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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lina Joy -What could have triggered her to apostate?

Azlina Jailani @ Lina Joy is the person most Malaysians are talking and debating about nowadays!

Malaysia's Muslims are all out to stop her from apostasizing and she is surely in most Muslims prayers so that she comes to her senses and repents big time!

The thing is , I am sure that there are millions of similar cases out there and who don't go around declaring their apostasies or make a fuss out of it!

How about those who say that they are Muslims but do not practice the faith or even acknowledge anything? Who is aware of what's in others hearts and minds?

How do we define such silent atheists? I mean, let's be rational here and look for the reasons as to why Lina Joy turns out to be so?

I sense a growing sense of apathy taking place in our lifes here in this present world! People simply do not bother about others and mind their own business. You go your way, I'll go mine!

Such is the mentality of our people today. No one really wants to care and to show any concern for others but in Lina's case, I can see that most of them are actually worried for her apostasy to be the start of an onslaught of similar apostate wannabes.

Who ever bothered to know Lina Joy or Azlina Jailani before this? Did anyone of the millions of fellow Muslims ever bothered to get to know this woman? I don't think so.

The trouble with us is simply that we always wait for something to hit us in the forehead, right between the eyes before we realise it! Hey! If only we had?....etcetera...

So, you see, I don't blame anyone else but ourselves! We, Muslims are the ones at fault!

We don't show our love to our fellow Muslims enough, do we? Do we shower our parents with love? Do we care for our children enough?

Do any of our alims and ulamaks show any care and compassion for us, the Ummah?

Seen any of them smile at the people gathered in the congregation during Jumaat prayers?

Can any of you sense any inkling of sincere compassion from them? Who really cares if anyone is any less a Muslim from the other?

As far as Lina Joy is concerned , she has decided that she wants to be a Christian and doesn't give a hoot if she burns in hell for her sins!

Well, it's her hide ...but as long as the Syariah courts decide otherwise, she's gonna be Azlina Jailani whether she likes it or not!

The MCCBCHS and the IFC gang are all rooting for her so this is gonna be the acid test for cases like Lina's!

I am resolute in my stand against the MCCBCHS and IFC's plans but I would also like to ask my fellow Muslims, this most important question.

' What could have triggered Lina Joy to apostate?' Anyone willing to discuss and share on this subject?


Keith said...

When I tried to raise the question of the ROOT CAUSE of Lina Joys conversion, nobody seemed to care. All they care is forcibly persecuting Lina Joy. They're only bothered on some short term goal that will yield nothing. According to guys like menj, the root cause shouldn't be tackled. You're absolutely right, if you don't solve the root cause then you're not solving anything.

Jefferi said...

hello, you have a very strong point there. but i wonder if you have the permission to post a photo of this very controversial person. by posting her photo you might endanger her life or violating her personal and private life. she can choose to sue you in court. what make you so sure that all christian especially Azalina Jailani are a sinner and will burn in hell? i think the this statement is not fair and fill with hypocrite taste. have you ever meet her personally? if you want the answer badly, why don't go and ask her? i'm looking foward for your interview post from her.

Kamigoroshi said...

Quite simply, you can't force a person to believe in what you want to believe espcially if they were born into the religion. To put it in another perspective, even though religious people may say that it's a blessing that she was born into Islam, it doesn't stop the fact that people need to have their own choice too on what they want and what they should be able to choose.

Faith in what you believe in is never something that is forced upon. It's something that's chosen for yourself. That's true faith and not something we will do for the sake of doing. She's just invoking her right as a human being to make that choice for herself to something that she believes in.

mahaguru58 said...

I concur with yr point that my publishing her pic might endanger her .
I have removed her photo from my post.

You ask me what makes me so sure that all Christians will burn in hell?

As a Muslim who believes in only the True God, Almighty Allah, I am a 100% sure that there is no God but Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and that He does not have a Son nor did he ever beget one!

So, that makes me believe that all those who say that Eesa Alaihis Salam @ 'Jesus Christ Al Masih is the Son of God are wrong and deemed as Kaffirs @ Disbelievers in Allah the Lord Almighty.

So, since you asked me, it is my duty to affirm to you that I believe all those who do not believe in Allah SWT, will go to hell and burn there unless Almighty Allah chooses to forgive them and give them His Guidance and Mercy and decides otherwise!

It is entirely up to Him to decide who burns and who doesn't!

My belief in my faith of Islam is total!

My efforts to help guide and correct my fellow Muslims is enjoined on me and those like me.

You will find us steadfast in our beliefs and ready to face whatsoever in our quest to uphold justice and to protect Islm from our enemies!

