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Sunday, August 06, 2006

RM8,262.50 for being raped in the PLKN?

I read with disbelief the news report in the New Straits Times about the raped PLKN trainee who is suing the Malaysian Government and her former PLKN trainer Zuki Mohd for a pittance!
Is RM8,262.50 all that's worth her families shame, her self respect, pride and honor?

I am dumbfounded by the sheer ignorance of this rape victim and the apathy being shown by her family!

Excerpt from the NST news report:

On Feb 28, 2004, less than a month into training, the then 18-year-old was raped by her trainer Zuki Mohd near the camp in Terengganu.

That experience left her emotionally and physically scarred and has affected her ability to be a wife or mother.

Yesterday, she sued the Government and Zuki for negligence.

She is seeking RM8,262.50 in special damages for treatment and travel, general and exemplary damages, aggravated damages and costs.

Zuki was sentenced to 12 years in jail and three strokes of the cane for the crime.

In her statement of claim, the girl said the instructor had failed in discharging his duties and responsibilities entrusted upon him as an NS trainer.

She claimed that the Government had failed to ensure safety at the NS camp in Setiu, Terengganu.

She also alleged:

• that after she lodged the report, she was treated like a guilty person and that the Government failed to hand over the case to the police within a reasonable period after being informed of the incident.

• that a pregnancy test was forced on her without her permission and the test was not done in any medical centre.

• that the Government failed in its duty to ensure that the trainer it employed was trustworthy and dedicated.

As a result of the incident, she said she felt like a social misfit and had lost the confidence to become a wife and mother.

I pray that the authorities will give her due justice and take care of her future properly. She's just a teenager and does not know what's her true worth in the long run of her family's lineage!

The PLKN program is good for the nation in considering the impact of military training for the reserve forces of this country along the lines that are being practiced in Singapore's National Service!

Just make sure that the trainers are not predatory felons in uniform! Criminals like Zuki Mohd should be flogged in public!

The way criminals are treated with kid gloves nowadays makes me see the wisdom of the Laws of Hudud in Islamic Syaria'!

Public awareness of who are the wolves in sheepskin amongst us would act as a deterrent in knowing their ugly selfs amongst us in society!

The way these criminals faces are blocked out, pixelled out and allowed to cover their faces when the news media cover their day in court sickens me !

Why must TV3 or RTM try to cover their faces when showing the news clip on the Prime News?

Too many criminals who are on the loose out there in our society must be exposed!

The PDRM must not feel shy to expose to the public all those wanted posters so we can recognise them in our midst!

They used to have those posters in front of the police stations of this country. They are now all missing from the police station noticeboards all over the country!

Who's the smart alec responsible for this ? The public needs to be kept aware of these scum!


Jon said...

The reason why some criminal faces are pixelated is because sometimes they are not guilty of the charges leveled upon them.

If the media shows their true faces before they are found guilty, then the media is then giving the guilty verdict onto these criminals.

I admit tho, since Zuki has been found guilty, he should be revealed and never allowed to work with children/teenagers again.

mahaguru58 said...

I know that Jon but what I am peeved off is that at times those found guilty are still obscured from public recognition by the media!

Why the double standards?

The victims faces are splashed all over the newspapers and media coverage whilst the perpetrators are protected from media exposure and from public recognition!

That is what I am so riled about!

If those animals do fear public recognition, then they should not have committed all those murders, rapes, molestations, etcetera in the first place!

I just don't understand why this situation exists in our nation?

anthraxxxx said...

No money can buy back her precious hymen tsk tsk.

mahaguru58 said...

People nowadays are either too stupid about the importance of preserving their chastity or just plain stupid!

The way sexual promiscuity is being bandied about by the current society's lifestyle gives me the shivers thinking about what kind of a future our country is heading to?

I just don't know Vincent! This so called Islam Hadhari nation is just mere hyperbole at best!

All just bloody rhetoric whilst the country is heading towards social meltdown!

OU said...

I wonder how the rape case can be proven under hudud law. More likely, I am afraid that the victim will be punished for allowing the incident to happen.

There are many cases in Iran where woman are mistreated under the juridistion of shariah court simply because the laws are biased in favor of man. If you know your quran well you should know what I am talking about.

mahaguru58 said...

Orang Utan,

Its very hard for rape to be proved under the Hudud laws!

Yes sirree!

Unless the rapist confesses to his crime or there were 4 good morally upright citizens watching the act of penetration take place!

It would be really something wouldn't it ?

To have 4 morally upright citizens stand idly by watching a woman or a girl get raped by an animal and do nothing to the bastard!

Regarding your referring to Iran, I dare say that women are not safe from men anywhere in the world whatmore in the great democracies of the world such as the USA, UK or European Union!

More women and children get raped and abused in those countries perse than any other Muslim majority nation!

Hell, women get raped here in our nation's police lock ups!

Or are you sir oblivious to the fact?

Islamic laws aren't meant to oppress the people.

It is fair to everyone.

The only culprits are those who punish people according to their own intepretations of the Hudud and not according to the true teachings of Islam!

Same goes to all those horrific crimes taking place in America's prison systems etc!

I just don't know dear OU, people nowadays are just so gung ho in besmearing Islam as if it is the in thing to do!

I truly hope you aren't one of them.

Let's be fair to the reality today.

Islamophobia causes many to be biased and opinionated against Islam without really knowing the facts about it.

May we all be rightly guided by Allah the Almighty! Ameen.