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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

PDRM Assault on robbery suspects -Syabas PDRM!

I fully support the Royal Malaysian Police in this case where vicious robbers who terrorised a family during a robbery attempt were in turn given a severe beating by the PDRM at the police station after successfully arresting the criminals!
I don't understand why Malaysians can sometimes be so cock eyed when it comes to differentiating police brutality and the police beating the crap out of hardened vicious criminals to teach them a lesson not to go around harming civilians?
Do you have to experience a tragedy to take place upon yourself or your own families perpetrated by the hardened, vicious criminals out there before you realise that the PDRM are out there risking their lifes and limbs in battling the rising crime whilst we sleep comfortably in our beds and homes?

I say 'SYABAS!' to the Polis Di-Raja Malaysia for saving this family from further harm by the parang wielding bastards!

I figure that all those who keep harping on the PDRM for kicking the robbers senseless have yet to experience being robbed, raped and murdered by the very criminals they are rooting for!

Well, try inviting one or two of these maniacs into your homes where the safety of your wife's, daughters, sons, parents, even yourselves will be in mortal danger from those sickos who deserve to be chopped up and fed to the pigs!

To Malaysia's Police Force, I say well done and keep up the good work in defending us from the criminals in the country!

Do not bother about these 'freedom this, freedom that' bunch of misinformed liberals who are sniping at your heels!

The minute their homes are invaded, their wife's and daughter's get molested or raped before their own eyes, I want to see whether they will be calling out for help from you guys or their local NGO's?

Will they shout 'Polis! Tolong! or NGO's! Tolong!? Who do you call? Ghostbusters? :P


your mom said...

should watch buletin utama on tuesday nite.
the victims came up and defends those police assaults by saying that it is nothing to compares to what those penyamun had done to them.

what a typical malay they are?

for me, whatever happen is just another proof that shows how pdrm mis-used their power and rights.
suruh jilat air kencing? gila ke hapa?

pdrm: cepat mesra betul dan berpistol

[i made the term up]

mahaguru58 said...

The Police have always been the butt of criticisms by the Malaysian public because of certain incidents tht have taken place especially during protests where the FRU walloped the protesters when they refused to disperse and cause commotions, etc.

Cases like the nude squats further alienate the PDRM from the public.

But to me, this accusations of police brutality against the very criminals who wouldn't think twice about hacking their victims during their robbery is not right!

I support the PDRM in this case! Hell, if it was my family being put to danger by any bloody robbers, I will have no qualms in killing the bastards if I had no other choice!

It's either the robbers or us!

Doesn't matter whether the criminals are whatever race or religion!

We have the right of self defense and in this case , the family was lucky to have escaped worse situations!

Do not condemn the Police just for the sake of condemning!

Without the PDRM risking their lifes to ensure our safety and wellbeing, this country will be in anarchy and lawlessness will run riot!

Do you want that to happen?

Count your blessings and say thanks to the men in blue for being here for us!

They may not be perfect but as far as I am concerned, I do not have an iota of pity for the criminals!

They can go to hell as far as I am concerned!

I wish the 3 officers of the PDRM well and hope that they will be reinstated without any further action taken against them!

If you have to choose between criminals out to harm you and the PDRM, I don't think you would be wanting to have such felons around you and your family, will you?

Think of your family's safety first. The PDRM are also humanbeings. Some are good, some are bad, so what?

Is society all so holy moly?

Learn to appreciate the PDRM. They are there for us and to go after the bad guys! I say more power to them! Shoot the criminals dead!

We need more brave officers to protect us from the growing number of criminals causing havoc to society!

your mom said...

i agree with u at certain points except theres no need to torture such criminals as we lives in a country whom practise democracy.

i realise that even i may kill or die trying to kill those bloody criminals if they are trying to harm my family. no ones can denies facts that humans can act beyond boundaries if these situation occures. but in this case, it shows that our abang2 beruniform biru is acting more than god. they kicks peoples around, they tortures those crimnals with no pity and i sure god will close his eyes if he can see what these police are doin.

i trust pdrm as they are our protecter from any bad evil criminals and being appointed by our government. but lately pdrm seems to forget that even criminals is a humanbeing.

try to imagines u were in those criminals shoe? what wil u feel? [pain of course]

and now try to be those criminals family members...

what do u feel now? tormented? hatred among police?... being treated unfairly? u judge.

last word. what malaysian can take about this latest incident is, learn and prevent this thing to ever occurs again in the future

can u tell me who is the one who captured or filming the particular incident?


mahaguru58 said...

In the first place, you got it wrong that Almighty Allah ever closes His eyes from watching what takes place in life.

He, God Almighty is Ever Aware of all that takes place.