We do however accept that the non muslims are here to stay and we do acknowledge your rights to pray to whatever you wish but we will not sit and observe any attempts to infiltrate and disturb our fellow Muslims or destroy our principles of faith no matter whether it is from non muslim bodies like the MCCBCHS,IFC or even from misguided fellow Muslims whether from the government itself or those pretending to be!

Ours is an ongoing effort to protect and preserve the dignity, morality, honor and commitment to our faith, Islam, the only Faith from Allah, Lord, Creator, Master and Sustainer of all the worlds!

Innad deen na ain dAllah hal Islam!

'Verily, the faith with Allah is Islam'!

About your wish to see me 'interviewing' her face to face and giving you the report, If Allah so wills that I do get the opportunity to do so, you'll see it published here for the entire world to read, InsyaAllah!

That means 'God Willing!'

Hope that satisfies you. Have a peaceful day!


mahaguru58 said...

Blogger kamigoroshi,
To be born as a Muslim is actually a blessing!

As a born Muslim, I am very grateful to Almighty Allah, that I do not have to struggle like hell to become a Muslim!

I got Islam free of charge without having to go through a gauntlet of fire and as witnessed in history, die trying!

Ask any reverts to Islam about their struggles and I promise you that their stories will bring tears to your eyes and make you grieve with them as to the immense struggles they had to go through!

Affirming that there's no other God except Allah is something that most born Muslims take for granted!

Those who were not Muslims at birth had to grow up worshipping some other thing or idol that is not True God and end up wasting a major early portion of their lifes living in blasphemy and useless pursuits.

I can be frank as to what I mean by that but since this is an open platform, will not do so for I do not wish to distress hearts that are already burdened with the trials and tribulations of having to worship something else than True God!

I will share my thoughts on a one to one basis provided whomsoever wants to engage me on that is mature enough, wise enough to face the facts without losing their rationality!

No point in me wrestling with the swine who refuses to acknowledge the truth and commonsense!

By that I mean, anyone not worth my time and effort to illuminate their very souls with the Light and Truth of Islam!

Do know that there are too many out there who all claim to be on the right path and that they are the 'champions of Islam' but who in reality are among the 72 various groups of the Muslim Ummah who have been prophecized by the Final Messenger of Allah in these Last Ages!

Only one group of Muslims will enter Paradise and they will be those who follow the Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and the Qur'an Al Kareem of Allah the Almighty!

Even me myself, only came to know my faith deeper after becoming a father!

Before that, my knowledge of Islam was just the very basics!

When I had to guide my sons and daughter to be good Muslims, I had to put myself in the proper perspectives first!

I had to know what Islam really is and what it is not!

I do not claim to know ALL there is to Islam, but I do have come to know much, much more than what I used to.

Alhamdulillah! Praise be to Allah!

This little that I have come to acquire has enabled me to spread the Truth of Islam to all those whom I have been privileged to meet and get to know.

By Allah, I am so passionate about my faith and all that it stands for, that to me, being a Caller to Islam, is worth much more than all the riches I can ever hope for in this temporal earthly existence!

Be a Muslim, kamigoroshi! It is your birthright as well as every other humanbeing on Earth!

If Allah so chooses for us to ever meet up one of these days, I will show my proofs of why 'There is no other God worth worshipping except Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala' and say what you will, it will not change the fact that Islam is the only true faith on the face of this Earth and in all the worlds created by Ar Rahman!

As far as Azlina Jelani @ Lina Joy is concerned, I say it is because no Muslims ever bothered to reach out to her before and as a result, she came to whatever conclusion about her faith !

She is a glaring example of how even born Muslims can go astray when there is no one bothered to care for them!

I hope Lina gets to read this and contact me or any other concerned Muslims out there for us to share our thoughts and viewpoints on this!


Allah SWT loves us all , that's why He gave us this opportunity to talk and discuss about this matter as decent humanbeings!

If He so willed, everyone would have been born Muslims but that would not be good for us mankind!

We have been given the faculties of thought and reasoning and it is entirely up to us to seek His Blessings and Divine Salvation based on His Guidebook for all mankind, the Holy Qur'an Al Kareem.

Seek and you shall dicover!

Ask and you shall know...provided you ask the right people and get the right sources!

So, the choice is definitely yours!

Have a positive day! Ameen.

mahaguru58 said...

Brother Keith,
Very clear observations. Good for you.

To me, I like to state things clearly, very straightforward but not crudely.

People almost always like to treat the symptoms but neglect to treat the disease from the root cause!

Faith in God stems from a spiritual realisation of who we are and what is our connection to Almighty Allah!

Billions of humanbeings today are victims of apathy from those who are meant to be our guides, true and proper.

