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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Merdeka -What it really means to us Malaysians!

Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Orang Asli's, Ibans, Kadazans, Dayaks, and everyone else who are true Malaysians, I salute each and everyone of you who deserve to be called as a Malaysian!

Even though there are those amongst us who would love to see us pummel each other and slaughter each other's throats all for the reason that we look different from one another, believe in different faiths, live different lifestyles, we still have managed to keep peace between us and still able to live with all kinds of neighbours in a spirit of Muhibbah and Malaysia Boleh!

Syabas to all Malaysians for knowing not to rock the boat and drown us all in a sea of hatred and blind racist venom being spewed every now and then by instigators and social enemies of us all!

Learn to love each other as fellow humanbeings and keep to our time honoured tradition of live and let live. Political differences are part and parcel of living in a multi ethnic, multi faith nation.

It is important to know whom to support and whom to stay clear from. There are may out there trying to poison our minds and create mayhem through evil intentions and deceitful manipulations of our minds and spirits by creating situations that if left unchecked can spark racial unrests and social meltdowns!

Be aware of such felons masquarading as human rights organisations when in fact they have hidden agendas to further their own pursuits of power and supremacy over others!

The recent UPM students fiasco comes to mind where an illegal group financed and supported by an opposition politic party tried to spark off racial unrest by engaging in disruptive actions of their stooges against the Malay students and had prepared in advance their videographers of an alternative website newspaper to catch it all as the disruptions took place!

Such evil manipulations can unleash uncontrollable emotions and civil unrest destroying the fragile peace we are all enjoying so far. I say such elements are treacherous persons who have committed treason to this nation and ought to be thrown into prison for trying to influence and destroy the peace !

Learn how to improve relations between the various races and learn to speak in various languages , not sticking to just the Malay language or 'Manglish' as we all know many speak and think they are speaking 'London'!

Learn how to speak Mandarin and Tamil as well. Both languages are beautiful and have a very rich history. Both languages are also the key to acquiring knowledge that are 6000 years old and have lots to offer us .

Malays must return to the basics of discovering their heritage of Bahasa Melayu Sastera which is rich with good values as well and appreciate their roots failing which they will lose all sense of culture as they busily ape the decadent lifestyles originating from America and the West!

Language skills are vital to ensure success in all fields of life today both in the academic, science and technology and business environments of today's world!

Reach out to one another and appreciate the general spirit of Muhibbah that Malaysians are famous for throughout the world!

MERDEKA to me means to be free from enmity based on just differences based on skin color, choice of faith, social and cultural differences and envy of each other's social, material and worldly achievements!

We need to be free from rumor mongering strife inducing sickos who are out to create havoc in our already burdened lifes!

Malaysians need to be given the freedom to voice out our opinions based fairly on actual facts and reality which we are facing and be free from apathy of those whom we have voted to be in power!

Malaysians need to be made free from the need to have to bribe any civil servant or authority just to get things done as per their responsibilities to do what they have been appointed to do and being paid handsomely for!

Malaysians need to be free from having morons represent us in Parliament and we need to be free from fear of arrest just for stating the obvious!

Malaysians need to be given the freedom to speak our minds in blogs but also realise our limits and liable for what we post.

Merdeka means not having to be branded every now and then as immigrants this , immigrant that and be told to go back to where we came from! Bumiputra means 'son of this earth'!

All persons born here are Bumiputras. We were not delivered in outer space! Those idiots saying otherwise need to be kept under lock and key in Hospital Bahagia, Tanjong Rambutan, Perak!

We are all born in this land and in this land we have our rights to be allowed to live in relative peace with one another and allowed to live so undisturbed and unmolested by the authorities and their agencies! We need to be free from unnecessary harassment from anyone!

Merdeka is not about allowing the hordes of youngsters riding their bicycles and motorcycles with huge Malaysian flags trailing behind, disrupting traffic and listening to rock concerts in Dataran Merdeka and the KLCC grounds!