Read and learn about the Attributes of Allah SWT and know Him as He is. This information is found in The Qur'an and Hadiths. It is called Sifatullah.

Are you a Muslim? If you are please write with care about Allah SWT. Do not say anything you are not clear about regarding Allah. I hope you take this advice in a positive manner.

We all need to learn and keep on learning about Allah SWT and about Islam.

I myself keep learning everyday about so many things and I know that will be zillions of other things I have yet to know about it all.

As to your asking me to think from those criminal's viewpoints, I am sorry that I do not even wish to do so.

Let them who choose to be the scourge of this society get to learn how hard the boot of a policeman can be upon his thick stubborn screwed up head is and see the sparks flying when he feels the steelcapped boot come crashing down upon his useless skull!

Yes, I mean it when I say that! These bastards will never feel pity for their victims when they terrorise the innocents whom they rob, rape and murder!

Why must the police go soft on such scum?

I for one have had enough of this bullshit that you are asking for pity and compassion for such animals?

Are you one?

I surely hope not for if you are, I'd want to have nothing to do with a criminal!

I don't mix with criminals nor will I ever want to do so in the future!

To me, it's very simple. you do good, you will be alright. You try to be a criminal, just accept the retribution that comes your way. Period.No if's or but's or even maybe's!

Berani kerana benar. Yang salah wajib dihukum!


mahaguru58 said...

As for your asking as to the source of the videoclip, it is from a policeman's cameraphone.

The videoclip was discovered by the handset repair technician when the phone was sent for repair.

Without the policeman's knowledge, the videoclip was copied by the irresponsible technician and posted to the internet, and subsequently, you too have seen it.

As a result, now the poor policemen can't carry handsets with camera facilities. Isn't that a stupid and unfair order ?

With a cameraphone, the police can take visual proof of a crime in progress and use it as evidence.

Now, the policemen are back to square one, without access to techhnology.

Are the people happy now?

Society is surely sickly stupid!

I just don't know what else to say about this society who expect the police to kowtow to them and let them do as they please!

The PDRM are our only hope to live in relative peace and security.

When you curtail their effectiveness, when your family and self are being threatened with harm and mortaldanger from criminals, don't call the police!

Protect yourselves! Throw a tissue at the criminals.

You might disturb their nose hair!

Why do I say this? Because the way society is harping on to the PDRM, you expect the police to be like the 3 bloody monkeys!

See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Do no Evil!

Tak perlu ada polis lah!

"Penjenayah usah di kasari! Lemah lembut dan sopan terhadap gengstar dan perogol. Jemput duduk, tuang secawan kopi, encik mahu makan apa?"

Hendak gitu?

Memang soheh dunia ni semakin gila!

Polis dikekang dengan pelbagai peraturan merapu, para kriminal mahu dibela mati matian!

Memang gila masyarakat sekarang!

your mom said...

the god thing is just a metaphoric sentence. and im sorry if thats too harsh for u and ur god. but let me stree this out: i dindt refer god to your allah.
lesson learnt, noted, and i apologised for my words.

"brani kerana benar yg salah wajib dihukum" err i dont think that u finish those setence. there must be like this..."berani kerna benar yg salah wajib dihukum, hak kemanusiaan harus dijaga". criminals is also a humanbeing. he's been created, have a family, do a mistakes blablabla.
we cant just blaming and tortures those criminals without having them on trial before court. but wait.. on 2nd thought, its how malaysian brain works rite.. criminals is just a little devil without having any chances to defends himself.. penagih dadah akan selamanya mjadi penagih dadah.
pesakit aids akan tetap menjadi pesakit aids dan x perlu didekati. mungkin akan berjangkit. [big fat laugh]
carry on this attic and we will never go anywhere.

mahaguru58 said...

Yeah, forgive me for being stuck to my views but I am just sick of all the crime around us that I would gladly do away with the whole lot of them if I had my way but as another citizen, the most I can do is just to blast away at them here in my blog!

I am sure that if things were to happen to you as a result of these rotten animals you are so keen to defend and fight for their 'rights' , you'd be singing a different tune.

China has been very effective in tackling crime in their lands.

A single bullet to the back of their sorry heads, effectively reduces the number of criminals wreaking havoc in their society!

Yeah, I know it sounds so morbid but thats life!

InMine said...

Police did the right thing. They should kick the crap out of those criminals. Police should instill fear into the criminals' heart.

anthraxxxx said...

I support China's stance. Their methods might be inhumane but I say it's a highly effective way of protecting their massive population from the menacing criminals and the threat from underworld organizations.

anthraxxxx said...

