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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

PDRM Assault on robbery suspects -Syabas PDRM!

I fully support the Royal Malaysian Police in this case where vicious robbers who terrorised a family during a robbery attempt were in turn given a severe beating by the PDRM at the police station after successfully arresting the criminals!
I don't understand why Malaysians can sometimes be so cock eyed when it comes to differentiating police brutality and the police beating the crap out of hardened vicious criminals to teach them a lesson not to go around harming civilians?
Do you have to experience a tragedy to take place upon yourself or your own families perpetrated by the hardened, vicious criminals out there before you realise that the PDRM are out there risking their lifes and limbs in battling the rising crime whilst we sleep comfortably in our beds and homes?

I say 'SYABAS!' to the Polis Di-Raja Malaysia for saving this family from further harm by the parang wielding bastards!

I figure that all those who keep harping on the PDRM for kicking the robbers senseless have yet to experience being robbed, raped and murdered by the very criminals they are rooting for!

Well, try inviting one or two of these maniacs into your homes where the safety of your wife's, daughters, sons, parents, even yourselves will be in mortal danger from those sickos who deserve to be chopped up and fed to the pigs!

To Malaysia's Police Force, I say well done and keep up the good work in defending us from the criminals in the country!

Do not bother about these 'freedom this, freedom that' bunch of misinformed liberals who are sniping at your heels!

The minute their homes are invaded, their wife's and daughter's get molested or raped before their own eyes, I want to see whether they will be calling out for help from you guys or their local NGO's?

Will they shout 'Polis! Tolong! or NGO's! Tolong!? Who do you call? Ghostbusters? :P