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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Unwed mothers - Prevention is much more better!

The Malays are notorious for being the largest number of unwed mothers here in Malaysia!
For all their supposedly being Muslims and upholders of virtuous behaviour, present day Malay teenagers and young adults are the scourge of this national shame for their irresponsible actions of engaging in forbidden acts of sexual fornications under a facade of being holy moly under that tudung or kopiah!

These hypocrites are embarrassing the Ummah in general by their acts today! Damn them all!

The New Straits Times report highlights the rising problem of unwanted illegitimate babies that are being dumped into dustbins, thrown into sewers and rivers, flushed down toilets, thrown into the shrubs and forests, abandoned at mosques, surau's, churches, temples and other establishments by these Malay fornicators who are idiots giving way to their nafs wholescale!

The actions by these 'gatal' Malay teenagers and young adults embarrass their parents and families for generations to come!

I hear so many horrible stories of how 'easy' it is to get a Malay girl or woman into bed , that I just don't know what future this ethnicity are gonna end up with when these girls or women do not value their chastity and honor which is symbolised by their remaining a virgin until they are taken as honourable wives in holy matrimony before God Almighty and society!

I don't see the rationale why they need to give vent to their lust out of marriage when it is not that hard to get married nowadays!

University and college students are among the biggest number of these people who are getting into unlawful and forbidden sex out of wedlock! Can we say that these students are stupid and so naive as not to know what happens when they get into bed with men who are just too happy to indulge their rampaging lustful passions!

I blame no one else but the parents and the authorities for failing to nip these problems in the bud! Among the perpetrators are even parents themselves who indulge in incestuous relationships with their daughters and sons!

Why is this problem recurring? None other than the failure of the Syariah courts to rule according to the actual laws of the Syariah Laws as ordained by Almighty Allah!

Dare the authorities deny this?

Has anyone caught for rape or khalwat ever been punished according to the true Islamic laws in this country?

All the courts do is to impose punitive judgements according to their interpretations and watered down versions of laws that do not have any effect on the criminals!

As long as they still pussyfoot along the sidelines and do not practice the Syariah as Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala asks of them, they are the ones responsible for the growing maksiat taking place amongst the Malays!

Start taking action against the fornicators as commanded by God Almighty and see the crime rate go down in due time!

For the moment being, let those who advocate liberal lifestyles raise all those bastards borne by their 'followers' of free sex and 'freedom to fornicate' as they please! You know who they are.


Billy said...

Hi Brother MG - just like you I am equally appalled at the high rate of unwed mothers among the Malay community. If this is not bad enough, there are frequent incidents of rape and incests as well. During my childhoos back in the 60s and 70s, we hardly hear of such social problems. So what went wrong? I had a Malay neighbour who had 4 daughters and 4 sons and they were as decent as could be. In fact, the eldest daughter taught quran readings to the kids in the neighbourhood and often I would stand outside the room looking in to see the kids reciting the quaranic verses. There were instances after the session, our lady guru would give brief advices to the kids about family value and the sort of good behaviour they should conform with. Do they still do this today? Although the lady guru was in her late teen but the way she communicated with the kids were done very firmly and maternally and the kids would just sit there looking at her listening attentively.

mahaguru58 said...

Sadly, such families are very scarce in numbers today Billy.

Even those in the kampongs and rural areas are getting loose morally.

In fact, those whom we thought would be the bastions of society end up being the wolves in sheepskin.

But then again, we need to always have good faith in our fellow humanbeings and as enjoined in Islam, try our level best to stop the rot in society by starting an initiative to begin the healing.

Let's all start to watch out for those within our reach.

We can't wait for someone else to begin.

Doesn't matter whether the person whom we help is a Malay, Chinese, Indian, whatever.

Malaysians sort of got lost in the social meltdown that has destroyed the fundamentals of social structure and moral high grounds that we used to enjoy back then.

