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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Birth Certs now missing the baby's religious category

Is this true? Birth Certs of newborn Malaysian babies no longer carry the status of religion of the babies?

Does anyone have a scan of such latest Birth Certificate scans to share? I would appreciate it very much if you can send them to me by email.

This is a serious development and if true a very irresponsible act of the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Malaysia.

A child must not be left without a religion ascribed to it by the parents lineage and current faith being followed by its parents.

Why is this happening?


your mom said...

nothings wrong in this issue dude.
religion is a personal thing. what u beliefs is for ur own sake. by print it on ur birth certf. or ic wont do nothing good to anyone.
its just between u and ur god.
ur god knows well wether u are on his side or not. rite? so, just keep it real to urself.

mahaguru58 said...

U don't have any idea as to what u r talking about here!

What's happening here is not something to be individualistic about young man.

U can live yr life as u please since this matter doesn't seem to be of any importance to u.

I suggest u zip up on this matter 'dude' since it simply doesn't involve u.

It is a big thing for ppl like me because I care abt such things and I look out for my fellow Muslims.

As a non muslim, u wouldn't know heck of what the implications are for the babies being classified as nothing here.

Identity is the only thing worth living for young man and for u who don't give a hoot abt it, I am pretty sure it makes no sense as u r just living in borrowed time without any sense of connection to Allah, my God and to keep talking to u on such a 'useless matter according to yr opinion' is simply a waste of my time, rite?

So, go on , do as u please and don't comment any further on this topic as it has nothing to do with u. :)

As for the info of other Muslims reading this, here 's some info:

I spoke to Yusri Mohamad, ABIM's President yesterday about this and he confirms the situation where there seems to be a concerted effort to do away with our children's attestment to be identified as a Muslim and eventually when left to their designs, the situation will arise where these babies will grow up unrecognised officially as born Muslims.

This devious plan of doing away with the official status of an individual from the moment of birth will give rise to a state where the child when being registered for school, this and that will not be categorised as a Muslim and the identity will be left in limbo.

Thus giving those who have an agenda to apostasise the Malays a convenient platform to inject and infuse their liberal values to the individuals who aren't registered officially as born Muslims and who I suspect will be told that they can decide what they want to be at the age of 18.

I have heard from various sources that there are forces in the Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara who are party to this criminal attempt to do away with the cluse in the Birth Certificates.

We are going to launch a protest and campaign against this sinister move by the enemies of Islam who have clandestinely done this crime!

So, non Muslim readers should best keep your thoughts to yourself on this topic as u simply wouldn't feel as affected as we do.

Thanks for your considerations.

InMine said...

I am a Muslim but to me it is a trivial matter. During Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), there was no such thing as birth certificate. So Birth certficate has nothing to do with religion. What in your heart is.

veronica said...


mahaguru58 said...

Blogger inmine,
You should just mind your own business if this thing is trivial to you.

Why should you waste your time commenting about it?

Since you are yet to be a Muslim parent, you wouldn't know about it's implications yet ; so I suggest you to go play your golf games and let us elders worry about such matters!

Ask your father whether it's important for him as to whether your birth certificate has your faith written on it?

As for referring to the Prophet's time, things today aren't exactly the same as it was back then, is it?

Today, we have to have documentations and certifications to attest who we are or have you been born without all those papers?

Answer me!

The insolence of today's youngsters really pisses me off!

Damn! No wonder the society is going bonkers with the likes of such couldn't care less people as you!

mahaguru58 said...


Don't you go putting words into my mouth!

I am speaking about us Muslims!

If you too feel strongly about your faith or whatever, go make your own noise!

Sometimes you people just jump to conclusions and react so predictably!

If you too feel that it is important to have our individual faiths be there in our children's birth certificates, then by all means ,feel free to join me in asking the NRD why they have done away with the status of faith in the birth certificates!

Do not come around saying this and that about me saying things which I didn't say or infer!

I am only posting about this matter from my standpoint as a Muslim.

I do not want to stray into other faith's areas.

You can object on your own. I am sure you are capable in doing that.

MasKesumaSari said...

When the British came to 'advise' Malay sultans, they agreed to let all issues pertaining to Islam remain to the Sultan and the Malays. All Adat and Customary laws are at Sultan's perogative as the Malay Infrasturucture depends much on the religion. Inability to identify who are Muslims or not will be detrimental to the society existence. If ever J pendaftaran exercises that on all Muslims , their acts can be considered subordination on the Malay race. As issue of registering only matters to Muslims, I suggest if the Pendaftaran wants to move ahead with the plan, exclude those only that are Muslims. i.e those are Muslims will be registered as Muslims while those who are non-Muslims can opt not to register as such.

This our rights since pre-independence days that must not be violated .

If the Christians, Buddists and Hindus do not want to spell out their religion I suppose it's ok.

mahaguru58 said...

What have the Malay Sultans actually done about protecting and preserving the dignity of Islam and have they ever soiled their royal feets coming down to address and take charge of matters affecting the Muslims all these years?

I have yet to see a Malay Sultan do as Almarhum Sultan Alauddin Ri'ayat Shah of the ancient Malaccan Sultanate in eradicating maksiat and stop crime in our nation!

To claim them to be the head of Islamic affairs when they have actually done nothing much to improve the fate of the Ummah is an affront to the amanah which we have placed on them!

Too many things are going wrong for the state of affairs of the Muslims of Malaysia lately without any concrete steps taken by the Tuanku's to solve them!

To me, I am all for ruling by the Syariah and active participation by the Sultans in eradicating the nonsense taking place in our beloved country.