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Monday, August 14, 2006

Tun Dr.Mahathir - Reduced to demanding attention!

It is a sad thing to see a former Malaysian Prime Minister being reduced to have to demand from his own party permission to address the members!

For all the transparency being touted by Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Najib Tun Razak, we can all see the tremendous case of 'shrinking balls' at work here by the nation's top two!

Tun Dr.Mahathir does no longer pose any immediate danger to both the Prime Minister and his Deputy! Malaysians have had enough of the former Premier's rule.

Even if Mahathir chooses to contest in the next General Elections come year 2008, if he is still alive by then, does Abdullah Badawi and Najib Tun Razak really think that their thrones are in any danger of being taken away from them?

I can just shake my head reading all the continuous media drivel being sloshed about in the main newspapers by the PM and his Deputy running scared of an 81 year old former premier who just wants to address the UMNO party members!

What's there to be scared of? Are the UMNO members plain stupid or what that they can't think for themselves as to who's wrong and who's right?

If the PM and DPM are free from wrongdoing, then there's no reason for both of them to bar Tun Dr.Mahathir from speaking out!

If the Tun lies about them and libels them and the Cabinet, by all means sue the old man for all he's worth!

Are the courts of this nation not just enough to see that justice is done if the Tun is spewing bullshit and untruths?

Anwar Ibrahim must surely be grinning from ear to ear! He must be loving it! :P

Abdullah Badawi is where he is today by the graces of the Tun Dr.Mahathir having picked and appointed him to be the nation's Prime Minister! All these strifes between those who are supposed to set an example to the entire country is simply too bloody damaging to this nation's political stability's image!

I have posted the original letters by the Tun to the UMNO members for you to read. Just click on the images and a larger view of the letters will open up in a new window!

I really hope that the former premier and the current one have the commonsense to stop all this ego bashing between them and be man enough to sit down and thrash out their differences, mano to mano!

Time is ticking by and each of them aren't getting any younger! Instead of griping continuously and driving everybody up the wall, our nations leaders past and present would do best to give their egos a rest!

Stop the nonsense and let's get back to making life easier for all of us! Any seconders?


jbhlee said...

Life has never been easier for all of us...err...well for some of us I mean. But it is good to have someone to pressure the govt...they have to think twice if they want to sin....
Example : everyone knows companies getting contracts give kickbacks to political parties...otherwise where to get funds for their election campaigns. This is not sin enough??? With TDM crying corruption...I feel very happy!!

anthraxxxx said...

Don't know what is wrong with him these days. Instead of plunging our local political scene into chaos, he should be aiding Pak Lah on his shortcomings. Perhaps it was just another story of an old man who has gone senile.