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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Palestine - Ancient Maps and British Treachery

Click onto the maps to see them in a larger view.

These are historical maps showing how Britain screwed the Arabs of their lands and how to this very day, the British and their American cousins can never be trusted nor taken as advisors and as protectors of the Muslims.

The Ummah of today are sadly without a strong Caliph or a leader who has the courage of Saiyidina Umar Al Khattab, wise as the General Khalid Al- Walid, tenacious as Saiyidina Ali ibni Abi Talib, brave as Saiyidina Hamzah, the uncle of Rasulullah SAW and many other heroes of Islam in days of before.

Today, we have whimpering old men, who are listless and sick, both in their hearts, soul and self, kowtowing to the Imperial Masters of the current world, the USA and UK plus their European Union allies.

This is Palestine as it was under the rule of the Arab Caliphs.
A sad reminder of how it was when Palestine existed on its own and not reduced to walled off virtual prisons and refugee camps, exposed to being massacred and killed at will by the current occupiers and usurpers of their lands and homes, the Zionist regime of Israel.

Syria, in 1916. Another ancient map showing how the country was before being victimised by the British Colonials.

All these maps are proof of how it was before the British and Americans played dice with the fate of the Arabs and how the love of life and fear of death has reduced the once proud Arabian people to a life full of shame and daily dishonour at the hands of a rogue regime of Israeli terrorists, supplanted there by their patrons.

These 3 ancient maps of Palestine are what I came across in my study and research on the Palestinian peoples sad and tragic fate.

Times have changed and Muslims are now so very weak and powerless despite having so much wealth as depicted by all the individualistic nations of the Middle East.

The British and Americans have successfully divided and conquered the once mighty Islamic and Arab warriors who held their heads high whilst riding on their fine Arabian horses with nothing but a sword in their hand and faith in their hearts!

Today, the Arabs are a weak divided people who scurry away from any imminent dangers and refuse to acknowledge their shortcomings.

As a result, the lands which they owned before as depicted in these ancient maps are now slowly but surely being taken away from them by the day!

Will a saviour arise to help the Muslims or is the Ummah facing their impending destruction and are about to be wiped off the face of this Earth by their cowardice shown today from facing their enemies on the battlefield?

Time will surely tell.