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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Islam is the birthright of all mankind.

Islam today is at a stage where the more it is being scapegoated for the excesses of a few, the more people who are Non Muslims flock to it.
I met a few of such people recently when I was at the Masjid Jamek Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur.
As per my routine when I go to pray at this mosque, I will spend some time to talk to the visitors about Islam and answer their questions.
The top question that always is asked about Islam is why the Muslim ladies have to cover themselves with the scarf or hijab?
Will answer this later.

Let me introduce them. Besides me is Mr.Dario, a Director of Projects from Madrid, Spain. Besides him is Miss Elken from Belgium, a Lab Technician and Miss Mikke, a Pharmacist, her fellow Belgian.

They were just about to go on the usual tourist thingy that is take a slow walk around the mosque, snap a few pictures of the surroundings, smile at the Muslims looking at them and then make their way out , saying to themselves 'Hey! I have visited a mosque and made it out alive!''s just me putting words into their minds! Not really! But that is what I imagine goes through most westerners minds when they do just that. Visit a mosque and come out in one piece!' :P

Actually , I made the first approach. It's natural to me. I have been inviting people to Islam since I met this chap called Kamarudin bin Abdullah, a former Roman Catholic Indian revert to Islam who was distributing leaflets about Islam to visiting Western tourists at the Kapitan Keling Mosque in Penang, when he got assaulted by the committee members for doing what they all should!

To cut the story short, I who was working opposite the mosque as a Gold & Diamonds Jewellery Sales Exec at Berkat Jewellers got the nod from my boss to go see what was the problem?

I rushed over across the road and saved the bloke from being thrashed by the 6 to 7 committee members who were out to teach him a lesson for not getting their approval and consent to carry out dakwah activities in the mosque's area!

I asked them why did they beat up the fella? When they said it was because he didn't ask them for approval before carrying out the dakwah activities to the tourists, I took them to task and reminded them that they themselves should be helping him, a revert to Islam in the first place!

I then challenged them to go through me if they wanted to harm the fellow any further!

Being a tough guy back then, I must have seemed a bit formidable because they backed off and returned to the mosque. I was 29 back then and was in my best shape physically after having taken up bodybuilding during my 6 years working stint in Singapore from 1980 to 1986!

I then offered my hand in friendship and support to Kamarudin and from that day onwards, did Dakwah activities together with him and were soon joined by another dedicated brother, Haji Yassin, who worked as a Despatch Clerk with Standard Chartered Bank Penang.

Hj. Yassin could speak Italiano and thus was indispensable when it came to attending to visitors from Italy!

We grew from strength to strength and were joined by other likeminded brothers. Realising that we needed a proper place to carry out our Islamic Information Services, we decided to ask for permission from the authorities to use the vacant space at the ground space of the minaret building and turn it into a center for our activities.

It took us several years of cutting through the redtape and official bureaucracy to get our plans through. A JKR Penang lady engineer by the name of Puan Ratna helped us to gather the necessary funds for the renovation works and also through Kamarudin's efforts managed to engage a contractor to turn the former drug addict's haunt to become a beautiful airconditioned Islamic Propagation Centre International branch modelled after South Africa's most famous Caller to Islam, the late Syaikh Ahmed Deedat's Dakwah organisation!

Even Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the former Deputy Premier came to visit our centre as it was being built and after it's completion, we started receiving hundreds of tourists daily at our centre.
Kamaruddin was appointed to be the Chairman of the IPCI and I was the Founding Secretary. Hj. Yassin was appointed as a Committee Member and Brother Sirajudeen joined us too.

When I divorced and migrated to KL, I left the center and my position was taken over by Brother Sirajudeen, a law student.

I am the one in the blue jubah, next to me is Hj Abdurrahman from England, Brother Kamarudin and Hj Yassin with the bushy beard!

I heard that the National Archives Department took possession of the centre after a recent restoration project carried out on the Kapitan Keling Mosque. The IPCI's operations were transferred to the Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang in Scotland Road, effectively curtailing the effectiveness of the centre catering to the needs of the visitors to the historical mosque!

Idiots in authority always have a way to screw up good work being done from the centre that has helped tens of thousands of Non Muslims to learn about Islam from the very place where it should be taught and explained.

If I was still back in Penang, I'd do my best to see to it that the IPCI (Malaysia) remained where it was built to be but since I have now settled down in KL, I can only pray that the idiots responsible for this fiasco get a reminder from God to reverse their stupid decisions!

The picture above shows a group of Christian visitors from England with my successor, Brother Sirajudeen, next to Brother Muhammad Nazim who embraced Islam through me (red shirt).

His appearance now is so mesmerising, with a big bushy beard complete with turban. Brother Nazim married a Malay muslimah from Kedah and is now a permanent resident here in Malaysia. He is a Sufi mureed and is Alhamdulillah, a very contented Muslim who has found his peace and salvation in Islam. May Almighty Allah bless him and his family, Ameen.

Will be following up on this later. Time for me to go prepare for breaking fast. The big red juicy watermelon awaits my professional touch with my trusty knife! :) It's my favourite fruit!

Have a nice iftar dear Muslims and Muslimahs! May our fasting be accepted by Ar Rahman! Amin.

To our Non Muslim friends, remember , Islam is your birthright and I will share more about this topic in my following posts, God willing! Take care all.

New Scam at KLIA / LCCT / LRT Stations!

I received this news in my email. I don't know whether it's true or not but the message it contains makes sense. So, just to be on the safe side, I suggest you to take note of this new scam.

The modus operandi:-

A few days ago a new type of crime has surfaced in town.It goes something like this:-
  • Somebody slips a handphone into your pocket.
  • Sometimes it could be just a wallet with an identity card and a few ringgits.
  • A few minutes later, the 'owner' comes up and confronts you, the 'thief '.
  • He makes a big commotion that you stole his stuff.
  • You, caught unaware, are then pulled aside by the 'owner' for a settlement where you are intimidated and threatened that if you do not pay up the police will be brought in.
  • If you pay up, this 'owner' lets you go. If not, the police are brought in.
  • Another strange thing is that there always seems to be a 'witness' to your act of 'theft'.
  • I am told that this often happens to foreigners at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) or even at LRT trains.
  • Given that you're 'guilty until proven innocent' as far as the Malaysian police are concerned, I understand that some poor people are now in jail for these 'offences'.
  • At the KLIA, the 'owner' throws his handphone and wallet with the few ringgit notes into the luggage trolley of a just arrived passenger.
  • The drama unfolds a few minutes later. The real culprit has easily convinced our Malaysian police to arrest the real victim (if he has not paid up the 'settlement' demand).
  • This is a very serious matter. This is another form of extortionists operating in broad daylight.
  • They are disgusting criminals who will do anything to rob and steal.
  • The sickening part of the whole scenario is that unless you pay the "quoted settlement" money, they will put you in real trouble by calling the police.
  • The real culprit gets back his handphone and wallet but the real victim ( i.e. could be any one of us) is thrown into the police lock up and charged in court.
  • So do be very careful, otherwise you may end up as a "thief" as you have no way to prove your innocence.
  • End of report.

So, that's what I have come to know of the way this new scam works.

It's plausible that such a scam can take place in our nation's airport terminals and also at the LRT / Monorail / ERL / Komuter / KL Sentral stations where unless one is knowledgable about the laws and rights of a person falsely accused of theft by these scoundrels, one can be extorted and threatened into paying them our hardearned money just to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and of being shamed in public!

As the country is being invaded by illegal immigrants from the neighbouring countries, it is generally understood that criminal elements will also slip in and when they have settled down here, they will soon resort to linking up with the local criminals and start devising such scams to fleece the poor citizens of this nation of their money by resorting to such tricks and measures.

I strongly suggest that if anyone of you should become an unwitting victim to these scoundrels, to be aware of this modus operandi and do alert our police officers within the vicinity of the incident about this scam.

Be very careful when being in crowded places such as the airports, bus, ferry and train stations and also at the jetties or ports of our country.

Anyone coming unnecessarily close to you or your bags /belongings could be a potential scam artist! Do not fall prey to them. Alert your families, friends and fellow citizens.

Better to be safe than sorry! Do not take this in vain. It can really happen to anyone of us!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Bazaar Ramadhan Bandar Sri Permaisuri KL

Today, we went to the Bazaar Ramadhan at Bandar Sri Permaisuri,Cheras, KL. The items offered here were quite delicious and freshly made.

Prices were very reasonable and after the 'stale' kueh experience at Desa Pandan, yours truly was much more quality conscious and only after a thorough go over did we buy some 'Tako' from one of the sellers.
After breaking fast with a simple meal,and after our Maghrib prayers, we had a taste of the delicacies.
Mmmmmm..well worth the money we paid for them. Superb!
As you can see in the picture besides, there were so many mouthwatering delicious Malay food available for sale.
Unlike being ripped off at the numerous Ramadhan Buffets where they will charge you from the 'lowest' charge per person of between RM30 to as high as RM115.00 just for breaking fast, you just spend a few ringgits to buy these deliciously prepared curries which are prepared fresh.

A meal for two with foodstuff bought from here costs about RM15 to RM20! We also get to eat them at Sahur @ pre fasting meal. That surely beats all those Ramadhan Buffets at hotels!

