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Friday, September 29, 2006

Ayam Golek at Pandan Indah Ramadhan Bazaar

Well, this is another silent video I took at the Ramadhan Bazaar of Pandan Indah. As you can see, the chickens are really getting roasted and rolling over the fire. The two MPAJ enforcement officers look bewildered to see me filming them and as the trend nowadays is to snap and expose any wrongdoing, the sight of a digital camera taking them all in would be really unnerving to some.

Anyway, this video is meant to show those outside of Malaysia, a glimpse into what takes place here in our Ramadhan Bazaars. Hope you like it.


cyzrael said...

Oh no! I just really miss fasting in Malaysia!!! One great thing about it is the bazaar! Unfortunately, won't be able to enjoy all this for the next 2 or 3 years..

laugh said...

mmm....since the ministry dept block video streaming,
saya x nampak apa-apa controversial issue pada panggangan ayam. is this insult or what?


imran said...

hua~ i miss the ramadan atmosphere back home...

How could you have posted that video and make me feel homesick again.. :(

mahaguru58 said...

Sorry about that Brother Imran. didn't mean to make you feel miserable especially during Ramadhan but my intention is to share with our global bloggers a glimpse into the Malaysian Muslims ways of celebrating the holy month of Ramadhan with all of our multi ethnic multi faithed citizens.

In a way, this can also show those of us who have been clamouring to get out of Malaysia what they will miss once they are far,far away from our shores.

When you are shivering away in the cold in the European Union or in the USA, surely , you would not find Ayam Golek or Ikan Bakar served fresh as in our Ramadhan Bazaars.

When I go to the Bazaar's here, I come across many Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, all our Non Muslim citizens also busily buying the foodstuffs being sold here together with their fasting Muslims fellow citizens!

This is what makes us special. Malaysians can and will forever live together in peace and mutual understanding!

So, brother Imran, remember to come home when you have graduated.

Nothing is as good as our home no matter what!

May Allah SWT bless you and protect you whilst being away from Malaysia, our home and our pride!

Ameen. Ya Rabbal Alamin.