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Friday, September 29, 2006

Bazaar Ramadhan Bandar Sri Permaisuri KL

Today, we went to the Bazaar Ramadhan at Bandar Sri Permaisuri,Cheras, KL. The items offered here were quite delicious and freshly made.

Prices were very reasonable and after the 'stale' kueh experience at Desa Pandan, yours truly was much more quality conscious and only after a thorough go over did we buy some 'Tako' from one of the sellers.
After breaking fast with a simple meal,and after our Maghrib prayers, we had a taste of the delicacies.
Mmmmmm..well worth the money we paid for them. Superb!
As you can see in the picture besides, there were so many mouthwatering delicious Malay food available for sale.
Unlike being ripped off at the numerous Ramadhan Buffets where they will charge you from the 'lowest' charge per person of between RM30 to as high as RM115.00 just for breaking fast, you just spend a few ringgits to buy these deliciously prepared curries which are prepared fresh.

A meal for two with foodstuff bought from here costs about RM15 to RM20! We also get to eat them at Sahur @ pre fasting meal. That surely beats all those Ramadhan Buffets at hotels!

This video shows a very enterprising young Malay man who despite having his arm in a sling was vigorously fanning away his foodstuffs for sale at one of the stalls in the Ramadhan Bazaar at Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
His diehard spirit is something very commendable and young people everywhere should follow his example and do something worthwhile with their lifes and benefit from the experience!
Syabas ! May his arm heal quickly and his business do well! Ameen!
Last but not least is this picture I took of the Char Koay Teow frying man!
He looked very photogenic, what with the eggs behind him, gas stove, bandanna on his head and looking away as if thinking 'Where are my customers?'
Many Malays have now learned to fry the famous Penang dish 'Char Koay Teow' although personally I prefer to fry them on my own!
Most fry them the 'wet' style which is not right!
One of these days, when I am 'loaded' enough, I'll hold a special feast for the Bloggers whom I have come to know and we can all enjoy Mahaguru58's Char Koay Teow extraordinaire!
Insya Allah! Do pray that I get to close some Hanyu Study Programs soon! Ameen! :)

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