This video shows a very enterprising young Malay man who despite having his arm in a sling was vigorously fanning away his foodstuffs for sale at one of the stalls in the Ramadhan Bazaar at Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
His diehard spirit is something very commendable and young people everywhere should follow his example and do something worthwhile with their lifes and benefit from the experience!
Syabas ! May his arm heal quickly and his business do well! Ameen!
Last but not least is this picture I took of the Char Koay Teow frying man!
He looked very photogenic, what with the eggs behind him, gas stove, bandanna on his head and looking away as if thinking 'Where are my customers?'
Many Malays have now learned to fry the famous Penang dish 'Char Koay Teow' although personally I prefer to fry them on my own!
Most fry them the 'wet' style which is not right!
One of these days, when I am 'loaded' enough, I'll hold a special feast for the Bloggers whom I have come to know and we can all enjoy Mahaguru58's Char Koay Teow extraordinaire!
Insya Allah! Do pray that I get to close some Hanyu Study Programs soon! Ameen! :)

Singapore-Malaysia tiff. Pot calling the kettle black!

Harry Lee Kuan Yew is no stranger to controversy and he is famous for his 'stick it to you' kind of politics!

This is my view of what made Harry Lee Kuan Yew a giant in his own right and why even to this day, whatever he says skews very deeply into the hearts and minds of our present day Malaysian politicians who refuse to admit that it is as he says that the Malaysian Chinese are marginalised in a subtle way in the running of the affairs of this country just as the Singaporean Malays are kept under leash in his tiny island state of Singapura!

Thus, my titling of this post as 'Singapore-Malaysia tiff . Pot calling the kettle black!'

For a man who has successfully turned Singapura from a backward small island republic with no natural resources into one of the world's economical powerhouse, Mentor Minister Harry Lee Kuan Yew is one great example of a politician who walks his talk!

He has successfully engineered the transformation of an island with a population mix that is the same as in Malaysia to being several notches higher than the Kingdom of Malaysia to which Singapore had attached itself as a member state after Malaysia was formed following the Independence of the Federated States of Malaya and British Borneo.

Lee Kuan Yew is a product of the old school of the British Colonials 'take no prisoners' system.

He rose to prominence as a politician who was passionate about bringing development and progress to the tiny island republic which doesn't even show up on the global map but it's significance is so great that in times of before , no one spoke about Malaya or Kuala Lumpur but Singapore stood out glaringly as an important outpost of the British!

This photo shows Lee Kuan Yew being carried by his supporters!

The only resources Singapore had back then was it's dynamic political leadership under it's robust, no nonsense Prime Minister Harry Lee Kuan Yew, a lawyer who talked tough and was tough on those who didn't buck up in delivering the kind of service expected of them!

In seeing to his plans to develop Singapore into the modern metropolis it is today, Lee Kuan Yew spared no quarters and didn't back away from issuing controversial orders and directives!

If it was a Chinese temple standing in the way of a proposed highway or road to be built, he ordered the temple to be relocated or face destruction! Many temples saw relocation as a result of his firm stand against anything inhibiting progress. Same thing happened to many mosques and Hindu temples. He rebuilt all those religious buildings to a standard all can be proud of!

In a way, his firm governance and administrative vigor saw Singapore slowly but surely transform and morph into one of Asia's most progressive, most vibrant economies and most sought after place to do business and to live.

Being a Chinese himself, naturally Harry Lee Kuan Yew was viewed as a danger to the Malays of Malaysia for his asking for meritocracy to be applied as a general yardstick to all Malaysians and I believe he wanted the advantages of being a 'Bumiputra' to be removed from the Malays and demanded from Tunku Abdul Rahman as such.

Naturally, the Malays wouldn't budge and the first Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra refused to accede to Kuan Yew's demands. Singapore was thus asked to leave Malaysia and return to being on it's own.

Harry Lee Kuan Yew cried tears of despair when told to go away, don't come round here no more by Malaysia's Prime Minister , the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra!

His resolve strengthened by his 'never say die' spirit saw Lee Kuan Yew rallying his people, his republic's citizens to work harder, kow tow to his rules and regulations. He paid his civil servants well.

The salaries of the armed forces and the police force were raised adequately and housing was provided to them, successfully eliminating the need to take bribes and to stamp out corruption.

Tough anti-litter laws and severe fines were imposed on those who littered or polluted the island. As a result, Singaporeans soon cultivated a self regulatory behaviour in keeping clean and dared not chuck that cigarette butt or sweet wrapper nonchalantly as people do over here in Malaysia!

You don't have to go far in seeing this for yourselves! Just take a walk down the Malaysia-Singapore Causeway at the Straits of Johore. See which part is spick and span? I can guarantee you that their part of the Causeway will be free of any rubbish and not a crumpled tissue or a cigarette butt will be there but over on our part of the Causeway, you might even come across an empty can of Coke, all manners of cigarette butts slowly disintegrating away into the tarred roads, etc.

Why is this so? Simple! You pay peanuts ; you get monkeys! You make laws by the dozen in our ever hectic and full of 'rhetoric' Parliament but there's no firm and proper implementation of the laws by those who are employed and appointed to administer them!

A reasonable cause could be the inadequate salaries our uniformed personnel are being paid thus opening up the doors of 'bribery and corruption' to sink it's fangs onto the selfs of lowly paid government servants who face a whole infestation of 'red tape' and official bureaucracy in our various government departments and agencies!

People can say 'Aiya! Singapore is just one small booger of a country! You can act lah! Try administering a country as large as Malaysia! Then, you'll's not easy , bla bla bla and all the usual excuses will spew up and hit us in our face!'

I just envision a scenario. Letting Lee Kuan Yew's system be imposed and implemented here in our glorious country. Try it out for a whole year! Transfer in Singapore's style of management and administration into our Government of Malaysia without 'touching' on the exclusive rights of the Malays.

Try putting to practice all the laws and regulations of Lee Kuan Yew's Government of the Republic of Singapore and see what happens? Stick to each and every one of it's deterrent laws and strict implementation of its rules! Pay the government and civil servants as they ought to be and see what's the results.

I dare say that it will be a great day for our nation when a traffic policeman or woman here can proudly refuse that RM100 or RM50 that is placed together with the offending motorist's driving licence and snap the handcuffs onto the wrists of those who are so eager to pay to get away with their numerous offenses and traffic violations that take place each and everyday in this great nation!

I praise the day when our Immigration, our Customs, our Local Authority's Enforcement officers can without a slight doubt or second thought refuse to accept money for just doing their duty when facing criminals and wrong doers in the line of their duties!

Anyway, back to the reality. Singapore has also it's dark secrets that needs to be exposed. I lived in the republic for 6 years from 1980 to 1986. I saw with my own eyes that the Malays in Singapore faced the very same marginalisation that Harry Lee Kuan Yew accuses the Malaysian Government of doing to our Chinese population.

Singaporean Malays face the 'glass ceiling' when it comes to trying to climb up into the higher echelons of political and administrative positions in the republic's governmental seats.

Most Singaporean Malays are lower and middle income earners who struggle to make their ends meet. The highest position I recall a Singaporean Malay holding power in Singapore was Ahmad Mattar, Minister of the Environment.

That was what I saw. I don't know if the situation has changed for the Singaporean Malays since I returned to Malaysia in 1986 but from my own experiences living 6 years over there, not many chances were opened up to the Singaporean Malays.

I heard that in the Singaporean Armed Forces, there exists a 'glass ceiling' stopping the Singaporean Malays from being appointed as the top officers of it's army. The most any Singaporean Malay can ever go up to is the position of a Lieutenant or something.

Can any Singaporeans reading this clarify to me as to what the exact situation is over there? I would be very much obliged, thank you.

No need to get offended, mind you. We are just clarifying that whether it is Malaysia or Singapore we are talking about, our future and our destiny is as entwined together and connected for life as the Johor-Singapore water pipes!

You pinch us , we feel the pain. If we pinch you, you'll suffer just the same. In our joint destinies, there is nothing much to be gained by giving each other, unnecessary pain!

That is if the political pundits both sides of the Causeway choose commonsense and remain sane!
The main reality all of us need to face and accept is that no matter what, each and everyone of us can't expect things to change for the better , if we choose to remain where we are and not do something better and different to change our lifestyles and economic futures!

The Chinese are the same the world over. They are industrious. They work hard, play smart and are a boon to any nation on Earth for their tenacity and their going all out to make hay while the sun shines!

The Malay is by nature very accommodating. Used to letting others enjoy it first before they take their share. It is a well known trait that the Malays are a gentle people who will however run amok if their honor and dignity are trampled by those who go over the limits when dealing with them.

'Hak Ketuanan Melayu' is all they live for and they are very passionate about just that. Malay Rights and Islam. Two main things that the Malays if provoked at will spare no quarter to defend with their lifes if they must! For all the social rot that the majority of the Malays have and are sinking into, these core issues will always be defended by them no matter what!

The irony is that , except for those 'Malay Reserves' and strictly @ 'on paper' , the so called Malay lands and pride have been sold off to the others by many Malays who only care for today's worldly pleasures and enjoyment for a pittance whilst the Malaysian Chinese whom Harry Lee Kuan Yew says are being 'marginalised' by the Malays here are the actual real, no joke, no BS Taukeh's of Malaysia! See who are the richest amongst us and you'll know!

They are there right atop the economic pile of this land unlike any other in South East Asia. Lee Kuan Yew made that statement just to rock the docile Malays of Malaysia to wake up and improve themselves and their nation.

If Lee Kuan Yew had kept quiet and minded his own business, our Malaysian leaders today will still be lulled into the 'la la land' thinking that all's well and good in our strive to be the best this part of the world! Seems that we do need the old warriors to keep us uptodate and alert!

The reality is that the Government of Malaysia has been and is still wasting away so much precious resources and funds like sending it's 'astronauts' into space do what? toss a 'roti canai ' in space and see what it can do?..and so many other things which I don't have the heart to speak out's too sickening!

