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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Iran's President - Un'glamoured'. What a role model!

This is the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran!

A ruler of the Iranian people who is putting to practice what he preaches!

He is seen here praying by one of the roadsides of a highway in his country!

No fuss, no hordes of armed security guards, no shows of glamour, or demands for an airconditioned tent set up so that His Excellency, the President of Iran can perform his Solat to the Almighty God!

Can we ever imagine our Prime Minister or just any of the hundreds of politicians in power be willing to forgo any of their demanded luxuries and priviliges and just carry out their obligations to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala as shown by President Ahmad Mahmoudinejad here?

Here is President Ahmad Mahmoudinejad eating plain bread, sitting crosslegged on the plain mat, as any other common citizen of Iran.

Do you recall the splurging feasts we see take place every now and then in our 'Malaysia Boleh'?

Malaysia's authorities ought to take as an example from the humble manners shown by Iran's President here and remember that no matter how high one goes up in power and position, the day and moment will come when one will be interred into the bowels of the Earth, called Al Qabr -the Grave!

Six feet by 3 feet, wrapped in plain cotton cloth, minus all the Darjah Darjah Kebesaran, Pangkat-pangkat, Kurnia Kurnia DiRaja, and all their earthly glories and titles!

The only title they will be called with is 'Allahyarham' or 'Arwah'!

May the Malaysian ruling elite ponder on this! Insya Allah! Kullu nafsin iza iqatul Maut!


Friend from Texas said...

Csn you say photo-op?

If he is so humble, why would he need a reporter tagging along to "capture the moment"?

This is how nutjobs gain popularity, when they are able to fool good folks like you into believing their simply, pious aura.

Just like Mullah Omar of the Taliban, whose home was found fitted with art deco, a television with satelitte connections, a lavish Turkish bath, and other creature comforts that he piously banned the normal Afghans from enjoying because it was allegedly not in line with Islam.

mahaguru58 said...

Hahahahaha! U got that right bro!

It's all so clear. Image building. God knows how who actually lives unless exposed by the tabloids and dirt seeking press!

You hit it on the nail, bro.

mahaguru58 said...

An Alim can turn 'Zalim' at the flick of a switch, eh?

Circumstances can turn a saint into a sinner but not the other way around!

Meriza said...

Assalamaualaikum mahaguru58,

Nice blog.

Irrespective of your political affiliation, I am actually in the defense of our ex-PM, Tun M. I have heard stories from those who are pretty close to him saying he is quite the pious man. Maybe unlike Ahmadenijad, he doesn't really want to sell his religious personality and would seem it to be a personal relationship between him-God. Altho personally, I'd think he'll win more votes for that. I don't know... But that is what I heard from those who are close to him, okay?

Nm about Ahmadinejad, at least he shows a good example and he dares speak up against the USA and the Israelis. I kinda like him actually. I think it's the charisma *wink*

If you are free, care to visit my personal blog too?

Salaams Mahaguru58. Nice knowing you.


laugh said...

mahathir the pious man? or mahatma ghandi the pious man?
let me check it.

Meriza said...

a'kum laugh,

saya tak tahu lah laugh. jangan persendakan saudari semuslim sendiri. this is what i heard from sources close to him.

as i said, i am not concenrned about your political affiliations. janganlah pula samakn islam = kafir, tak baik tau.

Betul, memang tuhan saja yang maha mengetahui kan?

so i will leave it as that.

kadang2 desas desus tulah puncanya fitnah. bagi saya, saya rasa lebih baik percaya drp orang yang mengenalinya drp desas desus manusia yang selalu buat 'assumption'.

that is me.