Merdeka means appreciating the Independence this nation's forefathers fought for with their blood, sweat and tears and freeing this country from the British and Japanese Imperialists!

Today this nation's youngsters run wild, creating havoc on Merdeka Day, drinking beer, romping about with their misconstrued counterparts engaging in wasteful practices, all in the name of 'MERDEKA'!

Is that the kind of Merdeka our nation's founders fought for? I don't think so!

Merdeka means to be free to strive for a better future, a better tomorrow , free from distrust and hatred based on racist venom and divisive policies!

When Malaysians are no longer divided based upon our ethnicities, only then will we really be independent and free Malaysians!

Till then, it is all pure baloney and propaganda bandied about based on mistrust and untruths in the real sense. This scenario erupts everytime Parliament sits! We all know this takes place!

I pray that the real Freedom from such bias will surface one day and we will be all liberated from such discriminations one fine day in the future!

HAPPY MERDEKA EVERYONE! May Almighty Allah Bless us all with the real MERDEKA soon!

Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.


Jay said...

>>as they busily ape the decadent lifestyles originating from America and the West

Would you rather they ape the decadent wahabbi lifestyle from the middle east ?

FYI, The technology that enables you to type this blog post also originates from America and the west.

BTW, Happy Merdeka.

mahaguru58 said...

Jay my friend,

You misunderstand my statements brother.

By decadent lifestyles I mean like all the crazy behaviours our youngsters ape from the West like freely mixing around with no sense of shame or responsibility and indulging in drug abuse and free sex!

Why is it that when we condemn these degrading habits and mannerisms fro mthe west , you all straightaway jump to the conclusion that we are condemning all from the West?

Hello, do not jump to such conclusions please!

I am so bloody exasperated actually in trying to make sense to our people like yourselves!

If berating the way our society is going down in values is so wrong, well excuse me!

I don't give a hoot about those of you who worship each and everything coming out from America , you can go ahead and destroy your family's heritage and go around like stupid idiots wearing those big, baggy , scrape the road fashions, and pierce your eyebrows, noses, lips, ears, nipples, whatever else and go swallow tons of ecstacy pills and snort syabu up those pierced like 'buffalo noses' for all I care!

Trying to tie up the advent of technology and then besmearing the 'wahabbi' lifestyles is really damn stupid and irrelevant!

Maybe its futile to make sense to society as you'd rather let this nation's youngsters go to hell and end up dead from overdose!

Come to think of it, why the hell should elders like me worry, right?

We should just mind our own business right and be as the 3 monkeys by not saying anything against what youngsters do nowadays!

Yeah, we should not bother ourselves about the children of others right and let society go to waste!

Ahhh...I forgot! The people have the rights to go to hell if they want! Why should anybody care right?

Well, I leave it to you Jay. When you have your own child shooting up heroin up their veins, snorting cocaine into their pierced nostrils and destroying their brain cells, maybe you should just clam up and not do anything, right?

Malaysia is damned if we let it be young man.

If we love this country, we need to speak up.

We need to care.We need to go kick some sense into the modern day idiots who are screwing up their miserable lifes and destroying themselves!

I don't care what you or anyone says! I will keep on writing as i feel and I see is right!

You have the right to read what I say or just mosey along as you please!

When you reach my age, you'll understand! Right now, I might come across as a noisy old man to you!

It's okay. I understand. i was once young too! Hehehehe.

Stay away from trouble, young man.

It's better for you in the long run. Have a Happy MERDEKA!

ali allah ditta said...

Hi Jay,

Whats wrong in apeing the decadent wahabbi lifestyle from the middle east? Dont tell me a "Yale Shmale" Bush yankee bullying American type of lifestyle who thinks they are the master of the universe is much better? Remember, they were made to crawl on their buttocks in Vietnam & only time will tell us when they will crawl on their knees out of Iraq.They are nothing but robbers send to rob petroleum from the wahabbis & without the wahabbis America will be a gonna.

