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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tun Dr.Mahathir-What's exactly on your mind?

I think most of us Malaysians are getting sick of the constant whining and needling of the former PM of his anointed and appointed successor, Abdullah Hj.Ahmad Badawi.

I mean, let's face it, no one's perfect! Not even the Tun or any other humanbeing on the face of the planet!

Yes, we agreed that Abdullah Badawi is not the best there is in Malaysia and he has his faults and weaknesses but then again, hello! case you forgot! You are the one who appointed him in the first place! We , citizens of Malaysia had nothing to do with it!

You, being the Supreme Ruler of this land, kept tabs on everyone of your Cabinet Ministers and Mr.Nice Guy was the one who looked the rosiest of them all at that time to you because you looked for his plus points and compared to the rest of the 'Ya Tuan' gang, Mr.Nice Guy came out tops in your selection!

So, after he took over, things started coming apart. All those last minute projects of yours were getting unravelled one by one and it doesn't please you.

Well, dear Tun, sometimes one cannot have it all going one's way all the time without hiccups and glitches, spoiling whatever plans you had in place. That's life and you sure would know it.

Abdullah Badawi may be a 'jelly belly' unlike you who are known for your 'Mahathirism'. Yes, the man is sort of sluggish in his ways and takes an awfully long time to make any decisions.

I am not a fan of Abdullah Badawi but hey...he's the Prime Minister of Malaysia; thanks to you!
As a citizen who voted for the BN last election, I do have a say in what's going on in this nation to which I and 25 million Malaysians belong!

All these constant whining and needling of yours is destabilizing this country where the office of the Prime Minister of the Government of Malaysia no longer commands the awe and respect of most Malaysians.

Is this what you want? Surely you do not want to see this nation fall apart and all the 22 long years where you ruled over us as it suited you.

Abdullah Badawi needs your support and guidance. He is already facing tremendous challenges in eradication corruption and nepotism. No one can be free from those two maladies when in power.

So, instead of you sniping at his heels , why can't you help Abdullah Badawi eliminate the cancerous ministers and high officials from further corroding the pillars of this government's foundation?

You could also help out the poor and needy of our nation by seeing to it that more opportunities are opened to them and that the bright sparks of this nation especially our gifted young Malaysian students are given scholarships and educational grants from a foundation that bears your name!

Yayasan Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. Now that would be a fitting completion to your career as one of our nation's Prime Minister.

I am sure that most of us would like to see normalcy return to our country. You can certainly see to it that this happens.

Last but not least, a timely phrase I coined up for all.

'Through teamwork we strive ; higher productivity we'll thrive!'

Peace be upon all of us. Ameen.


desiderata said...

Sensible call.
We only have limited Options on the table, and Pak Lah remains the "best" for the monment as PM.

* Najib Razak waits like a hawk -- I think he's a worse alternative
* Anwar Ibrahim, possibility but unlikely at the moment.
Unlike you mahaguru, I voted for the Opposition and am NOT shy to say it -- aloud and allowed.

N=Meanwhile, let's leave Pak Lah to do his job -- the likes of Dr Mahathir Mohamad would have to wait till next GE (2008/09, maybe even 2007?) to oust him. Till then, stop whining -- you have ghim 90% mandate in terms of MP seats in March 2004, remember?

mahaguru58 said...

Well desiderata,
I would have voted for the Opposition if they really stand a chance to bring any changes to my constituency.

As far as I know, the Opposition only manages to make some noise in Parliament and the fielding of their candidates is really nothing much to expect from them.

It's the usual bunch of demo leaders and hasbeens who don't show much mettle for us to vote them in.

The Opposition really needs to come up with a better lineup if they want to offer us the people, a credible and alternative government.

PAS is only starting to shed its feathers of venomous rhetoric and hype.

DAP is too instigative for my tastes and they aren't to my liking.

PKR smells of UMNO hasbeens and PAS rejects, so the choices aren't really that much.

So,as the saying goes, we have no choice but to stick to the Devils that we know than risk our constituencies get stuck in the doldrums of neglect for that's what happens to opposition constituencies!

Whatever projects or maintenance work that needs to be carried out in those areas where the Opposition wins, will be made the as the 'zone of the untouchables'.

Funds and allocations meant fro those areas would somehow get stuck in transition or be lost in the bureaucracy. That's a fact and most of us know it.

Meanwhile, we just try to survive on our own. That's about all we can do right now.