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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

UPM Fracas - The Other Side of the Story Exposed!

Do you recall seeing this face?

This fella is the one who was seen and heard shouting 'Jangan Gaduh! Jangan Gaduh!' @ 'Don't Fight! Don't Fight!' in the videoclip showing the UPM Malay students harrassing a group of 'innocent' Chinese students supposedly being a group of volunteers and 'do gooders' setting up a table in the UPM Canteen to help 'new students' and being forced to leave the premises by a group of the Malays students !

I got this tip off as to what really happened and who this fella and his 'innocent do gooders' really are from this website!

Well, looks like our 'victim' is not that innocent after all! See him here in action at a demo at KLCC! Looks like our victim is a regular old pro at instigating unrest and violence!

His name is Lee Huat Seng and he is a USM student who is part of an illegal student activist group called GERAKAN MAHASISWA MAJU, backed by their mentor Tian Chua from the Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia and pro the DAP!

There is an earlier recording of what took place before the fracas. View it here.

Please take note that all these recordings were recorded in a well planned manner as to capture the UPM Malay students in their moments of upheavals of emotions and passions stoked up very professionally by the Gerakan Mahasiswa Maju and taken by the videographer.

This clearly shows the meticulous arrangement and following the storyboard that these GMM Chinese students have acted out to the letter. 3 cheers for the 'film director'. He cleverly anticipated and got the Malay students to do exactly what he had planned for and captured in video!

Those Malay students really got screwed big time! They should have learned their lessons after this not to lose their 'cool' and run amok!

Lucky for the GMM drama stagers that the Malays today are forbidden to wear and carry their traditional weapons @ the Keris on their persons as in times before!

If not, we would have been witness to a bloodbath. God forbid!

The source of this news and expose is in Bahasa Malaysia. I am translating them for you here in English :

Organised attempts to create disturbances in the campus
Before the incident in UPM, the GMM students have already been involved in several demonstrations such as in front of the Parliament Building on 21st September 2005 to protest and send a memorandum about political interference in the campus student elections to the Minister of Higher Education, Malaysia , protest march from the National Mosque to SUHAKAM's office on 7th October 2005 to handover the Report on the Student Elections in the campuses!
Secret pow wow in Cameron Highlands.
It gets juicier as we learn about what these GMM students have been getting themselves into!

Before the student intake for the 2004/2005 session, the GMM had a secret activities planning camp in Cameron Highlands.(picture besides)
This underground movement is having an agenda to create disturbances in several Government Institutes of Higher Learning especially in UPM, USM and UM (where Chinese students are larger in numbers).

GMM in the academic sessions of 2004/2005 had been active systematically according to their plans.This movement uses a more aggressive approach and are very open about their mission.

They held illegal gatherings at the UPM Administration Building and around Sri Serdang to protest against the e-Vote! They used the main media such as NTV7 and Chinese newspapers to voice out their objections and movements objectives!

Severe actions had to be taken against them for having disgraced the reputation of the university!

Disciplinary measures were taken on the 25th of October, 2005 on the following students:
  1. Tan Kar Hing,Matric ID No. 115690, Bachelor in Business Management
  2. Kong Wee Cheng, Matric ID No. 119717, Bachelor in Science of Biotechnology
  3. Ooi Tze Min, Matric ID No. 126906, Bac.of Engineering in Comp.Comm.Systems.
  4. Kam Poay Hua Matric ID No. 123736, Bac. of Engineering in Comp.Comm.Systems.
  5. Lim Sok Swan Matric ID No. 125768, Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language (Mandarin)
Anyway, the Disciplinary proceedings against the above students were dropped on reasons that the University felt that they should be given another chance to change and to refocus their attention towards their studies.

Unfortunately, these students didn't repent and still carried on their subversive activities!

They couldn't be bothered about the University and Colleges Act what more about the universities regulations?

They are a disgrace to the university and a potential threat to this nation for instigating and inciting issues that can affect national security!

Look at the face of another GMM agent provocateur!

Ooi Tze Min. Another Tian Chua wannabe!

Looks like PKR and DAP are not gonna have much problems in getting new cadres for their protests and demonstrations in the future!