Also FYI,The technology that enables us to type this blog post is not a American original too.Even your mouse,keypad,cpu,chips & monitor has that chop "made in malaysia" or "made in hong kong".

Btw,the American produces nothing..their Nike,Reebok are made in Indon & Korea,clothings including their underwears & bras are made in Mexico,India,Pakistan & Bangladesh & the list goes on.

Yet America claims everything is theirs like a typical monkey ala a foreign marauders who never appreciate what people gives or do for them & it really sucks!!!

your mom said...

There is a very strong tendency among some individuals, corporate bodies and government agencies to try to outdo each other to display the longest, biggest and the most number of flags to show how patriotic they are. [in my book, it is so damn lame]

I did not participate in the stitching of the largest Jalur Gemilang. I do not have a Jalur Gemilang stuck on my car. I do not fly one in my house either. Because for me, patriotism is not confined to flying the flag. It is observing the fundamental human principles

But I pay my income tax promptly starting this month. [there goes my salary]. I do not have to bribe any policeman because I keep to the traffic rules, driving within the permitted speed and not beating the traffic lights so as not to endanger other road users. [oke, i lied a bit on the last part].

Even if I break the law accidentally, I still will not offer a bribe, for I know I will always take it as a wake-up call and a lesson learnt plus, I dont want to give those cops such an easy-money to feed their fucking cops-breed. [I hate cops so damn much, thats all]

I do not take what does not belong to me. I do not litter[does cigarette-butt counts?]. I will never leave anything anywhere that may cause anyone to stumble over and fall. I stop to help accident victims and pull over to the side for ambulances and fire engines to pass. Sometimes I took the picture or recorded the tragic accident and post it to as well. [hehe, oke: at that point I am a bad person. But people enjoys my videos]

I love the spirit and the letter of the Federal Constitution. I take no part in mob rule and support the rule of law.

I donate to charities and never receive a memento. I serve society and do not crave an award. I am never a nuisance to anybody.

Friends book me days and weeks ahead for a game and they would shout to me from miles away to join them for a drink.

If i do not have love in my heart for my fellow Malaysians, would flying a thousand Jalur Gemilang make up for it?

We will be celebrating our 49th year of independence this year and next year will be our nations Golden Jubilee.

Can we honestly say we are a Bangsa Malaysia? Do we see ourselves being a developed nation by 2020?

Before giving a thumping yes to the questions, let us ask whether we have made a concerted effort to recycle household waste, follow traffic rules, and treat each other fairly regardless of race or religion. [we got a big problem on this one]

Have we done anything to make


a safer place to live in? Do we conserve water instead of asking our maids to wash our cars everyday? [how to dismantle your maids rights 101]

Do we litter indiscriminately as though there is no law or enforcement? Do we pollute the environment because we can get away with it?

Do we offer or take bribes because it is a way of life?

If we find simple things like adhering to traffic rules and keeping the environment clean an uphill task, then we have a very long way to go to become a developed nation.

can u send me those upm-racist-war to me bro. i really glad to have that pic. FYI im doing a research on "tahap masalah perkauman di malaysia" for my final project. if u have some spare time it would be great if u send those pic to:

thanx a lot friend !

Pak Pisang said...

Continue to think and talk like this, you will a star soon ...

Happy Merdeka.

jbhlee said...

Mahaguru, you sound like a distorted impulsive gentlemen who can't even take a decent criticism. You have use words in your postings such as 'bastards', idiots, etc, etc as though you have no faults. Although this is your blog and you can do and censor as you please. Infact i have one posting which you did not release but it does not matter but that is your right...just give commentators some space to view their opinion and not just listening to yours.......

warrior2 said...

Does Merdeka also means that malaysians which reads articles and express views which are not in conformity with blogers views will be posted?

You wrote about malaysians be given to speak thier minds in blogs, but sadly, you yourself do not allow such thing to happen in your own blog! it seems that you cant accept dissenting views and you practise censorship.