The moment they decided to get themselves involved in crime, they should be very well aware of the backlash they might face and punishment they will get in return.

warrior2 said...

the fear amongst some of us is that, 'that is how the police operate'? what do i mean?
put simply, if the police round up some suspects, they bash em up or humiliate or treathen them until they cower with fear for evidence or lead or confession and at the end of the day, some of those bashed up/traumatised suspects were released because they are innocense!

now, what do you think about those innocense people? they get bashed up etc. what if you are one of them? do you cry for justice?

above all, I am very surprised that for someone that is for islam and islamic values as well islamic ways, you condon and support such a brutal act on a human being!

show me where in the quran or hadith or sunnah where such an act is allowed!

your mom said...

i agree with mr. warrior2. theres nothing in qoran or even hadith on torturing suspects.

infact, as far as im concern, there is no religion that provokes those cruelty acts.

and i think we should put religion matters away for a while on this issue, no single religions are guilty about this incident. this incident should be put on single-person accounts. they do it, they pay the price. both the criminal and the suspects.

p/s: sumtimes, religion cant be drag into anything no mattrer how universal ur religions are.

veronica said...

so who guard the guards then?

InMine said...


"If you see actitives done to go against teaching of Islam, correct them by using your hands, if you are not able them use your words, if still not able them do it in your heart. That is the least that you can do"

Friend from Texas said...

The million dollar question is: will you display this same mindset when Islamic Terrorists are taken into custody?

Or will there be a call to treat them with "justice" and "due process"?

The barbarous behavior you justify is akin to how the barbarous societies of Arabia operate. One then wonders, if you, like your Arabian compatriots....will also close one eye to religious extremism and violence, simply because the criminals hide behind the cover of Islam?

mahaguru58 said...

Dear FFT,
You digress from the topic here brother.

I am talking about vicious robbers who have been caught by the PDRM officers and during process of interrogation have been whacked left and right by the policemen giving them a due taste of what they inflicted upon their helpless victims during the robbery!

We both know about your stand against those whom you deem to be Islamic terrorists etcetera.

Why don't you acknowledge the existence of Israeli terrorists, Hindu RSS terrorists, LTTE terrorists, IRA terrorists, you name it you have it terrorists?

Why zero in on people who are forced to defend their lands from invaders and occupiers such as the USA, UK, Israel who have devastated the lifes of millions of people in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, etc?

What you call as religious extremism is actually a brave group of people who have the balls to stand up against invading terrorists who are waging war against the Muslims under pretext of going after 'terrorists'!

FFT, you are not that stupid to as not realise the difference between defending oneself and going on the offense as shown by the US,UK and Israeli regime against the Muslims in Palestine, in Iraq and recently in Lebanon!

You seem to have swallowed hook,line and sinker the media propaganda that has been deviously been dished out all these years by the Jewish media barons.

You assume too much without knowing what my stand is against those who go around bombing innocent people in the name of Islam!

I have always spoken out against senseless killings of innocents no matter that they be Jews,Christians,Buddhists,Hindus,
fellow Muslims, whatsoever!

When the Palestinians are robbed of their lands, have their homes destroyed, families maimed and killed by the Zionists, I don't see you condemning the Israeli regime for their blatant terrorism!

Why the hell is that? Why is it that people like you are Deaf,Dumb and Blind to the atrocities being perpetrated against those Palestinians?

When the Iraqis suffer the same fate from American terrorism and suffer a fate so much worse from others around them, why the hell don't you get so fired up and take them to task?

Are you so blinded by hatred against Muslims in general, that you choose to ignore the sufferings of such people? Are they any less human to you?

When the Lebanese people are bombed out of their homes, have their lifes destroyed by the Israeli bombs, what the hell were you doing?

Did you object or join the bloody Zionists in applauding such savagery?

I know that you are a fellow Malaysian FFT, but the way you seem to go on after the Muslims of the world, makes me see you as a sworn enemy of my fellow brothers and sisters of the Islamic world!

Are you my enemy? Because I choose to believe in Allah the Almighty and accept as my fellow kin those who say that There is No God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Final Messenger?

Well, if you do, then it's a sad day for me for I have always acknowledged you to be a fellow Malaysian worth befriending but if I were to choose between you and the Muslims , you sure know whom I'd rather have by my side.

I am sorry to see you still harbouring an unnecessary contempt and prejudice against my fellow Muslims!

Who are you calling terrorists? Those who are standing up for their rights? Those who are just avenging themselves against the bloody oppressors of this world?

I do not support those who go slaughter innocent people just because they happen to be from another faith or skin color!

I do not support those idiots who committed the massacre in Beslan!

I do not support anyone who kills without due cause anytime, anywhere!

I am however in full support of my fellow Muslims who out of sheer necessity have no other way out except destroy those who come to destroy us anytime, anywhere!

I express my full support for the Hezbullah in Lebanon for bravely defending themselves against the Israeli atrocities against the people of Lebanon.