I am not saying , everyone was so holy moly back then.

It's worse now because along the way to progress, people left behind this most important of good neighbourliness, that is watching out for one another.

It's the one thing that this nation needs most and the Malays need it very, very urgently!

Do your part dear Readers.

Do it sincerely and watch things return back to normal where society watches out for itself, in the long run.

If you ignore it, sooner or later, it's gonna turn up in your own space, believe me.

Prevention is still much more better than cure!

Nude said...

I think you miss out a very important point, which is that the other religions having no "rules" and "punishments" as found in the Quran. The number of sexual fornication among the non-Muslims in Msia is relatively lower than Muslims. So is the cases of incest etc.

In my humble opinion, this is not a "religion" problem. This is a family problem.

For example, in the case of incest -
Fathers who cared for their baby daughters are less likely to sexually abuse them when they are grown. The average case of abuse are from step-fathers, who never took care of the girls when they were young. These men do not view the girls as their daughters, but as WOMEN whom they can abuse.

What we need is proper sexual education, where we teach children honestly what sex is, what the responsiblities are and precautionary measures that one can take to prevent pregnancies. This includes celibacy, which would be the best form of pregnancy prevention.

What we do not need is to ban children from knowing the truth. Girls menstruate between 10 to 14 yrs and should have full knowledge of their bodily functions BEFORE they hit puberty. Boys should be taught how to to treat their female friends - with love, respect and dignity.

Once adults are honest with the children and do not force them to go into hiding, the children and teenagers can be more open about their questions. They are less likely to be curious... or have all their curiosity quenched by proper education and knowledge. And if they are ever in trouble, there will be adults around to help them through their choices.

A good example is Sweden and I know quite a few things abt the country because I spent time living with the people. Sex education is given out unbiased at a very young age. Parents are open to their kids and guide them as they grow up. Number of unwanted pregnancies is so low in the country. So are cases of sexual assult/abuse and sexual transmitted diseases.

When the people are educated and knowledgable, they are able to make wise and appropriate decisions for themselves.

As for Billy's comments that children out of wedlock is less common in the 60s and 70s - the people did not have access to internet or newspaper like today. Everything is highlight much easier and brought to attention. Chances are teenagers in the 60s and 70s had the same amount of problems but their cases were not reported, unlike today.

mahaguru58 said...

You have a point there blogger Nude.

I am all for sex education to be taught in schools from the 3rd grade onwards as by then , the children will be able to digest what's being taught.

The problem with the Malays is that too much emphasis goes on the sexual gratification of those who are supposed to be the guardians and protectors of the youngsters themselves.

When someone does not practice his faith or doesn't have the Fear of God watching over him every second, every moment of his life when he is alone with such vulnerable youngsters, then the chances of him abusing the trust placed upon him as a father or a guardian is very high!

This situation is further aggravated by the way the family lives.

If a family is morally loose and do not practice traditional taboos and restrictions, the relationship between father and daughter or between siblings result in incestuous relationships and sexual abuse takes place!

Incest crosses all borders and ethnicities.

As we are living here in Malaysia where the majority of us are the Malays, we see them being so bloody irresponsible compared to other ethnicities.

Indian Muslims or 'Mamak' as a case study rarely commit such atrocities upon their own flesh and blood!

The Malays might look down upon the Mamaks politically but they ought to be ashamed to see how the Mamaks will never do the horrible deed that certain swine amongst the Malays commit without a second thought about sin or the damage it causes to their own daughters!

I agree with you as to the other faiths not being so screwed up as these incest stricken Malays are concerned!

The ancient Malays used to have a fitting punishment called 'Sula' for such swine! It is being impaled from the anus to the mouth for such bastards!

Can we revive such a fitting punishment for such animals?

I would be very happy to volunteer to impale any of the bastards caught for incest by the authorities!

I seethe with such anger for it is a bloody shame for us Muslims to witness such degrading practices be so rampant nowadays!