Well, I have said my piece about this brouhaha brought about by our man down south, Mentor Minister Harry Lee Kuan Yew who has developed his island republic so very well but also not exactly a holy moly saint himself in being fair to the Malays down there.

Lee Kuan Yew did good for Singapore as Mahathir has done for Malaysia. To both these gentlemen, both Singapore and Malaysia are very much indebted to.

Sure, both are known to be tough guys and not softies when it comes to implementing their 'iron fist' policies but see where their policies has taken both their nations to!

Today, Malaysia and Singapore are both very much different from the post colonial outposts they both were and in general, we are all so much better off compared to our parents and forefathers who struggled to earn a living.

We all still have to work and struggle to survive in our own ways but still, we should accept that Malaysia and Singapore are considered as 'Bumi Bertuah' by those around us and to this second, many out there put their own lifes in peril and try their best to make it to our shores to earn their living legally or otherwise!

Let's all cherish that instead of throwing insults and curses at each other! It's Ramadhan folks.

The holiest month in the year for us Muslims and I am sure that the non Muslims here and down there in Singapore do feel the peaceful atmosphere prevailing throughout this month and can appreciate to join us all in celebrating it's blessed moments.

Ramadhan Bazaar's everywhere add to the festive cheer and titillate tastebuds no matter that they be Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Orang Asli's, Caucasians, or whatever. Appreciate the peace we have amongst us and do not go into the same old hellhole called Envy! It will destroy all that we have today with us.

Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslims who read this and Peace be to the rest! Have a nice day all!

Ayam Golek at Pandan Indah Ramadhan Bazaar

Well, this is another silent video I took at the Ramadhan Bazaar of Pandan Indah. As you can see, the chickens are really getting roasted and rolling over the fire. The two MPAJ enforcement officers look bewildered to see me filming them and as the trend nowadays is to snap and expose any wrongdoing, the sight of a digital camera taking them all in would be really unnerving to some.

Anyway, this video is meant to show those outside of Malaysia, a glimpse into what takes place here in our Ramadhan Bazaars. Hope you like it.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pandan Indah Bazaar Ramadhan - Recommended!

Scene at the Pandan Indah Ramadhan Bazaar.
Better choices, reasonable prices.

The general atmosphere here was so much better than at Desa Pandan.

The spacious spaces allowed people to walk around in relative safety and comfort. Not crammed with shoppers as at yesterday's spot.

I was actually worried of snatch thieves or pickpockets who would be lurking around in such crowded places.

This is the famous Tepong Pelita I told you about in Pandan Indah's Ramadhan Bazaar.

Crowds queue up to buy her delicious Tepong Pelita which she sells 3 for a ringgit. Try it for yourselves.

You'll be back for more, I can guarantee you that.

Nasi Dagang Seller

Ramadhan Bazaar - Buy with care!

Yesterday, we went to buy some foodstuff from the Desa Pandan Ramadhan Bazaar.

It was interesting to see so many varieties of traditional delicacies and foods being sold by a very boisterous group of seasonal traders and the atmosphere was very highly charged with the traders calling out to customers and advertising their cooked foods etcetera.

We bought some Briyani Chicken, Apoms, Chendol and some kueh @ Kueh Kochi. We had bought the kueh from a Malay lady who looked clean and her kueh on sale seemed to be alright.

Sadly, when the time to break our fast came, we were so upset to find out that the kueh had gone stale!

One bite was all it took for us, who had been fasting all day long, to be so heartbroken to discover that there are people like the kueh seller who short changes her fasting clients of a meal fit to be eaten!

The audacity of that woman to keep selling her gone stale kueh to people who are fasting and she seemed so nice and all that, selling her kueh to us with a smile and completing the transaction with the customary 'Saya jual!' phrase that means 'I am selling' to us without a hint of responsibility of ensuring that whatever she is selling is still fit to be consumed by her clients!

The Indian Muslim selling the 'apoms' had also given us some stale santan to be dipped with. I had been buying from the family regularly every year during Ramadhan without fail. Sadly, this is gonna be the final purchase I make from them. No more.

This sad episode is not new to these type of traders who crop up all over , once Ramadhan sets in. I recall a hadith where the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam had reprimanded a trader who had dishonestly mixed some food which had gone bad with those still consumable.

When the Prophet SAW had dipped his fingers into the foodpile being sold, he found out that at the bottom of the pile was wet and it was not fit to be sold. The hadith tells us how the Holy Messenger told off the trader who sheepishly admitted to doing that crime of shortchanging his customers. It is forbidden to sell foodstuff or anything not fit to be consumed or to be sold as it will endanger the buyer.

Those of you who are going to the Ramadhan Bazaar's , please make sure that what you are paying for is fit to be eaten. These couldn't care less traders aren't bothered whether it is the fasting holy month of Ramadhan or whether you can fall sick after eating their foods.

Better to be safe than sorry. No wonder , those who have the means go and eat at the hotels! At least, if the food is not up to standard, you can complain and get it changed or get your money refunded!

Desa Pandan's Ramadhan Bazaar is now strictly a no no for me !

The Pandan Indah Ramadhan Bazaar has always proved to be a better place to go and buy our 'Buka Puasa' foodstuffs. The place is cleaner and the spaces between the stalls are more spacious. At least, the quality of the foods being sold is much more better.

I love the 'tepung pelita' delicacy sold there by a lady who sells her foods in neat yellow plastic trays. The tepong pelita is made using fresh ingredients and you can actually taste the crunchy 'sengkuang china' she puts in her 'tepong pelita'.

Better stick to the place where I don't get duped into buying 'expired foods' by smiling faced shortchangers!

At least, now I know better. I will now take digital photos of the stalls I buy from! Will post them in my blog if I find them good enough to recommend to you.

Pity, I didn't take some snapshot of the shortchanging kueh seller. At least, you'll know whom to avoid if you do go to the Desa Pandan Ramadhan Bazaar.

I mean, we can't be expected to go sniffing at the kueh's to make sure that they are still fresh and fit to be eaten, can we? It's not encouraged while fasting to go sniff this and that! :P

'Bulan puasa pun nak tipu orang!' Haiya....tch tch tch tch...manyak susah oo!' Tak takut berdosa!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Utlubul Ilma Walaw Fissin-Seek Knowledge Even Unto China!

'Utlubul 'Ilma Walaw Fissin' is the hadith attributed to Prophet Muhammad's beseeching the Muslims to go seek knowledge even if it takes them to China!

Why China? Why Not? China is one of the world's most ancient civilisations and was famous for it's rich culture even during the Prophet's lifetime.

Travelling from Arabia to the Chinese empire back then must surely have been a very arduous journey and required one to spend months if travelling overland or sailing by ship to reach the Chinese shores.

Knowledge is what differentiates between mankind and animals and as such, seeking knowledge is enjoined on us even with the very first word that was revealed by Almighty God, Allahu Akbar to His Final Prophet and Messenger to us, the whole of Mankind, which is 'Iqra' @ 'Read'!

Only by reading and studying about anything that is relevant and useful to us especially by studying the Al-Qur'an Al Kareem, God's Final Holy Testament and Guidebook to us all. This is God's complete guidebook for all of us mankind.

Even those of you who are not Muslims at the moment, can gain a lot by researching and studying the Holy Qur'an either online or by getting a translation of it.

I will share more later about how China is a very important destination in seeking Knowledge to us , no matter whether we are Muslims or not. Xie xie nee. Zai jian.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ramadhan - Stages of Fasting - Part 3

5. Avoiding Eating Too Much
It is encouraged to break fast moderately by not eating too much. Some people stuff themselves with food and drinks till it makes them bloated and unable to perform their maghrib prayers. It defeats the purpose of fasting and is contrary to the example shown by the Holy Messenger,Muhammad SAW.

There is no other stomach that is more loved by Allah SWT than the one filled moderately with halal foods. The fasting during Ramadhan is meant to be a way to defeat the urging of the Nafs and is also meant to teach us to be patient and content with being moderate in our feasting and spending, etcetera.

The irony is that some people tend to go overboard in spending more than usual when it comes to buying foodstuff to break their fasts. This is not good and is actually a sin in wasting precious funds which would be better used to save for days when our economies become lean and stretched.

A modern day dilemna facing us today is all the various Ramadan Buffets being offered here and there further enticing those who are flush with cash to forget all the advice and hadiths of Rasulullah SAW about being moderate in everything.

Just imagine, people are willing to spend almost a hundred ringgits each to go and break fast at such Ramadan buffets where so many varieties of rich foods are offered to them.

What will happen to all those who go and break fast at such places? Yes, it will be a classic case of the python that swallows a huge feast and will be incapacitated to move a muscle after their tummies become bloated and immobile!

Forget about Solat maghrib and Isya'! When one becomes so very bloated with food, the eyelids will come down and before you know it, they'd be so sated that they will soon be in the land of the snooze! Before you go and accuse me of badmouthing people, this is the reality of those who over indulge and over consume foods and drinks.

Rich foods tend to be prepared using ingredients that tend to make one feel drowsy and full after eating even a few spoonfuls. Local delicacies and delicious fare such as Nasi Briyani, Nasi Minyak, Nasi Tomato, all those mouthwatering curries and meats tend to make one who feeds on them go into slow mode as their tummies fill up with such meals.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW always broke his fast with a date fruit and a small glass of water. Then the Holy Messenger would perform his Maghrib prayers with the congregation of the Muslims. After the prayers and the dhikrs, only then would the Prophet SAW have a light meal with the people.

