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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chavez insults Bush by calling him a Devil at the UN!

You have to hand it to President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela for having the bravery and courage to call George W Bush Jr, the President of the United States of America, a 'Devil' right in the United Nations General Assembly of the world's leaders!

Since it's Ramadhan, I restrain myself from using the relevant terms of judging a man's masculinity of proving to the entire world, that President Chavez has called Bush a Devil right to his face , in his own country!

How more insulting can that be for the world's #1 sponsor of Israeli terrorism and the main architect of destruction in the Middle East? To others, it would be a cause of great shame to be called as such , before the UN Assembly to boot!

President Hugo Chavez received a thunderous round of applause from the leaders of the world for stating it so straightforward his opinion that President George W Bush Jr is a Devil, and that the rostrum reeks of the smell of sulphur, a day after the US President delivered his rhetoric to the General UN Assembly!

It may seem to be a comic strip act to the US Ambassador to the UN and to the US Secretary of State and they declined to further comment at the direct insult slapped across the person of the current US President who speaks and acts as if he owns the whole wide world but to the rest of the world where one's honor and dignity still holds value, it is a testament that the American President is one who is proven to be not sensitive at all as to what the world opinion is of him and his administration especially with regard to his policies towards the rest of the world!

America used to be respected for it's willingness to go the extra mile to fight oppression by dictators, etcetera but since World War II, it has turned to be the most hated country in the world and its citizens are now held to ransom by it's most abhorred President who keeps harping on imaginary enemies who are out to harm them and has terrorised the country by his deceptions and covert espionage upon his own citizens!

Americans are kept scared by their own government's media agenda in coming out with selective reporting and false news that make it seem to the general ignorant American masses that there are 'Islamist terrorists' who are going to kill them and bomb them as proven by the tragic event of the WTC buildings in New York being destroyed by aeroplane hijackings on September 2001 by 'Middle Eastern terrorists' !

Till this very moment, even many American scientists and researchers doubt that the 9-11 WTC destruction was the work of foreign terrorists as claimed and used again and again by George Bush Jr in his daily rantings and rhetoric meant to keep the people of America scared and paranoid about "Moslems' who 'hate our freedom' and hate us Americans!"

Hugo Chavez has spoken what the billions of the world population think of this maniac Bush Jr!

May we see him (Bush Jr) impeached and stripped of his presidency very soon and the world spared of further danger from him. He ought to be charged in the World Court for his crimes against the Iraqis and Afghanistanis, not forgetting the Palestinians and so many other people of countries in the world who have suffered as a result of his imperialist American world domination policies! Ameen.

President Chavez, we salute you! Bravo El Presidente! Viva la Chavez!


Friend from Texas said...

OK, Bush's personality and the hatred he attracts from most of the world aside....

You know how it is when those who allege Bush of making a ballyhoo about terrorists to distract his failings on the domestic front?

Well, that's the exact same thing these leftists like Chavez and that other guy with the ridiculous sweater from Bolivia do to deflect and misdirect the failings of socialism and their own parties on their doemstic fronts. They demonize Bush and the "imperialists" for all their country's problems.

But really, they have no platform or viable solutions for their countries. With one hand they wag their index finger admonishing the "capitalist" system with self-righteous lectures, yet the other hand is out-stretched for the funds, investments and transfer of technology that the "capitalist" system provides.

The capitalist system is far from perfect, but it works better than socialism, or any of the other socio-politico-economic systems out there. Just sayin...

I wouldn't be too imprssed with this bozo. After all, I don't see how much different he is from a Mahathir, and not just because of the company he keeps with Mugabe ; p

But politicians will be politicians....good that neither of us are one, eh!

mahaguru58 said...

Well FFT,
South American Governments are not exactly doing well albeit getting revenue from the oil they are pumping up from their lands and offshore rigs.

Everytime we switch on the telly, there's always a riot or a demo going on in any one of those countries.

So, you might have a point in pooh pooing Hugo Chavez for who he is.

The thing is George Wacko Bush is bad news for the world and we all should never forget all the harm that this Devil has brought upon the world!

I am just supporting Hugo Chavez for having it in him to say to Bush's face as to who he is according to his opinion which I second! Hahahahaha!

You and me better not be politicians for we will be at each other's throats in no time ! hahahahaha!

Best we thrash it out here online!

Kah kah kah kah!