Learned scholars and masters of knowledge today, are sadly self obsessed and not really bothered to go out in public, mingle with the masses at the grassroots levels, and teach about God and the faith per se.

They build up imaginary walls between themselves and the general public.

Imams who are supposed to be the very bastions of faith and the link between the ordinary citizens and the government fail to establish the personal relations that will help dispel and correct the rot taking place in society by nipping the problems in the bud!

In every mosque or surau in the nation, there exists a committee!

These committees work up an illusionary sense of grandeur and majesty around themselves and fail to connect to the people, the congregation and to society in the real sense of the word!

I believe the same goes to all Christian churches, Hindu,Buddhist and Taoist temples, Sikh Gurdwaras, etcetera!

All these religious organisations place a barrier between themselves and the masses and inculcate a sense of exclusivity among themselves!

An inner circle, the clique!

Only AJK members or Committee Members allowed!

When this is left to take place and grow its venomous roots in such religious establishments, unrealised by them and the masses, the division in their hearts and minds take place.

So, you see the Imams and the Khatibs envelope themselves in a self induced 'aura' of speciality and a feeling of being 'better than the rest'!

This stoking of the egos results in breakdown of communications between the Alims and the Umaraks, further escalating the division amongst the people!

So, ordinary folks like Lina Joy become disillusioned with the faith and all that it stands for!

We are all humanbeings. We like to feel love, shown care and compassion!

If no one bothers to care for Lina as she wishes to have felt and experienced, then can we blame her for seeking that elsewhere?

We can't but we are also obligated by our faith to help her out.

We are obligated to reach out to her and the others like her and show them the love they deserve!

We need to love those who mean the most to us first, then to all others!

Love and compassion is the key to a strong society!

When no one gives a damn, then this whole brouhaha becomes just that!

A sham!

Why be hypocrites and put up a show of love and compassion when in reality, all these while, no one cared?

We need to ask us this! Why didn't we care?

Why do we still not live our lifes as what Allah SWT and His Final Messenger ask of us?

We need to stop the rot now! No more excuses!

Let's live as true Muslims and start to take charge and to show our love towards our fellow Muslims and our fellow citizens, from all races and creeds!

I am sure that with proper efforts and the right mindsets, all these I speak of is achievable!

Hope the people wake up to this before its too late!

Help save Lina Joy from a joyless future!

Reach out to her and show her that Muslims do care!

If not, they wouldn't give a shit whether she becomes this or that!

Wouldn't you agree?

Emmanuel said...

Hi Brother Mahaguru.

Though you and I may not agree on some things, I found this to be one of your most insightful posts.
If more Muslims would have your thinking,maybe she would not have left Islam in the first place and this mess never occured.

At the same time now that she has, I hope she finds happiness either way.

Ades said...

We should remember that even Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) own uncle Abu Talib also died as a non-muslim, prophet tried his best but it was Allah's will that Abu Talib dies as a non believer. I guess Lina Joy is the same, if it's her faith to reject Islam then nothing can bring her back. But that does not mean we should stop trying to bring her back to Islam. We should try all means, and when we have done so, the rest we should leave to Allah The Almighty.

mahaguru58 said...

Brother Emmanuel,
Just as I wrote before, it is Christians like you who make me believe that there are still opportunities for us to have a meaningful dialogue and come to an understanding that when we get to clear the differences between our Belief in Almighty God, we will one day be able to forge a common bond between Muslims and Christians.
Always a pleasure to have you comment here. May Peace be with you bro.

Brother Ades,
Good points. Verily Almighty Allah has stated in the Qur'an that He will not change the Fate of Mankind until and unless we change it ourselves (using the Faculties that He has bestowed upon us all)!
Appreciate your thoughts on this.TQ.

Saifullah said...

As a Muslim, I agree with Mahaguru58. To be born as a Muslim is actually a blessing!. Luckily for us all the proud born Muslim whom didn't carry any baggage of original sins which will force our God to commit suicide in order just to forgive us. Our God by His Own Will, He just Forgive without any hassle...

Carina said...

Lina Joy happen to be a personal friend and yet I never heard of all this havoc happening to her. We were not in frequent contact as probably due to her problems. She never even mention to me of her problem. All these years she was facing these problem not once she mention to me. I am a muslim convert, and yet alhamdullillah my faith is with me. When I heard she had a baby and I visited her, I didnt even asked her of her religious status. I just kept wondering. It was personal and sensitive issue to talk abt.
Now I wonder, whats happening to the case. Has the issue just simmer down. I felt sorry for her, as her life has been turn wreck, she has to live out of the country just to have a peace of life. Everyone have a right to live a peaceful live.