My post here is to support those policemen who gave those bastard robbers the thrashing they deserved for harming the poor victims! I don't give a damn as to whether those bloody robbers are fellow Muslims whatsoever!

Criminals are just that! There's no need to defend those who harm others just to get easy money or wealth!

Justice must not only be done but be seen to be done! I support the PDRM a 100% on this case!

Do not stray away from the topic!

Friend from Texas said...

Dear Mahaguru,

It seems it is you who has strayed away from this topic talking about Arab "resistance" and such.

We're talking about Malaysia.

Tell me, just exactly what are people like Azahari Hussein, Noordin Top, Nik Aziz's son, Mat Satray, JI, and the the militants from KMM got to do with "defending" against oppression?

Yet we see Muslim Malaysians up in arms making a hullabulloo when some these folks are arrested (not even brutalized), but are surprisingly silent when innocent lives are lost due to the dastardly acts of such terrorists. (You on the other hand, I know your have stated it above that you don't care if it is a Muslim who is brutalized by the police as long as he is a, we good now!)

Mahaguru said:
What you call as religious extremism is actually a brave group of people who have the balls to stand up against invading terrorists

Why no tell that to the poor folks of Bali, who formed the majority dead in the Kuta bomb attacks. I don't recall Balinese having a hand in the oppression of anyone (Muslim or otherwise).

Tell that to the victims of Bombay's train bomb attack.

Tell that to the innocent schoolchildren of Beslan.

And the list goes on.

These are the "brave" people you respect? My, my....I thought your principles run deeper than that? Perhaps in a fit of emotion, you've let poor judgment cloud your usually very fine principles.

mahaguru58 said...

Well FFT,
Let's go back to your first comment :
Friend from Texas said...
The million dollar question is: will you display this same mindset when Islamic Terrorists are taken into custody?

Or will there be a call to treat them with "justice" and "due process"?

The barbarous behavior you justify is akin to how the barbarous societies of Arabia operate. One then wonders, if you, like your Arabian compatriots....will also close one eye to religious extremism and violence, simply because the criminals hide behind the cover of Islam?

Wednesday, 06 September, 2006

Where were you being specific about 'Malaysian' terrorists?

You said 'Islamic terrorists' hence I responded accrodingly!

If you can be so gentlemenly receptive as to your oversight, I would like to draw your attention to my objection to the slaughter of the innocent Beslan schoolchildren!

The Bombay train attack is the work of Hindu RSS instigators as far as I have learned from news reports etc.

Neither you nor me were there doing the forensics were we?

So, let's not get into things we do not have a clear source about.

The Bali bombings were carried out by the Indonesian group according to their own initiative. I am not in support of that.

The thing is all those bars and pubs mushrooming all over Bali may be paradise to the alcoholics, adulterers, fornicators, pedophiles, homos, lesbos, and what have you swarming all over the island to engage in their sinful activities to the detriment of the people of Bali.

Yeah, most of them are Hindus so all that sinful activities going on must have been accepted with a closed eye by its inhabitants.

What the Indonesian Chapter of Jamaah Islam had done was according to their screwed up ideas of cleansing the island of such establishments. Well, you don't see my show of support for such activities, do you?

You assume too much bro. There's a whole world of difference between folks like Azahari Hussein, Noordin Top, Nik Aziz's son, Mat Satray, JI, and the the militants from KMM and the ones fighting the Israeli regime and the American and British invaders in the Middle East!

You need to be specific. If you are talking about the Asian fellows, please be upfront about it. don't go pool all them together with your general 'Islamic terrorists' term!

You didn't reply to the matter of the Zionist terrorists, American terrorists,British terrorists, Christian terrorists, Hindu terrorists, etc!

Why the ignorance? Aren't you fair enough to admit that there exists such ruthless scum who commit murder and mayhem against the innocent Muslims in their respective countries?

Double standards? Racist bias? What about them?

I know that we will never see eye to eye on this matters, so save us the trouble of having endless banter here on that please.

I have stated my case, you have done yours.

Let's move on, I have more better things to work.

Live as you please bro..only don't assume too much about my leanings.

I am all for justice for the Muslims.

I do not however condone and support those fellows you mentioned with their blasting agendas in South East Asia.

Hope you get that crystal clear.

Friend from Texas said...

Where were you being specific about 'Malaysian' terrorists?
You said 'Islamic terrorists' hence I responded accrodingly!
If you can be so gentlemenly receptive as to your oversight, I would like to draw your attention to my objection to the slaughter of the innocent Beslan schoolchildren!

You are right. I have erred and should have been more specific.

I was refering to our Malaysian breed of terrorists. Sorry for the misunderstanding......I guess it's one thing we share in common; we're both windbags who sometiems tend to go off tangent, albeit from different poles ; p