After the meal, the Prophet SAW would then again lead the people in the Isya' prayers and after that the Taraweeh prayers. The Prophet SAW prayed 8 raka'ats of the Taraweeh prayers with the congregation. It is reported that the Messenger SAW would offer additional prayers at home.

The 2nd Caliph, Saiyidina Omar Al Khattab during his rule over the Muslims made it 20 raka'ats of the Solat Taraweeh to be prayed in congregation with the ummah.

There are many who do not want to follow such an example for to them it is from the Prophet SAW whom they recognise as the very person from whom they must follow in terms of religious practices and not from anyone else!

It is up to the individual to offer as many prayers to Allah the Almighty as they want to but in Islam, it is enjoined to stick to the limits and statures set by the Greatest Messenger of Almighty God, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Can we be better than our Most Beloved Prophet SAW in our amals? Surely, not! So it is best to be moderate and not overdo anything, especially when it involves matters concerning prayers and religious practices.

Whoever does anything new or more than what the Prophet SAW has laid down for us is an innovator and commits the sin of Bida'ah! Such sins will bring us to Hellfire and that is not what we all want , do we?

So, play it safe and just do as the Prophet SAW did and do not go overboard in anything.

Verily , the fasting of Ramadhan weakens the nafs that leads us to committing sin and forget our obligations to ourselves and to Allah SWT and to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

It is therefore better to reduce our intake of food especially after breaking fast in the month of Ramadhan compared to months other than Ramadhan. A stomach that is not filled to the brim will make it easier for us to go about performing our amals and we will feel lighter to do so.

The realisation of having successfully fasted a whole day and then able to perform our religious practices with an ease and comfort gined by following the example of the Prophet SAW will thus gladden our hearts and souls, giving us peace of mind and happiness of spirit bringing about a purification of the soul! Isn't that the objective of fasting in Ramadhan?

Getting dividends and bonuses of sincerity gained by sticking to the Sunnah of the Prophet and not following the settings of Syaitan set throughout the year to those of us who fail to fortify our hearts and souls from falling prey to his instigations and whisperings into our hearts and our nafs!

We believe that in this holy month of Ramadhan, the Gates of Hell are locked up tight where every evil being from the Spiritual World of Syaitan and his legions of doom are incarcerated by the Will of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!

Yes, the whole world becomes free from the disturbances of Syaitan Laknatullah and his kind but Mankind is not free from the after effects and the set in programmes of Syaitan that is set to run in auto mode in the hearts and minds of the humanbeings who have let him, the Devil to distract us from the Way of the Lord save for those who have stuck to their religious practices which is the best form of protection from the Accursed One and his evil whisperings.

That is why, even in Ramadhan, there will still be those amongst the Muslims who continue to go against the teachings in Islam and even have the audacity to not fast and do so even in public! Only when the Islamic Religious Department go and take action against them do they say that they are sorry, have gastricitis, etcetera all in vain to claim ignorance and so on!'s the same old story, year after year, time after time.

Ramadhan is a month of purification of our souls and the elimination of our egos and our pride. It is a month where we are enjoined to put aside our differences and our enmity between us and those in our lifes.

It is the best time to go ahead and apologise to anyone whom we have offended and caused hurt or wronged. It is a time to reflect on our past deeds and to forge a better objective in the pursuit of our goals in our life!

Ramadhan is not about forgoing food and drinks in the day and then going all out in stuffing our tummies when the sun sets.

It is meant to be a month where our stomachs which have been at work all year long, day and night is given a much needed rest and overhaul where unburned fats and toxins accumulated all year long gets to be burned off in the period of fasting when we do not eat or drink during the day.

When we do not eat and drink, the body which needs energy to go on, has to activate the stored fats and cholesterol to be burned off as the alternative supply of energy to keep us going. The result is that those of us who are chubby and on the 'plus side', get a chance to get a bit slimmer, healthier and better looking if we stick to the requirements of Fasting in Ramadhan.

Allah SWT loves us when we follow what's right and stop doing all that is wrong in our lifes.

Insya Allah, we can all try, can't we? Better to do what we can instead of just wasting our precious life away!

May Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala accept our amals and forgive us our sins. Ameen.

Chavez insults Bush by calling him a Devil at the UN!

You have to hand it to President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela for having the bravery and courage to call George W Bush Jr, the President of the United States of America, a 'Devil' right in the United Nations General Assembly of the world's leaders!

Since it's Ramadhan, I restrain myself from using the relevant terms of judging a man's masculinity of proving to the entire world, that President Chavez has called Bush a Devil right to his face , in his own country!

How more insulting can that be for the world's #1 sponsor of Israeli terrorism and the main architect of destruction in the Middle East? To others, it would be a cause of great shame to be called as such , before the UN Assembly to boot!

President Hugo Chavez received a thunderous round of applause from the leaders of the world for stating it so straightforward his opinion that President George W Bush Jr is a Devil, and that the rostrum reeks of the smell of sulphur, a day after the US President delivered his rhetoric to the General UN Assembly!

It may seem to be a comic strip act to the US Ambassador to the UN and to the US Secretary of State and they declined to further comment at the direct insult slapped across the person of the current US President who speaks and acts as if he owns the whole wide world but to the rest of the world where one's honor and dignity still holds value, it is a testament that the American President is one who is proven to be not sensitive at all as to what the world opinion is of him and his administration especially with regard to his policies towards the rest of the world!

America used to be respected for it's willingness to go the extra mile to fight oppression by dictators, etcetera but since World War II, it has turned to be the most hated country in the world and its citizens are now held to ransom by it's most abhorred President who keeps harping on imaginary enemies who are out to harm them and has terrorised the country by his deceptions and covert espionage upon his own citizens!

Americans are kept scared by their own government's media agenda in coming out with selective reporting and false news that make it seem to the general ignorant American masses that there are 'Islamist terrorists' who are going to kill them and bomb them as proven by the tragic event of the WTC buildings in New York being destroyed by aeroplane hijackings on September 2001 by 'Middle Eastern terrorists' !

Till this very moment, even many American scientists and researchers doubt that the 9-11 WTC destruction was the work of foreign terrorists as claimed and used again and again by George Bush Jr in his daily rantings and rhetoric meant to keep the people of America scared and paranoid about "Moslems' who 'hate our freedom' and hate us Americans!"

Hugo Chavez has spoken what the billions of the world population think of this maniac Bush Jr!

May we see him (Bush Jr) impeached and stripped of his presidency very soon and the world spared of further danger from him. He ought to be charged in the World Court for his crimes against the Iraqis and Afghanistanis, not forgetting the Palestinians and so many other people of countries in the world who have suffered as a result of his imperialist American world domination policies! Ameen.

President Chavez, we salute you! Bravo El Presidente! Viva la Chavez!

Ramadhan- Stages of Fasting -Part 2

4. Maintaining Good Behaviour

Ensuring every part of the body is free from sin : legs and hands are ensured to be kept from committing acts which are discouraged (makruh) and keeping the stomach free from food and drinks which are unconfirmed as to their purity when breaking fast.

Fasting comes to nothing when we stop eating and drinking during our Fast by keeping away from eating halal food and drinks during the fasting period but then breaking the fast with forbidden foodstuffs!

Whoever fasts as such is likened to someone who builds a palace but then after completing it, goes ahead and destroys the building!
Even halal foods can cause harm not because oftheir quality but because when breaking fast, one goes and gorges on them.

Thus Fasting is to actually springclean one's stomach from unwanted cholesterol and toxins which remain undigested and accumulate in the digestive system throughout the year. By fasting, all the unnecessary fats and cholesterol are burned off by our body. The result is a healthier body and soul.

By fasting, we also get to experience how it must be for those who feel hunger every day. Those of us who are wealthy and have never experienced hunger pangs get to go through what others feel each and everyday of their lifes.

By experiencing fasting, the rich and wealthy amongst the Muslims will realise how it must be for the poor to go without proper food and drinks whilst the affluent splurge and waste precious wealth on pricey foods and drinks everyday.

The result will be that the rich and famous will repent from their wasteful practices all this while and waste no more. They will be more charitable after Ramadhan and appreciate the advantage that they have over the others in terms of their purchasing power.

God willing, such appreciation of their riches will open up their hearts and souls to be more humble and generous to the needy amongst society and cause them to do good for others.

Fasting is thus enjoined on all, young and old. To help us heal our bodies from internal ailments. Fasting is proven to be so beneficial to mankind. A person who completes the Fasting month of Ramadhan, comes out as a better person.

A healthier person, for having successfully burned off all the fatty deposits of cholesterol in one's body and also all those undigested toxins in one's system.

Persons who have been sick but do fast in Ramadhan, will recover sooner than those who don't do so.Fasting accelerates the process of healing and is beneficial to us all.

It's irrational for anyone to consume poison and all that is harmful to him or her. Foods which are forbidden are like poison to those who want to live according to the religious principles. Halal foods are like the antidote to our various illness and ailments of the heart and soul.

Even then, we need to be moderate when we consume such foods especially when we break fast. Too much of anything is always bad and so do we need to exercise proper control and decorum when breaking fast! Never eat excessively for it will defeat the purpose of fasting in the first place.Be moderate in all that we do.

Rasulullah saw said, "Alas, so many people fast but do not get anything except hunger and thirst!"! (Related by An Nasa'i, Ibnu Majah).

This is in conjunction with those who fast but break it with forbidden foods.There is also a parable of those who break fast with the flesh and blood of their fellow mankind as a result of their backbiting and gossip by badmouthing others!

This is also because such people have failed to follow the example shown by the Prophet SAW and his Companions.