Every rape report I read makes me get so pissed off because this nation is just paying 'lip service' to capital punishment or impose the Hudud Laws upon the Muslims!

The present Shariah Laws are a joke!

They aren't Islamic Laws at all but manmade excuses in replace of The Laws of Allah the Almighty!

No wonder the Malays who commit such degrading crimes have no fear!

Implement God's Laws totally and see the incest cases come down faster than a deflating balloon!

We need to make examples of some of those animals only then will the others dare not touch any innocent child or woman out there!

Billy said...

Hi Brother MG, thank you so much for your response. The reason why many people tend to be so nostalgic is because the past has always been better than the present. My dad was a govt servant so I was fortunate enough to stay in a very mix area. Whenever I came home late from school, my next door Mak Cik, knowing how hungry I would be, would cook up a couple of dishes for me so I wouldn't miss out on my lunch. I could stand there and watch her elder daughter teaching the kids how to read the Quran, and all this time, may parents never gave it a thought that I would be converted into a Muslim and come Chinese New Year, the Malay kids would come to my house and my parents would ask them to queue up for their 'ang pows' and mind you we stayed in that area [Jalan Peel] for more than 20 years. We all grew up together. I don't believe we can ever see such things happening again, the trust and love for one another.

Nizar said...

U tend to blame others and judge the malays harshly just because U think they look down upon mamaks politically. FYI, there r mamaks who r busy with their businesses on fridays and don't go to friday prayers. mamaks too make sins but because they r small in population and the malays being the majority, u use the numbers to justify ur accusations. do u see urself as someone who come from heaven and free from sins that u can punish the malays with all ur harsh words and accusations? i know how mamaks think about us, Malays and u just confirmed my perception that mamaks are racist and they r back stabbers , duri dalam daging. this same attitude (judging others) is also shown by Bangladeshi ppl. sorry, man, ur approach of so-called 'dakwah' will only make others running away from Islam. so judgmental and racist. pls remember, unless u can be sure u won't be burnt by hell fire even a bit, don't look at others as worse than u.

mahaguru58 said...

You are a classic example of a Malay who feels so bloody upset when Malays are lambasted but you fail to see the truth about the Malays who are an embarrassment to this nation for their hedonistic and shameful ways they go about living their miserable lifes!

You fret, rant and rave about the Malays being 'victimised' but you know nuts about me or whoever the hell I am?

I am married to a Malay you nincompoop and the reason I lambst the Malays is because I care for them!

I want the Malays to wake up and rise from all this hedonism screwing them up!

The Mamaks will answer for their own sins and I don't waste sleep over them!

For your info, they employ Indians who are Hindus to mind over the restaurants during Friday Prayers to cater for the many Malays who don't go to pray and go eat their lunches at the time! So, blow me down!

As a Malay , you should be ashamed that this happens, aren't you/

What the hell have YOU ever done to stop the rot?

You don't even have a blog where you can write any advice for them whom you pretend to defend here, so go scoot away to your favourite shopping mall stairways where you can go lepak with your fellow Malays, the 'hope of this nation'? Humbug!

Yeah, the Mamaks and the Banglas aren't screwing the Malay girls who are having a 'field day' getting pregnant with their bastard babies messing up this nation, are they?

Yes, it is the MALAYS themselves who do all this kind of shit, you moron! Go preach to them and don't come whining over here!

As for my burning in hell, you bet I will be there because I am here wasting my time trying to talk some sense into your numbskull!

The Chinese and the Indians are the ones who have helped build up the economy of this nation and are part and parcel of this land!

If we are to expect Malays like you do anything to help this nation, damn, there goes our country down the drain!

So, boy, go preach to your fellow Malays who are simply going to hell for the sins they are committing by the second!

The Mamaks and the Banglas are making money whilst the Malays are making 'anak haram' by the thousands!

You must be veryyyy proud!Syabas!