritual awareness of so many Malay Muslims who today gather in large numbers as members of!

Show her that we as Muslims love her and care for her and we are here for her! That's why I say, it is good that this thing has happened now. Better now than never!

Muslims in Malaysia sort of got lethargic and didn't give a damn about their fellow Muslims as they progressed in life and got into living the modern lifestyles aping Western cultures!

I am not saying that it is wrong for Malaysians to live a modern lifestyle. I am just saying that we should not forget our Eastern cultures and traditions no matter what our social status are!

We have a very rich, highly respected sense of tradition and universally accepted mannerisms of respect and love towards one another. Along the way as we changed in our outward sense of dressings and lifestyles, we somehow forgot to hold on to our time honoured aspect of caring for each other.

Children today no longer respect their parents as we used to. Sons and daughters do not look up to their parents as we did before. Children nowadays talk back to their parents as if they are talking to some bloody stranger on the road!

The proper sense of decorum and respectful mannerisms when addressing one's mother and father are not present anymore in these times no matter whether it is in a Malay home, Chinese residence or an Indian family!

I know that we all still need that sort of a respectful atmosphere in our homes no matter whether we are living in the elite homes of the bloody rich and famous or a kampong house in the hinterlands of Malaysia!

Those who lose that sense of love and care for their parents just because they are rich and wealthy are in fact, the poorest in this land!

They are so poor that they have to spend money to gain friends and illicit love from others who are just sticking to them because of their wealth, nothing else!

The minute this person loses the wealth that they had been enjoying all this while and are down to earth, flat broke and all alone, all those parasites would simply scurry away and leave them high and dry. This is the reality of life.

It has been portrayed over and over again in so many TV dramas and movies over time but when it happens in real life, only then will those who got lost in such kind of lifestyles will realise that when all is lost and gone, nothing comes close to the value and importance of sincere love and compassion that is there in the family. The kind of love and compassion that only parents and siblings can have and express.

Lina Joy became what she is today because all these while nobody cared! Nobody among the masses clamouring for her head today showed any signs of love and compassion towards her all the years she was a Muslim.

Circumstances made her grasp the hand of the man we all know has led her to apostasy. Who is at fault here? Lina Joy? The Indian Christian? Or the Muslims who before this, never ever gave her a second look?

Think and ponder as to the many reasons why people like Lina Joy turn to those who show her love whether sincere or otherwise?

I am just a lonely voice out here asking for my fellow Muslims to get back to the basics. Let us stop finding faults and looking for scapegoats to nail to the board for Lina Joy's fault in apostasising from a faith that in actual fact promises Love for Everyone!

The Imams and Ulamaks need to get down from their high pedestals which they are clinging to so desperately and come down to the grassroots level.

The Alims and the Umarak need to be sincere in caring for their masses of Muslimins and Muslimats who hunger for care and compassion.

Stop living in false pretences and see what you can do to help someone who is in dire straits out there. Preaching sternly from the mimbars and the pulpits is not gonna endear yourselves to the average Muslim!

Start being your true selfs and remember that Death is just any second away. Maut can come to you at anytime, anyplace any situation!

No matter whether you are the Yang diPertuan Agong, Sultan of this and that, the Honourable Prime Minister, YB this, YB that, Tun, Tan Sri, Dato Seri, whatever...each passing second just brings each and everyone of us closer to the moment where our souls will be plucked out of our mortal bodies to be returned to Almighty Allah, God Most Supreme, Most High!

We can just drop dead or lie in a coma at any given time. No one is safe from the possibility of such untimely ends.

Muslims need to get back to the basics and start practicing what we are enjoined to by the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and Commanded by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!

Start showing your love and care towards those who are important to you and your fellow Muslims and fellow citizens no matter that they call themselves Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, whatsoever!

As fellow Malaysians, we have but each other to depend on when crisis takes place within our midst.

Tragedy doesn't differentiate between creed, color of skin or lineage. Remember that.

Lina Joy needs your prayers and support. Insya Allah, she will choose her Fitrah! Ameen.


Nude said...

You have given a insightful observation on the case of Lina Joy. No one actually cared who she was before she became Lina Joy. What do we know about her life and how her past has shaped her to be Lina Joy?

One cannot deny that she did not find fulfillment in Islam. It isn't an insult to Islam nor God. It is not the failing of God at all. It is the failing of men and women that represented Islam.

Perhaps she was in need of support and sympathy and she received it elsewhere. This suggestion cannot be denied.

You cannot win a person to your point of view using harsh tones or threats. You can only win a person by offering sincere friendship/companionship and unbiased support. It is the same for every human, immaterial of race, religion or creed.

One of the most beautiful moments on screen came from Gubra. I know you are not fond of the movie, claiming that it is unIslamic. However I think that a few seconds in that movie showed the beauty of Islam wonderfully.

In a scene, a Muslim lady was talking to a Malay prostitute. She befriended the prostitute and offered her company and support, even in the face of the fact that the lady was still selling her body for money. Eventually as the movie progressed, the prostitute was touched by the sincerity of the Muslim lady and asked to be taught the Quran (or was it Jawi?).

"What if I do not want to wear the tudung?" the prostitute asked.

"Then it's ok. I will keep it away... and wait for one day, maybe you will ask me for the tudung..." the Muslim lady replied.