Fasting also helps one to clean one's soul and get more blessings by offering prayers and dhikr to Allah SWT! Many a sufi mureed and student of Islamic spiritual awareness fast regularly as a means to heighten their sense of being closer to Allah SWT during their seclusion from society in general and focus towards their amals.

A soul that is devoid of ego and pride tends to be more humble towards its Maker and fasting helps us to concentrate our energies towards our glorification of Allah the Almighty!

To be continued

Saturday, September 23, 2006

YB Ong Tee Keat was right in exposing the scams!

Recently, the nation saw YB Dato Ong Tee Keat, Deputy Minister of Higher Education get some flak from the Cabinet for exposing the scams taking place in the contracts being given to contractors dealing in school repairs, etcetera by the Ministry of Education!

The New Straits Times report today exposes the Works Minister Dato Seri Samy Vellu getting pissed off with the shoddy work being done by the contractors of the projects in the schools of the nation, yet not really delivering up to the standard of the contracts awarded to them!

So, is Ong Tee Keat wrong by his exposing the scams by such contractors?

The way he was ostracised and condemned by the Cabinet ministers for daring to speak up against the ministry officers who were in cahoots with the contractors in screwing the Ministry of Education of large sums of money but delivering substandard work endangering the nation's schoolchildren who are in danger of being killed, hurt and injured if those buildings come down on them as proven in cases before where structures crashed down as a result of inferior work being done by them is really something we the public need to object and support Ong Tee Keat for doing his duty!

As it is , too many corrupt practices are swept under the official carpet and those who dare to blow the whistle on the corrupt ones are instead taken to task and harrassed by the culprits!

The BN government is really not living up to it's promise of being clean and clear in governing us! We have yet to see anyone be charged in court for their corrupt activities!

We heard that 18 ferocious sharks who had been in a feeding frenzy all these while were said to be in line to be taken action against them by the Barisan Nasional Government of Malaysia as promised to us , who voted for them in the last election!

What has happened so far? Nothing much! Those who are corrupt and have screwed the nation are still happily roaming out there whilst the Prime Minister and his Cabinet pussyfoot around with empty rhetoric and false promises!

Ong Tee Keat, has done his part in trying to bring those corrupt and treacherous contractors to justice but what has happened to him? He is the one these irresponsible government ministers gang up against and try to threaten him into silence!

Almighty Allah is with those who are righteous and just in carrying out their responsibilities to those who have placed their trust unto them.

The corrupt ones might escape punishment here on Earth but in the Hereafter, they will not get away from their just retribution! Wallahi wa billahi!

YB Ong Tee Keat, I am with you! May Allah SWT give you the strength to stay true to your principles of being just and live up to your responsibilities. Ameen.

Ramadhan - Stages of Fasting

First and foremost, I wish each and every Muslim visiting my blog here:
'May you have a very Blessed Ramadhan and your fastings and amals accepted by Allah, God Almighty!'I also seek your forgiveness if I have hurt any of you with my words and writings.
I apologise to any of you who have been offended by my posts but wish to reiterate that I write according to what I hold to be true and have done so as a Caller to Islam. I do admit that I too have my ego that dictates to me as to my offense or defense of my faith.May Allah SWT guide me as such.May this Ramadhan heal us all. Ameen.

I want to share with you some information I have about Ramadhan and the significance of being in accordance with the different stages of one's fasting.

Let us also express our gratitude to Allah, God Almighty for blessing us with the opportunity to be alive in this holiest of months in our life as Muslims.

'Alhamdulillah, We thank you O Allah, for gracing us , your servants and creation to be able to perform our obligations as Muslims to perform our Saum @ Fast in this blessed month.

We thank you for giving us the chance to cleanse our souls, spring clean ourselves, in spirit and in physical health, to seek the bounty of your rewards to those of us who perform our acts of prayer and our charitable deeds, giving us to purify our hearts and our selfs in ways that we are enjoined to and for uniting us in our will to be among those who submit only to You Dear Allah, our Lord and Master, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful!

Forgive us of our sins, gather us in the Hereafter amongst those whom You Favor and bless us all in this Earthly Life and in the Yaum al Akhirat! Spare us from the Tortures in the Grave and from the Hellfire!

Give us our sustenance here on Earth and increase our levels of knowledge and faith in You.

Heal us from our ailments , body and soul and protect us from the Evil Syaitan both from amongst the Djinns and Mankind.

Save us from those who mean us harm and danger. Enrich us with wealth from halal sources and protect us and our families from anything that is hrmful to us and our properties.

Protect us from our Nafs and our Ego's and purify us as You want us to be .

Ameen ya Rabbal Alameen.

Stages of Fasting

Verily there are 3 stages of fasting: normal, specific dan exclusive.
  • Normal fasting, means abstaining from food and drinks and sexual intercourse between husband and wife during the fasting period.
  • Specific fasting , means controlling one's hearing, sight, speech, limbs and body from indulging in sinful actions.
  • Whereas Exclusive fasting means fasting of the heart and soul where one stops thinking or even imagining anything forbidden by Allah SWT and focuses on observing one's religious practices and performs them devotedly with sincerity to seek the Blessings of Allah the Almighty and doesn't pursue worldly interests which are worthless.
Those who are included in this category are those who feel that they are committing sin when they waste each and every precious second when they engage in useless pursuits and worldly distractions.

Allah knows best who are in this category but it is safe to assume that the Prophets, Messengers, Sahabahs, Tabi'ins and their heirs will surely be amongst them.

As for the general Ummah living in these times, Blessed be them who manage to stay clear from all the worldly distractions and excesses taking place in our lifetimes get to ever be amongst them.

Spiritual Conditions

Specific fasting is an act of ibadah (religious act) that is practiced by those who are pious and dedicated towards their faith. This stage of fasting means to be in total control over their body and soul to the extent of taking the utmost care in not committing any sin and need to fulfill the following six conditions :

1. Controlling our Eyesight - Not looking at anything disliked by Allah Swt.

It is a trait of purity to be able to ,stop looking at something that is forbidden (haram) such as looking at pornography, exposed aurats (parts of the human form that needs to be covered for preserving one's sense of modesty) or discouraged (makruh),or anything that distracts one from Remembering Allah swt.

Prophet Muhammad saw. said:

"Uncontrolled eyesight is one of the Satan's arrows and condemned by Allah SWT. Whoever takes care of their vision, purely for the sake of pleasing Allah SWT out of compliance to Almighty Allah, verily Allah will shower them with Iman, as sweet as the feeling of Faith in their hearts!" (Authentic Hadith related by Al Hakim).

Jabir r.a. relates from Anas r.a , that Rasulullah saw. has said:

“There are 5 matters that can obliterate the fast of someone : lying, gossipping, spreading issues (backbiting), false witnessing and looking with lust."

2. Control of speech

Controlling the tongue (speech) from wasteful words , lying, backbiting, spreading rumours, rude and insulting words, inciting enmity (confrontative and controversial) ; by being silent, reciting the dhikr, reading and researching the Al- Qur'an.

This is the fasting of speech. Rasulullah saw. has said:

"Fasting is a shield. Whoever amongst you is fasting, do not speak anything evil and out of ignorance! If anyone attacks you or insults you, tell them : I am fasting, I am fasting!" (Bukhari Muslim).

3. Controlling one's Hearing

Controlling one's hearing from anything that is sinful; for anything that is forbidden to be uttered is also forbidden to be heard. That is why Allah SWT does not differentiate between those who love to listen to anything that is (haram) forbidden and with those who love to eat anything that is (haram) forbidden.

In the Qur'an Allah SWT. says, "They are fond of listening to lies and consuming that which are not halal." (Q.s. 5: 42).
In another Ayat, Allah SWT. asks, "Why do their rabbis and priests amongst them do not stop them from sinful speech and eating forbidden things?" (Q.s. 5: 63).

So, it is best to be silent and avoid backbiters.

Allah SWT says : "If you remain with them , then verily you too are as them!" (Q.s. 4: 140).

That is also why Prophet Muhammad SAW said:" Those who backbite and those who listen to them are united in sin"
(Hadith related by At Tirmidzi).

To be continued.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Destroy first, rebuild later! The trend nowadays!

This whole freaking world seems rife with the trend by certain quarters to just follow their ego's and go ahead with their destructive ways and insults!

Whether it is the Zionist Israelis rampaging in the Middle East or the current German Pope Benedict XVI @ Joseph Ratzinger spewing forth insults against the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam, the modus operandi seems to be the same!

The Israelis have yet to apologise to the Lebanese for destroying their homes and their lands.

Who's footing the bill for 'rebuilding' the destroyed infrastructures of Lebanon?

Surely not the bloody Israelis! It is the other countries of the world who have to fork out billions of dollars to rebuild what the Zionist bastards bombed to bits!

Is Israel going to be made to pay compensation to the thousands of families who have lost family members , killed by Israeli bombs?

Israel has never been made to pay for its atrocities all this while!

I do not see it ever do so in the future! American tax dollars are being sent to support the regime, so they just do as they please , knowing well that the US will always be their cash cow!

The Unthinking Pope has after insulting the personality of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, and caused the whole Muslim world to react as usual and caused so much heartache to so many, only issued a lame apology for his insults.

And let's not forget, the barbaric American and British State Terrorists wreaking havoc throughout the region of the Middle East under pretext of waging war against the 'terrorists' who happen to be 'Islamic fundamentalists', George Wacko Bush's has yet to apologise to the Iraqis for destroying their lifes and their country!

From what we all know, American building contractors are going all out to secure fat contracts to 'rebuild' infrastructures destroyed by American bombs but now being repaid by Iraqi Oil!