I just hope that such young men do not end up with cracked skulls and become vegetables after confronting the batons of the FRU!

My dear fellow Malaysians and global readers! Looks like we have all been had and screwed by these 'victims' that I was so supportive in my earlier post about the UPM Malay students who acted like hooligans in the incident!

I still believe that those students misbehaved when they acted in such manners but I also come to a conclusion that these 'innocent Chinese students' weren't that sinfree after all!

We need to be on full alert at all times for them!

Double check all news reports as you never know which is true or fabricated!

This is a classic example why we need to keep the blogs and alternative news media online free from interference by anyone!

Mahaguru58 promises a fair unbiased point of view when speaking about anything in my blog. Whenever I get new updates and tip offs that I find to be the real deal, I'll update you all with it no matter if I have to burn the midnight oil to do so.Now, we all know better.

The UPM fiasco is just that. Students are being used as pawns by politicians out to champion themselves at the expense of these immature upstarts who don't realise that they are destroying their futures by becoming scapegoats of Demons After Power and their counterparts in 'Where Got Justice?' my new term for Keadilan!

At the end of the day, it seems like these political parties will do just anything to gain power!

What a bloody shame! Seems like we are all stuck with the BN at the moment for the bloody Opposition just screwed themselves by this exposure as to who the hell are really behind the UPM Incident!

We should all better watch out in what we believe and take to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth for in today's crazy conniving world, the saint can be turned into the Devil and vice versa!

Check before we believe anything...what more the printed main media...that's pure propaganda!


mob1900 said...

As you have said, there's two side of the story.

Why don't we reveal about the UPM student's information who are involved in the fracas as well? That only seems fair.

With their pictures too, please.
Thank you.

zaidi said...

well done mahaguru,

there are 2 sides to each and every story, these people are nothing but a bunch of opportunists trying to ruin and compromise the good name of higher institutions

keep up the good work

salam from eire

Gaza101 said...

the provoker looks like communist bintang 3 to me ...

mahaguru58 said...

If and when I get the Malay students info and identities, I will update this post with that.

In the meantime, this should serve to remind all to be aware of the dangers of jumping to any conclusions about anything that's happening or has happened in the nation.

mahaguru58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Brother Zaidi,

Pleasure to have you here with us.

I wish you the best in your studies/career in Eire.

Update me if there's anything you wish to share on this or any other subjects.

mahaguru58 said...

Brother gaza101,
Although the culprit would have no problem acting as one, I for the matter still believe that these young people ought to be saved from further destroying themselves from the pitfalls of political playoffs by the seasoned old hats in DAP and the fledgling PKR!

Furthermore all further branding and usage of such provocative terminology is just another unnecessary catalyst that will fuel the controversy.

Let's just pray that the students concerned will cease to play politics from now on and concentrate on their studies.

mob1900 said...

Seems like our Ministers are getting abit zealous about our Internet freedom, hopefully your site could help 'enlighten' these ministers that there are responsible bloggers such as yourself who balanced the scale of rumour-mongers and in pursuit of the truth.

anthraxxxx said...

i suppose this GMM people are practitioners of Sun Tzu Art of War.

morollan said...

So what? As far as I know this is a country where we can express our own opinion to some extent. Whatever the "instigators" as you called it did, they did not physically harm anyone or say anything against the constitution. Even if they did, then the authorities should have been called upon. Whatever they did or say, the UPM Malays has NO RIGHT whatsoever to physically assault them. If they want to rebutt their claims verbally, go ahead and do it in peace. Are you saying we have a right to physically assault anyone expressing their views which clashes with ours?

So what if they stage the thing and planned the video shoot before hand? It only goes to show that their assumption was correct, that the UPM brutes will get physical and are a weak minded bunch of monkeys not capable of resolving conflicting views in a civilized manner.

mahaguru58 said...

Blogger morollan,
Frankly speaking, I do not agree to this provocation by the GMM students to create unrest in our nation's universities.

They are fortunate enough to be able to enter and study in universities unlike poor folks like myself.

This golden opportunity to study and excel in their lifes has been sadly not been appreciated by the GMM students.

Imagine the tremendous hardships some students have to go through in order to secure a place in the universities.

