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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Merdeka -What it really means to us Malaysians!

Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Orang Asli's, Ibans, Kadazans, Dayaks, and everyone else who are true Malaysians, I salute each and everyone of you who deserve to be called as a Malaysian!

Even though there are those amongst us who would love to see us pummel each other and slaughter each other's throats all for the reason that we look different from one another, believe in different faiths, live different lifestyles, we still have managed to keep peace between us and still able to live with all kinds of neighbours in a spirit of Muhibbah and Malaysia Boleh!

Syabas to all Malaysians for knowing not to rock the boat and drown us all in a sea of hatred and blind racist venom being spewed every now and then by instigators and social enemies of us all!

Learn to love each other as fellow humanbeings and keep to our time honoured tradition of live and let live. Political differences are part and parcel of living in a multi ethnic, multi faith nation.

It is important to know whom to support and whom to stay clear from. There are may out there trying to poison our minds and create mayhem through evil intentions and deceitful manipulations of our minds and spirits by creating situations that if left unchecked can spark racial unrests and social meltdowns!

Be aware of such felons masquarading as human rights organisations when in fact they have hidden agendas to further their own pursuits of power and supremacy over others!

The recent UPM students fiasco comes to mind where an illegal group financed and supported by an opposition politic party tried to spark off racial unrest by engaging in disruptive actions of their stooges against the Malay students and had prepared in advance their videographers of an alternative website newspaper to catch it all as the disruptions took place!

Such evil manipulations can unleash uncontrollable emotions and civil unrest destroying the fragile peace we are all enjoying so far. I say such elements are treacherous persons who have committed treason to this nation and ought to be thrown into prison for trying to influence and destroy the peace !

Learn how to improve relations between the various races and learn to speak in various languages , not sticking to just the Malay language or 'Manglish' as we all know many speak and think they are speaking 'London'!

Learn how to speak Mandarin and Tamil as well. Both languages are beautiful and have a very rich history. Both languages are also the key to acquiring knowledge that are 6000 years old and have lots to offer us .

Malays must return to the basics of discovering their heritage of Bahasa Melayu Sastera which is rich with good values as well and appreciate their roots failing which they will lose all sense of culture as they busily ape the decadent lifestyles originating from America and the West!

Language skills are vital to ensure success in all fields of life today both in the academic, science and technology and business environments of today's world!

Reach out to one another and appreciate the general spirit of Muhibbah that Malaysians are famous for throughout the world!

MERDEKA to me means to be free from enmity based on just differences based on skin color, choice of faith, social and cultural differences and envy of each other's social, material and worldly achievements!

We need to be free from rumor mongering strife inducing sickos who are out to create havoc in our already burdened lifes!

Malaysians need to be given the freedom to voice out our opinions based fairly on actual facts and reality which we are facing and be free from apathy of those whom we have voted to be in power!

Malaysians need to be made free from the need to have to bribe any civil servant or authority just to get things done as per their responsibilities to do what they have been appointed to do and being paid handsomely for!

Malaysians need to be free from having morons represent us in Parliament and we need to be free from fear of arrest just for stating the obvious!

Malaysians need to be given the freedom to speak our minds in blogs but also realise our limits and liable for what we post.

Merdeka means not having to be branded every now and then as immigrants this , immigrant that and be told to go back to where we came from! Bumiputra means 'son of this earth'!

All persons born here are Bumiputras. We were not delivered in outer space! Those idiots saying otherwise need to be kept under lock and key in Hospital Bahagia, Tanjong Rambutan, Perak!

We are all born in this land and in this land we have our rights to be allowed to live in relative peace with one another and allowed to live so undisturbed and unmolested by the authorities and their agencies! We need to be free from unnecessary harassment from anyone!

Merdeka is not about allowing the hordes of youngsters riding their bicycles and motorcycles with huge Malaysian flags trailing behind, disrupting traffic and listening to rock concerts in Dataran Merdeka and the KLCC grounds!

Merdeka means appreciating the Independence this nation's forefathers fought for with their blood, sweat and tears and freeing this country from the British and Japanese Imperialists!

Today this nation's youngsters run wild, creating havoc on Merdeka Day, drinking beer, romping about with their misconstrued counterparts engaging in wasteful practices, all in the name of 'MERDEKA'!

Is that the kind of Merdeka our nation's founders fought for? I don't think so!

Merdeka means to be free to strive for a better future, a better tomorrow , free from distrust and hatred based on racist venom and divisive policies!

When Malaysians are no longer divided based upon our ethnicities, only then will we really be independent and free Malaysians!

Till then, it is all pure baloney and propaganda bandied about based on mistrust and untruths in the real sense. This scenario erupts everytime Parliament sits! We all know this takes place!

I pray that the real Freedom from such bias will surface one day and we will be all liberated from such discriminations one fine day in the future!

HAPPY MERDEKA EVERYONE! May Almighty Allah Bless us all with the real MERDEKA soon!

Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.