America plans to wage war against Iran for daring to go against it's ultimatum to stop building it's nuclear facilities whilst they seem to be selectively blind to the 300 over nuclearheads arsenal bristling in the illegitimate State of Israel!

Who is the terrorists of this world in the real sense if not America and it's Legion of Doom, the European Union of fascists and former Colonials?

Has any Arab country ever invaded America or Britain? The whole world knows that 9-11 is an inside job meant to instigate an all out attack against a dirt poor Afghanistan and eventually has managed to invade Iraq under it's guise of getting rid of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein!

It's been so many years since Saddam has been captured and imprisoned yet daily, Iraqis are still dying as a result of American occupation and the country has been plundered and being robbed of it's oil riches by the American pirates!

Bush and his British lackey Tony Blair have through their orders to their armed terrorist armies murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Palestine!

Americans are being victimised by their idiot President who has goaded them into believing that the whole world hates them and hates their 'freedom'!

Americans today dare not travel overseas freely for fear of being harmed if others get to know of their identities!

Who's to blame for this situation if not that criminal in the White House? Bush is playing a mind game with his people!

He repeatedly keeps scaring the Americans of imagined and unfounded dangers from 'terrorists' etcetera whereas most people around the world couldn't care less about what goes on in the Land of the Emasculated and the Home of the Brainwashed?

Who the hell gives a damn about how Americans destroy themselves by their lifestyle in their own country?

The rest of the world are being held to ransom by the Bush regime by threatening to impose this and that sanctions against anyone who dares to go against their imperialist plans and also threaten to invade and occupy any country who oppose their ultimatums!

From the looks of it, the Vatican seems to have joined George Wacko Bush Jr in his world domination plans!

We all know that Mankind are slowly inching their way towards a Final Showdown between themselves!

With such warmongering idiots in power in both Capitol Hill and now one trying to spark a religious showdown between Christians and Muslims today in the Vatican, it will soon come to realise itself!

Let History record the crimes of both culprits in the annals of time.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Time: This is how the US will attack Iran ! A prelude!

It will take a few days, with thousands of sorties, satellite and laser-guided bombs will be aimed at targets – 1,500 already planned by Pentagon – and will try to infiltrate armed concrete, under which some of nuclear sites are hidden. Meanwhile, Washington launches diplomatic blitz in attempt to promote sanctions on Tehran

By Yitzhak Benhorin

09/18/06 "
YNet" -- -- WASHINGTON - The US government is planning to launch a diplomatic blitz on Monday regarding the Iranian nuclear issue at the United Nations headquarters in New York, where heads of states and foreign ministers have convened for the general assembly session.

The United States will work to realize the promises made by Russia and China to agree to impose moderate sanctions on Tehran, following its refusal to meet the Security Council ultimatum, which expired at the end of August.

A senior source at the State Department declared over the weekend that Washington was interested in solving the crisis diplomatically, but admitted that his country had no clue what Iran was thinking.

According to the senior source, the government is convinced that Tehran has also failed to make a decision on the issue so far.

And while the US is exerting diplomatic pressure, the Pentagon is preparing for a possibility that US President George W. Bush will eventually instruct the army to attack Iran .

Time Magazine published details regarding a possible attack, based on talks with military sources.

According to the magazine, no one in Washington is talking about a ground invasion of Iran, as was carried out in Iraq or Afghanistan. According to the report, the American goal in case of an offensive will be to delay the Iranian nuclear plan, an operation which can be carried out from the air.

Goal: Delaying nuclear plan by 2 to 3 years

The attack, the Time says, will be limited to the nuclear facilities in Iran and will be aimed at 18 to 30 different facilities connected to the nuclear program. The sites are spread across the country, some of them exposed, some operating under the guise of regular plants, and others buried deep under the ground.

Sources in the Pentagon told the magazine that among the sites the Americans are familiar with are 1,500 targets for an attack. In other words, the military offensive requires activating nearly all types of planes in the army's possession: Warplanes and stealth vehicles, F-15 and F-16 aircrafts taking off from the land and an F-18 which takes off from an aircraft carrier.

Such an attack requires using satellite-guided weapons and laser-guided ammunition, as well as spy planes and unmanned aerial vehicles. Since many targets are hidden underground and are reinforced with armed concrete, they will have to be hit once and again in order to guarantee that they are destroyed, or at least severely damaged.

Submarines and American battleships will be able to launch cruise missiles, but the Time says that the warheads in this case are small and are not enough to cause damage to the concrete. Therefore, they will be used for other targets.

An American attack in Iran may take a few days, with hundreds and maybe thousands of sorties. According to the report, it will help in delaying the Iranian nuclear program by two to the three years.

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Even the Israelis are already preparing plans on joining the Americans in 'liberating' the Iranians from the 'evil' rulers they have at the moment! How convenient! Hmmmm....

Iran's President - Un'glamoured'. What a role model!

This is the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran!

A ruler of the Iranian people who is putting to practice what he preaches!

He is seen here praying by one of the roadsides of a highway in his country!

No fuss, no hordes of armed security guards, no shows of glamour, or demands for an airconditioned tent set up so that His Excellency, the President of Iran can perform his Solat to the Almighty God!

Can we ever imagine our Prime Minister or just any of the hundreds of politicians in power be willing to forgo any of their demanded luxuries and priviliges and just carry out their obligations to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala as shown by President Ahmad Mahmoudinejad here?

Here is President Ahmad Mahmoudinejad eating plain bread, sitting crosslegged on the plain mat, as any other common citizen of Iran.

Do you recall the splurging feasts we see take place every now and then in our 'Malaysia Boleh'?

Malaysia's authorities ought to take as an example from the humble manners shown by Iran's President here and remember that no matter how high one goes up in power and position, the day and moment will come when one will be interred into the bowels of the Earth, called Al Qabr -the Grave!

Six feet by 3 feet, wrapped in plain cotton cloth, minus all the Darjah Darjah Kebesaran, Pangkat-pangkat, Kurnia Kurnia DiRaja, and all their earthly glories and titles!

The only title they will be called with is 'Allahyarham' or 'Arwah'!

May the Malaysian ruling elite ponder on this! Insya Allah! Kullu nafsin iza iqatul Maut!

The Pope who pooped verbally! Tch tch tch! Damn!

We all know what has happened!

Pope Benedict XVI has been stricken with a classic 'Diarrhoea of the Lip' and probably also affecting his mental faculties in causing to poop a verbal assault on the personality of God's Final Messenger, the Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam in his 'lecture'on last Tuesday, the 12th of September, 2006 in Regensburg, Germany.

Even Roman Catholics are bewildered and dismayed at such a boo boo that the Pope has done especially so during this very tense moments where relations between the Church and the Mosque is somewhat strained due to the warmongerings by the 'Crusader Wannabe El-Presidente of the United States of America, George Wacko Bush Jr and his beleagured Deputy, Premier Tony Blair of the (former Colonialists) United Kingdom!

Someone has 'Bean'ed' an image of the 'pooping' Pope.

At this moment, I would like to just go with the flow in thinking that this episode of the Pope slipping up with such insults is just a mindless slapstick Bean like malady in his current post!

Let me apologise in advance if anyone is offended by the above image. It is there in the 'political jokes' section of

Muslims worldwide are pissed off at the Head of the Roman Catholic Church for his usage of 'insulting words' that accuse the Prophet Muhammad as being 'evil and inhuman' in the socalled 'spread of Islam' by the sword!

The Pope must either be 'naive' beyond words or plain irresponsible! I can use more abrasive words to describe what I as a Muslim feel about this simpleton who does not realise the implications and consequences of his verbal diarrhoea against The Greatest Man who ever lived!

But if I do so, then I would be no different from the Pooping Pope!

See the smirking Pope caught by camera. They say that a person's eye reveals the internal self!
Do these eyes tell you about the real 'persona' of the Pooping Pope?

We, Muslims are surely at a disadvantage!
You see , when something like this happens, we can't curse or swear back at the 'icon' of the Christian faith, the Blessed Prophet Eesa Alaihis Salam @ Jesus Christ the Messiah, whom the Christians worship as their God but who is another Mighty Messenger of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to us Muslims!

Never will any rational, knowledgable Muslim, male and female ever stoop so low as to go insult him, Eesa Al Masih out of vengeance or as a 'tit for tat' policy for he, Al Masih is one of our beloved Prophets of Islam!

As a result, Muslims can't help but express their dismay, their hurt, their sorrow at yet another insensitive verbal assault against our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam this time by the current Roman Catholic Christian's Head of their Church, Pope Benedict XVI @ Joseph Ratzinger, the 'German Shepard'!

Just when I was writing about the closeness in faith between us Muslims and our Roman Catholic Christian brothers and sisters, here comes a show stopper or a 'killjoy' in the form of an unthinking head of a faith that is struggling in these times to get its adherents to continue striving hard to build up faith in God, as they believe Him to be!

Churches in England had to be sold or put to other uses for reasons of dwindling congregations or neglect as a result of less people in the west believing in their doctrine. When Muslims started buying up those neglected church buildings, the Church of England who got news of such purchases were so alarmed that they called upon the Government of Britain to stop such sales to Muslims.

One such sale is St.Anne's Priory which was bought up by the Tariqah Naqshabandi Sufis for use as a mosque.

The rising number of Christians embracing Islam is also another cause of worry to the Church of England. Even the late Princess Diana's plans to marry Dodi El Fayed is rumoured to have been the cause of her 'tragic demise by way of a carefully planned assassination by a staged vehicle accident' in France where both the beloved Princess Diana, the People's 'Queen of Hearts' got killed together with her Muslim beau!