Some parents slog like hell and pawn everything they own and have just to ensure that their sons and daughters get to enter and study in the universities, the highest level of education in anyone's life!

What a waste that this important aspect and significance of being in a university is not appreciated both by those GMM students and yourself, dear sir/madam.

To stir trouble or to provoke people is not a good thing to do especially in a multi racial, multi religious country as ours.

Blood no matter from which ethnicity is the same red in color sir/madam.

The pain we feel when hurt is the same no matter whether we are just common folk or members of the 'royalty'!

All humanbeings are all the same in my opinion for each and everyone of us humanbeings are but descendants from the Holy Prophet Adam (may peace be upon him) and Our Mother, Siti Hawwa @ Mother Eve (may peace be upon her).

Please stop all these divisive talks and agitation of unnecessary ethnic based riot mongering on all levels.

I am sure that none of us wants this country be destroyed all because some persons are not happy with certain situations in our nation.

Prevention is always so much more better than to cure.

The risks are just too much for us to put our nation's stability on stake all because we want to satisfy our own inflated egos!

Let's join forces to advice these young, impressionable minds by speaking out against these agent provocateurs than give in to our emotions and lose it all in the long run.

I figure that's alright with you too!

Let us all remain rational and see this as a problem worth nipping in the bud and not stoke it to rage into an uncontrollable inferno that will burn everything and everyone's life and future if unstopped!

May peace be with us all. Ameen.

mahaguru58 said...

Brother Vincent @ anthraxxxx,

Could be but this thing that they did is not a game.

It could also see any future for their academic studies be wiped out as a result of criminal intent to create mayhem and civil unrest and they be charged under the law and imprisoned due to their acts of intentional provocation.

I pity them for falling victim to this political manipulation by the cowardly politicians responsible.

mahaguru58 said...

Brother mob1900,

I sure hope that the powers that be will not be hasty in their decisions to control the internet just because there are some irresponsible folks out there who post inflammable and insulting remarks to stir trouble among the masses.

I am sure that if the authorities want to trace the perpetrator, they can easily do so through the IP address of the blogger or website owner.

If they have enough evidence to charge the offender, by all means, please proceed.

To threaten all bloggers with imprisonment and this and that only reduces whatever little remnants of respect for authority that the citizens of this nation have in view of all that has transpired since this government came into power.

If they do try to muzzle the bloggers, they should also be aware that such unpopular measures will only alienate us further from them and 2008 will see a change of tradition!

Would they risk worldwide condemnation of their highhanded behaviour of burning down the house just because of a few annoying mosquitoes?

My suggestion to the government would be to allow the bloggers to register themselves properly as members of an association and thus take responsibility of whatever they blog.

Thus, troublemakers can easily be identified and appropriate action be taken against anyone who breaches the rules and regulations of the association and face the consequences of their actions!

I am calling for the setting up of national Malaysian Bloggers Association.

Are you willing to sign up?

jbhlee said...

Mahaguru, are quite safe from any impending crackdown. Your views are 80% pro-government and pro-Islam, so nothing much too fear. I only worry for RPK, Jeff Ooi and Kadir Jasin...
Continue with your blog without any fear....

mahaguru58 said...

Well Brother Lee,

I fear only Allah SWT and the most that I worry about is about my fellow citizens who are in danger of another 'Operasi Lalang'.

If I am to fear any retribution from anyone, I wouldn't be blogging as I have done all these while.

My articles and posts are all there in the archives.

I am for justice and fairness towards all.

It is true that I am all for Islam to be respected and left alone to be practiced by its adherents as well as my advocating freedom to practice the other faiths for the Malaysian Non Muslims.

If I see anything not right with the Government, I have spoken out against them and even against the PM and other ministers.

I know that RPK, Jeff Ooi and Kadir Jasin are much more vocal and stand in danger of being sent to the Government's favorite R&R.

I just hope that Abdullah Badawi keeps to his promise of a more open and transparent administration.

I will by the grace of Allah continue my present mode of blogging, Insya Allah!

Thanks for the support Brother Lee!

May Almighty Allah bless us all!

KeCHILL said...

the truth speaks itself... thank mahguru58