SHOW ME and everyone else that you practise what you preach! SHOW ME that by posting this comment!

mahaguru58 said...

Alas dear bloggers jbhlee and warrior2,

You guys demand too much, really!

Rule # 1 , when you post comments in anybody's blog is to leave it to the owner of the blog to decide, whether he or she wants to post your comments or delete them!

Demanding that each and every comment you make gets approved and published for others viewing tantamounts to willful abuse of the spirit of respecting the blog owner and uncontrolled access to another's domain!

That is preposterous boys! Just leave it to me to decide whether I want to let your comments through or not!

If I think it's okay to let it pass me, you will see it here failing which just accept that I don't like your views and thought it best to delete it to the dumpster! Comprende?

I am no angel dear fellas! I am a bloody Libra. There's a bleeding devil in me too.

I can be the best friend you ever had and I can be a royal pain in the ass for you if I see you trying to push me into a corner!

Yes, Mahaguru58 is a 50-50 guy.

Not an angel neither a devil! I live by the day and I will select and choose who I want as my friends and whom I'd rather give a miss! So sue me!

Any unnecessary comments which doesn't cater to my bloody ego will not see the day! Kaapish!

I am being so frank here. Can you guys allow me to be who I AM and not WHO YOU WANT ME TO BE?

It's not that hard really. It's called DEMOCRACY! Thought that's what you guys are clamouring for!

Don't come around here and tell me what to do , please!

As for warrior2, you have always been a nitpicker and counter to everything I post ; so why the hell must I kowtow to you, tell me?

You expect too much man, wise up that not all that you comment is gonna make my day or anyone's else to read your views!

I will post what I want to and NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO COME HERE AND FORCE ME! I am posting your comment here to make it clear to you and the world that 'If it is to be ; it is UP TO ME!'

That is as far as this blog is concerned.

Allah SWT knows me best, so please don't waste your life brooding about me.

There are many better things you can do to improve your life!

Live in peace and hope that you'll die in peace!

I don't want to even think of you dying with your eyes open because Mahaguru58 didn't publish your comments!

See..that's the angel in me talking. Hehehehehe..

As for jbhlee, the same goes for you. Just grow up and let me speak as I please. I am me not jbhlee.

Mahaguru58 is not your shining example of a mr goody two shoes, so plzzzzz just learn to live with it.

I will use whatever words that suit the occasion but u don't see me use the 'f' word do u?

That's a no no for me.. Yes. I will use other words like screw to replace that. Hope it's okay for you or is that too 'harsh' also?

Ask brother Ali Allah Ditta about me. I think he understand me best.

We think alike ..almost like twins!

Hahahahaha...anyway..Happy Merdeka guys..Free your minds not your intellect still need to make sense for me to pass your comments ..otherwise learn to live with it...Selamat bertugas people!

warrior2 said...

It was a dare to see whether you practised what you preached. it was done in the context of what you wrote and the fact that you have not posted many of my comments before. jbhlee also had his share!

but i hope that it was not a one off thing on your part.

mahaguru58 said...

Well now you have it-Mahaguru58 is who he is -rough and raw but also can be smooth and shining accordingly!

I don't know you man..nor do I ever wish to so let me just be as I wanna be..

Live your life as you please. I will be as I always have been; straight to my points. Learn to live with it.

your mom said...

mahaguru got a point there fella's. [i dont jotted this down as i want my comment to be published. dont get me wrong].

its his bloody blog. and we have to respects what he do should we have sumthing that is totally different from what he thinks.

theres no single advantages to bark about this thing. everyone's want their voice to be heard, but if it cant happen here, i'd say go to another place. its that simple.

by the way, for me, i think mahaguru will read eventhough he's not publishing ur comments. and from the start the major point on commenting his blog is to let him know what we thinks about his postings rite?


mahaguru58 said...

I rest my case.