Imagine the situation if the 'powers that be' had let her live to marry an Egyptian Muslim heir to the Harrod's owner , Al Fayed! The mother of England's future king becoming a Muslim is strictly a no no to the Church of England and will be a cause of shame to them later!

Anyway, all that is based on rumours and heresay but the reality is that if she had lived and went on with her plans, Buckingham Palace will surely be in a fix and the Church of England left in an awkward position as far as the future King and Head of the Church is concerned with having a 'Queen Mother' turned Muslim!

Back to my topic. The Pope has pooped 'verbally' and he surely has 'apologised' to the Muslims of the world but the damage has been done. Whatever inroads had been made to foster a closer understanding between the Church and the Mosque has sadly been strained and almost to a severance of ties and goodwill by this insensitive verbal slip up by the Pope!

No amount of remedial wipe ups is gonna get rid of the stink he has caused to the people of the world by his verbal diarrhoea. Someone has tried to do just that. Explain the Pope's situation here in his article in the New York Sun. But the damage has been done!

Someone better ship off a carton of mental 'Chi Kit Teck Aun' pills to El Papa.

With his CPU going haywire , he surely needs all the help he can get in remaining coherent and not go into verbal diarrhoea every now and then, so help him if you can! Chi Kit Teck Aun has kept Malaysians firm in their bowel movements for so long!

Looks like El Pooping Pope needs some! Fed Ex him some el pronto!

Arriba arriba andele andele!

Nang buti nang kui buti kui..aiyaa! (Hokkien phrase) Brother KTemoc would understand! :P

Monday, September 18, 2006

A Policeman is killed on duty! Does anyone care?

Mahathir Tawile, a 24 year old policeman was killed while being on duty whilst another is slashed by parang wielding robbers!

Where is the hue and cry from those idiots who are clamouring for human rights this, human rights that especially when championing the cause of those bastards who were robbers and got walloped by the policemen in the Putra Heights Police Station?

Are the policemen lifes insignificant? Do they not bleed and die defending the safety of the people of Malaysia?

Where are the human rights activists who shouted like hell and caused so much problems to those policemen who were just teaching those heartless animals a lesson to remember?

I just don't know what this world is coming to?

This sick , screwed up world where the criminals are defended so earnestly by sickos whilst the very people laying down their lifes and who are bravely putting themselves in mortal danger facing such criminals are not given a damn by the very society they are defending!

The PDRM are also human, in case some idiots out there in society forget! They too have families, have loved ones, have wife's , children, father's, mother's , sisters, brothers who love them and care for them and in this case of a young policeman who has died as a result of the criminals actions , is gone forever!

I don't give a hoot about those 6 robbers including a RELA member who were gunned down by the police! They can burn in hell for all I care! Good riddance!

As for the late Mahathir Tawile, I pray that his soul is accepted by Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala as a Shahid, a Martyr who died defending this nation from vicious robbers and criminals!

May Allah SWT enter his Ruuh into Jannahtul Firdaus! Ameen ya Rabbal Alameen!

I say this to the PDRM, do not give a damn about restraining yourselves when confronting the evergrowing numbers of criminals in the country!

Shoot the bastards when your own life is in danger!

As for those who want to rob, rape, molest, intimidate and harrass the citizens of this country, be prepared to answer for your crime!

Citizens be prepared to defend yourselves and your families from mortal danger! It's either us or them!

Do you want to risk putting your families and yourselves in danger in wanting to give face to the criminal bastards out there?

I know I am getting so bloody pissed off by the current trend of defending the criminals and giving hell to the very police officers who are risking their lifes in protecting us!

As far as I am concerned, only the criminally insane will go defend the bloody criminals who get caught and walloped by the police! Yes, only those who can't differentiate between right and wrong can go so cuckoo in snapping at the heels of the policemen who are doing their duty and apprehending the vicious criminals!

How many innocent lifes have been lost lately due to the growing number of snatch thefts rampant nowadays?

How many young innocent lifes have been snuffed, limbs slashed and injured by those bastard snatch thieves?

How it has been reported and proven that these animals in humanform mercilessly grabbing the handbag or purse of our defenceless womenfolk who are viciously dragged onto the roads, getting slashed, getting assaulted by these criminals, who in turn are being championed by @#!^*%% human rights weirdos !

I really wish that these damned activists get a taste of being robbed and assaulted by those very criminals they are so vigorously fighting for one of these days! Yes, let them feel how disastrous it is to be robbed by those very animals they are defending!

Only then will we see them shouting a different slogan! You bet! Only then will they see that the law of nature is to defend the right and prosecute the wrong!

It doesn't work the other way around! Only when they feel it for themselves, will they realise where is the sky and where is the cold,hard earth !

Justice sometimes needs to be experienced before one gets to appreciate it!

Yes, there are some screwed up individuals in the police force! I don't deny that.

But, let me ask those anti-police and faultfinders out there in our going crazy society!

Is any group ever free a 100 % from some nutcases or individuals who react adversely out of sheer frustrations or circumstances?

Push anyone to the max and what happens? Surely the individual will snap and react!

That's the plain truth unless the complainers choose to be blinkered in their cock eyed opinions!

Well, even in our own families, there are some stupid lunatics who give us hell so before you jump the gun and accuse me of being blind and supporting the PDRM whole scale, just consider the danger these lowly paid officers are facing each and every second of their lifes just to make sure that law abiding citizens of this nation get to sleep in peace and safety whilst they are out there facing imminent danger!

So, officers of the PDRM, know that there still exists citizens of this country who know how to appreciate the sacrifices you officers are making and have done for us.

I pray that Allah SWT protects each and everyone of you from the dangers posed by the criminals! Get them before they get you! This is my wish as a Malaysian citizen!

As for Allahyarham Policeman Mahathir Tawile, Al Fatihah! May you rest in peace! Ameen.

After Solat Dhikr -Part 5

We then read : ' IN NAD DIIN NA 'IN DALLAH HIL 'ISLAM' which means :

' Verily, the faith with Allah is Islam.'

Explanation : The Kalimat above is the Verse no. 19 from the Surah 'Al-Imran, Al Qur'an Al Karim.

The Kalimat is recited to reaffirm in our hearts that Islam is the True Faith from Allah, God Almighty that we are to follow and live according to.

We then read :
Meaning :

"Say : O Allah! You are the One who owns the authority! You give authority to whom You want and You take away authority from whom You want! You raise in honor whom You want and You disgrace whom You want! In Your Hands are all goodness and You are Most Powerful over each and everything!"

We then recite :
Meaning :

'O Allah! You enter the night unto the day ( You lengthen the night) and You enter the day unto the night (You lengthen the day). You extract the living from the dead and You extract the dead from the living. You give untold sustenance to whoever You want!'

We then read : 'ILAA HI YAA RABBI SUBHAA NALLAH!' (soob-harr-null-larhh)

Meaning : O Allah My Lord! I glorify You with this praise 'Subhanallah!' (Most Pure is Allah)!

We then recite SUBHAA NALLAH x 33 times.

We then read :
which means : Most Pure is Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala from any defects , Lord Most High and Most Exalted and thus I offer my praise of gratitude -'Alhamdulillah' (All praises be to Allah)

We then recite for 33 times the praise 'AL HAM DU LIL LAAH'

After completing the praise 33 times, we then read:

Meaning :
  • All praises be to Allah, Lord of all the worlds,
  • Who is in charge of all situations and of every situation
  • and for the benefits (pleasures) I proclaim my exultation of You-
  • 'ALLAHU AKBAR! (Allah the Most Greatest)!
We then recite 'ALLAHU AKBAR' for 33 times!

Upon completing that exultation, we then read :

'Allah, Most Largest (Grandest), All (immense) Praises be to Him and Most Pure is Allah, every morning and evening!'

We then read :
meaning :
  • There is No God but Allah
  • There is No Associate to Him
  • For Him is all Kingdom and Praise
  • Who gives Life and puts to Death
  • He is Most Powerful above all things!
I request that no more comments regarding the transliterations be made by anyone. I am doing this out of my own willingness to oblige a fellow Muslimah's request for assistance in guiding her friend who wants to learn how to perform the Dhikr.

You can go ahead and say or think anything you want and find a thousand and one faults with me and my effort here. It doesn't make any difference to me. I am not looking for praise or commendations from anyone here. I don't need it. I only seek Allah's Mercy and Guidance in doing what I am comfortable with ; that is sharing info about Islam.

I know I am not perfect nor ever will be. I am just trying to help another, so please let me be. If you want to assist me , please do so by all means. If you aren't able to do so, no worries. Just live your life as you please.

Have a nice day. May Almighty Allah guide us all. Ameen.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Proof of the Christians’ Covert Crusade in Malaysia

This was posted in my first blog that I had deleted when I was too busy to maintain it.
MENJ had posted it and kept in his archives at

I remember that this post generated a lot of feedback from our Christian brothers and sisters. I think it is good for Muslims and Christians to reach out to one another and establish a common ground to discuss and learn from each other.

You see, in my opinion, Dialogue is good but Interference is bad. I don't think any of us Muslims will want to go disturb any of the Christians in the matter of their faith and so must they not interfere in ours.

The matter of Apostasy is to me an internal affair of the Ummah. Unlike other faith's , there is no provision for a Muslim to go out of the religion. This is a reality.

One does not acknowledge God and then turn away from Him. This is strictly forbidden in Islam.

It's one thing for a person to not practice his or her religion in private but to go out and announce his or her apostasy is tantamount to wanting to disrupt and overturn the institution of faith in society.