That moment showed the true beauty of Islam. It is not about forcing someone to do something. It isn't about judging a person right or wrong. Islam, like all other religion (be it you believe that the religions are good/true or not) is about loving and showing genuine concern for other fellow beings.... and animals, as shown in Gubra in yet another scene.

Preaching Islam with harsh words of God's punishment and what this ulama that ustazah said will do nothing to win my heart. However the gentle sharing of the gospel and helping others selflessly wins even the hardest of men.

mahaguru58 said...

That's what I have been calling for since I have been blogging!

To care for the Ummah and do it sincerely.

The Ulamak and the authorities need to get off their high horses and come down to the masses, take care of the people sincerely and with compassion.

Not make a show of it and just pretend to care.

No need to call TV3, RTM or NTV7 or even Astro to show the people that you care for a few selected unfortunates and Les Miserables as they do every now and then with big mock cheques and pretences of pity with a theatrical tear or sob before the cameras!

Lina Joy is a poor miserable woman who had to do what she did because its her life!

All these masses who are up in arms over her apostasy failed to do anything for her when she was in need for love and care!

Yeah, she's not a great looking lass or what but damn, the hypocrisy that the masses show makes me want to puke over half hearted expressions of solidarity over her case!

Does anyone out there volunteer to take her as his wife?

Does anyone of the thousands of upset souls have it in him to give her a second chance in life?

I don't think so. It's all pure hype and a knee jerk reaction caused by the spur of the moment!

Let's be frank and open about it.

When push comes to shove, all these folks will drift away into the night and the woman will be back at square one.

You can't force love or faith, I agree.

But as a Muslim, we are also forbidden to apostate from our faith!

We can't go worship some other creation as our God! Period.

We are also commanded by God Almighty to stop apostasy with whatever power we have amongst us and we need to do what we need to do.

There's no questions about it.

Lina Joy needs to realise her mistake.

I have no problems in meeting up with her and sit down with her to discuss about this if she ever wants to or is willing to listen to me.

All I want is for her to repent and return to Almighty Allah's Mercy for her.

InsyaAllah, we can correct the situation.

Those Non Muslims have the freedom to do whatever they want but as far as Muslims are concerned, being a Muslim is not a Club Membership to be returned as one pleases.

Once you declare that There is no other God but Allah the Almighty and you accept that the Prophet Muhammad is the Final Messenger of Allah, that's it!

You are a Muslim for life till Death comes a calling.

There's no two ways about it.

So for those who are yet to be a Muslim, please consider all your options for once you accept Allah, God Almighty, you have no options to Deny Him ever!

He has given you Rational Thought so make use of it.

Lina Joy is a befuddled Muslimah who has strayed from His Mercy.

We just want to point out the directions back to Almighty allah's Mercy for her.

Better now than never.

May the Taufeek and Hidayah of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala be upon us all. Ameen.

Adam said...

As a revert to Islam I can tell you about the challenges we face. Many of us lose our families and friends, come face to face with Muslim hypocrites and often have no one to turn too. Read my old post here

mahaguru58 said...

I understand the tremendous challenges that reverts like you have to go through Brother Adam.

Born Muslims usually do not realise the value of their faith until and unless they are faced with a life or death situation as some experience in the religious riots that took place in Mumbai,India or Ambon,Indonesia and elsewhere!

As far as your experiences with hypocrites amongst the Muslims you have been unfortunate to have met in your life before dear Adam, please remember that there are other Muslims out there who are sincere and noble who are a joy to be with if we are lucky to meet them.

If you are here in KL, I'd be honoured to introduce several gems of humankind whom I have been blessed to make acquaintance with them to you.

Contact me at 016-3969881 Insya Allah.

As for your hardships, do keep in mind that Allah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim will reward you with Jannah al Firdaus Insya Allah for all that you have gone through.

Read about the hardships that many of the Prophets and Messengers themselves went through and suffered even though they themselves were Nabi's and Rasul's.

The Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam himself suffered untold injustices and bodily harm from his enemies and even from his paternal uncles who were Kaffirs.

Read the Seerah of the Prophet SAW and realise that our sufferings aren't that great compared to what the Holiest Messenger of Allah SWT went through!

Read about the sufferings of Prophet Ayyub @ Job Alaihis Salam who suffered excruciating pain and worm infestation on himself but who remained steadfast in his devotion to Almighty God.

We suffer emotional trauma and heartache when dealing with our fellow humanbeings dear Adam but it is just another episode in our lifes that we just have to bear with and persevere in order to survive this gauntlet of tests that Allah SWT puts us through.

If we have things going our way all the time and have everything happen exactly as we wish for, then surely the big test is bound to come hit us straight up very soon.

Innallah ha ma assabirin!

Verily, Allah is with those who are patient.

Be content dear Adam that when you uttered the Proclamation of Faith in Allah SWT and the Last Messenger, all your previous sins if there were, have all been forgiven by Allah and you are among the blessed and righteous, Insya Allah!

May peace be upon you Adam. Amin.

your mom said...

what matters most is how to curb others[moslem] to not follow lina's path. for me thats the most vital thing now. theres no chance in hell for lina joy to convert back to islam and if... we succeed to hold the court and win the case and lina's are still have islam stated in her ic, would it be good for anyone?
i guess not.

for me, by holding lina's humanrights are just invited those christiant people to hate islam thoroughly. let her go if that what she wants, instead, let all those murtad peeps go if they want to. just kept those quality moslems and those who wants to be moslem. quality is better than quantity. rite?