Due to the severe consequences of such an act that will cause mayhem and social dispute arising in civil disturbances and riots which in turn will lead to loss of life and cause severe harm to those caught in between, Apostasy needs to be kept in check and steps taken to prevent it.

The Christians are those whom Allah the Almighty has told us about to be among the closest to us in faith but for the matter of The Blessed Messiah, Eesa Alaihis Salam being misrepresented by them to be The 'Son' of God and worshipped as the 'Lord' giving rise to Syirik @ Associating with Allah, Rabbul Jaleel as the True God Almighty and the Rightful Master above all of His Creation.

I for one feel that it is only a matter of explaining to our Christian brothers and sisters about what we as Muslims actually believe and come to accept that we as the Creation must not go and worship another created being.

The Christians are generally good people who are both generous and good natured in the true sense but someway somehow, they are led into acknowledging a created being to being something he is definitely not ; that is to be God Almighty Himself!

What do we call this state? Delusion? Mental hypnosis? A pyschological state of affairs? What?

To be fair to the Christians, the Islamic world is sadly being divided up into so many groups and denominations ourselves!

Yes, let's be fair. Call a spade just that! Today, the Ummah is so screwed up with so many factions, mazhabs, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, tariqahs, jamaat's, etcetera!

What the Final Messenger of God, Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam prophesied 1400 over years ago has come to be realised today!

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that in the Last Days (present), the Muslims will be divided into 73 groups and all of them except the one upholding his Sunnah and staying in one Jama'ah will enter the Hellfire!

Lo! Behold each and everyone today jumping up and claiming that their's is the one being on the true path of Islam and that they are the Blessed Ones! Hrmmmphh!

So, dear brothers and sisters, this is the sad reality both Muslims and Christians face today. Divided and confused about so many things and trains of thought and religious practices.

Almost with each passing day, there is someone, somewhere coming up with his or her own concucted story and version of being the saviour of mankind.

We as Muslims need to get back to the firm rope of faith in Allah SWT and His Final and Greatest Messenger, Muhammad al Mustafa, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

How do we do that? Let's reaffirm our Shahadah with a solid and clear understanding. Let's go back to what Islam really is and let's dump the misbeliefs, the misunderstandings and misconceptions of our faith.

If we are in a Tariqah or a Jama'at, let's be moderate in our following of the creed and do not get entangled in hero worshipping anyone else but Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Respect and showing homage to our Syaikhs, Murshids, Amir's, Maulana's, Ustaz's, Ustazah's, Guru's is an honoured trait and acceptable but do not go on and worship the person!

That is an act of Kufr and Syirik. Only Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala is to be worshipped and held in awe. Created beings are just that. They are amongst the Creation and no matter how pious, how 'alim, how 'warak, the person is , he or she is just that ! They are a person. A created being; and as such they deserve respect and recognition but they do not merit to be worshipped.

This is the reality and we must never ever forget that for even a fleeting second!

If anyone deserves to be worshipped, surely it has to be the very Creator of us all Himself!

Those who study Tasawwuf will have come across the teaching that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala created each and everything on Earth from the 'Noor' of the Ruuh of His Blessed Messenger, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Spiritual knowledge like that is not easily fathomed by each and every being especially by those who grew up not knowing, not learning about such realms and planes of existence.

Even scientists and researchers are still discovering by the day, one by one, many conditions and situations that is so astounding and unbelievable that if we are to be transported back in time and show the people of those times, the advancements and technological inventions that we today take for granted, those people would take us to be magicians, conjurers, wizards and the very Devil himself for coming up with something that their minds could not imagine or perceive it to be as we do today, taking all inventions and gadgets in our stride for granted and do not wonder about all these new stuffs anymore!

So, what may be misconceived to be the 'Lord Almighty' by some is in fact just another being created by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Instead of harping on our differences, Muslims and Christians ought to respect each other and sit down amicably to discuss and share each other's points of view and come to a common understanding about Who God really is and what He is not!

That is preferable instead of setting up an IFC to interfere in another's faith as some folks here in our nation are up to. That is strictly infringing on our rights as Muslims and we have no other options but to oppose it with all our might.

So, I say, let's talk and discuss. Let's build bridges instead of throwing bombs and barbs at each other.

Eesa Alaihis Salam is a highly respected and revered Prophet of Islam. No Muslim is a proper Muslim until and unless he or she gives due respect to each and every Prophet of Allah.

Christians ought to know that we do not deny Eesa Al Masih @ Jesus Christ and the fact that he was sent to the Jews of the ancient House of Israel!

As I recall reading in the 'Bible', Eesa Alaihis Salam @ Jesus Christ Al Masih is recorded as saying ' I was not sent but to the Lost House of Israel!'

My understanding of the verse above is that Jesus Christ @ Saiyidina Eesa Alaihis Salam, the Son of Mariam was sent by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala ONLY to the Children of Israel!

Only sent to the Jews and NOT to any other tribe of mankind! That means that all other persons apart from the Jews do not have the right to be followers of Eesa Alaihis Salam.

So, who is the Prophet sent by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to ALL Mankind?

It is none other than God's Final and Greatest Messenger of them all, The Blessed Prophet Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Muhammad is Our Prophet. You and me, dear brother and sister. He, Muhammad, is the rightful Messenger of Allah the Almighty, whom we should follow and have faith in as Allah's Messenger who is our Guide to seeking Salvation and Mercy from God Most High, Most Loving, Allahu Akbar, Our Creator.

I will follow up on this in my next postings, Insya Allah.

Let's go back to my posting about the proof that there is a Silent Crusade by our Christian brothers and sisters in bringing us over to their way of thinking and 'faith'.

Read the posting with a clear mind and do your own research whether what I have posted here is the Truth or just my own delusions.

May Allah SWT guide us All, Ameen!

Assalamualaikum to all fellow Muslim readers. Peace be to the rest.

I have been in the Islamic Information Services since 1990. I have met thousands of good people from the West who came seeking the truth about Islam at our Islamic centre at the Kapitan Keling Mosque in the city of Georgetown, Penang, which is my home state.

In Islam, we do not compel anyone to come into the faith. You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t force it to drink! A classic proverb that explains it all so perfectly.

We do however make sure that once you believe in Allah, God Almighty, you do not apostate against God and we stick firm to the Hadith of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and the Commandment of Allah the Almighty in stopping those who want to apostate from Iman towards Allah.

I used to have the Christian visitors sit with me and my friends in the marbled walkways of the mosque’s inner sections. We used to answer their numerous questions about Islam. What the principles of Islam are and why Islam makes sense. Some of those visitors had actually been on a soul-searching trip to our mosque for which they had been saving up for some time. Word of mouth by those who had benefitted from our information services at IPCI (Malaysia) gets around and these people really meant to come seek the truth for what it is.

Many a time we came across individuals who, after being with us for a couple of days, studying, researching and asking countless questions, eventually come to embrace Islam and Alhamdulillah, some took the Shahadah from me and my friends.

Eventually, these new Muslim brothers and sisters from the USA, Britain, Australia, Canada, etc., return home to their countries and pass on the message.

I have had people ask for us by name and they spend time with us in the mosque, learning about their birthright to be Muslims and being smart and intelligent, they end up taking Shahadah with us and in turn, go out to preach the truth about Islam, Allah’s Code of Life for all of mankind.

Today, we see Muslims being propositioned by Christian evangelical groups and missionaries relentlessly with a zeal that astounds us. Day by day, they seek out the weak, the poor, the sick, the destitutes amongst the Muslims of Asia and work their way in. Many of these missionaries work under guise of charities and relief effort workers.

By doing a bit of research, what do I find? Countless projects by the Christian Global Missionaries out with a purpose…to convert the Muslims to their creed.

Among those which I found are these:

Caleb Project: Malaysia & Singapore

John Mark Ministries: Pray for Christians in Malaysia

Prayer Profile: The Malay of Malaysia

They even have a 30-Day Study of Ramadan and its special meaning to us Muslims.

Their missionaries are encouraged to study the facts and figures of Islamic teachings yet use this knowledge to sow seeds of doubts and draw the weak and meek amongst the Muslims to “Believe in Jesus as the Lord Almighty”. Na’uzu billahi min zaalik!

Don't believe me ? Click here and see for yourself.

It boggles the mind to see the extent to which these evangelists are going all out to rope in the poor, the feeble and the weak of faith amongst the Muslims. The Muslims of the world need to wake up to this strategy of the kuffar and put their affairs right.

Maybe the wandering Jamaat Tabligh's of the world who waste their precious time “worrying” about Islam should come to their senses and instead of haranguing the Muslims, go after these missionaries. That would be a sight to see! A friend of mine by the name of Mirza aptly referred to the Jamaat as “Tablighones”.

The Prophet Muhammad left us a clear and complete message. A way of life enjoined by Allah ta’ala.

Now comes this group, innovating a system that is entirely thought up by a Maulana Ilyas and a Maulana Zakariya from Deoband, India, going out on a 3 days, 40 days, 4 months “da’awah walkabout” especially to the IPB countries!1

There is a whole website dedicated to the uncovering of these wayward group’s activities here. Read and study for yourselves about this group’s shenanigans.

When I come to think about the hadith of Rasulullah SAW about the Ummah dividing themselves into 73 sects and movements whereby 72 of these wayward sects will be in the Hellfire and only the one Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah will be saved, I think of this and the numerous other groups cropping up amongst us, each claiming to be The Chosen Ones.

May Allah SWT guide us all. Ameen.

1. IPB meaning India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.